Akasha 3: Salt, Sea, Blood & Fire
(Morbid Chapel Records)

Another work from this one man band from the USA, still playing horrific downtuned and grotesque Death / Black / Doom Metal, that this time is more in the INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, old CELTIC FROST vein, still at times sounding like Australian War Metal bands, and an obvious evil Grindcore vibe. The guitar sound is quite noisy, yet one can listen to the riffs here and there, and the drum sound is good, if maybe a bit muddy at times. But we are here to listen to the embodiment of brutality, death and asphyxiating suffering and not any nod to technical music. ‘Apocalyptic Dragon Wings’ is the kind of song that represents the band, with that eerie wall of noisy and an almost quasi-melodic main riff that can only bring images of pain, desolation and someone gasping for air in their last breath. As with many other similar releases in the style, sometimes it will be hard to make a difference from one song to another, and the noisier they become, as they do actually, the more interesting things get from the listening experience. Still, even within all this brutal noise, it will have caught the attention of Goat Metal worshippers, specially as they released 3 full lengths so far and although all similar in essence, they also do have a personality of their own. www.facebook.com/morbidchapelrecords

Julián “There Is Thunder In Our Hearts 666” Núñez

Julián "There Is Thunder In Our Hearts 666" Núñez

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