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After the classic "Sleeping Under Tartaros" 7" and "For The Glory Of UR" (compilation) CD here’s finally another sign of life from the Greek (nowadays in Australia living) ZEMIAL. The vinyl only MLP "Necrolatry" features five songs (‘Eclipse’, ‘Dragon’s Touch (The Eyes Of Fire)’, ‘Nocturnal Witch’, ‘Possessed By Twilight’ and ‘Breath Of The Pestilence’ plus an outro) and should easy appeal to all die hard underground maniacs into raw and very primitive Black Metal in its most traditional form. The band easily manages to get the right ancient feeling across throughout the whole recording and in terms of the simplicity of their writing partly even brings HELLHAMMER and early BATHORY to mind, but never to the extent that they are sounding like any of those bands! Even though I immensely enjoy this recording, I can’t really see the point in releasing it on vinyl as the quality just has the standard of a good sounding rehearsal. A simple tape version undoubtedly would’ve been more fan friendly here (in terms of the price). So, maybe ZEMIAL should just consider to re-record these great songs for a full length in the near future in a decent studio to do them real justice. The MLP (limited to 666 copies) sells for 18,-DM (+ postage: 7,-DM in Germany, 12,-DM in Europe and 15,-DM rest of the world; up to 2 kg), the picture disc (limited to 100 copies, incl. LP-sleeve) for 30,-DM (same postage rates). Write to: Iron Pegasus Records, P.O. Box 1462, 56804 Cochem / Mosel, Germany, e-mail: Iron-Pegasus@t-online.de, website: www.ironpegasus.com

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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