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January 28, 2002

IMMORTAL‘s "Sons Of Northern Darkness" album will be released on regular and picture disc vinyl on February 4th. The European digi will be released the same day.

SKYMNING‘s "Artificial Supernova" album will be released in Europe through Blackend on February 25th. The tracklisting: ‘Synthetic Visions’, ‘Shadowed / Astral Silver’, ‘Shatter The World / Artificial Supernova’, ‘Exoskeletal / X.T.C. (Extreme Terror Control)’, ‘Suicidal Dominion’, ‘Inner Cosmic Experience / Inject The Spirit’, ‘Solitude’, ‘Esperandote’ and ‘Elite’.

CADAVERIA have signed to Scarlet Records. This new band is led by long-time OPERA IX vocalist Cadaveria, hence the band’s name. The band recently finished recording their debut album, "The Shadows’ Madame", due for release in March. The tracklisting: ‘Spell’, ‘Declaration Of Spiritual Independence’, ‘In Memory Of Shadows’ Madame’, ‘Circle Of Eternal Becoming’, ‘The Magic Rebirth’, ‘Black Glory’ and ‘Absolute Vacuum’.

BLACKEND RECORDS in Europe will release the Various Artists collection, Hymns To The Fallen Vol. 4, on February 11th. The tracklisting: THY PRIMORDIAL – ‘Genuine Hatred / Menace Of Human Waste’, HECATE ENTHRONED – ‘So Called Savor’, WAYLANDER – ‘Anu’s Retribution / To Rule Was Pre-Ordained’, REIGN OF EREBUS – ‘Funeral Of The Nazarene / Execution: Peace’, SKYMNING – ‘Exoskeletal / X.T.C. (Extreme Terror Control) / Solitude’, IMMEMOREAL – ‘’, ECLIPSE – ‘The Lord Of Burning Heaven / Earth’s Gates’, DEVILYN – ‘Contempt / Fire Step Follow Me’, ENTHRONED – ‘Armoured Bestial Hell’ and THEATRES DES VAMPIRES – ‘Blut Divine’.

Necropolis will be the exclusive distributor for Italy’s Code 666 label, home of acts like ABORYM, AGHORA, EPHEL DUATH, ENID, and VOID OF SILENCE.

DARK FUNERAL and INCANTATION have both been confirmed to join CANNIBAL CORPSE and PISSING RAZORS for a 30 show US tour set to start in early April. "This is a great opportunity for us to start our Blasphemous World Touring Assault and to support our latest and most sacrilegious album to date, "Blasphemy", for Necropolis Records," said Incantation founder and spokesman John McEntee.

According to Blabbermouth, INTERNECINE, featuring MORBID ANGEL / HATE ETERNAL frontman Jared Anderson, have completed work on their debut album, "The Book Of Lambs". Produced by Morbid Angel guitarist Erik Rutan, the group’s first CD is tentatively scheduled to be issued in late spring.

WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS new CD, "Black Sun Shall Rise", will be released in early March through Moribund Cult. It may also be released through End All Life Records on limited edition vinyl. WOTBM will also be entering the studio to record their debut, "Feasting Upon Christ", for Barbarian Wrath in February, as well as recording a 7" for Moribund at the same time. They will also record a couple of extra songs for tributes to BEHERIT and GRAVELAND.

ARGHOSLENT‘s "Incorrigible Bigotry" album is finished and the DAT is being mastered by Drakkar Productions in Europe at the moment. CD and LP (vinyl version to be released by Death To Mankind Records in Madrid, Spain) will be released within two months. The band is also releasing two split 7" EP’s, one with ARGHOSLENT / STARGAZER on Hellflame Productions and one with ARGHOSLENT / MUDOVEN on DominHate Records.

WW3 Recording Artists FOG, INFAMY and ENGRAVE just returned from their successful Final Battle 2002 tour through the West which included shows in Phoenix, El Paso and Nuevo Laredo, TX. Infamy and PROTOTYPE are tentatively scheduled to perform in San Diego at the Brick By Brick for a record release party at the end of February.

World War III Records have signed HATE THEORY, who will release their debut for the label on April 23rd.

LORD BELIAL‘s new album, "Angelgrinder", will be released on April 2nd through No Fashion Records / House Of Kicks / MNW.

DARK FUNERAL, TIDFALL, RAGNAROK, OCCULT and ANOREXIA NERVOSA hit the road road in Europe from February 2 in Bradford, UK through the 26th in Hamburg, Germany.

A limited edition picture disc version of MORTICIAN‘s "Domain Of Death" album is now available through Germany’s Morbid Records.

Mercenary Musik are releasing two classic CARPATHIAN FOREST titles, the "Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods" EP and the "Black Shining Leather" full-length, together in one package. The release is due on March 26th.

Century Media is reissuing DIMMU BORGIR‘s "Stormblast" and IN FLAMES’ "Lunar Strain" / "Subterranean" (2 on 1).

After spending a little over a month in the studio, UNLEASHED have recorded fifteen new songs of "pure hell" collectively known as "Hell’s Unleashed".

DIMENSION ZERO, featuring IN FLAMES guitarist Jesper Strömblad, Glenn Ljungström (ex-In Flames), Jocke Göthberg (ex-MARDUK / CARDINAL SIN) and drummer Hans Nilsson (DIABOLIQUE, ex-LUCIFERION / CRYSTAL AGE), release "Silent Night Fever" through Century Media soon.

IN FLAMES will hit the studio Dugout Studios just north of Stockholm with producer Daniel Bergstrand on February 23rd. The band’s tour with ICED EARTH is scheduled to begin around March 29 and will end on April 22.

The following message / update is from KONKHRA, "Now Johnny is well recovered but Anders has been in the hospital twice for kidney stone symptoms. Ridiculous, but real. We are still rehearsing and hope to be ready for recording this spring"

CEPHALIC CARNAGE are currently writing for their next full-length for Relapse, tentatively planned for a summer 2002 release.

DYING FETUS are working on material for their next full-length for Relapse. The band promises "the sickest technicality and hardest hitting slams of the year". They are looking for a fan(s) to design the next album’s artwork. All entries must be in either jpg or gif format. Please send all entries to contest@dyingfetus.com

January 22, 2002

According to their website, IN FLAMES will support ICED EARTH on a US tour in April. More details soon.

DECAPITATED are currently planning to tour in support of their upcoming "Nihility" album, due for release on February 25th. Due to the bands young age, school commitments have meant that the band have had to cancel their European tour with DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN in April and May as well as a Polish trek with VADER. However, Decapitated have confirmed a mini-tour of the UK with ENSLAVED that kicks off on March 15th at The Grange in London and wraps up on the 17th at Glasgow, Scotland’s Cathouse. The band will also perform at Switzerland’s Mountains of Death Open Air 2002 in August. Also, they will participate in a mammoth 50-date European tour with KRISIUN and Vader, which will commence in late August and finish in mid-October.

THE CROWN‘s "Crowned In Terror", is due in stores in North American on April 9th. The recently-confirmed Japanese bonus track is a cover from the legendary BATHORY.

Local Metal bands will play a tribute / benefit show for CHUCK SCHULDINER on February 22nd and 23rd. The show will feature six of Winnipeg’s heaviest acts including SERRATED SCALPEL, NECRIS, SEVEN PLAGUES, FAUST and THE BLASPHENAUT. All proceeds will go to the family of the late, great Chuck Schuldiner. The event will take place at The Royal Albert Arms Hotel. Serrated Scalpel are projected to have their new full length CD ready for this event. For more information go to: www.serratedscalpel.cjb.net

NILE will enter Soundlab Studios on February 15th to begin recording their third album for Relapse, tentatively titled "In Their Darkened Shrines". Look for a late spring or early summer release. The band will also appear at this year’s New England Metal Festival in Worcester, MA on April 6th. They may debut a few songs from their upcoming release at that time.

According to Digital Metal, NIGHT IN GALES have split with Massacre Records since the label refused to pay tour support on their recent dates with GOD DETHRONED and MISTELTEIN. The split is also due to the label not supplying them with proper promotion for their latest disc, "Necrodynamic". The same happened with Night In Gales former label, Nuclear Blast. "Until we got a phone call from our label Massacre Records," stated a post on the Night In Gales website about leaving the tour early. "They were refusing to pay any tour support as usual. We’ve been negotiating with both the tour agency and Massacre Records, but finally our label refuses any support at all." The new album, however, will be available in North America via a a deal with Canada’s Skyscraper Music.

IMMORTAL‘s new album, "Sons Of Northern Darkness" will be released on February 4th is a number of formats including CD, Digi-CD, LP and Picture LP. A limited steel boxset will also be available that is limited to 1000 units and will weigh 2 kg! Fans have to unscrew the bolts on the lid to get at the CD.

In UK mag Terrorizer’s 2001 poll THORNS landed in 6th place in the Top 40 albums of the year. In the same poll, DARKTHRONE’s Fenriz landed at #6 for Personality Of The Year. He was also voted 9th Most Shaggable Male. In related news, Thorns have been nominated by the Norwegian Award ALARM in the category for Best Metal Album of 2001.

DIMMU BORGIR has added five dates to their headlining Extreme Metal tour. The tour now kicks off on February 19th at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and wraps up on March 19th at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado.

DARK FUNERAL will start their headline tour throughout Europe, including several dates in Scandinavia. The band will be will be supported by OCCULT, ANOREXIA NERVOSA, RAGNAROK and TIDFALL. Due to enormous demand the band has been forced to divide the European tour into two parts to ensure they play the countries / cities that they won’t be able to play this time out. The band plans to record the shows for a possible live-album and DVD release.

Norway’s MYRIADS release their "Introspection" album through Napalm Europe on February 18th.

GOATWHORE will tour with GWAR and GOD FORBID. The dates kick off on January 23rd at Orbit in Boynton Beach, Florida and run through March 2nd at The Palladium in Worcester, MA.

BORKNAGAR‘s "Empiricism" album has been nominated for the official Norwegian Grammy in the category of Best Metal Album. The other nominees are EMPEROR and last year’s winners, DIMMU BORGIR. The awards show will be aired on Norway’s biggest TV channel in primetime on a Saturday, most likely in March.

CORPSEFUCKING ART have inked a deal with Forever Underground Records and will begin recording their full length, "Splatter Deluxe", sometime around April. A release is planned for mid / late June.

EPHEL DUATH‘s Elitist Records debut, "Rephormula", is out in Europe on January 28th.

SETH have pushed back the release of their new album, "Divine-X", to March 18th through Osmose Records.

SEVERE TORTURE are re-releasing their "Feasting On Blood" album in support of their upcoming US tour. This version features two additional songs and a video of ‘Butchery Of The Soul’. This digi-pack release is limited to 3,000 copies

GOD MACABRE‘s "The Winterlong", has been remixed, remastered and repackaged. The album features 10 tracks produced in the early ’90s by Tomas Skogsberg at the legendary Sunlight Studios and will be released by Relapse soon.

According to Killjoy, THE RAVENOUS (also featuring Chris Reifert and Danny Lilker) are on the verge of signing to Elektra Records via Slipknot’s label, Maggot Records.

With the recent release of "Force Fed On Human Flesh" this past year, Norwegian gore death metal act GORELORD are preparing to record their next album for Baphomet / Housecore entitled "Zombie Suicide Part 666". To coincide with the recording of this release, Killjoy, Frediablo and co. will also soon prepare record WURDULAK’s follow up to "Ceremony In Flames".

CANNIBAL CORPSE, MACABRE and ROTTWEILLER have been added to the Wacken Open Air festival.

Rumours of a CELTIC FROST reunion have been denied by founder Thomas Gabriel Fischer. He recently released the following statement to quell the growing insanity: "The rumours are untrue. Celtic Frost hasn’t been active for ten years and there are no plans to change that. I’m working on three different projects at the moment, and the new Apollyon Sun album is my first priority".


Cogumelo Records have released their Tribute To SARCOFAGO album. The tracklisting: ANGEL CORPSE – ‘Desecration Of Virgin’, DROWNED – ‘The Laws Of Scourge’, SATYRICON – ‘INRI’, LUSTFUL – ‘Nightmare’, IMPALED NAZARENE – ‘The Black Vomit’, MYSTERIIS – ‘Nightmare’, UNDER THREAT – ‘Piercings’, LETHAL CURSE – ‘Rotting / Screeches From The Silence’, BLACK WITCHERY – ‘The Black Vomit’, MYSTIFIER – ‘Satanic Lust’, CONQUEROR – ‘Christ’s Death’, SEXTRASH – ‘Satanas’ (demo version), EXHUMED – ‘Sex, Drinks And Metal’, PATHOLOGIC NOISE – ‘Satanas’, POSTHUMOUS – ‘Christ’s Death’, DESCREBRATION – ‘Sex, Drinks And Metal’, CALVARY DEATH – ‘The God’s Faces’ and IMPURITY – ‘Orgy Of Flies’

January 14, 2002

Longtime SINISTER-member Bart van Wallenberg has decided to quit Sinister because of personal reasons. Therefore the band is urgently looking out for a new guitarist that can play with the band on their upcoming single shows and on their upcoming European Tour to promote their most recent album "Creative Killings", out on Hammerheart Records. The new guitarist needs to be technically well skilled and besides be able to guarantee a full commitment to the band. Interested??? Then send an e-mail to Alex Paul: paul@mtb.eur.nl

SINS OF OMISSION‘s new album, "Flesh On Your Bones", is available in Japan with an exclusive bonus track, a cover of JUDAS PRIEST’s ‘The Sentinel’.

CENTINEX‘s Candlelight debut, "Diabolical Desolation", is set for release on March 19th. The band are planning touring activities for March through late spring, with eyes set to tour the US.

DECAPITATED‘s new album, "Nihility", is out on February 25th. The tracklisting: ‘Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?)’, ‘Eternity Too Short’, ‘Mother War’, ‘Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)’, ‘Names’, ‘Spheres Of Madness’, ‘Babylon’s Pride’ and ‘Symmetry Of Zero’.

Conquer Records are organising a tour featuring YATTERING, DEVILYN, HELL-BORN, IMMENORIAL and MESS AGE. Dates begin on March 7th.

HELL-BORN are nearly finished writing new material for an album to be released this summer.

NONEXIST, featuring Johan Liiva (ex-ARCH ENEMY) release their debut album, "Deus Deceptor", in February in Japan, March in Europe and April in the US. The album was produced by Tommy Tägtgren and Johan Reinholdz at Abyss Studios in Sweden.

EXCOMMUNION will record their cover of ‘God Of Emptiness’ for the MORBID ANGEL tribute album to be released this spring through Sweden’s Hellspawn Records. Other bands on the release will include EMPEROR, BEHEMOTH, KRISIUN, ANGEL CORPSE, VADER and a number of other bands.

EVIL INCARNATE are back from a successful tour of Mexico with KRABATHOR and MASOCHISM. The band are currently nearing completion of their next album, "Waiting For His Return", to be released on Morbid Records. Recording will begin in the next few months. The band are also mulling over offers to tour Europe, possibly with INCANTATION. In related news, the second annual End Of Days Festival is in the works.

IMMORTAL‘s forthcoming "Sons Of Northern Darkness" album will be issued in a limited steel box. Fans have to unscrew the bolts on the lid to get at the CD.

GOD DETHRONED will record their next album this summer. They have already completed one song and Henri, Beeft and Jens are composing more. The band have plans to tour the U.S. before summer.

Australia’s VIRGIN BLACK‘s new album, "Sombre Romantic", is out through The End on February 12th.

SCHOLOMANCE‘s new album, "The Immortality Murder", is out now.

The End Records have signed Norway’s WINDS. Their new album, which is already recorded and entitled "Reflections Of The I", will be released April 9th.

AGALLOCH are heading back to the studio to finish their new album, "The Mantle". A release is planned for sometime this spring.

MISTELTEIN are back in the rehearsal room writing new material. Bassist Karagat has left the band and they are looking for a replacement. Meanwhile, the band are planning some dates for Scandinavia. Dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

MÖRK GRYNING‘s upcoming tour will cross most European countries in March beginning in Belgium. Other bands on the tour include AETERNUS, AGATHODAIMON and HECATE ENTHRONED. The band has also started to write new material and work will continue after the tour.

DIMMU BORGIR‘s upcoming U.S. tour kicks off on February 19th at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The dates run through March 19th at Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado. A Toronto stop is planned for the Palais Royale on February 28th. Also on the bill are CRYPTOPSY, KRISIUN and DIABOLIC.

The Holy Hell Crusade 2002 / Heads Will Roll tour featuring LORD BELIAL, DYING FETUS, NOMINON, INSISION and AEON has been canceled for the moment, but new dates are to be booked soon.

EMPEROR have been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy for "Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise". The band will appear on the upcoming Candlelight Collection, "Volume 5" set for release in the U.S. on February 19th. The collection will contain both a track from "Prometheus" as well as a CDRom inclusion of the band’s final promotional video, ‘Empty’.

MYRKSKOG are preparing to begin production on their second album for Candlelight. The band are expected to enter a studio in Norway in early March for the recording. Also, the band’s debut, "Death Machine", is now available in the US.

NECRONOMICON are rereleasing their "Pharoah Of Gods" album. The album now comes with a completely new design.

DEEDS OF FLESH are rereleasing their "Inbreeding The Anthropophagi" album. Licensed from Repulse, the album has been remixed, mastered and comes with a completely new design.

Candlelight USA has obtained the rights to release INIQUITY‘s "Grime" and SOLAR DAWN‘s "Equinoctium" for the American territories. Both album’s are planned for release on March 19th.

January 11, 2002

The DEPTH OF WINTER FESTIVAL V – 2001 is done and 2000,-DM could be spend for children with cancer. Therefore a big THANK YOU to all bands, mags, labels and helping people! Without your help this festival couldn’t get started. The next festival (No.6) is fore sure in the year 2002 in autumn / winter all bands that’re interested to play there just send your promo to: DEPTH OF WINTER Festival, Kilian Christian, Ulrichstr.17, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany or e-mail to daskompendium@t-online.de or disinfect@gmx.de (same for the mags & labels).

Andreas Lacher, label manager of Kettenhund Records (Naglfar, Lunar Aurora) and former contributor to Soluzen fanzine (he also supplied a DIMMU BORGIR interview to the VOICES website) was murdered on December, the 23th 2001. Rest in peace, pal.

January 10, 2002

PROFANITY (www.profanity.de) will play on the coming CRYPTOPSY (www.cryptopsy.net) European tour together with HAEMORRHAGE (www.come.to/haemorrhage) and SPAWN (www.spawn666.de). This tour starts on April 12, 2002, lasts until May 05, 2002 and will include the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. For booking, all kinds of questions concerning this tour please contact Falko at Bruchstein Records (phone: 0049 (0)3421/ 77 38 16, fax: 0049 (0)3421/ 77 38 15, E-mail: bruchstein@web.de, Homepage: www.bruchstein-records.de

IMPALED NAZARENE will record a brand new 7" ep titled "To Fuck Off And To Die", probably by the end of February. The band will have a couple of shows coming up in Russia, Italy and Portugal, please visit www.impnaz.com for further details. A high quality video clip of IMPALED NAZARENE’s ‘Hardboiled And Still Hellbound’ is downloadable from www.sfperkele.net/vkvideo.html

As Hellblaster was not able to play with ARKHON INFAUSTUS on the MORTICIAN European tour, J. Read from Canadas CONQUEROR fills in as the tour session drummer. OBLIGATORISK TORTYR await the return of drummer Fredrik, who’s been living in England for a while. About half of the material for the next record is written. The new material so far is more twisted than on the debut, but of course still full speed ahead and maximum hate! News will be posted on come.to/obligatorisk_tortyr

DIVINE DECAY will return into the studio this month. Their new songs are said to be faster and more brutal than before, but still got enough hooks and melodies. The album will be entitled "Maximizing The Misery". All further info at: www.geocities.com/divinedecay/

ABOMINATOR would like to announce that they have successfully recruited two new members and are now operating as a four piece again. After a successful return to live performances, Volcano and A. Undertaker both agreed that it is definitely their most intense line-up to date and are looking forward to desecrating many more venues around Australia over the next few months.

THORNSPAWN are writing new material for their next release "Wrath Of War" which is supposed to be their most brutal and horrid material yet. They’ll start the recording in late February.

January 08, 2002

VADER‘s next album, tentatively titled "Epitaph", will be recorded in February 2002 in Red Studio. Peter has given us the titles of some of the tracks: ‘The Absolut’, ‘When The Fallen Rise Again’, ‘Torch Of War’ and ‘I Am Who I Am’. The album is scheduled for release on the 3rd of June, 2002. Be prepared for a surprise – not only music-wise! Peter has also intimated that with 12 tracks the album promises to be the longest one in the band’s history. Simon (bass), who also plays in Olsztyn (Poland) based HUNTER, has officially become VADER’s new member. He debuted during the 2001’s Thrash’em All Festival and will take part on the recordings for the new album. In March 2002, VADER will play a tour in Great Britain comprising 8 dates. Afterwards, the band is scheduled to take part in the No Mercy Festivals 2002 along with IMMORTAL, HYPOCRISY and MALEVOLENT CREATION. Late May will mark the Polish tour, which will be a warm-up before a mega 50-date European trek to begin in September with KRISIUN and DECAPITATED. Even though the band decided to take it easy with live appearances in 2002, there are also plans to play in South America, Japan and Australia as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. During the "Epitaph" session VADER will also record a cover of MORBID ANGEL’s "Immortal Rites" which will appear on a tribute album to be released through the Swedish label Hellspawn Records. Other bands to appear on the compilation include KRISIUN, EMPEROR, ANGEL CORPSE and BEHEMOTH.

Columbia’s INTERNAL SUFFERING have completed the recording and mastering of their Displeased Records release, "Chaotic Matrix". The album is due for release on February 17th. You can hear a track from the album at: www.mp3.com/internalsuffering. The band will support CANNIBAL CORPSE on a mini-tour through Colombia in late February.

DEFORMITY are busy recording their second full length, "S.U.P.E.R.I.O.R.", at Excess Studios in Rotterdam. The album is out through Displeased on March 1st.

Displeased Records will release the Various Artists compilation "Smells Like Team Spirit IV" in April. The collection will feature new and unreleased tracks by new Displeased acts including DEEDS OF FLESH, VESPERIAN SORROW, PHOBIA and EVENSONG. Cover art comes from Kris Verwimp (MARDUK, ABSU).

MALEVOLENT CREATION are currently writing material for their next album, tentatively titled "The Will To Kill". In the meantime, they will head out on a European tour with CATASTROPHIC and IMPALED NAZARENE.

BROKEN HOPE guitarist Brian Griffin has returned from the road after joining his friends SOIL on the OZZY OSBOURNE / ROB ZOMBIE tour. "It turned out to be a great experience," he posted recently. "I got to do sound on an arena tour and see how things work in the big leagues over the past 5 months." In related news, Broken Hope have come to an agreement with Martyr Music Group which gives them the opportunity to sign with a new label. "The album has been written since last spring and we are eager to finally get it recorded," Griffin added.

The Generation Armageddon Festival I European tour will feature DISMEMBER, SINISTER, NECROPHOBIC, SATARIEL, MERCENRARY and BLOOD RED THRONE. The dates begin on June 20th in Stockholm, Sweden and end on the 30th. Dismember, Sinister and Necrophobic continue from July 1st in Paris, France until Jul 7th at the With Full Force Festival in Germany.

TERROR 2000, the project featuring SOILWORK vocalist Björn "Speed" Strid and DARKANE guitarist Klas Ideberg are currently working on their sophomore CD for Scarlet Records tentatively titled "Faster Disaster".

The Gothenburg Death Fest will take place on June 1st at Gamlestadens Medborgarhus, Gothenburg, Sweden. Bands confirmed at this time include: IMPURE, SPAWN OF POSSESSION, SOILS OF FATE, INSISION, IMMERSED IN BLOOD and KAAMOS. More acts will be announced soon. For more info go to: www.come.to/brutalgbg

From Beyond Productions, a new sub label of Displeased Records, specializes in (re)releasing great (oc)cult underground recordings that do not entirely fit in the concept of the main label. At the moment From Beyond is working on the CD booklet of the worldwide release of

ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE‘s debut album, "Systematic Terror Decimation". This Indonesian brutal death metal act is formerly known as VILE. The reissue will contain the full album plus their promo 2001 tracks as a bonus. A release is set for February 17th in Europe.

As a Happy New Year gift to their fans, CANNIBAL CORPSE have made available their track ‘Hatchet To The Head’ from the "Gore Obsessed" album at the Metal Blade site. Go to: www.metalblade.com/bands/cannibal_corpse/gore-detail.html

Displeased have licensed PHOBIA‘s new album, "Serenity Through Pain" and MENTAL HORROR‘s new album, "Proclaiming Vengeance" from Deathvomit / Necropolis. Both should be out Feburuary 17th in Europe, MENTAL HORROR will include two exclusive bonus tracks.

The Diabolis Interium Tour 2002 featuring DARK FUNERAL, TIDFALL, RAGNAROK, ANORIXIA NERVOSA and OCCULT begins on January 16th at Lilla Vega in Kopenhamn, Sweden and concludes on March 1st at Golem in Zlin, CZEC. More dates will be confirmed soon.

UNLORD will release their final album, "Lord Of Beneath", through Displeased on March 1st.

Black Widow Records have released PENTAGRAM‘s fifth album, "Sub-Basement".

MARDUK‘s forthcoming "Blackcrowned" box set has been delayed because of printing problems. A new release date has been set for February 18th. The band’s revised touring schedule sees the dates kick off on January 11th at The Lab in St. Paul, MN. The tour wraps on February 9th at Creepy Crawl in St. Louis, MO. Also on the bill are AMON AMARTH and DIABOLIC.

Germany’s NINNGHIZHIDDA have finished recording their new album, "Demigod", for Displeased. Mastering will take place in mid January, with a planned release date of March 1st 2002.

ARCH ENEMY‘s classic debut album, "Black Earth", has been remastered and re-released with three bonus tracks through Regain. The album is available on CD and LP.

Displeased has licensed the first two albums from DEEDS OF FLESH, "Trading Pieces" and "Inbreeding The Anthropophagi", from Repulse Records. The albums have been remixed, remastered and the artwork has been upgraded.

Displeased / From Beyond are set to release an LP version of PENTAGRAM‘s discography album. The release will include both of the bands legendary late eighties demos as well as two live tracks. A release is set for late February.

January 01, 2002

According to their website, INTERNAL BLEEDING vocalist was removed from the band recently – irresponsibility being cited as the main reason. He has been replaced by ex-BODYFARM vocalist Jerry Lowe. His vocals will debut on the band’s next album, "Hatefuel".

KATAKLYSM has confirmed that they will appear at the With Full Force Festival in Germany that runs from July 5th to 7th.

CRYPTOPSY have joined the forthcoming DIMMU BORGIR, KRISUIN, DIABOLIC tour that begins in mid-February and concludes in mid-March, making an estimated 24 stops in North America.

CEPHALIC CARNAGE and MASTODON have US dates running from January 12th in Santa Fe, NM until January 20th in Dallas, TX.

ATROX have signed a four album deal with Code666. They will record their third album in summer 2002.

MANES have signed a four-album deal with Code666.

ENID‘s "Seelenspiegel" is due out on February 25th and features Moritz Neuner on drums (DORNENREICH, ABIGOR, DARKWELL, KOROVAKILL).

VOID OF SILENCE‘s "Criteria ov 666" is out on February 25th and features ABORYM vocalist Fabban.

FRAGILEHOLLOW (ex-PROPHET) from Finland has signed to Avantgarde music. The band features members of RAPTURE, DIABLERIE and SNOWGARDEN. Watch for the full-length debut in 2002.

BELPHEGOR‘s 10-year Jubilee CD, "Infernal Live Orgasm", is due out on February 18th and features eight live cuts, three demo tracks from 1991-1993 and two new studio tracks including ‘Swarm Of Rats’ (recorded in December 2001) and the ‘Blasphemous’ CD-Rom Videoclip.

According to a VINTERSORG posting, the band are "finished the recording and editing in Ballerina Audio. I must say that this album is becoming a monster, it’s a very vast album, with lots of different grains from the horizonless music recipe. I dare to say that we’ve come up with something very innovative in metal music. The plan now is to record drums in January (everything except the rhythm section is completed), and after that, mix and master the album. It’s quite a tricky process as we have used several studios, recording in different formats but we are confident that we’ll manage to pull it off nicely".

Prior to their "Diabolis Interium" Tour 2002 with TIDFALL, RAGNAROK, ANOREXIA NERVOSA and OCCULT, DARK FUNERAL performs two dates in Norway on January 10th in Bergen and the 11th in Oslo. The European tour begins on the 16th in Copenhagen and runs until February 26th in Hamburg.

KHOLD have started working on their new album, "Phantom", due out in mid-2002.

THYRFING will release their new album, "The Fourth Outrage", on March 25th through Hammerheart Records.