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October 31, 2002

PESSIMIST have recently signed a new management deal with NY’s Alchemusic, who already managed Gorguts, Withered Earth and more. Here’s an official press statement that the band released about their "Slaughtering" US tour: "Pessimist would like to thank all who came out to the shows!! After battling with van problems 3 days into the tour, we were able to get back on the road to complete the East Coast dates with REFLUX, and we’d like to give a big hails to our new friends and fans in NJ, NY, SC and FL!! Unfortunately the next day bassist / vox Reaper having to leave the tour, and the band suffering from financial setbacks, the decision was made to postpone the rest of the tour. Dates in Las Vegas, TX and CA will all be re-scheduled at a later date!! The band apologizes to the promoters and especially the fans we missed! Good news is that the Pessimist van now runs great (thanks Mad Dog!!), we’ve made tons of new friends, contacts and working with a new agent… look for more complete US Tour dates this Winter / Spring ’03!" www.pessimist.com

October 29, 2002

Unfortunately, PROFANITY won’t be able to play the Ear Terror Festival this coming weekend. Instead, HARMONY DIES will take their place.

MALEVOLENT CREATION have replaced drummer Justin DiPinto (who still played on "The Will To Kill") with Ariel Alvarado.

Skullfucked Productions have just released a GERBE OF LIFE / REPUDIATE split CD. Further info at: www.skullfucked.ht.st

From a reliable source we got the info that Germany’s Thrash masters ASSASSIN, who released two albums back in the 80s ("The Upcoming Terror" and "Interstellar Experience") are about to reform! Original vocalist Robert Gonnella has just contributed backing vocals to the debut album of Israel’s NAIL WITHIN, who recorded their debut album at Spiderhouse Studio in Lutte, Germany with Harris Johns and Zeev Tananboim. Other guests to appear on the record are Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Lock Up, The Great Deciever), Zeev Tananboim (Salem) and Harris Johns himself. The self titled album will be released by Listenable Records in early 2003.

The HEARSE debut album "Dominion Reptilian" will be released in February 2003. It was recorded in four weeks during the summer of 2002 in the Stockholm situated studio Dog Pound Audio (a.o. Entombed, Terra Firma) together with studio technician Jonas Edler. Some of the titles on the album are ‘Cosmic Daughter’, ‘Rapture In Twilight’, ‘End Of Days’ and the title track ‘Dominion Reptilian’. HEARSE consists of the following members: Johan Liiva (ex – ARCH ENEMY / FURBOWL) – vocals & strings, Max Thornell (ex – FURBOWL) – drums & strings and Mattias Ljung – strings. According to the band the sound on "Dominion Reptilian" has the old FURBOWL vibe with a touch of MERCYFUL FATE in it. Not a big surprise of course since Johan and Max used to be in FURBOWL together between 1990 – 1994. Mattias brought that MERCYFUL FATE influence into the music. As an appetizer Hammerheart Records recently released a strictly limited edition (500 copies) 7" EP with two exclusive songs, ‘Torch’ and ‘Avalon’.

Earache Records will be celebrating a X-MAS PARTY on December 16, 2002 at Rock City in Nottingham. Performing live: The Berzerker, Insision, Without Face and Cult Of Luna (debut UK show), DJ’s Matt Zane (Society 1), Lee Barrett (Elitist Records) and many more surprises. For further info go to: www.earache.com/media/news_stories/earache.html#party

MORTIIS‘ "The Smell Of Rain" album is to be re-released on November 4, 2002 with additional tracks, remixed by the likes of Lustmord and Raven Fox and Tarmvred.

Sweden’s aggro-Thrash five piece CORPORATION 187 have completed their second album for Wicked World entitled "Perfection In Pain", due for release November 4, 2002 in the UK.

MORBID ANGEL‘s classic first two albums – "Altars Of Madness" and "Blessed Are The Sick" are to be re-released on November 11, 2002 with extensive liner notes written by Trey Azagthoth, new photos from the band’s personal archive, and a bonus CDRom video on each, packaged in an exclusive slipcase.

October 28, 2002

Code 666 Records have signed Italy’s Black Metal horde HANDFUL OF HATE for the release of their new album "Vicecrown". The band is said to play "violent and technical Black / Death Metal, somewhere between Angelcorpse and Marduk". "Vicecrown" will be recorded in February 2003 at No Fear Studio in Ravenna and produced by Paso. The tracklist: ‘Vexer’s Kult’, ‘I Hate!’, ‘Boldly Erected’, ‘Risen Into Abuse’, ‘Beating Violence’, ‘Hierarch In Lust (Vice Ostentation XI)’ and ‘Carnal Spite (Held In Leash)’. The release is scheduled for late Spring 2003, followed by a tour.

The DEPRESSION / GONORRHOEACTION split 7"EP is done. It includes 7 new studio trax of groovy Death / Grind from DEPRESSION (including the coverversion ‘Radio Hit’ from Anal Cunt), and 4 new songs of brutal Goregrind from GONORRHOEACTION (including the coverversion ‘Torso’ from Machetazo). The EP is limited to 1.000 handnumbered copies and available from Cudgel Agency: office@cudgel.de

October 24, 2002

Fearsome Records have just released a Thrash, Death, Black, Doom, Speed and Heavy Metal compilation CD entitled "Blown To Pieces". The following bands appear on it: Mortuary I.O.D., Kronos, Urshurark, Merendine Atomiche, Sublustris, Chain, Molestor, Mandatory Suicide, Inhuman Hatred, Temple of Eternity, Last Fear, Angantyr, Enraged, The Conjuring. All further info: www.fearsomerecs.nl.nu

Due to problems with the Pipeline officals, the organisator had to cancel the "Deathcore Festival" on Saturday, October 26th at Pipeline Park, Messancy, on which DESDEMONIA were meant to play. In order not to disappoint their fans, DESDEMONIA decided to put up a last-minute gig at "Le Marignan", Athus (BEL) which is only 5 km away from Messancy. The day of the show will not change and the show will feature DESDEMONIA, NO-LOKOST and more.

October 23, 2002

Finland’s melodic Black Metal horde BLOODROSE, who recorded their debut demo "Spectral Angels Symphony" back in 2001 have been signed by UK’s Retribute Records. Their debut CD "Into Oblivion" should be out by the time you read this. www.retributerecords.com

UK’s GILLA BRUJA will unleash their second album of horrific Death Cult Metal in December. According to a label info, the band has spent the months since the release of their debut "Tooth And Nail" to perfect their groove and their industrial-laced take on Metal.

Sweden’s OBSCURA have been signed by Retribute Records. Musically they are supposed to combine "the writhing darkness and technicality of bands like Hate Eternal, later Morbid Angel and Nile."

CRUACHAN are rehearsing very hard for their upcoming Benelux mini-tour early December with labelmates Thyrfing. This is the first time ever that the band will play live in Europe so don’t miss this unique opportunity. www.cruachan.cjb.net

DEMONS OF DIRT bassplayer Pontus Jonsson recently left the band. Anyone interested in the job contact Magnus Olsson at demonsofdirt@urme.com. Furthermore the band will enter the studio in November again to record the follow-up to their debut album "Killer Engine". www.demonsofdirt.net

DIMENSION F3H have recently finished the recordings of their debut album "Reaping The World Winds". Mastermind Morfeus is now working very hard on the album cover. The band is also rehearsing to sharpen the edge further regarding live shows. www.dimensionf3h.com

IMPIOUS will release a limited edition mini-CD titled "The Deathsquad" for their European tour. Tracklist: ‘The Deathsquad’, ‘Extreme Pestilence’, ‘Trapped Under Ice’ (Metallica-cover), ‘Soldiers Of Hell’ (Running Wild-cover), ‘Live Wire’ (Mötley Crüe-cover). Besides, the band will do a few gigs in Sweden with Blood Red Throne and The Forsaken as a warming up for the full European tour with Necrophobic and Impious in January 2003. www.impious.net

MACABRE hit the road on November 7th and will not return home until after Christmas for their 5th annual Holiday Of Horror show. Macabre will tour North America with Cannibal Corpse and Hate Eternal before flying to Europe for the No Mercy – Xmass festival tour with a.o. Six Feet Under, Marduk, Impaled Nazerene, Hate Eternal and Immolation. The band will play a varied set featuring new and classic songs. www.mindmelt.com

NECROPHOBIC will finally hit the road. In January 2003 they will do a full European headline-tour with Satariel and Impious as supports. Furthermore Hammerheart Records will re-release the first 3 Necrophobic-albums in 2003. On top of that the band is planning to record a limited edition 7" EP. www.necrophobic.ne

PRIMORDIAL just returned from a successful Benelux-mini-tour with Callenish Circle and Danish labelmates Mercenary. The band are now checking out the possibilities to go on a full European tour to promote their latest album "Storm Before Calm". www.primordialweb.tk

SATARIEL are preparing themselves for their upcoming European tour with Necrophobic and Impious in January 2003. The next album "Hydra" will be recorded in March 2003 in Dug Out Studio, again with producer Daniel Bergstrand. www.come.to/satariel

THYRFING will finally tour the Benelux again. The band will do 4 exclusive club shows early December together with Irish labelmates Cruachan and Dutch support Shadowbreed. Since the band will not do a big European tour, this will be the only chance to see the Svea Vikings live on stage for a while. www.thyrfing.com

October 22, 2002

Germany’s DISINFECT are looking for a new drummer, preferable into brutal Death Metal and with a professional attitude. Label, gigs, tours and new material for the next CD already available. You can contact Chris at these phone numbers: 07141 / 925 286 or 0172 / 929 16 11. Email: disinfect@gmx.de

Sweden’s CARNAL FORGE are writing material for "The More You Suffer", the follow-up to their thrash-tacular "Please… Die!".

IMMOLATION‘s new albvum, "Unholy Cult", is due in stores on November 12th.

OBSCENE EULOGY are currently recording their debut album for Baphomet Records. The label will also be releasing their demo, "A Portal Into Fire", in mid-November.

Crash Music and Arctic Music Group will together release MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s "The Will To Kill" on November 5th. The album will be released in Europe through Nuclear Blast.

Due to their recording schedule DYING FETUS will not be participating in the upcoming X-Mas Festivals. The band apologize for the cancellation and are planning a full European tour for late Spring 2003. ANTAEUS has replaced DYING FETUS. Other bands appearing on the festival dates includes SIX FEET UNDER, MARDUK, IMMOLATION, KATAKLYSM, HATE ETERNAL, IMPALED NAZARENE, MACABRE and RAGNAROK.

DARKANE drummer Peter Wildoer and Christofer Malmström participated in a concert at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden last sunday called Seven Deadly Sins, written by composer Lale Larson. The piece was written for chamber orchestra and a Thrash Metal band. Swedish radio P2 played a clip from the concert last tuesday also including an interview with the composer. If you want to hear it go to this location: www.sr.se/p2/mittimusiken/sounds/mittimusiken2.ram. Unfortunately the interview is only in Swedish.

TESTAMENT will headline the Metal Zone stage at the upcoming Bone Bash III on November 2nd in Concord, CA. The band also have extensive European tour plans in place for early 2003. They are also writing material for a new studio album to be released next Spring.

EINHERJER have finished recording a new 3-track demo CD. It includes the tracks ‘The Eternally Damned’, ‘Ware Her Venom’ and ‘Dead Knight’s Rite’.

SOULREAPER‘s forthcoming album, "Life Eraser", will be released on March 3rd via Hammerheart. The band will support the release with a European tour beginning in April. A single, ‘The Son Of The Dead’, will be out on November 18th.

SATYRICON have finished work on a video for the track ‘Fuel For Hatred’ from their "Volcano" album. The clip was directed by Jonas Akerlund (METALLICA).

THE CROWN recently unearthed 33 copies of their original demo, "Forget The Light", from 1994. To reserve a copy send an e-mail to merch@thecrownonline.com. To get the disc, send the e-mail, wait for a reply, send 6$ (worldwide) to the address on the merch page and they’ll send you the demo. If the order hasn’t arrived within 10 days after the reservation, your order has been canceled.

October 20, 2002

Former Earache and Nuclear Blast recording artists DISGUST have released a new album entitled "The Horror Of It All" through Crimes Against Humanity Records of America. The album shows a "back to basics" approach in terms of the sound and attitude and was recorded and mixed in just 18 hours. The band have kept the Discharge worship of old, but have added a faster, thrashier element, in tune with legends such as Raw Noise and Disrupt. MP3’s can be found at www.cahrecords.com/mp3.html. The album is available via mail order in the US at www.cahrecords.com, or can be ordered in Europe by sending £5.00 (UK) / EU10.00 (Europe) / $10.00 (elsewhere) to: Disgust, Box 666, Reading RG4 5AJ, England

October 18, 2002

Norwegian MANEGARM have started recording their new full length "Dödsfärd" (working title) at Underground Studios. The title is referring to the ancient burials of the vikings, and the music promises to be a fine, yet very recognizable elaboration of the band’s first two impressive releases. Belgian artist Chris Verwimp will again take care of the cover art. Expected to be released late 2002 / early 2003. web: www.devoted.to/manegarm

Displeased Records will re-issue the first INTERNAL SUFFERING full length "Supreme Knowledge Domain" (originally on Qabalah / Repulse Records) with remastered / improved sound and bonus tracks in late 2002. www.internalsuffering.iespana.es/internalsuffering e-mail: intersuffering@hotmail.com

The first, now impossible-to-get album of NINNGHIZHIDDA, "Blasphemy", will be re-issued with improved lay out and a Japan-only bonus track in late 2002. http://ninnghizhidda.darkwood.com e-mail: Mephi999@yahoo.com

Displeased Records now makes ENTHRONED‘s "Carnage In Worlds Beyond" album available on black vinyl as well as picture disc for the die hard fans out there.

LIMBONIC ART‘s latest effort "The Ultimate Death Worship" is now available on limited vinyl (1000 copies only) with one vinyl only bonus track.

The ARCTURUS releases "’Aspera Hiems Symfonia", "Constellation" and "My Angel" are now available as a double vinyl release, including one recording made during the "Aspera…" session, not appearing on the original release. All material was re-mastered.

Norwegian Black Metallers PERISHED have entered the studio to record their follow up to "Kark", the band’s debut full length album from several years ago. Thus far the band is very positive about the recordings, which promise to be a well balanced mix between the strong powerful and ‘melodic’ side of their debut and the raging rawness of the mini album "Grim" which was released last year on underground label Apocalyptic Empire. Both Jehmod (drums) and Ihizahg (guitar) been very busy lately recording with the likes of WURDULAK, GORELORD and BLOODTHORN! Await a late 2002 release. e-mail: Raymond.Nilsson@sintef.no

Expect LP versions of ULVER ("Nattens Madrigal"), BORKNAGAR ("Olden Domain") and CRYPTOPSY ("Whisper Supremacy") in late 2002.

In October and November, INTERNAL SUFFERING as well as GORETRADE (with INTERNAL SUFFERING members, debut album out on From Beyond Productions in early 2003!) will hit the US road again. On November 16th INTERNAL SUFFERING will perform live together with several well respected international brutal Death Metal acts, as part of the James Murphy Deathfest Benefit. For more info check www.deathfest.homestead.com. For mid 2003 an extensive INTERNAL SUFFERING Euro tour is in the works. e-mail: intersuffering@hotmail.com

Dutch Doomsters OFFICIUM TRISTE have just been added to the bill of the promising German two-day Doom Metal festival ‘Doom Shall Rise’ which will take place February 2nd and 3rd 2003. More info at www.doomshallrise.de.vu

US Black Metal act VESPERIAN SORROW is industriously seeking a capable bassist to record new material and play live. Interested people should contact the band via www.vesperiansorrow.net

MURDER CORPORATION are dissolved. A new and fresh related act is already installed, with the same musical intentions as the latter. More info later.

From Beyond Productions will release the European CD and LP version of the "Wet Slit And A Bottle Of Whiskey" album by US asshole rockers EAT MY FUK! Consisting of prominent and legendary members of the US Black and Death Metal scene, the band is not to be compared to the related acts, but rather to the sickest works of the likes of G.G. ALLIN, MOTÖRHEAD and a very early VENOM. Perverted inciting drunken raw punkrock with porn / violent lyrics and offensive artwork. Release: late 2002.

The "Back To Vengeance" and "The Carnage" studio sessions of Indonesians Death Metal act SIKSAKABUR will be released onto one CD in early 2003. Consisting of ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE members (among others) this band is supposed to mix blasting fast brutal Death Metal with ‘melodic’ passages, comparible to AGIEL, MALEVOLENT CREATION and at times very early NOCTURNUS. Previously both sessions have been released as limited cassette and CD-R versions, now with reworked sound and artwork.

Metal War Productions have released a limited edition (666 hand numbered copies) PROFANATICA 7". It features the tracks ‘Broken Jew’ and ‘Fuck The Messiah’. The first 100 copies of the EP are in blood red vinyl and come with the original Profanatica logo pin. The black vinyl sells for $7 (postpaid in the U.S.), the red vinyl with pin for $10 (postpaid in the U.S.). Contact: www.metalwarprod.com

The second LP of the true FROST, one of the oldest German Black Metal acts, is finally recorded and ready to be sent to the pressing factory. The album release is a cooperation between Hellflame and Niedersachsen Klan from Germany. You can contact both labels at: www.hellflameprod.cjb.net, email: sunandiron@hotmail.com www.geocities.com/nskhome/, email: niedersachsenklan@gmx.de

October 17, 2002

KRIEG‘s "Tormenting Necrometal" 3 track demo (which originally was recorded back in 1999), now finally sees the light of day through RazorKult Produktions. This limited edition release (200 copies) is available for 4Euro / Dollars (Europe only!) from: Sombre Records, Postfach 1143, 09449 Annaberg Buchholz, Germany, sombrerecords@arcor.de

Due to immense interest from the audience and a huge increase in the number of interested and interesting bands the INFERNO FESTIVAL 2003 had to be expanded. It will go on for 3 days – starting Thursday April 17 and climaxing Saturday April 19 – and feature approximately 30 bands. The venue is the same as the previous two years (Rockefeller / John Dee in Oslo, Norway). A limited number of 3-day festival passes will be available for the symbolic price of NKR 666,- (all fees included), ONLY available for purchase in November 2002. In addition, in November, two of the bigger names will be revealed. The updated and improved webpages will be launched October 17, and foreign festivalgoers can reserve / purchase tickets online. Inquiries regarding booking or practical festival information can be sent to Radar Booking c/o Jan Martin Jensen or Khaoz Productionz c/o Gro Narvestad. For press information, interviews or promo material you can email Khaoz Productionz c/o Ann Frestad.

October 16, 2002

After more than 5 years PENTACLE is rehearsing with two guitarists again. Nothing is official yet as the band is trying out someone who has been involved with the band for its whole existence. For now they are rehearsing the live-set and some new songs as a fourpiece. The "Ancient Death" MCD has finally been released through Dark Realm Records in the US. now. Interesting parties should contact Dark Realm Records: www.sadisticintent.net

AISLING will enter Eddy Meola’s Studio to record a promo with four songs during the first week of November. This time as guest there will be Callum from the scottish band Soulgreed to record some sessions with his pipe. Further info at: www.infinito.it/utenti/aisling/

On January 27, 2003 Hammerheart Records will release "Sumerian Daemons", the new album by SEPTIC FLESH. Some of the songtitles are ‘Unbeliever’, ‘Red Code Cult’, ‘Dark River’, ‘Faust’ and ‘Mechanical Babylon’. "Sumerian Daemons" was recorded at Studio Fredman in Sweden, with producer Fredrik Nordström. The photo-shoot / artwork was done in cooperation with the famous FX Masters (The Azahoulos Brothers) in Greece, also known for cinema and TV-productions. For more info on SEPTIC FLESH go to: www.go.to/septicflesh

The vinyl debut from DECIEVERION will be released in 333 or 500 copies on Hellflame Productions (www.hellflameprod.cjb.net) early next year. The band consists of former members of Crucifier, Infernal Hatred and Grand Belial’s Key. Previously there will be a CD version that should be released in four – five weeks from now on the American label Crooked Crosses ( drink.to/ccr).

October 15, 2002

"Bloodforged Abdication", the first vinyl EP by New Zealand’s DAWN OF AZAZEL is being sent to the pressing plant this week. If everything goes as planned it should be released in 3 weeks now. It contains two songs ‘Bloodforged Abdication’ and a cover version of the ORDER FROM CHAOS’s classic ‘Plateau Of Invincibility’. The EP comes with full color cover, lyrics and pics, limited to 500 pieces, never to be repressed. All further info you may get here: www.hellflameprod.cjb.net

Additionally to the ordinary jewelcase version AMON AMARTH‘s "Versus The World" CD will also be released as a double digipak. It will contain 14 bonus songs (on an extra-CD), a 20-page-booklet (8 pages more than the regular version) and tons of extra photos. Here’s the tracklist of the bonus-CD: ‘Siegreicher Marsch’ (German version of the song ‘Victorious March’ of the first album), the band’s entire mini CD "Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds" (tracklist: ‘Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds’, ‘The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter’, ‘Burning Creation’, ‘The Mighty Doors Of The Speargod’s Hall’ and ‘Under The Greyclouded Winter Sky’), their second demo "Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter" (tracklist: ‘Burning Creation’, ‘Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter’, ‘Without Fear’) and their first demo "Thor Arise" (tracklist: ‘Risen From The Sea’, ‘Atrocious Humanity’, ‘Army Of Darkness’, ‘Thor Arise’ and ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’). "Versus The World" will be released on November 18, 2002 by Metal Blade Records.

BLOOD RED THRONE recently finished the recordings for their upcoming (2nd) full-length album "Affiliated With The Suffering". It was recorded at Dub Studios in Kristiansand (Norway), produced by Endre Kirkesola and Tchort himself and mastered at Strype Audio by Tom Kvalsvoll. Some songtitles are ‘Unleashing Hell’, ‘A Dream Of Death’, ‘Razor Jack’ and the title track. The album first comes in a limited edition digipak, featuring two exclusive bonus tracks (‘Mercy Killings’ and ‘Deadly Intentions’ (OBITUARY-cover). The vinyl version (strictly limited to 500 copies) contains the MASSACRE cover ‘Cryptic Realms’.

On October 31 Ledo Takas Records will release "Risti Ja Ruoska", a vinyl 7" EP by the Finnish Black Metal act HORNA. It is limited to 666 copies on green wax as well as a design in black / red. The EP contains two brand new, never before published songs.

In spite of earlier rumours that the limited edition (1000 copies) of OBTEST‘s "Tukstantmetis" debut CD is already sold out it has occurred that Wolf Records still store over 300 copies of it in their warehouse. In order to better advertise, distribute and simply provide the rare album to the fans, Ledo Takas immediately decided to obtain the entire stock of it. An additional CD insert sheet with all the lyrics and their translations into English (that were shamefully missing before) got printed for this occasion. www.ledotakas.com

With a help of Ledo Takas Records, Lithuanian’s Black Metal act DISSIMULATION have recorded 11 tunes at Phoenix Studio in Riga, Latvia, which comprise the "Maras" album. Sound engineer Gints Lundberg (Skyforger) made sure that the recording would get a thick and sharp Black Metal sound. The album was recently professionally mastered by Vytautas Stankus at Ophis Studio in Kaunas, Lithuania. There was some trouble with the mastering (that basically caused the delay in the album’s release), because Ledo Takas had agreed to master the recordings at a certain famous studio in Berlin, Germany. However, the owner got afraid of a Hitler speech sample in one of the compositions and rushed to declare he does not work with Nazi bands. Ledo Takas and DISSIMULATION here and now state, that the band has nothing to do with neither fascistic nor Nazi ideology, and let everybody interpret the aforementioned composition as his or her own mind suggests. The CD will be released on October 31, 2002 as a 6 panels digipak with a ten pages insert.

OBTEST are preparing three news tunes for their upcoming tour with GRIEF OF EMERALD, SKYFORGER, BESTIAL MOCKERY and SEAR BLISS. One of them (‘Gelezinis Vilkas’) has already been performed at a Pagan festival in Riga, Latvia a few weeks ago, where the band was also presenting their new bass player to the public.

October 14, 2002

After months of delays the GOSPEL OF THE HORNS debut album "A Call To Arms" will finally be out on CD at Samhain 2002, to be followed later by a limited edition gatefold vinyl of 500 copies. The track listing is: ‘Chaos Bringer’, ‘Absolute Power’, ‘Vengeance Is Mine’, ‘Slaves’, ‘A Call To Arms’, ‘Powers Of Darkness’ and ‘Trial Of Mankind’. www.unconquerable.net

ALLFATHER have agreed to sign to Invictus Productions for their debut album which they will be recording in January and is scheduled for a March / April release. The Allfather 10", with new artwork and a bonus track (to come on blood red vinyl) should be available in December / January.

October 12, 2002

MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy’s long awaited autobiography, "White Line Fever", will be published in late October / early November. There will possibly be a book signing on October 18th at HMV on Oxford Street in London, England.

In November, CRYPTOPSY will perform a series of weekend shows in Quebec, Ontario and Michigan. The dates are: November 2 – "Le Maquisart", Trois-Rivieres, PQ; November 14 – "The Dungeon", Oshawa, ON; November 15 – "The Kathedral", Toronto, ON; November 16 – "Royal Oak Theatre (Xtreme Benefest)", Royal Oak, MI; November 17 – "Diesel Lounge / Concert Hall", Windsor, ON; November 29 – "La Coudée", Rimouski, QUE and November 30 – "Kashmir", Quebec City, PQ

Roadrunner Japan will reissue two TANK albums, "This Means War" and "Honour & Blood", on November 20th. (hey, how about 1987’s "Tank" album??? Can somebody please go for that as well after all? – Ed.)

CARNAL FORGE will tour Japan at the beginning of 2003. CF member Jonas’ other band, CENTINEX, are also on the bill.

October 11, 2002

BETHLEHEM are finishing up on "Suicide Radio" – an interactive CD-rom, which features the band’s music, short movies / videos, pictures, links, hidden secrets and more.

HIDDEN have started work on their next record, which will be released on Baphomet Records.

NOKTURNE will put out their second CD through Baphomet Records. The album will also include a Destruction cover.

ENSLAVED has just completed their 7th and yet untitled studio album. The recordings went extremely well and where yet again produced by the band them selves, Pytten and Jørgen Træen. The mixing will take part in January and the final release is set to the 3rd of March next year. Some new titles are ‘As Fire Swept Clean The Earth’, ‘Ridicule Swarm’ and ‘Queen Of Night’. On September 24, 2002 Enslaved played a show at Landmark – Bergen Kunsthall. The band was invited to perform as special guests at the opening ceremony of an art exibition featuring modern grotesque & horror art. Landmark is a highly profiled institution in the Norwegian art society, and coming from a background like Enslaved, this was a rather unusual event for an extreme Metal band. The show was a combination of multimedia effects with flames projected on the walls of the entire hall and the band playing. Enslaved already did a couple of new tunes in the 40 minutes long set. After that the band headed for Poland to record a DVD to be unleashed right after Christmas and are currently in dialogue with a movie director for a possible promo shot of one of the songs for the coming album. If this takes place, it will probably be released as bonus CD-ROM on the forthcoming album.

THE RAVENOUS mini CD "Three On A Meethook" (which features four brand new tracks) is almost ready for release. It will be available as a digipak.

NECROPHAGIA have recorded two tracks for their upcoming DVD. ‘To Sleep With The Dead’ and ‘The Fog’ will not appear anywhere else.

THANATOS will release their "Beyond Terror" MCD via Baphomet Records.

Blood Fire Death will issue a live NARGAROTH 7" from their tour with Krieg.

October 10, 2002

Johan Lindstrand is back in THE CROWN as the new permanent singer. Hear what the man himself has to say about all this: "Alright planet earth!!!! This is Johan Lindstrand speaking! I’m very proud to say that I’m back in THE CROWN. This time with full fuckin’ force. My commitment and dedication is 110% and I am very excited about the future of the band. I have already rehearsed on a couple of new songs and they fuckin’ blew me away. Really awesome. It feels great to scream with the band again and I’m looking forward to see you on the road so what I wanna say is: THE CROWN HAS RETURNED!!!!!"

Swedish SKYFIRE just returned from Abyss Studio where they recorded the follow-up to their debut-album "Timeless Departure" with producer Tommy Tägtgren. The title of the new album is "Mind Revolution" and some of the song-titles are ‘Shapes Of Insanity’, ‘Dawn Will Break’, ‘The Clouds Lie Silent’ and ‘Euphoria’. Artwork will be done by Graal (www.g-r-a-a-l.com). According to bassplayer Jonas Sjögren we can expect a more diverse, better structured and even better sounding album.

Arctic Music Group has signed Swedish newecomers ETERNAL LIES. Their musical style is best described as a mixture of traditional Scandinavian Death Metal and the melodies and harmonies that redefined Swedish Metal in the late 1990s. The band was already voted best new band in Close-Up, one of Sweden’s biggest and most prestigious Metal magazines. Their debut album "Spiritual Deception" should already be out by the time you read this.

Following their debut album "Human Consumes Human", HOMO IRATUS are back with an EP entitled "Knowledge…Their Enemy". It contains 3 new tracks, a cover version of Sepultura’s ‘Roots Bloody Roots’, and 2 full-length videos. This is also the first HOMO IRATUS release with interim vocalist Thomas Bairachtaris, filling in for Mitch who decided to leave the band in February of 2001. The band is currently working on the second full-length album, which will be released by Arctic Music Group in 2003.

CELEBRATUM represents the new breed of Norwegian Black Metal, mixing Scandinavian Black Metal with Heavy Metal and prog-rock influences. The band’s debut album "Mirrored Revelation" was produced by Tommy Tätgren at Abyss Studios / Sweden and just got released by Artic Music Group. www.arcticmusicgroup.com

October 09, 2002

COFFIN TEXTS have completed writing their 2nd full length. After the release of their debut "Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife", the band toured America with Incantation and Skinless. Bassist / vocalist Robert Cardenas is currently touring Europe with Florida Blastmasters DIABOLIC and the album will be recorded following the tour in late 2002. The cover art will be created by the Malfeitor (Aborym).

World War III Records and Avantgarde Music (Italy) have agreed to a deal that will formally release CARPATHIAN FOREST‘s "Morbid Fascination Of Death" album for America. The American version will include extra tracks.

The US Black Metal horde FOG has entered the studio to record the follow-up to their 2001 breakthrough debut "Through The Eyes Of The Night… Winged They Come". The album entitled "Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres" will be once again self-produced and the material is described as "stronger, darker and more gggressive, with the deep open wide fury only FOG can create." Some of the new song titles will include ‘Avatar Of Grief’, ‘From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity’, ‘The Writ Of Keogh’ and ‘Reign Of The Iron Emperor’.

ABORYM is completing the recording of the new album "With No Human Intervention" without the previously reported services of Hellhammer (Mayhem, Winds).

ENFORSAKEN have been signed by WW3 Records. The label will first release a collection of their previous works including the "Embraced By Misery" CD and their demos on one release entitled "Into The Everblack." James Murphy from Disincarnate / Death / Obituary fame will then be producing the follow up CD.

ALLEGIANCE‘s "Hymns Of Blod" will now be formally available in America through Mercenary Musik for the first time ever. The album packaging was designed by Nataanas.

World War III and Code666 have struck a deal that will bring "The Dark Blood Rising" by DIABOLICUM to America. The group features members of Setherial, Naglfar and Ancient Wisdom. The album features guests of Bewitched, Setherial and Naglfar, Odhinn, Walkyria, Hollenthon, Pungent Stench, Dirge Rep of Enslaved and Jon Nodtveit of Dissection who wrote some lyrics from jail.

VOID OF SILENCE‘s "Criteria Ov 666" album is coming soon on WW3. The band that features Malfeitor Fabban (Aborym) on vocals.

World War III has signed Polish newcomers WHICH HEAVEN. The band is said to play "their own special brand of complex atmospheric darkened Metal". The debut album entitled "Respawning Of The Gods" will be released in 2003 and will feature an evil-faced alien-embrion on the cover.

October 08, 2002

CALLENISH CIRCLE plan to enter the studio again in January 2003 to record the follow-up to the "Flesh Power Dominion" album. Their 4th album "My Passion, Your Pain" will be recorded again at Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen while the artwork is supposed to be done once more by Niklas Sundin. Some new songtitles are ‘Dwelling In Disdain’, ‘Soul Messiah’, ‘This Truculent Path’, ‘Once More’ and title-track ‘How My Passion Is Your Pain’. Musically the new material is supposed to be in the same vein as "Flesh Power Dominion" but probably even more intense and more extreme, without loosing the sense for catchy melodies and atmosphere which always have been trademarks in the band’s sound. Callenish Circle is furthermore confirmed to take part on the annual "No Mercy" Easter Festivals in 2003. Other confirmed bands are Testament, Marduk, Pro Pain, Nuclear Assault, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Malevolent Creation, Graveworm and Arkhon Infaustus. Another as yet undisclosed co-headlining act will reportedly be added to the bill (rumours are speaking about Morbid Angel or Dark Angel). Former Chemical Breath bassplayer Rene Rokx will be the new bassplayer of Callenish Circle. He’s replacing Roland Schuschke and already played with the band on the Stonehenge Festival (NL), Party San Open Air (GER), Brutal Assault Festival (CZECH), in Hof Ter Lo / Antwerp with Dimmu Borgir (BEL) and on their latest mini-tour in the Benelux with Primordial and Mercenary. Painkiller Records from Belgium will again license the rights to release the CALLENISH CIRCLE album on vinyl. The release is expected in late 2002. The album will be in luxury double gate-fold and in a limited edition of only 500 copies. More info at Painkiller Records: laurent@painkiller-records.com

October 07, 2002

On October 1st, SATYRICON performed a surprise show at Oslo venue John Dee’s 5 years anniversary party. According to the band "For us it was an opportunity to test a few songs in front of a crowd before the real shit begins. We played three songs, ‘Orgasmatron’, ‘Fuel For Hatred’ and ‘Possessed’. It went down well and we feel ready. Presales are strong and it is definitely recommended to buy tickets in advance in the bigger Norwegian cities like Oslo and Bergen.

MÖRK GRYNING live keyboard player Johan Larsson has joined the band as full-time member.

Massacre have released MYSTIC CIRCLE‘s "Damien" album on vinyl LP with a bonus track, ‘Cry Little Sister’.

WARDULAK‘s new album, "Severed Eyes Of Posses", is out in Europe on October 6th via Season Of Mist.

NAGLFAR‘s new album, "Sheol", is already recorded, and will be released by New Hawen Records (formerly WAR Music) in January. "Sheol" (the Hebrew term for hell) contains eight tracks.

Work on the sixth BAL-SAGOTH album continues, and the band plan to record before the end of the year. Cover artwork will be done by famed British fantasy artist Martin Hanford.

GORGOROTH has now started the recordings of their new full-length album. The recording is taking place at their home town in Bergen, Norway. Eight songs are already finished. Ghaal will put vocals on the album as soon he’s able to get a permission from prison (probably in December). Tormentor is no longer a part of Gorgoroth. The band is planning to use a session-member for their live performances.

According to their website, the next CHILDREN OF BODOM album will be released in Finland on January 1st, 2003.

SUIDAKRA currently searching for a new guitar player. Interested and qualified musicians please get in contact with the band – contact@suidakra.info

CANNIBAL CORPSE’ "Worm Infested" album will be available on a mini-CD in a limited edition digi-pack from October 7th in Europe.

NAPALM DEATH‘s "Order Of The Leech" album is out in Japan through Toy’s Factory on November 20th with an exclusive bonus track.

SOULREAPER signed a multiple album-deal with Hammerheart Records. The band, featuring ex-Dissection members Johan Norman (guitar) and Tobias R. Kellgren (drums), recently finished the recordings of their 2nd full-length album entitled "Life Erazer". The new album is recorded & mixed at Los Angered Recording Studio with producer Andy La Rocque (Evergrey, Witchery, Morifade). Some of the songtitles are ‘Godless Reaper Of Souls’, ‘Son Of The Dead’, ‘Slow Fall Of Death’ and the title-track ‘Life Erazer’. According to guitarist Stefan Karlsson the new album is way more mature in arrangement: "The fast parts are faster, the heavy parts more heavy and the brutal parts are crushing everything that has been done. A killer album for sure."

Contrary to recent rumors, CENTINEX are not off the DEICIDE tour. Of the six scheduled bands three are off, namely INSISION, ANTAEUS and latest additions BLOOD RED THRONE. The final tour routing kicks off on November 6th at Rio’s in Bradford, England and wraps up on November 27th at Transilvania in Milano, Italy.

According to their website, the recording of INTERNAL BLEEDING‘s "Hatefuel" has been pushed back to January 2003.

October 05, 2002

Premonition Records will release the debut album "Hacked To Death" of DECAPITATED RP (RP stands for Republica Ng Philipinas), an brutal old school Death Metal band from the Philippines. The label will also handle the CD release of MANTAK‘s "Eye Of Deviant" album (the tape version will be released by Nebula Productions). It will include 5 bonus tracks from their previous cassette EP. Both releases will be out within the next months / early 2003. The LACERATE MCD is now available, so interested distributors should get in touch with Premonition at: premonition-records@t-online.de

Chile’s THORNAFIRE are looking for German distributors willing to sell their MCD "Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus" (see reviews for further details). The band promises really good prices. Contact: mcnamarath@hotmail.com

October 04, 2002

The first infos on this year’s "EAR TERROR II Festival" are available at this address now: get.to/earterror

October 03, 2002

Within the next few days Cogumelo Records is gonna re-release the HEADHUNTER D.C. debut "Born… Suffer… Die" on CD. It will feature the band’s "Hell Is Here" demo from ’89 as well as other rare recordings (live/studio) as bonus tracks and some unpublished pics. Cogumelo also have plans to re-release the second LP "Punishment At Dawn" on CD (also with bonus material) in early 2003. The next HEADHUNTER D.C. album will be recorded in November or December and will be out in early 2003 on WW III Records.

October 02, 2002

Set for a release date on October 28th is IMMOLATION‘s new album "Unholy Cult". It will be available in limited edition slipcase (5000 copies only) and strictly limited vinyl version, available directly from Listenable Records for 15,- Euro postpaid. "Unholy Cult" was already pointed "Album of 2002" in the biggest Israeli Metal forum "Hyde Park Metal" (1300 users only in the "Metal" forum), reaching 10/10 (the last album got this mark was Nevermore’s "Dead Heart…" CD).

Sweden’s LUCIFERION will finally unleash their new album "The Apostate" in March 2003. If everything goes well the recordings will be finished before Christmas.

ABORTED are currently completing the writing process for their upcoming new full length "Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done". In a new line-up, the band feels quite confident about the new material. The album will include the following 10 tracks, 8 of them being new songs: ‘The Saw And The Carnage Done’, ‘Recidivist In Suicide’, ‘Misanthropic Murder Mind’, ‘Clinical Colostomy’, ‘Sanguine Verses Of Extirpation’, ‘Parasitic Flesh Resection’, ‘Methiculous Invagination’, ‘Sea Of Cartilage’ (new version, originally on the split with Christ Denied), ‘Carnal Forge’ (CARCASS cover) and ‘Charted Carnal Effigy’. It will be recorded at Aabenraa Studios in Denmark, produced by Jacob Johansen (Iniquity, Illdisposed, Invocator, Hatesphere, etc) and should see an early March release, just before the band embarks on their European tour with IMMOLATION.

VILE, INHUME (second half of the tour), DISAVOWED, MANGLED (first half of the tour), SPAWN OF POSSESSION will tour Europe together in early 2003. The tour will start in the Netherlands on February 20 and will also end there on March 16. In between they will hit the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. The booking agency is Driven By Metal. Please get in touch with Driven By Metal Agency for further info: Rob Peters or Wilko at Fadeless Records. VILE’s much sought debut "Stench Of The Deceased" will be exclusively re-released with bonus tracks in February 2003 through Listenable Records.