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November 30, 2002

VICTIM will release their fourth CD through Eclipse Records, Japan (www.eclipserec.brutaldeath.net) next year. The band will enter the studio in spring, with a release scheduled for summer 2003. You can check out some mp3 on www.victim.de

November 28, 2002

If everything goes well, RAVAGER will enter the studio again in December to record their next album. Here’s the tracklist already: ‘Crestfallen Of Divinity’, ‘Hades Rises’, ‘Fore Told’, ‘In The Depths’, ‘Antagonist Grim’, ‘Of Fire Revealed’, ‘As Shadows Corrupts’ and ‘Nuclear Vomiting Warcraft’.

"Damage Assesment" will be the title for the upcoming HOUWITSER album. All further info you may find at the band’s new website: www.houwitser.com

DIVINE DECAY are currently finishing up final rehearsals and are ready to record the follow-up to their debut album "Songs Of The Damned". The new album is titled "Maximize The Misery" and will be produced by Janne Joutsenniemi and mixed by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Stratovarius, Edguy, Therion etc). The album will contain ten new tracks and a cover version of the Theraphy song, ‘The Knives’.

The COFFIN TEXTS dudes keep themselves quite busy. After Bobby had been touring Europe with DIABOLIC recently, now drummer Ariel is touring the US (ten shows) with MALEVOLENT CREATION. He’s also supposed to go to Europe with them later in February 2003. But don’t worry – COFFIN TEXTS themselves have recorded a new four song promo in the meantime (for further details check out our review section), which features the songs ‘To Manifest’, ‘Divination’, ‘Unseen World’ and ‘Throne Of Rhee’. All of them, plus two additional ones, will appear on their next studio album, which will be released by World War III Records early next year.

Directly after their "Infernal Live Orgasm Tour 2002" Austrias BELPHEGOR will enter the studio to create their new album which will be released in May 2003. After that another European tour with Netherland’s ALTAR is planned. For their new studioalbum BELPHEGOR are searching for a new record company at the moment. Interested labels should contact belphegor@aon.at or info@shadowsmile.de.

Israel’s Death Grind Crust act LEHAVOTH has been signed by Fadeless Records. The band has already completed the recordings for their debut album "Hatred Shaped Man" at Soundlab Studios in Sweden. It was produced by Mr. Mieszko Talarczyk from NASUM / GENOCIDE SUPERSTAR. "Hatred Shaped Man" is supposed to be out in February 2003. www.lehavoth.com

The re-issues of the first two VOMITORY albums are delayed. www.vomitory.net

November 27, 2002

The new EPHEL DUATH album "The Painter’s Palette" is being mixed right now and will be ready for production at the end of December. Peppe from Temn0.un.Art is putting together the album sleeve. The CD itself will be very special for computer owners, with an MPEG video of the track ‘The Embossed’ (taken from the "Rephormula" album), as well as a video report of the making of "The Painters Palette". Twan Sibon, known for his previous work with In Extremo and Cannibal Corpse, will put this together along with various photos, art, etc. The band have also been busy rehearsing with their whole new line-up and will be looking to play some shows around March / April in time for the release. www.ephelduath.net

Russian avant-garde experimentalists RAKOTH will be unleashing their new album "Tiny Deaths" in April 2003. The band has taken a bold new direction with this release, taking an almost cinematic approach to their song writing. The result is something more ambient and claustrophobic than their previous work, yet the Rakoth stamp runs through it all. The title track ‘Tiny Deaths’ is available for download from here: www.elitistrecords.co.uk/tinydeaths.mp3

Norway’s progressive Black / Death Metallers LUNARIS are presently writing new material for a new album that is tentatively scheduled for a late spring recording. Producers and studios are being considered for this as yet untitled opus. The band promise to make it heavier, faster and more technical than ever. Just altogether more aggressive through and through. The band also plans to tour extensively in support of this second album.

New Elitist signings FARMAKON are rehearsing like crazy as they’ll be recording their yet untitled debut album in February in their native Finland. You can check out a demo track here: www.elitistrecords.co.uk/farmakon.mp3

November 25, 2002

FIREBIRD, featuring ex-CARCASS / NAPALM DEATH guitarist Bill Steer, will issue their new album in late February 2003 on JVC in Japan. A European deal is near as well. The album already has been mastered, and the artwork is currently the main concern, they updated recently.

The INFERNO FESTIVAL takes place at Rockefeller Music Hall / John Dee in Oslo, Norway on April 17th – 19th, 2003. IMMORTAL and CHILDREN OF BODOM are confirmed to perform.

Century Media will issue a SAMAEL 2DVD set on January 27th, 2003. The as-yet-untitled set will feature last Summer’s Summer Breeze Open Air performance, a show from Poland shot on 1996’s "Passage" Tour, videos for ‘Jupiterian Vibe’, ‘Infra Galaxia’ and ‘Baphomet’s Throne’ and interviews and studio footage from the recording session for "Passage".

The sole UK date for the NO MERCY X-MASS FESTIVAL, originally scheduled for December 9th at the Electric Ballroom in London, has been moved to the Camden Underworld. Acts on the bill include MARDUK, IMMOLATION, HATE ETERNAL, KATAKLYSM, INSISION and DERANGED.

SLAYER will release their new DVD, "War At The Warfield", on February 11th. The set was recorded at The Warfield in San Francisco on December 7th, 2001, on the "God Hates The World" tour.

Japanese thrashers ABIGAIL are currently making their first appearance on US soil. The band’s current West Coast tour runs through November.

SATYRICON frontman Satyr will co-produce and mix DARKTHRONE’s forthcoming album, "Hate Them". The release will be recorded in December for a February release through Moonfog. Tracks to appear on the album include ‘Rust’ and ‘Fucked Up And Ready To Die’.

LORD BELIAL guitarist Fredrik Wester has left the band, feeling he needs more time to himself. The rest of the band wish him well. The band line-up is back to how it was in the beginning: Thomas (vocals / guitar), Micke (drums), Anders (bass) and Niclas Pepa Andersson (guitar).

SUMMONING will release an MCD, "Lost Tales", in February through Napalm. It includes two rare, unreleased tracks.

THY INFERNAL are working on new material for their forthcoming album, due out next Spring. For more go to: www.blackorchard.com/thyinfernal.

BLOOD RITUAL are finishing up their second album, due out next Spring. They have also written the larger part of their third album, which will follow shortly after the second. The new album features cover art by Magister Rex Church. A limited edition will be available with exclusive packaging.

JUDAS ISCARIOT have released their sixth full length album, "To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding", through Red Stream. Coming soon from the band are a split LP with ABYSSIC HATE and a new MCD entitled "Moonlight Butchery".

WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS have released their new album, "Black Sun Shall Rise". The band are now in the studio recording a new MCD for The Cult Records and their third album, "Feasting Upon Christ", for Barbarian Wrath. Furthermore their "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" release has been reissued.

Finland’s SARGEIST are currently finishing the recording for their debut CD, "Satanic Black Devotion", scheduled for an early 2003 release. They have also contributed an unreleased track for a split 7" EP with MERRIMACK, out now and limited to 1.000 hand numbered copies.

MERRIMACK are back with a new 7" split EP with SARGEIST, out through Moribund. It includes a re-recorded version of the band’s unreleased track ‘Guardians Of Your Slavery’.

SUMMON will release their fifth album, "The Blood Runs Black", on February 4th, 2003.

GENOCIDE KOMMANDO‘s debut album, "Black Metal Supremacy", has just been released. A follow up is already in development for a Winter release. It was recorded, engineered and mastered by James Murphy (ex-DEATH, TESTAMENT).

The Cult Records have inked a deal with Drakkar Productions to release GRAND BELIAL’S KEY‘s "Judeobeast Assassination" album in the US.

AZRAEL have inked a deal with The Cult. The band’s full lenght debut is due out in February or March.

MACTÄTUS have re-issued their debut album, "Blot", through Moribund Records.

November 24, 2002

MALEVOLENT CREATION have officially been confirmed to perform at Wacken Open Air Festival, July 31 to August 2, 2003. The band has the honor of being in the first handful of confirmed acts, joining the likes of Iced Earth, Stratovarius, Nile, Gamma Ray and a reunion by California’s Dark Angel that so far have been announced. Their Wacken appearance will be part of the extensive touring planned for 2003 in support of "The Will To Kill", MALEVOLENT CREATION’s eighth studio album. A full American tour for February 2003 is in the works right now, after which they will go straight to Europe joining Marduk for a full tour in March and April. Malevolent Creation will then join up with and perform as part of the Easter No Mercy Festivals for thirteen shows, joining Nuclear Assault, Testament, Marduk and others. Many other festival appearances are planned.

SATHANAS‘ "Warlords Of Death" 7"EP will be out on Agonia Records during January 2003. The 7" includes 2 new tracks and the Bathory cover ‘Raise The Dead’. The vinyl will be pressed in limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies. the cover is created by Kris Vervimp. noxfil@poczta.onet.pl

DESTRUKTOR‘s "Nuclear Storm" 12" MLP / MC will be out in January 2003 as a split release with Dutch SoulSelleR Records. The tape version will have 2 exclusive live tracks. The MLP is limited to 500 handnumbered copies as well as the tape.

NUNSLAUGHTER‘s "Radio Damnation" MC is out now. It includes all the stuff from the CD, originally released by Barbarian Wrath, with new layout and an exclusive cover of Venom. Profesionally pressed and limited to 333 handnumbered copies. In the first months of 2003 the "Hell On Graz" LP / MC will furthermore see the light of day (limited to 500 copies). The vinyl version will come with a gatefold cover designed by Don of the Dead. All further details at: noxfil@poczta.onet.pl

Agonia Records will release the debut album of the Finnish brutal old school Death Metal band SLUGATHOR on CD / LP / MC around April / May 2003. The band is currently in the studio recording the stuff.

A split 7"EP of ANTAEUS / THRONEUM, entitled "Sadistik Death" is planned for May 2003. The EP will be pressed in 500 handnumbered copies and the cover and whole lay out will be designed by MkM. Antaeus plan to record their tracks in April and Throneum in January.

November 21, 2002

Selbstmord Services have sold the rights for the first two SHINING albums to Avantgarde Music.

CRAFT are working on a new album which is planned to be recorded sometime during spring next year. The re-issue of their debut album "Total Soul Rape", which was supposed to be released this summer, will now be released sometime in December. Both the label and the band came to the simple conclusion that it would be best to remaster the album before this event, therefore a few delays have occurred.

KROHM‘s demo "Crown Of The Ancients" is being pressed on CD-format right now, in a limited edition of 1000 copies, to promote the forthcoming full-length album which will be recorded in February.

Here’s a press statement from ABORYM: "As some of you will know by now, our brother and singer Attila Csihar is currently being held in jail in Treviso, northern Italy, where he was arrested. He had 158 ecstacy pills and some grams of hash on him. We don’t know yet about how much he will get, but a trial should be set around December. Cross your fingers upside down! We will make you have news as soon as we get them, so many things you may hear about that case not coming from us, may be as well considered pure bullshit. Now, before you start thinking about that: Aborym won’t stop because of this. We will continue (as Attila himself asked us to do) and our third masterpiece with Attila Csihar on vocals will be released in January 2003 by Code666 in Europe and later by WW3 (Mercenary Musik) in USA, as previously planned. His arrest won’t affect in any way the release of such a masterpiece. This shitty situation is not enough to make us turn back or stop. We will continue to play and perform the most extreme music. ’till believing in the armageddon." The new, third ABORYM album "With No Human Intervention" is planned to be out in January in a modern-clinic-weird digipak format and with a special cd-rom track. Here is the final tracklist: ‘Antichristian Codec (intro)’, ‘With No Human Intervention’, ‘U.V. Impaler’, ‘Humechanics-virus’, ‘Does Not Compute’, ‘Faustian Spirit Of The Earth’, ‘Digital Goat Masque’, ‘The Triumph’, ‘Black Hole Spell’, ‘Me(n)tal Striken Terror Action 2’, ‘Out Of Shell’, ‘Chernobyl Generation’, ‘The Alienation Of A Blackened Heart’ and ‘Automatik Rave’olution Aborym’. The line-up on the album is the same as on the previous "Fire Walk With Us" but features many special guests: Bard G. Eithun "Faust" (ex-Emperor, now drummer in Dissection), Nattefrost (Carpathian Forest), Irrumator (Anaal Nathrackt), Matt Jerman (U.K. Void), OCD (Nocturnal Art Productions) and Sasrof (Diabolicum, who realized the bonus-track ‘The Wolf Song’).

ONDSKAPT are having their debut album pressed right now. This long awaited disc will most likely be available at the end of the year.

The FORGOTTEN TOMB debut album "Songs To Leave" has been released as a vinyl version including poster, limited to 300 copies. Currently Morbid is working on his second album "Springtime Depression" together with his newly joined drummer Wedebrand (ex – shining) which is meant to be recorded in January.

November 20, 2002

Old school Death Metallers MORBID UPHEAVAL have just released a new two song rehersal tape (‘Solar Impetus’, ‘Forsaken Hordes’). The tape comes in a red color xeroxed package and is available either for a blank tape plus postage, or 4 $ / 4Euro from the addresses below. Future releases are: MORBID UPHEAVAL / ARGHOSLENT split 7" EP (on Warhammer Records) and MORBID UPHEAVAL / CAPRA HIRCUS split 10" MLP (Warhammer Records / Hellflame Productions). Contact: Morbid Upheaval, c/o Federico Zambelli, Via Vignolese 184 /s.B, 41100 Modena / Italy or Morbid Upheaval, c/o Christian Colelli, Via 13 Martiri 44, 26040 Gussola (CR) / Italy

SATHANAS have signed a deal with Drakkar Productions. The new CD "Hex Nefarious" will be out in 2003, followed by a possible tour with Murder Rape. For further info contact: drakkar2@wanadoo.fr

Norway’s SHADOW SEASON have signed a deal with Sound Riot Records. The band consists of B. Winter – vocals and sub strings, Void – all razor strings and Trym – battery (EMPEROR / ZYKLON). The band’s debut four song MCD / 10" "The Frozen" will also feature guest appearances by Sanrabb – vocals (GEHENNA), Dolgar – vocals (FORLORN) and Patricia – viola. SHADOW SEASON are already writing material for the full-length which will be released in 2003. A special guest on vocals for this album will be Steve Tucker (ex-MORBID ANGEL). For further details contact the band at this address: SHADOW SEASON, c/o Void, Mellomstraen 11, 4005 Stavanger, Norway, e-mail: shadowvoid@hotmail.com. Label contact: soundriot@mail.telepac.pt, www.soundriot.net

INIQUITY will be releasing a compilation / best-of album in March 2003 with both brand new songs, old previously unreleased promo / demo / live material going back to the beginning of the band, as well as a wide selections of the best Iniquity songs done so far from their official releases "Serenadium", "The Hidden Lore", "Five Across The Eyes" and "Grime". The record is entitled "Iniquity Bloody Iniquity" and it will furthermore include a thick booklet with lots of photos, flyers and so on. www.iniquity.dk

NEPHASTH are about to enter the studio to record their highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s classic "Immortal Unholy Triumph". The title of the next album is "Conceived By Inhuman Blood". The artwork will once again be done by Jacek Wisniewski (Vader, Decapitated, Withering Surface etc.), management is handled by Massive Mangement (Vader etc.) and Empire Records have secured a license deal for Poland. "Conceived By Inhuman Blood" is set for release on May the 25th 2003 – and afterwards Nephasth will be touring Europe. Currently Nephasth is touring with Vader in Brazil. www.nephasth.cjb.net

ANASARCA is busy writing material for their third album entitled "Terrorized". 7 songs are ready so far and the plan is to record the album at The Art Temple Studio early Spring 2003 for a release in September 2003. Lyrically it will be a conceptual one again, dealing with faults of mankind – just await to be mirrored again with human sickness. www.anasarca.de

Swedish Death / Thrashers TAETRE who released their third album "Divine Misanthropic Madness" in October is looking to tour Europe in early 2003. Anyone interested in setting up gigs with Taetre, please get in touch with Mighty Music. www.mightymusic.dk Band contact: www.taetre.cjb.net

SACRIFICIAL will be playing some shows in Denmark with country mates Mercenary and are looking to play gigs outside of Denmark as well. Please get in touch if you are interested in booking Sacrificial. www.sacrificial.dk

Doom / Deathers THALARION will release their new, third CD "Tunes Of Despondency" in December. http://thalarion.cjb.net/

ENTER MY SILENCE, the Finnish answer to In Flames are back in business. After a short period with missing inspiration, the band has completed a handful of new songs and is ready to enter the studio in early 2003 to record their long awaited follow-up to last year’s debut "Remotecontrolled Scythe".

NEGURA BUNGET have finished the recordings of their third album in Magic Sound Studio (Bucharest) entitled "N’Crangul Brabului". The CD is scheduled for a Janaury 27, 2003 release in a very special, never-seen-before hand-made CD-box, with a state-of-the-art multimedia track. www.negurabunget.com

In late November 2002 code666 will release a double CD compilation entitled "Better Undead Than Alive" with a lot of unreleased songs which have been recorded exclusively for this release, plus some rare, older unreleased exclusive tracks of Diabolicum, Aborym, Rakoth, Bloodshed, Aghora, Ephel Duath, Atrox, Negura Bunget, Enid, Manes, Abortus, Void Of Silence, Thee Maldoror Kollective, Unmoored… All the songs will be linked together in one long track for each CD. A massive multi media track is to appear on disc 2, with tons of information regarding the label and their bands, exclusive photos, special mp3s, like a complete live performance by Aghora at the Culture Room Club in Florida with the new line-up, an unreleased remix by Ephel Duath or an upcoming ambient tune from Nordvargr, plus special surprises, including the unreleased and never-seen-before Negura Bunget "Vazduh" video, filmed in the carpathian mountains last year, etc. www.code666.net

ABORYM have finally mixed their new album "With No Human Intervention", after 5 months of hard work in Temple Of Noise Studio. An advance track from the album will appear on the upcoming code666 compilation, with Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest performing vocals. Meanwhile Attila Csihar and Sethlans were invited to Birmingham as special-guests for the upcoming Anaal Nathrakh EP, and Attila Csihar will also be special-guest on the new Carpathian Forest album. www.code666.net/aborym

VOID OF SILENCE‘s new singer is Alan Nemtheanga, wellknown from irish PRIMORDIAL. The great and immediate feeling between the band and the singer and his great will to join VOID OF SILENCE, one of his favourites bands, not to mention the incredible artistic qualities and the experience Alan got after so many years in Primordial, drove the band to choose Alan as the new official member. VOID OF SILENCE is now ready to start the creative process for the new album, out on Code666 in 2003. www.dauphins.com/void

MANES just finished the recordings of their brand new album titled "Vilosophe" at Skansen Lydstudio in Trondheim. You’ll already be able to hear a "work in progress demo track" titled ‘Redeemer’ on the upcoming code666 compilation "Better Undead Than Alive".

UNMOORED have just returned back home from Abyss Studios where they recorded drums and guitars with producer Tommy Tägtgren for their new album. Now it’s time for vocals, keys and mixing. Unfortunately singer Chris suffered from a throat infection so he needs some weeks off to recover properly, but in late October everything will be probably finished. The album will go under the name of "Indefinite Soul-Extension" and its full, now completed, track listing reads as follows (in no particular order): ‘Cinders Veil’, ‘Phase Of Revulsion’, ‘Commit To The Fire’, ‘Leave-Taking’, ‘Final State Part III (Posthumous Writings)’, ‘Spit Forth From Failure’, ‘Morndraper’ and ‘Unspeakable Grief’. Expect a spring 2003 release. www.unmoored.com

AGHORA‘s mainman Santiago Dobles is still recording the new album titled "Formless" with the new line-up including new drummer Richard Komatz and new bass player Andy DeLuca (ex-Symphony X) (replacing Sean Reinert and Sean Malone), plus sister-vocalist Danishta Rivero of course. The new songs are more "live" and organic and the new album is expected this fall on code666. In the meantime the band played several gigs in the USA this summer, getting an overwhelming response, while supporting bands like Blind Guardian and Soilwork. www.aghora.org

ATROX are still working in the reharsal room to compose their new album, with plans to enter a studio this winter. You can hear an unreleased Atrox song, plus a track from their last album on Season Of Mist on the upcoming code666 compilation.

DIABOLICUM are now busy with their side-project The Bloodline (with Mysteriis from Setherial, Sethlans from Aborym and Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest), but they will enter Greencastle Studio in June 2003 to record the new Diabolicum opus entitled "Vengeance". www.diabolicum.cjb.net

BLOODSHED will soon start touring to promote "Inhabitants Of Dis". www.bloodshed.info

Germany’s ENID are currently creating their new, still untitled album to be recorded next year. They’ve already recorded a brand new track for the code666 compilation titled ‘Exemption’. www.enid.ht.st

ABORTUS just re-recorded a couple of songs from their debut album, to be used as bonus tracks for the US-version of "Process Of Elimination", out soon on Brazen Music. In the meantime they are still touring Australia, headlining the "Violent Elimination Tour". Afterwards they will focus on the new album. www.abortus.cjb.net

L.V.X.ifer (guitar) and Sein (bass) have left THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE, soon to be replaced by H:Kashchej (guitars / noises) and Nordvargr (mastermind of MZ.412). The band is currently working on the next album (working title "Fractures In The Iron Youth"), an electro-noise delirium with power electronics, dub and drum ‘n’ bass beats. The long delayed official site will be ready soon. www.maldororkollective.net Don’t miss the new side project Bacteria Death Module, pure Kollective harsh industrial, out this fall.

November 19, 2002

Sweden’s Selbstmord Services announces the release of LEVIATHAN‘s "Far Beyond The Light" album. The band is being described as "obscure, melancholic Black Metal in the early Norwegian tradition… disturbingly dark and eerie, somewhat perverted, highly over the standard…" A limited vinyl edition will be released by Germany’s Undercover Records. www.selbstmord.nu

Furias Records / Orion Music Entertainment from Argentina have the following CD releases available: DUNKELSTORM – "Schicksal" (in the vein of Samael, Alastis and Lacrimosa), MITTERNACHT – "The Desolation Of Blendenstein" (symphonic Dark Black Ambient like Summoning, Limbonic Art, Penitent and Evol), DIVE IN MINDS – "Innocent Victims" (progressive Death Metal, like Death, Atheist, In Flames, Children Of Bodom), EJECUCION – "Observation" (medieval Doom Neo Classical Metal), MASTIFAL – "Holocausto Mental (Thrash Metal), WAR – "We Are… Total War (Black / Death Metal with members of Hypocrisy, Vondur, Ophtalamia, Algaion, Pain – licensed from Necropolis Records), IN AETERNUM – "Past And Present Sins" (Death Metal – licensed from Necropolis Records), DIABOLIQUE – "The Green Goddess" (Gothic Dark Wave – licensed from Necropolis Records). For all further info contact: www.orionmusic-furias.com.ar

November 16, 2002

STORMLORD are currently writing songs for their new album. This is the band’s first release with new second guitarist Gianpaolo Caprino. A November 2003 release is expected through Scarlet.

NILE will head out on the Guitar World sponsored The Art of Noise Tour 2003 on January 17th in Houston, TX. Support will come from NAPALM DEATH, DARK TRANQUILITY, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and The BERZERKER. In related news, Nile have been invited to play Beast Feast 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. They will play December 15th alongside SLAYER and DOWN. For more info go to www.BeastFeast.net

CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s "Worm Infested" album is available on limited edition (1.000 copies only) picture disc vinyl LP in Europe.

This year’s "Drakkar Hellfest 2002: The Desecration" takes place on December 14th at the Pazzop Club in Bladel, Holland. For tickets and info go to drakkar2@wanadoo.fr. Only 300 tickets will be sold in advance. Acts on the bill include: GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, UNPURE, CELESTIA, WATAIN, CORPUS CHRISTII, LUGUBRE, NUIT NOIRE and PERDITOR.

November 14, 2002

Tumba Records will release the debut album "Faces Of Exploration" from COLLAPSE NR, which is a new extreme Brazilian band in the vein of BRUTAL TRUTH, BURNT BY THE SUN and NAPALM DEATH. All further info at: www.tumbarecords.com.br or www.tumbarecords.net

Brazil’s TORTURE SQUAD are currently in studio, recording their 4th album, that should be out early 2003. The band just finished a successful Brazilian tour and is planning to head off for Europe in 2003. All interested promoters, clubs, bands and agencies should contact: producao@tumbarecords.com.br to set up some shows.

Guitarist Heter isn’t a member of Poland’s DISSENTER anymore. Here’s some comments from drummer Mlody regarding the split-up: "We had some problems with him during the Thrash’em All Festival. Firstly he told us that he isn’t going to play on the tour and joined the band only from the fourth day. After that, we have been forced to cancel our tour through Holland, because of the same reason. Heter informed us at the last moment and there was little time to find a replacement. Due to that we’ve decided to kick him out. It’s a pity after all these years of our cooperation…" DISSENTER is currently working on new material with a new member. New recordings are planned for February 2003 at Hertz Studio once again, while the first shows won’t take place before next summer. www.dissenter.prv.pl

November 12, 2002

ARGHOSLENT‘s "Gallopping Through The Battle Ruins" album, which previously was only available on CD, will now also be out on vinyl format and available from Hellflame Productions in December or January. It is supposed to be limited to 500 or 666 copies. www.hellflameprod.cjb.net

November 11, 2002

Sweden’s THRONEAEON have signed a new deal with the Slovakian label Forensick Music. There’s been alot of negotiations with various labels since the band decided to leave Hammerheart Records and so far the new partnership looks very promising. Studio Underground is already booked during December this year for the recording of their next full-length.

EXCITER have parted ways with bassist Marc Charron.

Blabbermouth reports that guitarist Mitch Harris (NAPALM DEATH, ex-RIGHTEOUS PIGS), has reformed his DEFECATION project, the band he co-founded with former Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris. Although Mick doesn’t appear in Defecation’s current line-up, the band are working on a new album, "Intention Surpassed", due out through Nuclear Blast in early 2003.

The long-awaited MORBID ANGEL tribute titled "Tyrants From The Abyss" has finally been released on Necropolis Records in the U.S. and Hellspawn Records of Sweden. Here is an excerpt from the Necropolis release announcement: "Tyrants Of The Abyss: A Tribute To Morbid Angel" release overview: Universally hailed as the greatest Death Metal band of all time, MORBID ANGEL stands as the ultimate confirmation of the Death Metal genre’s longevity and integrity. Since the band’s inception in 1985, MORBID ANGEL has been an integral part of the entire musical movement. Emerging from the Death Metal explosion of the early 1990s as the undisputed champions, MORBID ANGEL has set the standard for the style ever since, artistically and commercially, touring with artists like PANTERA, SLAYER, BLACK SABBATH, and MOTORHEAD as well as headlining countless tours of their own. This release is a tribute to that band’s vision and integrity, made by some of the Black / Death Metal scene’s most important bands, all of which, not surprisingly, are MORBID ANGEL fans. Including the modernized Blackened Death Metal approach of ZYKLON (featuring Zamoth and Trym of the now-defunct EMPEROR), Brazil’s KRISIUN, long-standing Polish Death Metal act VADER, whose over decade-long track record in the scene more than speaks for itself, as well as many other leading acts in the Death Metal genre. All the bands featured are at the forefront of the current Death / Black Metal generation, and all owe at least some debt of influence to MORBID ANGEL. Now is their opportunity to hail the most significant Death Metal band in history. This tribute has been made by fans of MORBID ANGEL- for fans of MORBID ANGEL. Tracklisting: ZYKLON – Dominate, VADER – Immortal Rites, SOULREAPER – Fall From Grace, ANGELCORPSE – Demon Seed, CENTURIAN – Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost, LUCIFERION – Brainstorm, INFERNAL – Bleed For The Devil, DIVINE RAPTURE – World Of Shit (The Promised Land), DIABOLIC – Visions From The Darkside, IN AETERNUM – Maze Of Torment, EXCOMMUNION – God Of Emptiness, BEHEMOTH – Day Of Suffering and KRISIUN – Unholy Blasphemies.

According to a recent press release, Texas’ PROPHECY will not be playing shows / tours until further notice. However, founding member James Parks II (guitarist / vocalist / songwriter / drummer), is writing new material for the next full length, due out in late 2003.

The reformed DARK ANGEL (guitarists Jim Durkin and Eric Meyer, vocalist Ron Rinehart, and drummer Gene Hoglan) have announced that "shows in December are being rescheduled for March 2003, due to numerous personal scheduling conflicts within the band."

CATTLE DECAPITATION have been forced to cancel the remaining dates on their tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE "due to a medical emergency at home." They will however be playing in Hollywood in December (4th at The Palace) for Metal Blade’s 20th Anniversary show.

Upcoming shows for CRYPTOPSY are as follows: November 14 in Oshawa, ON at The Dungeon, 15th in Toronto, ON at The Kathedral, 16th in Windsor, ON at Diesel Lounge, 29th in Rimouski, PQ at La Coudée and 30th in Quebec City, PQ at Kashmir. On a side note, Cryptopsy are not performing at the Xtreme Benefest in Michigan as previously announced.

VADER are heading to South America on December 13th for a seven-date tour in support of their new record, Revelati.

DARKTHRONE are currently in rehearsal for their new album, "Hate Them", which they’ll begin recording in early December. A February release through Moonfog is expected.

DIVINE RAPTURE has recently entered Ron Vento’s Nightsky studios in Clinton, MD to record "The Burning Passion". They have been scrutinizing minuscule details to bring about an album of tight crushing brutality. Sessions ran smoothly and tracking is complete. The album is currently in mix-down. Be sure to check out the latest release from Ron’s band, Aurora Borealis (www.auroraborealis.org) featuring Tim Yeung on drums.

November 09, 2002

EXMORTEM‘s new album "Pestilence Empire" will be released on November 25 through Osmose Productions. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Ghastly Grotesque’, ‘Funerary Sculpture’, ‘Pestifer’, ‘Malus Invictus’, ‘Death Deceiver’, ‘Grand Dome Of Destruction’, ‘Icecold Ugliness (Part 2)’, ‘Gruesome Icons’ and ‘A Tyrants Hunger’. For further information check out the band’s website at: www.exmortem.com

MORBID UPHEAVAL is a new Death Metal act from Italy, formed by members and ex-members of Martial Might, Goatreich 666 and Goatfire. The band was created in spring 2002, inspired by legendary acts such as Treblinka, Grave, Order From Chaos, Sarcofago, Nuclear Death and Autopsy. The concepts expressed through the lyrics find their roots in the writings of Mishima, Redbeard, Devi and the likes. The first release is gonna be a limited edition (666 copies) split 7" EP with Arghoslent (www.arghoslent.cjb.net), out very soon through Warhammer Records. Morbid Upheaval are gonna record two trax for it (‘Solar Impetus’ and ‘Forsaken Hordes’). Their next release, a split 10" MLP with Capra Hircus (www.caprahircus.cjb.net) is planned for spring 2003 and will be a co-production between Hellflame and Warhammer Records. Plans are to record two own songs and a cover version of each band. All further info you may get from one of the bandmembers directly. Contact: hereticwisdom@libero.it (Savazzi) or sunandiron@hotmail.com (Nicola).

November 07, 2002

Italy’s My Kingdom Music have just released new albums by DEINONYCHUS ("Mournument"), CROWHEAD ("Frozen") and ROOM WITH A VIEW ("First Year Departure"). Label contact and download samples at: www.mykingdommusic.net

November 05, 2002

Cold Blood Industries have signed Dutch Thrashers CRUSTACEAN. The follow-up to their debut "Burden Of Our Suffering" is entitled "Insaniac" and supposed to see the light of day in February 2003.

THE GREAT DECEIVER have been announced as the main support for Napalm Death on a 17 date tour around Europe, they miss the three Finnish dates and join the tour on the 1st December in Germany. After Christmas The Great Deceiver will enter the studio to record the follow up to the highly acclaimed debut album "A Venom Well Designed". This time the band have chosen to work at Dug Out in Uppsalla. Daniel Bergstrand, famed for his work with Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, In Flames and Darkane will produce the album with the band. The Swedes even have a working title for the new album – "Terror Incognito", taken from Proust’s In Search Of Lost Time.

Earache Records have signed DEICIDE! US boss Al Dawson had this to say about the signing: "I am very proud to be working with Deicide, ‘the most evil band in the world.’ These guys have stood the test of time and they continue to lead the way. They are the real deal. Earache’s roster has never been stronger than it is today."

SATYRICON have cancelled their one and only Germany show, which was supposed to take place at the "Markthalle" in Hamburg on December 10, 2002. Due to differences between the European agent and the band it remains uncertain at this point of time whether or not there will be new dates in the coming year. We’ll keep you posted.

November 04, 2002

IN AETERNUM is now signed to Regain Records. The band will finish their upcoming album "Nuclear Armageddon" on November 8th and 9th at Abyss Studios together with Tommy Tägtgren, scheduled for a spring 2003 release.

ARCH ENEMY have confirmed the following UK dates for December: December 7 – TJ’s in Newport, 8 – Camden Underworld in London, 9 – King Tut’s in Glasgow, 10 – Hop & Grape in Manchester.

L.A.’s OIL, which features vocalist Ron Rinehart (DARK ANGEL), are scheduled to play Downey, California’s First Baptist Church Of Downey on November 2nd. The show will be filmed for a live CD release, tentatively titled "Choice Cuts Off The Chopping Block".

VOIVOD will begin mastering their forthcoming studio album, "The Multiverse", on December 13th. A tentative release on March 4th, 2003 through Chophouse Records / Surfdog has been scheduled.

Jared Anderson (INTERNECINE) will tour the US with his other band, HATE ETERNAL, in support of CANNIBAL CORPSE. Also on the bill are MACABRE and CATTLE DECAPITATION. The dates run from November 6th at Jaxx in West Springfield through November 26th at the Gothic Theater in Englewood, CO.

SOULREAPER will release a limited edition (500 copies) 7" EP entitled "The Son Of The Dead", that will feature two songs from their forthcoming album, "Life Eraser". The EP is due out on November 18th and the "Life Eraser" album will be released through Hammerheart on March 3, 2003. The band will tour Europe in support of the release beginning in April.

DECEMBER‘s video for ‘Host’ is currently in rotation at MuchMusic USA.

ZYKLON have confirmed studio time for early 2003 with plans for a Summer release. Album details are still in the works.

MYRKSKOG plan to tour the US in 2003. They will tape an upcoming show in Poland for an upcoming DVD / VHS release.

Candlelight will release EMPEROR‘s "Scattered Ashes – A Decade Of Emperial Wrath" in March, 2003, a year after the band’s demise. The collection was put together with cooperation from guitarist Samoth.

USURPER are currently in Engine Music Studio in Chicago recording their new album, "Twilight Dominion", with producer Neil Kernon (CANNIBAL CORPSE, NEVERMORE). An early 2003 release is expected through Earache.

Sweden’s LORD BELIAL have been signed to a deal by Regain Records. The band’s label debut will be released next year.

CADAVER INC. are currently readying their next album. Frontman Apollyon says: "The new record is going to be much worse than the first! We’re all into old-school AUTOPSY, CARCASS and INFERNO, and keeping it brutal and underground." The new album is slated for an early 2003 release through Earache.

DIABOLIC guitarist Jerry Mortellaro has left the band. He is replaced by Eric Hersemann (LORD BLASPHEMER).

AETERNUS are set to enter Grieghallen Studios in November with producer Pytten to begin recording their new CD, "A Darker Monument". Watch for an early 2003 release through Nocturnal Art Productions.

Roadrunner Japan will reissue digital remasters of the following albums on December 18th: MALEVOLENT CREATION’s "Retribution" & "Stillborn", CYNIC’s "Focus", DISINCARNATE’s "Dreams Of The Carrion Kind", DEICIDE’s, "Deicide" & "Legion" and OBITUARY’s "Slowly We Rot", "Cause Of Death", "The End Complete" and "World Demise". The OBITUARY re-issues will include bonus tracks.

Candlelight will reissue OPETH‘s first two albums on June 17th, 2003. The US releases will include the bonus material that was previously only available on the European releases.

November 02, 2002

NUNSLAUGHTER‘s live album "Radio Damnation" will be re-released on MC through Agonia Records, limited to 333 handnumbered copies, incl. a cover of VENOM. Contact: Agonia, c/o Filip Jesion, P.O.Box 273, 64-920 Pila 1, Poland. eMail: noxfil@poczta.onet.pl

November 01, 2002

In the first half of 2003, Hammerheart Records will re-release the first three NECROPHOBIC albums, "The Nocturnal Silence", "Darkside" and "The Third Antichrist". All the albums will be released on both CD and LP.

According to an official press statement, drummer Roger Sundqvist rejoined Swedens THRONEAEON: "After some serious thinking he decided to reclaim the place behind the drums and turn this band into what he wanted from the beginning. He is now a fulltime member and is working fulltime with the band for the first time since around 1996. He did actually quit his ordinary job. Furthermore bassist Andreas Dahlström has decided to leave the band after 8 years of dedication. He has decided that he wants to move on to something different, but he will still handle stuff like the website and newsletter for Throneaeon.There are no hard feelings between them and the band has already found a kickass replacement in Mangus Wall, formerly known from handling the bass in Abhoth. Check out www.throneaeon.com and read the new personal info to know more about this bloke (click on the silhuettes to view each member’s personal page)." As you can see above, the band has furthermore finally decided on their new logotype by now… "We wanted to go for a "cleaner" look, a logo that you have no trouble reading at a long distance, but still keep some of the shapes from the old logo! We are very satisfied with the final result."

MALEVOLENT CREATION will be heading out on the second leg of the most extreme tour of the US next fall, joining friends and fellow Floridian’s Cannibal Corpse. This string of shows will mark the first time that Malevolent Creation have toured the States in five years.

ARES KINGDOM is getting very close to recording their album for Merciless Records. "We do have more than enough music for the album", says guitarist Chuck Keller, "but I have started writing two new songs which I want to wait and see how they turn out. They could possibly replace a couple already slated to go on the record. We’ve picked up where (ORDER FROM CHAOS’) "An Ending In Fire" left off…"

VULPECULA is going to release one last 10" called "In Dusk Apparition" sometime after the first of the year… whenever Invictus Productions is ready. They would like to do more, but since Chris lives in Seattle and Chuck in Kansas City, it makes things kinda tough.