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July 31, 2002

HELL-BORN finished recording their 3rd CD called "The Call Of Megiddo" which will be available in mid September 2002. The album was recorded at Hertz Studio in Poland (Dies Irae, Decapitated). www.hellborndirect.com

April ETHEREAL are about to complete their second album "Al Azif". The album was recorded at Green Studio in Krakow (one of the best studio for Metal bands) and will be available in October / November 2002. www.apriletheral.com

Conquer Records have signed Grind / Deathers EPITOME to release their album "SupeROTic Performance". The CD will be available as a limited digi-pack format soon. www.conquerec.com

QUO VADIS‘ next album "Krol" will be available mid September 2002. http://quovadis.meta.pl

July 30, 2002

Dark Realm Records have come to agreement with Damnation Records in Holland to reissue PENTACLE‘s "Ancient Death" CD. The disc includes two Mantas (pre-Death) cover songs taken from the Mantas / Death demo days. The reissue will also have a song taken from their out of print 10" EP. Additionally, the recording features K.K. Warslut of Destroyer 666 fame lending his vocals on one of the tracks. Right now PENTACLE are writing new songs for a full length album. They are also looking for a new label because Damnation Records (R.I.P.) has pulled the plug on all their releases. This means that at this time it’s still uncertain when the new album will be out for sale. 4 songs are almost ready and some songs are half done. The band is gonna look for a suitable studio first to record a demo to get the interest of record labels. After that they hope they can get into the studio again to record all the new stuff they have. At this time no gigs are planned for at least the end of this year to get more time to work on the new songs.

PESSIMIST hits the road for a full-scale assault across the U.S., joined by DIVINE RAPTURE for several East Coast dates, and KAOS RISING in the midwest. The tour is set for Oct. 04 thru Nov. 03, starting in NY and featuring stops in Tampa FL, Atlanta GA, Chicago and several shows in TX and CA. Some dates are TBA, stay tuned to the Pessimist web site (www.pessimist.com) for updates.

PANDEMIA from the Czech Republic will release their new album "Personal Demon" through Lost Disciple Records shortly.

Denmark’s melodic Death Metal act COMPOS MENTIS will have their debut unleashed in Sept. / Oct. entitled "Fragments Of A Withered Dream". The album features artwork by Travis Smith (November’s Doom / Nevermore) and was produced by Jacob Hanson (Withering Surface / Thronium).

NOCTUARY have been invited back to Mexico. They had a killer turnout there back in May, so expect new appearances later in Sept. / Oct. as well as a possible jaunt in the US up the West Coast, East Coast or both.

July 29, 2002

East Frisian FUNERAL PROCESSION have finally finished the recording of their 2nd demo "Solar Eclipse". The demo was recorded with an analog 4-tracker, includes four songs and has a playing-time of more than 28 minutes. The line-Up for the recording was: Iwein – guitars, Ole – drums, Count Gothmog – bass & vocals and Satyrus Sancti – synths, guitars & add. vocals. The release is scheduled for September via the Polish label Devil Worship Rec. that already released the SAURON debut-CD at the end of 2001. Feel free to contact Devil Worship Rec. at ritual666@poczta.onet.pl Furtheron, FUNERAL PROCESSION are preparing the launch of their official homepage at www.funeralprocession.net. This may nevertheless still take some time.

The Rage Of Achilles label will launch Rage Of Achilles USA at the end of the summer, with a US based office, domestic US promotion, marketing and distribution. The US operation will be run on a daily basis by Killjoy (NECROPHAGIA, THE RAVENOUS, EIBON, Baphomet Records) in conjunction with Rage Of Achilles in the UK. The first three official US releases through this new set-up will be MISTRESS’ self titled album, UNDERLORD’s "Rise Of The Ancient Kings" and TEEN CTHULHU’s "Ride The Blade".

HATE ETERNAL‘s "King Of All Kings" album will be released on September 16th through Earache. The tracklisting: ‘Our Beckoning’, ‘King Of All Kings’, ‘The Obscure Terror’, ‘Servants Of The Gods’, ‘Beyond Redemption’, ‘Born By Fire’, ‘Chants In Declaration’, ‘Rising Legions Of Black’, ‘In Spirit (The Power Of Mana)’ and ‘Powers That Be’.

Peaceville have signed ABSCESS, who previously worked with the label under the name AUTOPSY. On signing to Peaceville Chris Reifert said, "At last the band finally feels at home on a record label. This record is clearly Abscess’ tightest, heaviest, weirdest and most thought out effort to date." Their new album, "Through The Cracks Of Death", is due out on September 23rd.

Spain’s ASGAROTH have signed a deal with Peaceville. The band came to the attention of the label on a visit to Barcelona last year when they heard their Spanish only album "Red Shift", released through Abstract Emotions. The band’s debut for Peaceville will be out on October 14th.

KATATONIA are in Sweden writing material for their next album, due out early next year through Peaceville.

NAUSEA L.A. will perform at The Iron Room in Downey, CA on July 28th. Other acts on the bill include CATTLE DECAPITATION, INFAMY, CREMATORIUM, EPICEDIUM and others. NAUSEA L.A.’s new album, "The Suffering Continues" is out now on Collapsed Unity Records.

DYING FETUS are currently writing material for their forthcoming full-length, "Stop At Nothing", due out in January. Some advance song titles include: ‘Schematics’, ‘One Shot, One Kill’, ‘Stop At Nothing’ and ‘Forced Elimination’.

The official EXHUMED discography, "Platters Of Splatter" is coming soon. This 2CD documentation of the past decade will also be available as a limited edition 3CD set (containing the most underground of all the band’s recordings) – available only through Relapse mailorder.

MORTICIAN are currently writing / recording material for their forthcoming album due out in 2003.

According to their website, the forthcoming NAPALM DEATH album (being recorded at Chapel Studios) "is going well – a few vocal tracks to do and some more guitars before we get in to the mixing stage but so far it’s sounding super heavy and fast. We have recorded a couple of songs by a band called SEPTIC DEATH (‘Terror Rain’ and ‘Thaw’) which have turned out cool so they should surface sometime soon…"

MY DYING BRIDE have been out on the road for the past few months. At the band’s website, www.mydyingbride.org, you will find a tour diary that gives you a glimpse on how the band themselves experience a live gig. There are new updates on gigs in Athens, Dublin and a festival in Milan.

DECAPITATED are gearing up for their first-ever US tour, with INCANTATION, IMPALED, VEHEMENCE and DEAD TO FALL. The Summer Blasphemy Tour kicks off July 25th in Columbus, OH, and includes stops at the Milwaukee Metalfest, The World Series Of Metal in Cleveland, and the Summer Blasphemy Festival in San Francisco. According to frontman Sauron, "We are psyched to finally bring our music to America and meet the American fans."

NUCLEAR ASSAULT frontman John Connelly recently spent time at Screaming Ferret Studios finishing up work on the band’s forthcoming live reunion album, due out later this year. While in the studio Connelly also recorded vocals for ‘Smoke Stack’, a track for the next CANDY STRIPER DEATH ORGY album, and recorded guitar for the track ‘Holicostic’, to appear on the same album. Nuclear Assault will perform on August 3rd at the Wacken Open Air festival.

SHINING‘s new album, "Shining III: Angst", is out through Avantgarde on September 5th.

Poland’s STROMMOUSSHELD will release their new album in December through Avantgarde.

CARPATHIAN FOREST‘s "We Are Going To Hell For This" is out through Avantgarde in September.

Avantgarde have licensed ULVER‘s "Madrigal Of Night" from Century Media for Europe. A September release is expected.

The upcoming BEHEMOTH / DESTROYER 666 / DIABOLIC tour kicks off on November 2nd at Baroeg in Rotterdam, NL. The dates wrap up on November 18th at Le Son in Coimbra, PR. Select dates will also include DEICIDE, MYSTIC CIRCLE, ANATAEUS and CENTINEX.

BLACK WITCHERY have signed a two-album deal with Osmose Records.

DARK FUNERAL will tour Asia for the first time in October. Japanese dates are currently booked and the band also plan to play Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

VENOM‘s "Welcome To Hell Live" is out through Burning Airlines Records on August 12th. It features previously unreleased live material recorded during the bands Prime Evil tour of Europe. The set comes in deluxe packaging.

Earache have released limited edition vinyl reissues of several titles including TERRORIZER‘s "World Downfall", NAPALM DEATH‘s "Scum", CARCASS‘ "Reek Of Putrification" and MORBID ANGEL‘s "Altars Of Madness". The albums are limited to 1000 copies, are pressed from the original vinyl plates and come on 220g vinyl in a hard card sleeve and quality inner bag.

Candlelight Records have bought the rights for CENTINEX‘s "Hellbrigade", "Bloodhunt", "Reborn Through Flames" and "Malleus Maleficarum" albums. The titles will be reissued with new artwork, layout and bonus tracks early next year. Also, a vinyl version of the "Diabolical Desolation" album will be released in August via Finland’s Northern Sound Records. The release will be limited to 1000 copies and features new artwork and layout.

July 28, 2002

TEARS Of DECAY hve just released their debut full length "Saprophyt" via Cudgel Agency. The CD features a hidden track and two live video clips from "Fuck The Commerce III" festival.

"Live-Reincarnation-Ground Zero" from THE SIXTH INCUBATOR (feat. Chris Mummelthey, ex-INCUBATOR) will be officially distributed by Cudgel Agency. The CD is limited to 500 copies, so you better hurry up.

MALEDICTIVE PIGS will be on the road in early October (with ILLDISPOSED and SOUL DEMISE), followed by a couple of shows on the PUNGENT STENCH, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA and DISASTROUS MURMUR tour.

Germany’s DEPRESSION have just finished the recordings for their upcoming split 7" with goregrinders GONORRHOEACTION, which will be released in September through Cudgel Agency.

Around the same time Cudgel Agency will release another split 7" of ROTTEN SOUND (four live tracks) and MASTIC SCUM (four new songs).

July 27, 2002

Roger Sundquist has decided to leave THRONEAEON to focus on his family and soon to be born first child. He will still stick around and help the rest of the band to create and record the next CD as well as perform on any upcoming shows. Interested drummers that feel they have what it takes should get in touch right away to book an audition. Joining THRONEAEON requires a 100% commitment with rehearsing, recording albums and touring, as well as the usual rock’n’roll life including (but not limited to) partying, beerdrinking and hellraising. If you’ve got the balls don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to the following address info@throneaeon.com. Check out www.throneaeon.com to hear Roger’s own words about his departure… This will be online during next week. In related news THRONEAEON are still in contact with a few labels. They have narrowed it down to the most interesting parties and a signing is supposed to be "just around the corner…". Four different studios are being considered and as soon as all the paperwork is settled the band will have an official decision. A lot of people have requested to hear the band’s old material, that’s why you’ll be able now to listen to ‘Carnage Of The Christian’ (taken from their "Carnage" demotape from 1996-1997) here: www.mp3.com/throneaeon THRONEAEON are currently in contact with several organizers about various tours to come. Tours are planned for separate countries as Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Russia. There’s also a major European tour planned for next year. And last, but not least the band’s logo is gonna be changed shortly as the guys are aiming for something "cleaner".

July 24, 2002

Here’s an official press statement from ABSU, concerning the departure of Equitant: "On behalf of ABSU and myself, we are unfortunate to announce the departure of co-founder / guitarist / bassist / songwriter Equitant Ifernain from the band. Due to several confounding circumstances, Equitant has decided to pursue other musical enterprises, as well as continue his ongoing solo projects. Equitant salutes all his supporters and devotees of mythological occult metal over the past decade. He assures you that he is not retiring, yet merely exploring vaster abysses. We are seeking a permanent bassist / vocalist replacement as soon as possible. Appearance, as well as intellect power, is a MUST and drug fiends are welcome. If you don’t know us, then we surely don’t know you. If interested, please contact absumanager@hotmail.com or send demonstration efforts to: P.O. Box 743307, Dallas, Texas 75374-3307, USA. Thank you for your time, Proscriptor."

After two months of practising and one performed concert the DEMENTOR line up has been stabilised very well. The band feels very strong with the new drummer and decided to continue as three piece band. René Blahusiak: "It is better for us, not just because we do not want the name of DEMENTOR to be spoiled by persons like our previous drummer (PEST IN PAIN). It is also another challenge for us to improve our activities. Moreover Rasto Petrovic is our best drummer ever. It was confirmed by many people outside of the band. Currently we do not appear on stages too often. We use the time for preparation of our new album. We wasted a lot of time on this field due to two changes of drummers. It is possible that we will enter the studio during the winter." Visit a higher form of blasphemy at: www.dementor.sk

July 23, 2002

You can download the complete album "Inside" (with cover) from Germany’s AB:NORM on the band’s homepage www.ab-norm.de

July 21, 2002

Poland’s grind / gore band DEAD INFECTION that broke up over two years ago is back with a new posthumous release called "Dead Singles Collection". It is the complete set of all their singles including previously unreleased tracks and some live stuff. This limited edition as well as a re-release of their "A Chapter Of Accidents" CD is only available from former drummer Cyjan at this address: cyjan@wp.pl Cyjan’s new project SPINELESS have a new promo MCD out entitled "Ode To Gore" which includes eight tracks. All further info you will most certainly find on their new website soon: www.deadinfection.ht.st

July 20, 2002

WWIII Records recording artists FOG, EXCOMMUNION and HATE THEORY will all be performing at the 2002 Milwaukee Metalfest. HATE’s new album "Cain’s Way" is set for release in the US on July 23, 2002 and EXCOMMUNION’s debut "Superion" will be released on September, 2002. The album features artwork by Jacek Wisniewski (Vader, Rebaelliun, Decapitated). All three bands will be making appearances at the WWIII booth and WWIII will be offering exclusive merchandise of the following artists: FOG, HATE, EXCOMMUNION, HATE THEORY, ABORYM, HEADHUNTER DC, NEPHASTH, CARPATHIAN FOREST and BELPHEGOR.

DIABOLICAL‘s new full length album "A Thousand Deaths" will be released in the US on August 27, 2002.

The classic LUNAR AURORA debut album "Weltengänger", which originally came out on Voices Productions in 1996 has just been re-released in the US through WWIII Records / Mercenary Musik. More releases by LUNAR AURORA are about to follow shortly on WWIII.

The American release of ABORYM‘s "Kali Yuga Bizarre" is set for release on September 24, 2002 via WWIII Records. The band features Attila Csihar (Tormentor, Mayhem, Plasma Pool) on vocals. Meanwhile ABORYM decided to start the recording-process of their new album "With No Human Intervention" using two different recording studios at the same time: Temple Of Noise and Cyber Studios. A new band-member called Mental Siege is to work on the Multimedia-side and post-production of the album, plus the real-time support during Live-Performances also. Hellhammer of MAYHEM / ARCTURUS is to record the live drum tracks. Followed by three very special guests: Nattefrost from CARPATHIAN FOREST and Mick Kenney from ANAAL NATHRAKKH on vocal tracks and Bard G-Eithun Faust (ex-EMPEROR) who wrote some lyrics for the new album and gives a vocal performance (via phone from jail!). Code 666 and WWIII have agreed to terms on a licensing deal that brings the album to America (not Necropolis as previously reported).

COFFIN TEXTS have completed writing their 2nd full-length album "Tomb Of Infinite Ritual". After the release of their debut "Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife", the band toured America with INCANTATION and SKINLESS. Bassist / vocalist Robert Cardenas has committed to a European Tour with Florida blast masters DIABOLIC, the album will be recorded following the tour.

"Luminiferous", the second full-length album by French group SCARVE, will see the light of day on September 8, 2002 in the US. The album benefits from a crushing production courtesy of mastermind guru Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Darkane) and features a deadly mixture of dark hypnotizing melodies, futuristic atmospheres, and relentless ultra-violent brutality.

World War III will be releasing VOID OF SILENCE‘s "Criteria OV 666" album in the US. The band features Malfeitor Fabban (ABORYM) on vocals. The band is mixing apocalyptic Doom, negative Industrial-Ambient and power-Noise Drones.

CARPATHIAN FOREST‘s "Morbid Fascination Of Death" album will be released in the US through WWIII Records with bonus tracks.

Chicago’s ENFORSAKEN has signed an exclusive recording deal with WWIII Records.

World War III Records will be releasing DIABOLICUM‘s "The Dark Blood Rising" in the US. The group features members of SETHERIAL, NAGLFAR and ANCIENT WISDOM. The album features guests of BEWITCHED, SETHERIAL and NAGLFAR, ODHINN, WALKYRIA, HOLLENTHON, PUNGENT STENCH, Dirge Rep of ENSLAVED and Jon Nodveit of DISSECTION who wrote some lyrics from jail.

Here’s an official press release from Canada’s EXCITER: "After months of being dormant since Jacques’s departure back in September, EXCITER has regrouped. A couple of months ago, we’ve put the word out that we’re searching for a new vocalist. This has generated interest from signers worldwide. Countries such as Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, USA and Brazil. All candidates will be listened to and then our decision will be made for who the new EXCITER frontman will be. Till then, KEEP ON POUNDING!!!!"

TERATISM will be appearing live at the Milwaukee Metalfest on July 26 / 27, 2002. Their debut "The Blessing Of Death" will be available in fall 2002.

July 19, 2002

On August 26, UNMOORED will enter the Abyss studios to record their third album (first for Code666), with producer Tommy Tägtgren. The album will go under the name of "Indefinite Soul-Extension" and its full, now completed, track listing reads as follows (in no particular order): "Cinders Veil", "Phase Of Revulsion", "Commit To The Fire", "Leave-Taking", "Final State Part III (Posthumous Writings)", "Spit Forth From Failure", "Morndraper" and "Unspeakable Grief". Expect a late winter release. www.unmoored.com

NEGURA BUNGET are in Magic Sound Studio (Bucharest) right now to record their third album (first on code666 and first to be professionally distributed outside Romania) titled "N’Crangul Brabului". The CD will be released in October 2002 in a very special, never-seen-before hand-made CD-Box, with a state-of-the-art multimedia track. The band’s brand new official website will soon be launched at www.negurabunget.com

MANES just ended the pre-production of their new album titled "Vilosophe", and will soon enter the Studio to record it properly. In the meantime you’ll hear a work in progress demo track titled "Redeemer" on the upcoming code666 compilation "Better Undead Than Alive". The band decided to evolve a lot, changing sound and exploring new boundaries.

AGHORA‘s Mainman Santiago Dobles is recording right now the new album titled "Formless" with the new line-up including new Drummer Richard Komatz and new bass player Alan Goldstein (replacing Sean Reinert and Sean Malone), plus sister-vocalist Danishta Rivero of course. The new album is expected this autumn on code666. Official site www.aghora.org.

code666 will license the new ABORYM album "With No Human Intervention" to WWIII records for the US-Market (and not to Necropolis as previously stated). Meanwhile Attila Csihar and Sethlans are actually in Birmingham as special-guests for the upcoming Anaal Nathrakh EP, and Attila Csihar will be also special-guest on the new Carpathian Forest album, recordings scheduled for October in Norway.

After three years since its original release, ABORYM‘s debut album "Kali Yuga Bizarre" will be printed in America by WWIII. The same label is already licensing their second masterpiece "Fire Walk With Us". The "Kali Yuga Bizarre" reissue will become reality in a month.

"Criteria Ov 666" by VOID OF SILENCE and "The Dark Blood Rising" by DIABOLICUM will be soon re-printed (for the US-market only) by WWIII Records.

Cd-Maximum Ltd. will publish the Russian Version of "New Era Viral Order" by THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE and "Inhabitants Of Dis" by BLOODSHED, distributing and promotion our bands in the whole ex-USSR.

ABORTUS last album, "Process Of Elimination", will soon be re-released in the US on license.

After it has already been available on CD-R format from the band directly, THANATOS‘ new MCD "Beyond Terror" will finally see a proper release in October on Baphomet Records (USA), featuring 4 new original tracks, 2 cover versions of classic POSSESSED and CELTIC FROST songs plus a video clip. www.thanatos.info

Jane Schuldiner, mother of later Death / Control Denied mastermind Chuck Schuldiner, has published a homevideo, that passes her son’s life in revue. Jane Schuldiner’s press release lets us know: "The video, very professionaly made, was shown on Chuck’s commemoration on January 4th. It’s a marvellous testament I’d love to share with all of you. The video costs 25 dollar (incl. forwarding costs) and is to be ordered per money order at following address: Jane Schuldiner, 613 East Citrus Street, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, USA. I’ll be able to pay some of Chuck’s open accounts with the money."

Nord-Pol-Events gives a Charity Concert Party with DIE PATEN on Saturday the 31th of August at the venue "Wehrschloss" (Bremen / North Germany) to support Jane Schuldiner. The opener will be ANTAGONIST from Bremen. DIE PATEN on Saturday the 31th of August at the venue "Wehrschloss" (Bremen / North Germany) to support Jane Schuldiner. The opener will be ANTAGONIST from Bremen. Marco Schulz (mszim@t-online.de) founded the projekt DIE PATEN as a support for Jane Schuldiner: "I had the idea in November 2001 to organize a charity gig for Chuck Schuldiner. I had the pleasure to meet Chuck in 1995 during the "Full Of Hate" Tour featuring Death, Unleashed, Gorefest Grave, and Hate Squad. Besides I’ve already spent a lot of evenings listening to Chuck’s brilliant musical effusions with my mates. The least I want to do is to help out financially his mother and family, who are deepply indepted because of numerous credits for Chuck’s operations. Alas, Chuck departed this life on December 13h 2001. It has confirmed my intention to set a line up on foot featuring more or less renowned musicians I know from my time at Hate Squad and Richthofen, playing live numerous Death Metal coversongs. The gig is planned to take place at the "Wehrschloß" in Bremen, Germany. Should this event have any positive effect, future gigs will be held." The musicians who are part of the project are: vocals: Felix (ex-Crematory, Abnorm), Jagger (disbelief), Michael (Century, ex-shit for brains), guitar: Matze (ex-Crematory, ex-shit for brains), Joe (disbelief), drums: Elmar (execution), bass: Marco (ex-Hate squad, ex-Richthofen). Songs by Fear Factory, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Machine Head, Slayer, Hypocrisy, Obituary, Pro Pain and DEATH will be covered.

July 18, 2002

PROFANITY are no longer signed by Cudgel Agency. The band just decided to split on friendly terms from the label. To back this up they issued the following little statement in their latest press release: "We thank Jens and Besen for their support and wish them the best for their label and all future activities." PROFANITY are currently writing material for their next album which is supposed to be entitled "HateRed Hell Within". You can still check out a bunch of MP3’s (a.o. covers of POSSESSED and TERRORIZER!) on their website www.profanity.de

After two years of silence Holland’s FADELESS RECORDS is back in business again. Their first release will be the "Overthrow" CD from MISERY INDEX. MISERY INDEX is the musical project of three former Dying Fetus members. Death Grind from a very high level. The release date is set for September 2, 2002 (Europe only). Fadeless Records will furthermore re-issue the first two VOMITORY albums, "Raped In Their Own Blood" and "Redemption", including some rare bonus tracks, as well as the band’s ten year anniversary picture LP on CD format. Fadeless Records, P.O. Box 6818, 5975 ZG Sevenum, The Netherlands, Fax: +31 (0)77-4674524, E-mail: info@fadelessrecords.com, Homepage: www.fadelessrecords.com (online soon)

July 17, 2002

LOS ANGELES UNDERGROUND.COM is supposed to become a new support site for underground bands on the net. Even though it’s still in the development stage right now, the basic idea behind it sounds very promising already… "There are lots and lots of excellent underground bands out here and we look forward to having LosAngelesUnderground.com be a catalyst for underground unification so these excellent musicians and their fans start getting the respect they really deserve…", says Ron Modzy, one of the founders of the project. Interested bands should get in touch with them to discuss all further details directly at: www.LosAngelesUnderground.com

July 16, 2002

CATTLE DECAPITATION will be having a record release party for the upcoming album, "To Serve Man", their debut release on Metal Blade Records due out in stores on July 30th. It will take place at Hully Gully in Downey, CA and will feature eight bands on two stages. Doors are at 7pm. Other acts on the bill include: NAUSEA, INFAMY, SEPSISM, CREMATORIUM, PUTREFUKATION and EPICEDIUM.

The upcoming North American tour featuring KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and DECEMBER kicks off on September 12th at Krome in South Amboy, NJ. Confirmed dates have the tour wrapping up on October 13th at Jaxx in Springfield, VA.

Ireland’s Sentinel Records will soon release an EP from England’s BASTARDSUN. The band features Stuart Anstis (ex-CRADLE OF FILTH) and Ross Adams. A release is expected in Winter 2002.

LIMBONIC ART‘s new album, "The Ultimate Death Worship", is out through Candlelight on September 17th. The label will also release MYRKSKOG’s "Superior Massacre" on the same date.

July 15, 2002

Scotland’s SEEDS OF DESOLATION are set to begin recording their debut album entitled "Abattoir Of Carnal Rapture" at Spacelab Studios, Germany in late September. These guys have been creating quite a buzz for a while now with their brand of technical and incredibly brutal Death Metal (imagine a head-on collision involving Deeds Of Flesh and Hate Eternal). The album will be out in November on Retribute Records and the band will be furiously gigging before and after the release date.

Finland’s Black Metallers BLOODROSE are currently in a studio in their home country, putting the finishing touches to their long-awaited debut "Into Oblivion".

UK’s GILLA BRUJA having spent the months since the release of "Tooth And Nail" perfecting their headcrushing groove and their malicious, pounding industrial-laced take on Metal to deliver their second full length album on Halloween. GILLA BRUJA are combining the intensity of sludge, the technological influence of industrial and the brutality of grind and could be described as the hate-filled offspring of GODFLESH, CROWBAR, SOILENT GREEN and OBITUARY. For further info on Seeds Of Desolation, BLOODROSE and GILLA BRUJA check out the label’s website at: www.retributerecords.com

EXMORTEM will enter the Antfarm studios on the 2nd of September to record the follow up to the "Berzerker Legions" album. This will be the band’s first album for Osmose Productions. The album will be mixed and mastered in the Feedback studio. No release date have been made yet. A studio report will be available on the band’s website (www.exmortem.com), around the 1st of October. So far three titles have been made official: ‘Ghastly Grotesque’, ‘Death Deceiver’ and ‘Gruesome Icons’.

July 11, 2002

After selling out of their mini CD, Red Stream (in cooperation with Baphomet) has re-released the first BLOOD STAINED DUSK full length. The band is currently on tour with Malevolent Creation.

GORELORD and WURDULAK have begun filming scenes for their split DVD, to be released later this year, or early next, on Red Stream. Meanwhile, the "Creature Feature Part 2" mini CD will be released in July featuring five new tracks from these two bands.

XASTHUR is an upcoming crude act on Blood Fire Death (manufactured by Red Stream). The band has created an album in the veins of Manes, Abyssic Hate and Burzum. It shall be called "Nocturnal Poisoning" and will be released in the next few summer weeks.

RAVENOUS has started recording a mini CD, the follow up to their debut, which will be entitled "Apocalyptic Paranoia".

SKEPTICISM will have their debut CD, "Stormcrowfleet" finally reissued this summer. The CD will undergo a redesign and re-mastering before its release.

NECROPHAGIA will unleash their cult-classic "Season Of The Dead" on picture LP with a Jenna Jameson photo this month.

BROWN EYE and SATAN’S BAKE SALE have finished recording tracks for a split EP on Baphomet Records. BROWN EYE includes Mayhem and Necrophagia members. One of their punk-influenced songs is about the famous Black Metal murder of the nineties. SATAN’S BAKE SALE’s material is supposed to sound like old moshcore mixed with whirlwind grind and a heavy emphasis on humor.

KULT OV AZAZEL have added guitarist Nocturath to their line-up. The band is working on the material for their next studio album, "Occulus Infernum".

SATYRICON‘s forthcoming full-length, "Volcano", will probably be handled by Sanctuary in North America. Moonfog is releasing the record in Europe on September 2nd.

SIX FEET UNDER, HATEBREED and SHADOWS FALL are on the road in the US from September 10th in New Orleans, LA at the Nile Theatre until the 27th in Providence, RI at Lupo’s.

On July 27th, INCANTATION, IMPALED DECAPITATED and FALL TO DEAD will embark on a three week assault on America dubbed The Summer Of Blasphemy tour. INCANTATION will then head to Europe in August to play a few festival and club dates in Germany and Austria.

The VADER, KRISIUN, DECAPITATED and PREJUDICE tour across Europe begins on August 30 in Belfast, Ireland and runs through October 13th in the Netherlands.

The title of MYRKSKOG‘s sophomore effort is "Superior Murder" and it is due on September 17th through Candlelight Records. The band joins NILE, SINISTER, NO RETURN and EKTOMORF for a European tour beginning on October 8th in Paris, France and end on October 29th in Hamburg, Germany.

KRISIUN will finish their Brazilian tour and head to Europe before finishing the writing to their forthcoming studio effort. According to the band’s website, "it’s gonna be a deadly true Death Metal album which will try to capture the real aggressive, innovative and brutal essence of our music".

DRAGONLORD will be performing the following European dates in August: 2nd – Wacken, GER at Wacken Open Air, 3rd – Belgium’s Eurorock Fest and 4th – Pratteln, Switzerland at Z7 Metal Days.

QUO VADIS are getting ready to enter Pierre Remillard’s studio to produce the follow-up to "Day Into Night" called "From Sequence To Consequence".

July 10, 2002

Norwegian Black Metallers PERISHED have been signed by Displeased Records. The band is well respected throughout the scene because of their astonishing debut album "Kark" and the follow up mini "Grim". PERISHED plays a sublime mix of raging fast Black Metal and well-measured melodic interludes, yet keeping all highly fueled and aggressive. The new album will be recorded shortly, to be released in late 2002.

Displeased Records will officially re-issue NINNGHIZHIDDA‘s debut album "Blasphemy" and the first INTERNAL SUFFERING full length "Supreme Knowledge Domain" (originally on Qabalah / Repulse Records) with remastered / improved sound and new artwork in late 2002. Both releases will have bonus tracks.

Talking of INTERNAL SUFFERING. On a mini tour through Colombia last February the band supported Cannibal Corpse with great success and most recently finished the highly successful North American Extermination tour II 2002 (May / June). Among 20+ other US gigs they played at the Ohio Deathfest where they were voted second best band of the evening (3rd best band of the whole festival!). In September INTERNAL SUFFERING will again hit the US roads with the ‘Chaos Over America’ tour 2002, along with the likes of GORGASM, CATTLE DECAPITATION and SUTURE.

Dutch Doomsters OFFICIUM TRISTE have just been added to the bill of the promising German two-day Doom Metal festival ‘Doom Shall Rise’ which will take place February 2nd and 3rd 2003. More info at www.doomshallrise.tk

From Beyond Productions will release a tribute to NECROVORE in late 2002. Four cult extreme elite acts will gather on this hellish black 10" to pay homage to the true originators of US blackened occult Thrash.

This summer From Beyond will furthermore release a vinyl only MYSTIFIER LP entitled "Tormenting The Holy Trinity". It will capture the band’s very first demo (from 1989) plus the first 7" recordings (from 1990) (both with lots of never before released tracks), as well as some 1990 live tracks.

In late 2002 the first full length of GORETRADE is about to see the light of day via From Beyond. Containing members of the INTERNAL SUFFERING clan, GORETRADE is supposed to be "even more grinding and severe…"

Also in late 2002 two limited 7" EP’s by SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS (a brutal Death Metal act from Russia in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh and Mortician) and Poland’s REINFECTION ("Good Efficient Butchery") will be released through the Dutch label. For all further info on Displeased Records or From Beyond Productions check out the label’s website: www.displeasedrecords.nl

July 09, 2002

Dutch Death Metallers GOD DETHRONED will enter Berno studio in Sweden during October to commence the recording process for their new album, tentatively titled "The Universal Slavedriver", for a January 2003 release through Metal Blade Records.

THE CROWN finally confirmed to play not only the Tuska Festival in Finland next week with original singer Johan Lindstrand, but also the Party.San Open Air (August 8 – 10) in Bad Berka, Germany. After the split with Tompa the band was not sure if they would find a replacement in time, but luckily Johan offered his services for these two shows. Note that Johan is NOT the old + new singer of THE CROWN, he just helps them out with these two shows. Make sure to catch them at these festivals, probably for the last time with this line-up

The FLESHCRAWL line-up is complete again. The new guitar player is Oliver Gbravac, 20 years of age and living in Friedrichshafen , Germany . He played in a few underground Death Metal bands before. The process of integration concerning the liveset is almost done. Oliver will have his first FLESHCRAWL live appearance at the Wacken Open Air 2002.

July 06, 2002

The collaboration between the French Black / Death Metal act BLOODY SIGN and their vocalist / bass player Nathaniel will be finished after this summer. The band is now looking for a replacement, so everyone truly interested in joining the band can contact them at www.bloodysign.com

July 04, 2002

Due to the fact that Joe Vasquez has left the Texas based Death Metal act SEVERANCE recently, the band is presently looking for a new vocalist. They have already 5 songs done for the next album and are no longer obligated to any label. So, any seriously interested company should immediately get in touch with them at: jaime.perez@excite.com The band’s debut full length "What Lies Ahead" (that already came out in the US last October and also features the tracks off their "Salvation Denied" MCD as a bonus) should be released in Europe soon through Blackened Records / Plastic Head Distribution.

FEARER‘s "The Grinning Face Of Death" album, which previously was only available as a CD-R version directly from the band, is now officially out on Remission Records. The album’s title got changed to "Confession To Hate" for this. All further (ordering) info you will most certainly get here: www.remissionrecords.de

July 03, 2002

The apocalyptic noisecore outfit CULT OF LUNA have been signed by Earache Records and already entered Tonteknik Studios in Sweden to begin work on their new album, which is supposed to be completed towards the end of August. Cult of Luna established themselves with the release of their self-titled debut album on the Rage of Achilles label in 2001, gaining excellent reviews both in Europe and the US. This was followed by a 7" on Hydrahead earlier this year. Rumours of some debut UK shows towards the end of the year should be confirmed in the coming weeks.

RAVEN had to cancel their gig in Wacken. Instead, Eric Peterson’s (Testament) DRAGONLORD as well as MEGAHERZ will hit the stage. Here’s the official statement of RAVEN: "Unfortunately due to severe leg injuries that guitarist Mark Gallagher sustained late last year when a 6 metre wall fell on him, RAVEN will be unable to perform at their upcoming European shows in August 2002 – Mark was improving slowly but needs a series of further operations on his right foot & knee before he can resume his physiotherapy – at the moment he is still confined to a wheelchair – we wish to express our disappointment at not being able to do these shows as we were really looking forward to kicking some ass there, and our apologies to our fans & hope they understand – we will return! Best regards, John, Mark, Joe – RAVEN"

July 02, 2002

DIES IRAE‘s sophomore effort, "The Sin War", has been pushed back to a September release. The complete tracklisting is as follows: ‘Comrade Of Death’, ‘Incarnation Of Evil’, ‘Internal War’, ‘Horde Of Angry Demons’, ‘Infinity’, ‘Genocide Generation’, ‘The Truth’, ‘Beyond Sensual’, ‘Another Being Wasted’ and ‘Nine Angels’.

DERANGED‘s new album, "Plainfield Cemetary", is currently being recorded at Berno Studios (THE QUILL, VOMITORY, THE HAUNTED). A September release is expected.

Listenable Records have signed Finland’s MORS PRINCIPIUM EST.

DESTRUCTION and KREATOR have expanded the itinerary for their upcoming Hell Comes To South America tour.

According to their website, INCANTATION are gearing up for their first North American tour, in support of their new album, "Blasphemy". Other acts on the tour include IMPALED, DECAPITATED, AGATHODAIMON and DEAD TO FALL. The dates launch on July 25th and include stops at the Milwaukee Metal Fest and the Cleveland World Series Of Metal. Keep posted to the Incantation website (www.incantation.com) for tour dates, they will be posted as they are confirmed.

INFERNÄL MÄJESTY fans can download the title track from the bands upcoming album, "One Who Points To Death", at www.mp3.com/infernalmajesty

CALLENISH CIRCLE have split with bassist Roland Schuschke. Their new bassist is Rene Rokx (ex-CHEMICAL BREATH guitarist). He’ll make his debut with the band at the Stonehenge Festival in Steenwijk on July 27th.

OLD MAN’S CHILD touring keyboardist Vidvandre has joined Norway’s GRAND ALCHEMIST. The band’s debut album, "Intervening Coma-Celebration", is out on July 8th through Sound Riot Records. The album was recorded at Elg Studios and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Studios (DIMMU BORGIR, ARCTURUS, BORKNAGAR). Samples can be heard at: www.grandalchemist.com

ROTTING CHRIST has chosen "Genesis" as the title of their new album, due out on August 26th through Century Media. The album was completed at Stage One Studios in Germany with producer Andy Classen.

… AND OCEANS new concept album, "Cypher", has been scheduled for release on September 3rd and features the two new band members (one name only, in keeping with band tradition): Pete on guitar and Sami on drums. This summer, the band will be shooting three videos that will be launched later this year.

SLAYER‘s "God Hates Us All" album will be reissued on July 15th through Mercury in the UK. It features bonus tracks ‘Scarstruck’ and ‘Addict’, a DVD intro for ‘Darkness Of Christ’ and videos for ‘Bloodline’ and ‘Raining Blood’ (live). Also included is interview and B-roll footage.

On July 29, LIVIDITY’s new album "… Til Only The Sick Remain" will be released. It will be available as a regular CD and limited picture vinyl edition. The album was produced by Scott (Broken Hope, Num Skull), finishing touches were added at Mega Wimp Studios in Berlin / Germany. The band will come to Europe for a three-week promo trip in September, to present the album with liveshows.

The same day will also see the re-release of the rare debut album "Skin Stripper" by Australians cult Goregrinders VOMITORIAL CORPULENCE. The follow-up album is already in the making, but it won’t come out before 2003.

Germany’s Grind & Rollers MUCUPURULENT comence the recordings of their new CD (working title right now is: "Soul Reaver") and will be done until fall.

Berlin’s HARMONY DIES have decided to release their third full-length effort via Morbid Records. Release date will be early 2003.

The Dutch brutal Gore-Grind-Death act PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT have enlisted Eric (ex-Destroyer 666, Inhume, Sinister) as the drummer. They will produce their second CD "Deeds of Derangement" in November.

BLOOD will be recording their 7th album in November, to be released early 2003.

INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS have changed their postal address. Due to the ridiculous price increase in the price of PO Boxes, they decided to drop the PO Box so effective immediately, the PO Box is no longer in use. Their new address (and ONLY address from now on) is INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS, c/o Darragh O’ Leary / Colin Purcell, 21 Elm Mount Close, Beaumont, Dublin 9, Ireland so please send all mail to this address.

The GOSPEL OF THE HORNS album has finally been mixed and mastered and should be ready for press within the next few weeks. The band has recently printed their own merchandise and it is available from them. For further info, contact gospelofthehorns@hotmail.com or check out http://gospelofthehorns.cjb.net as well.

In ALLFATHER related news, guitarist Justin Hagberg has been making a name for himself writing the scores to some underground horror films called "Meat Market", and also participating in the films as well. Anyone interested in their genre of films be sure to check out the following link for information on the www.pacificcoast.net/~frontline) . The ALLFATHER 10" should be out sometime in autumn / early winter.

VULPECULA is releasing a special farewell EP on Invictus Productions.

Despite some rumors, Germany’s PAVOR are still around in the same line-up and are currently working on the follow-up to their 1994 "A Pale Debilitating Autumn" album. According to bass player Rainer Landfermann the new material is supposed to be "faster, more extreme, more brutal and more virtuose…" No release date as of yet, but you can still download the band’s latest promo track ‘Perplexer: Perdition Projectile’ at www.pavor.com.

July 01, 2002

DIVINE RAPTURE‘s forthcoming full-length record will be entitled "The Burning Passion" and the complete track listing includes: ‘The Kindling’, ‘Black Moon Harvest’, ‘My Demon, Your Dove’, ‘Spirit Storm Serenade’, ‘The Deifying, The Sorrow, The Awakening’, ‘Funeral Mist’, ‘Affliction’, ‘No Future, No Past’. ‘Severed’, ‘Your Time Will Come’, ‘The Smothering’. The band recently finished shooting a music video for the song ‘Spirit Storm Serenade’ off of "The Burning Passion". The video was directed by renowned photographer Aaron Cobbett and shot at Headquarters Studios in NYC. Editing for the video will begin soon and will be performed and supervised by Divine Rapture. The video plot is guaranteed to be brutal and pain-driven and contains an underlying symbolic message related to the band’s theme. Behind-the-scenes photos have been posted on www.divinerapture.net These are a few of the projects in the Divine Rapture release schedule: split CD with Hatred out on Under the Baphomet Records (available now), split CD with Craniotomy out on Immortal Souls Productions (release: TBA), "Tribute to Morbid Angel" out on Hellspawn Records. Divine Rapture performs ‘World Of Shit (The Promised Land)’ alongside Zyklon, Vader, Krisiun, DIABOLIC, CENTURIAN, Angel Corpse, etc. (release: TBA) and "Tribute to Death" out on Mondongo Canibale Distribution. Divine Rapture performs ‘Pull The Plug’ (release: Fall / Winter 2002). All further info: www.divinerapture.net

Swedish hi-octane Thrashers CORPORATION 187 have revealed plans for the recording of their second album for Wicked World. The band will commence recording in Studio Underground at the end of July, before relocating to Studio Helltower (used on the band’s previous "Subliminal Fear" effort) in mid-August. The resulting album will be mixed by Peter Tagtgren at the infamous Abyss Studios. The record will feature new members Filip Carlsson (also of Satanic Slaughter) and Viktor Klint on vocals and bass respectively. The album is scheduled for an end of year release to coincide with a number of live shows Corporation 187 have planned.