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April 29, 2003

DIMENSION F3H‘s mastermind Morfeus already started the pre-production for the next album. Besides the band will play the Elements of Metal Festival in Sandefjord (Norway) on the 23rd of August. For more info and tourdates on Dimension F3h check out: www.dimensionf3h.com

HEARSE have started working on new material and is planning a Benelux mini-tour, probably in September. For info & booking on this mini-tour contact Tjerk at Loud Noise Productions: tjerkmaas@home.nl. For info and tourdates on Hearse go here: www.medlem.spray.se/hearse

NECROPHOBIC will be playing the Fuck The Commerce Festival on the 29th of May in Germany. Further info: www.necrophobic.net

PRIMORDIAL will be playing a lot of festivals this summer. The band is already confirmed for Party San Open Air, Summer Breeze and Wave Gothic Treffen in Germany. Besides the band is preparing the re-release of their demo 1993 (plus bonus material). Last but not least Primordial will support Paradise Lost on their Dublin-show. For more info and tourdates on Primordial: www.primordialweb.tk

SATARIEL is busy writing new material for their upcoming album "Hydra". For more info and tourdates on Satariel go to: www.satariel.com

THYRFING will replace Amon Amarth at the 2000 Decibels Festival in Bengtsfors, Sweden. The festival will take place on the 17th of May and other acts on the billing are Candlemass, Pain, Vintersorg, Clawfinger and many more. For more info and tourdates on Thyrfing: www.thyrfing.com

April 24, 2003

The new THRONEAEON CD has been sent to the printers. It will be entitled "Godhate" and here’s your chance to win three signed CD’s. All you have to do to be a part of the contest is follow these simple steps: Check out www.godhate.com, then send an e-mail, as described below, to at least 5 friends. The e-mail has to include a link to www.godhate.com and the line "Have you heard of this great Death Metal band??" The subject-line of the e-mail has to be "THRONEAEON –> GODHATE". You enter the contest by writing info@throneaeon.com in the "BCC" section of the e-mail header. You will now automatically be a part of the competition with a chance to win a free signed THRONEAEON "Godhate" CD. Good luck! The last day for the competition is May the 11th, so make sure to send out those e-mail’s before it’s too late. The three winners will each get their own signed THRONEAEON "Godhate" album as the band gets them from the printers. The winners will be announced at www.godhate.com shortly after the deadline.

THORIUM are currently in the process of writing new material for their third record (to be released on Diehard Music again) and getting ready to slaughter Germany, at this years Party San Open Air Festival www.party-san.de. Brett Hoffmann dropped by at the band’s rehearsal room, when having some ink done in Copenhagen, and did some backing vocals and a guitar lead (!!!) on THORIUM’s new promo. Jesper Frost (drums) has been spending some time in the shade, for violently assault and disorderly behaviour. But the band has been rehearsing with Rodriquez el Mordé from Mexican Legion Hammer Slaughter for some time now. Many of you die hard fans from the good old days will remember him from his involment in Satan Corpse. All further info at: www.thorium666.dk

April 17, 2003

IMPALED NAZARENE will enter the studio to record the follow-up to their "Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace" album on July 1st. "All That You Fear", Impaled Nazarene’s 8th studio album, will feature the bands new lead guitarist Tuomu Louhio (ex-Antidote). It’s gonna be recorded by Anssi Kippo (C.O.B.) at Astia Studio and mixed by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Stratovarius) at Finnvox studios. The band is busy writing the last few songs at the moment. Some song titles are: ‘Suffer In Silence’, ‘All That You Fear’, ‘Kohta Ei Naura Enää Jeesuskaan’ and ‘Urgent Need To Kill’. Says vocalist Luttinen: "I can’t wait to record this new stuff, we have really killer songs ready and more are coming. More variety, more power, more everything." Of the new lead guitarist Tuomo, Luttinen says: "Well, this guy just kills. We had only one rehearsal with him and he got the job right away. That should tell you enough." "All That You Fear" will be out on Osmose Productions late October 2003.

April 14, 2003

Century Media Records announces the signing of a long-term worldwide deal with the melodic Death Metal act NIGHTRAGE. The band was originally formed in Greece back in the year 2000 by guitarist and mastermind Marios Iliopoulos, ex – Exhumation (who released three Death Metal albums before, all produced in Sweden) and his friend Gus G. (known for his performances with Dream Evil as well as Firewind and Mystic Prophecy). After some demo productions and several line up try-outs, NIGHTRAGE entered Studio Fredman in the band’s new hometown Gothenburg with producer Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir, etc.) to record their debut album "Sweet Vengeance" by the wintertime of 2002 / 2003. From these promising beginnings, the line-up turned into a notorious one the moment Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg (ex – At The Gates, now in The Great Deceiver & Lock Up) joined in as vocalist. Meanwhile, Brice Leclercq took over bass duties, Tom S. Englund (of Sweden’s Evergrey) added some extremely atmospheric clean vocal passages and the drum work was provided by none other than Per M. Jensen (The Haunted). Look out for NIGHTRAGE’s first album "Sweet Vengeance" to be released on June 30th, 2003 all over Europe through Century Media Records. Release dates for North America and Japan will be announced shortly. For more details, visit NIGHTRAGE’s official website at: www.nightrage.com or feel free to check out www.centurymedia.de for a worldwide exclusive preview MP3 download of the album’s opening track ‘The Tremor’. Available for a limited time-frame as of now, so be quick…

GORGOROTH have finished recording their new album, "Twilight Of Idols (In Conspiracy With Satan)", at Polar Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. A May release is expected for the album, which will feature eight new tracks.

BAL SAGOTH have begun writing for their sixth album.

SETHERIAL will release their new nine track album, "Endtime Divine", on June 2nd through Regain Records

April 12, 2003

After years of wrangling between NAPALM DEATH and Earache, peace finally reigns and Napalm and Earache are working together again co-ordinating a "Best Of & Rarities" 2 CD set for release in late summer 2003. The title of the comp, selected by Barney will be "Noise For Music’s Sake". Disc 1 of the set will be the best tracks culled from Napalm’s 10 album career with Earache. With Disc 2 being rare tracks, including long lost recordings from the early line-up with Lee Dorrian & Bill Steer. Napalm themselves will be supplying extremely rare tracks from the Bullen / Broadrick era. Liner notes for the set incorporating many unseen pics and momentoes from the bands members is being co-ordinated by Shane Embury.

Sweden’s THE HAUNTED return to American shores again this spring for a headlining tour with melodic metal-core legends Shai Hulud and Death Grinders Skinless. Also joining the tour for select dates are Darkest Hour and Bleeding Through. Before even being formally submitted to the execs at MTV2 and MuchMusic, The Haunted’s new video ‘D.O.A.’ was deemed too violent for airplay by a MuchMusic producer who cited one particular "tooth-pulling scene" as being "just too much". Taking the man’s advice, director Pete Bridgewater immediately started work on an edited version. Of course, the uncensored version will be viewable in all its glory on earache.com in the Videos section, and will be featured on a future DVD comp, but stay tuned to MTV2 and MuchMusic for the cleaner version, coming soon. The band’s new album, "One Kill Wonder", is now in its fourth week at #1 on all three of the crucial US Metal radio charts: the CMJ Loud Rock Chart, the CMJ Loud Rock Spins Chart and the FMQB Metal Detector Chart.

CULT OF LUNA have begun work on their first video, for the track ‘The Watchtower’, off their brand new Earache debut "The Beyond". At the helm is acclaimed UK director Pete Bridgewater, whose work can be seen all over the Videos page on earache.com — Bridgewater has been the man behind the camera for such clips as Mortiis’ ‘Parasite God’ and ‘Mental Maelstrom’, December’s ‘Host’ and most recently The Haunted’s too-grisly-for-TV ‘D.O.A.’.

DECEMBER have contributed a track to the new Blackfish Records Thrash tribute comp, "Thrash Or Be Thrashed", out now in the UK. December chose the 1990 Death Angel classic, ‘Seemingly Endless Time’, delivering an amazingly faithful cover of the blistering original and giving brutal screamer Mark Moots a rare opportunity to showcase his clean-vocal abilities. Also featured on the track is shredder Ryan Hall on lead guitar.

DEICIDE concluded their US headlining tour this weekend with a sold-out show at Brooklyn, New York’s hallowed metal venue, L’amour. The Deicide boys are now heading home to Tampa, Florida to finish writing the material for their as-yet-untitled debut album for Earache.

HATE ETERNAL have announced their first shows since the recent van crash that forced them to cut short their US tour with Dying Fetus. In the meantime, a group of labels, including Earache, Metal Blade, and Century Media, has donated items to a charity auction to help the band get back on their feet.

USURPER joined the ranks of Guns N’ Roses and Judas Priest this week as the Chicago beer-swillers were immortalized in a photo shoot by legendary rock photographer Paul Natkin. Over his 20-year career, Natkin has shot all the great rock and Metal bands, from AC/DC to ZZ Top… to Usurper! This is the guy who snapped the pic of Ozzy and Randy Rhoads that wound up on the cover of "Tribute"! Usurper’s new modern-day Metal classic, "Twilight Dominion", hits stores this month. www.natkin.net

Swedish Thrash Metallers CORPORATION 187 are to begin work on their first video in the coming weeks. The choosen track is ‘Perfection In Pain’ from their recent album of the same name.

April 11, 2003

BENIGHTED will record their third album "Insane Cephalic Production" during the summer. The recording will take place in Germany with producer-engineer Christian Kholemannsleiner (Agathodaimon, Ad Inferna). The release is planned for the end of 2003. The band also has a new bass player. His name is Remi. Liem has taken over the second guitar.

Italy’s FORGOTTEN TOMB got signed by Adipocere Records. Their new CD "Springtime Depression" should be out in early May.

The album of Parisian Black Metal band TEMPLE OF BAAL ("Servants Of The beast") and Czech band LUCIFUGUM ("On Hooks To Piece") are now out on Oaken Shield Records. BLODSRIT ("Ocularis Infernum"), BERSERK ("Rites Of Supremacy"), OLC SINNSIR ("The Throne Of Dead Emotions") CDs will follow in May and June. In June, Adipocere will also release new albums by FINNUGOR and Y WOLF.

April 10, 2003

Morbid Records and American Death Metallers EVIL INCARNATE have officially parted ways, making both free of all contractual agreements, leaving EVIL INCARNATE to find a new label for the release of their new CD "Waiting For His Return". This album cannot be released in Germany under strict laws concerning anti-Jewish propaganda. The band’s debut CD "Blackest Hymns Of God’s Disgrace" has also come again under close scrutiny by German officials and it seems the track ‘Satanic Victory’ might soon have this CD banned throughout the country of Germany due to its graphic lyrical content and strict censorship laws enforced by the government. Both the band and label have left under good terms and wish each other continued success.

April 06, 2003

SAMAEL will headline the Metalmania festival in Katowice, Poland on April 4th, and the Ostrava Fest in Ostrava, Czech Republic on April 5th. Look for their specially-priced double DVD, "Black Trip", on June 17th.

Denmark’s WITHERING SURFACE will release their fourth album, "Ichor", this May. The set features previously unreleased material including ‘Superior Seed’ and ‘The White Path’ (both recorded during the "Walking On Phantom Ice" sessions), ‘Forever Fragile’ and ‘Fading Mask’ (recorded as bonus tracks for the Japanese version of "The Nude Ballet") and ‘WhoreBride’ (live recording from the bands performance at the Roskilde Festival).

April 05, 2003

Finnish FARMAKON have just mastered their debut album "A Warm Glimpse". A track from the album "Wallgarden" can be downloaded here: www.elitistrecords.co.uk/farmakon1.mp3.

LUNARIS are currently in the pre-production stage of their forthcoming album "Cyclic". If you’re not familiar with the band yet, check out the track ‘Growth Denied’ (taken from their debut album "The Infinite") here: www.elitistrecords.co.uk/lunaris.mp3

April 04, 2003

The next CENTINEX album will be entitled "Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos". The CD will include nine tracks, one being an instrumental piece written and performed by Peter Pettersson from Swedish Goth / Industrial act Arcana. The album will be recorded & mixed at Black Lounge studios between June 23d and July 20th for a October release through Candlelight Records. Among the titles tentatively set to appear on the CD are the following: ‘Cold Deep Supremacy’, ‘Misanthropic Darkzone’, ‘A Dynasty Of Obediance’ and ‘New World Odyssey’. According to the band, the album will be "… the hardest Centinex release ever, but it will also mark a new direction for the band. The new tracks are still good old Swedish Death Metal but with a modern touch. I’m not talking about industrial influences or things like that – even if the songtitles might indicate something towards those dimensions – no, basically the material is just Death Metal for the new millennium. Lyrically we have moved away from the WW II era, the whole lyrical concept is actually based upon the forthcoming downfall of mankind. So the lyrics are still brutal, as it should be in this kind of music."

April 03, 2003

SIX FEET UNDER have entered Morrisound Studios in Tampa , Florida to record tracks for their new album that will be out through Metal Blade Records sometime in the fall. In the near future there will be studio updates from Chris Barnes on the band’s website: www.sfu420.com, so feel free to check it out.

April 01, 2003

HATEPLOW will break their silence May 29th at the Fuck The Commerce Open Air Festival in Germany when they headline the first night of the 3 day festival. Following completion of the festival HatePlow will embark on a 13 show headlining tour from June 3rd till June15th in Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Belgium and Czech. In other news HatePlow will record a 3rd and final album by the years end. The Hateplow line up remains the same as it was on the band’s 2nd album "The Only Law Is Survival" and European Tour 2001. The line up is: Dave Culross – drums, Kyle Symons – vox, Rob Barrett – guitar, Phil Fasciana – guitar and Xaphan (Kult Ov Azazel) – bass. For more info about the Fuck The Commerce Open Air Festival and the HatePlow tour following it go to: www.cudgel.de (link to F.T.C.), www.hateplow.cjb.net, www.arcticmusicgroup.com