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September 29, 2003

The band line-up of 2004’s installment of BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL gains shape rapidly. The first twelve of an overall of 22 bands for that event taking place at the Messegelände of Balingen on the 25th and 26th of June are booked. The latest acts to join that line-up are 80s US Metal legend SHOK PARIS and the recently reunited Thrash outfit DEATH ANGEL, that delivered some highly acclaimed shows since their surprising return a few months ago. So the list of artists so far reads like this: GOTTHARD, PRIMAL FEAR, MAGNUM, DEATH ANGEL, LILLIAN AXE, ANGEL, BLAZE, OMEN, CAGE, MAJESTY, SHOK PARIS and RUFFIANS. All further details about the BANG YOUR HEAD!!! may be found at the BYH!!!-homepage at www.bang-your-head.de.

EXCITER are currently re-recording some of their classic tracks for an upcoming best of album. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Stand Up And Fight’, ‘Heavy Metal Maniac’, ‘Rising Of The Dead’, ‘Blackwitch’ (all from 1983’s "Heavy Metal Maniac" album), ‘Violence And Force’, ‘Pounding Metal’ (from "Violence And Force", 1984), ‘Long Live The Loud’, ‘Victims Of Sacrifice’, ‘I Am The Beast’ (from "Long Live The Loud", 1985), ‘Rain Of Terror’ (from "Kill After Kill", 1992), ‘The Dark Command’, ‘Aggressor’, ‘Ritual Death’ (from "The Dark Command", 1997), ‘Rule With An Iron Fist’ and ‘Brutal Warning’ (from "Blood Of Tyrants", 2000). John Ricci will also play the bass on the album. The release is scheduled for the beginning of 2004.

September 28, 2003

Detroit based Metalheads HALLOWEEN (US) will play next year’s KEEP IT TRUE festival on April 10 in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. The organizers will arrange a similar show for the band as they have it in the States. This is the first time for HALLOWEEN to play in Europe. Further festival details you will find here: www.keep-it-true.de

September 27, 2003

As most of you have probably found out in the meantime already, the SHINING / BLOODLINE / URGEHAL tour unfortunately had to be cancelled. To let you know more about the reasons, we figured it would be a good idea to publish SHINING’s complete press statement, which should clear up all possible rumors and false statements: "At the 10th of September Kvarforth, Phil A. Cirone, John and Acerbus went to Oslo, Norway in order to rehearse for the upcoming six gigs (when we initially were promised ten), that were to take place during the "Razors Across Europe" tour. The curse proved itself to be more dominant than ever when we began our trip to Oslo by train from Sweden and we almost suddenly crashed with a car, unluckily both passengers survived but we had to wait for a buss and arrived five hours later than expected. Even though it really started go wrong the night before when I lost my apartment due to some violence inflicted in the building were I live caused by one of the precious Shining members… However, rehearsals began and we all were a bit surprised by the fact that one of our guitarists didn’t have the capacity he prior to this labelled himself to have, but we all thought that he could be trained enough before we were to start touring. At the 12th we didn’t have any money left because Norwegian living isn’t exactly the cheapest to put it nicely. However, we trusted all to work out by the money our label, Avantgarde Music were to send us and arrive via Western Union that same day. However it didn’t, and we were struck with yet another big problem. That particular weekend was probably the worst period of our lives ever, as we simply started fighting eachother in rage and fury, problem after problem occurred and at monday we finally did receive the money from Avantgarde. However, Norway is as said a very expensive country and there was no way to pay for a place to sleep, food and the rest at the same time paying the tickets to go to Germany, with the amount of money we under prior agreement did receive from Avantgarde, but we had some hope of solving this situation by asking for more money until the latter problems did occur… Rehearsing and rehearsing until Wednesday when we found out that not just Phil A. Cirone couldn’t come with us because of a smaller but uncomfortable injury our drum-technician all of a sudden got the bad news that he wasn’t able to join, thus, we were without bassist and drummer… We did however at this time give Avantgarde a call telling about the situation, whereas we all understood that there wasn’t any other option but to cancel the already poor tour we were to attend… Filip of Agonia Promotion / Records tried to solve this situation by replacing other members in Shining but let’s face reality, no one can learn nine tracks in one and a half days and secondly, we would never allow any outsiders to reside in our realms. In conclusion, we didn’t have any bass player, no drummer and no money. We had to go home, without food, without a place to sleep and most importantly without a home (at least in Kvarforths case), the tour was cancelled but we tried to get Bloodline on this tour anyhow, which they had been rehearsing for two weeks prior to this while Agonia said last minute here as well that this wouldn’t work out, then the other day did a few gigs alone with Urgehal instead… Selbstmord Services did its best to get both Shining and Bloodline on this tour but we were fucked and everyone involved with this poor, badly organized project is to blame. Yes, us too some but the things that happened in Norway were completely out of our control. Selbstmord Services have lost thousands of Euros, Avantgarde have lost thousands of Euros and Agonia have lost thousand of Euros, but there is nothing that could be done, even though Agonia tried by recording our conversations over phone in order to fully blame Avantgarde. Look, Avantgarde have something to do with this, but Agonia is just as responsible and now, we have a dead-end… there is absolutely nothing that possibly could have been done… nothing… Finally there is one more thing that has to be explained. Perverted Taste were supposed to provide us with merchandise for the tour, and we were to provide them material for releasing the second Shining album on vinyl, some Craft stuff etc. Apparently nothing has been arrived by them and they blame us for this, or mostly Kvarforth. Ok, but this is yet as thing out of our control as Kvarforth has had the blindness to trust others who say they are to do things for him, being abit too naive, this was never a iloyal move of Kvarforth, not at all, just a another proof for Kvarforth that homo sapiens cannot be trusted. Shining are and have forever been a cursed band, in consideration of Perverted Taste – Livets Ändhållplats – in particular… To sum it up, as many seem to misinterpret our words, this is not to opposse neither Avantgarde or Agonia. We do admit that Shining is very much responsible for what happened in Oslo…"

Denmarks EXMORTEM have a couple of new releases coming up shortly. In detailed that is the "Pest Campaign" CD EP, which will feature 6 – 7 tracks (for the price of a MCD). This release will come in very exclusive packaging on Pestifer Records. Osmose Productions will put out a 10" version of "Pest Campaign", with three professionally recorded live tracks (recorded in Valencia-Spain during the band’s European tour in April 2003) and a re-recorded version of ‘Intoxicated By Death’ from the "Labyrinths Of Horror" album (1995). And last but not least there’s gonna be the "Killstorms" 7" on Ancient Darkness Productions. Tracks to appear on that are: ‘Killstorms’ (an unreleased track from 1998 that has been re-arranged with new lyrics etc.) and ‘Critical Madness’ (Autopsy cover). No exact releases dates have been confirmed for any of these releases yet. EXMORTEM are furthermore working on their first video and new material for their next full length album, which might be recorded sometime around Feb. / March 2004. Apart from all this Sigtyr has started up the Pestifier label (and recently released his first two releases) and mail-order, plus the Superion Distribution (carrying stuff for Osmose, Code666, Unique Leader and others). For further info check out: www.exmortem.com, www.osmoseproductions.com, www.superion.dk or www.pestifer.com.

September 25, 2003

Israels brutal Death Metallers ARMILOS are the latest act to be confirmed for the METALIST FESTIVAL, the first ever Metal festival of Israel which will take place at "Hangar 11" in the see port of Tel-Aviv on the 16th of October 2003. ARMILOS are just about to finish the mixing for their debut album which is scheduled for an early 2004 release through Metalist Productions. The band has just released the song ‘Race Of Lies’ for download here. Source: www.prod.metalist.co.il

September 21, 2003

From now on you can already order tickets for the KEEP IT TRUE 2004 FESTIVAL. Tickets are 13,- Euro plus 1,- Euro for shipping. Just send an email to bestellung@keep-it-true.de or have a look at the festival’s website: www.keep-it-true.de. The second edition of this event will take place on April 10, 2004 in Lauda-Königshofen (GER), at the Tauberfrankenhalle. Confirmed acts so far: MANILLA ROAD, ELIXIR, PARADOX and MAJESTY.

BLOOD RED THRONE‘s scheduled Italian mini-tour with GORGOROTH has been canceled at the last minute. The reason is due to problems with the venues and promoters. The tour will be rescheduled for early 2004. Blood Red Throne are also planning a Scandinavian tour for early next year. In related news, the band have begun working on their next album, working title "Altered Genesis". There is a possibility that Nergal (BEHEMOTH) will engineer / co-produce the album.

The GATES OF HELL 2003 FESTIVAL takes place on September 28th at The Reverb in Toronto. Tickets, $15.00 advance, $20 at the door, can also be ordered online The Catacombs at www.catacombscds.com. Scheduled to perform at the festival are: RAZOR, NITEMARE, PIT BULL GRIN, ROTTING, FERAL HORDE, ECLIPSE ETERNAL, CORPORATE RIOT and GOAT HORN. The Catacombs will have a vendors booth selling metal t-shirts, CDs, vinyl, etc.

IMPIOUS are busy writing new material for their upcoming fourth album. About seven songs are written so far and in October the preproduction will kick off in Digizone Studio, owned by guitarist Valle Adzic. As for recording the real album Studio Mega is booked for February / March 2004. Some titles on the new album are ‘Suicide Park’, ‘Beneath The Underworld’, ‘Death_Wish_Scar’ and ‘Bloodspill Revelation’.

REPULSION have announced through their website (www.repulsion.net) that they have confirmed a live appearance at the Machine Shop nightclub in Flint, Michigan on December 20th. Support acts for the gig will be announced soon. The band also posted the following message regarding an upcoming DVD release: "We are compiling video footage and pictures of the band from the the early days up to the Milwaukee Metalfest for a DVD release. We ask anyone who has video or pictures and would like to contribute, please contact Aaron (aaron@repulsion.net) or Matt (matt@repulsion.net)".

CORPORATION 187 are hard at work on material for their third album, with the early writing going well according to vocalist Filip Carlsson. One new song is tentatively titled ‘I Liked You Better Without Teeth’, about a guy who subjects his girlfriend to some bizarre dentistry in order to fulfill his perverse sexual desires. The band have also lined up the following show: September 27 – Uppsala, Sweden at Fellini.

Although the band played their last show this summer, LIVING SACRIFICE‘s (www.livingsacrifice.com) legacy will live on in a forthcoming DVD. The disc will feature footage from the studio during the recording of the group’s album "The Hammering Process", tour footage of life on the road, live interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, plus video clips of the following songs: ‘Bloodwork’, ‘Conditional’, ‘Burn The End’, ‘Local Vengeance Killing’, ‘Reject’, ‘Reborn’, ‘Flatline’, ‘Hand Of The Dead’ and ‘Not My Own’.

SOILENT GREEN have added two new members to the band. They are guitarist Tony White and bassist Scott Crochet.

Earache has set a release date of January 19th for DEATHWITCH‘s forthcoming album, "Violence Blasphemy Sodomy". The full tracklisting for the album is: ‘Introt’, ‘Flamethrower Carnival’, ‘Total Morbid’, ‘Blood Sucking Fuck’, ‘Abhorrent Sadistic Tormentor’, ‘Lord Of Ymodos’, ‘Witch Of Death’, ‘Necrosodomizer’, ‘Bitch Finder’, ‘Violence Blasphemy’, ‘Coffin Fornicator’, ‘Worthless Scum’, ‘Fuck Off And Die’ and ‘Death Maniac’.

KHOLD, currently in the studio to record the follow-up to "Phantom", will be replacing DHG (DØDHEIMSGARD) at the Moonfog Jubileum party. Khold will showcase three songs from their forthcoming album, "Mørke Gravers Kammer (The Gravedigger’s Dark Chamber)". To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Moonfog – Satyricon will headline the party at Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway on October 2nd. New signing, DISIPLIN, will open the celebrations. DARKTHRONE’s Nocturno Culto will join the headliners and perform a couple of DARKTHRONE classics last heard on a live stage in 1996 and Fenriz will be DJing.

Earache Records (www.earache.com) have posted an advance track for download from AKERCOCKE‘s forthcoming album, "Choronzon", due out through the label on October 24th. The track, ‘Leviathan’, is available as an mp3 download at the following link: www.earacherecords.org/bands/akercocke/mp3/Leviathan.mp3

Full Moon Productions have received the masters for FLUISTERWOUD‘s debut CD, "Langs Galg En Rad", due out through the label in September. Fluisterwoud’s music has been described as disharmonic necro Black Metal in the vein of MAYHEM, LUGUBRUM, ARCKANUM and DARKTHRONE.

On September 24th Earmark Records will reissue the following classic Metal tiles on picture disc vinyl, limited to 750 copies each and presented in PVC dust sleeves. The titles available are: VENOM‘s "Black Metal" and "Welcome To Hell", MOTÖRHEAD‘s "Ace Of Spades" and "No Sleep Til Hammersmith" and BLACK SABBATH‘s "Black Sabbath".

September 20, 2003

Razorback Records will be doing a brand new full-length CD with Japans kings of insane grind, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY in 2004. For more info check out www.razorbackrecords.com/gbn.htm, www.gorebeyondnecropsy.com or www.razorbackrecords.com

Germany’s DISINFECT asked us to publish the following request: "Hi everyone!! We’re looking for a fast highspeed drummer with an openminded professionel attitude and a lot of technical skills!! Second, if anyone sounds like a dirty bastard between good old Chrissie Barnes and DISGORGE and though never was able to join a choir but wants complete DISINFECT with his voice, feel free to get in contact with us!!!!! Gigs, Tours and of course a record deal we have, but can’t be done without a complete line-up just like the new material waiting to be blasted on CD, expected to be released in January ’04. Intersted??? Get in contact with: Christian Kilian, Ulrichstr.17, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany, Phone: (Germany) + (0) 7141 / 925 286, Mobil: 0172 / 929 16 11, ICQ 170557944, disinfect@gmx.de. Please spread this message!!!! THANX."

September 19, 2003

The first ever Israeli Metal festival METALIST FESTIVAL will take place at the "Hangar 11" in Tel-Aviv on the 16th of October 2003 – during "Sookot" holiday. The festival will host about 17 Black / Death / Thrash / Heavy Metal acts, 3 of them from abroad. This is also the first oportunity to see a spectacular show of the three most talented local guitar players, similar to the American G3 tour. The full line up for the METALIST FESTIVAL is: Ancient (Norway), Konkhra (Denmark), Aborted (Belgium), Shwotchtsechaye, Crossfire, Betzefer, Bartholomeus Night, Winterhorde, WhoreXcore, Spawn Of Evil, Hand Made God, Stone Of Tears, Chaos Rabak, Hangman, Tears Of Israfel, Hellfire and G Spot. All further info: www.metalist.co.il

September 18, 2003

HEADHUNTER D.C. have replaced bassplayer Alex Mendonça and drummer Thiago Nogueira with Zulbert Buery (formerly of Inoculation) and Daniel Beans respectively. The first gig with this new line-up already took place in Vitória da Conquista, BA on August 23 and the next ones are in Feira de Santana, BA on October 04 and at this year’s Brutal Devastation Metal Fest, in Belo Horizonte, MG on November 01. The band will enter the studio again in late 2003 or early 2004 to record their next album "God’s Spreading Cancer…" for World War III Records (USA).

September 17, 2003

Here’s an official press statement we just received from MORRIGAN: "After we saw, that Baldur stands totally under the command of his girlfriend, and that he has not the mental strength to break the chains of this amazonian masterhood we kicked him out of the band, because we don’t need such a weak subject in MORRIGAN! The new CD "Celts" will be the first, only and last realase of MORRIGAN where you can hear him! In the future we will work and play as in the times before Baldur… – as a duo. At the moment we do the final mixings on the new CD. "Celts" will be out in December. On our label horns of Cernunos Prod. – watch out for it!!!" – Balor of MORRIGAN

September 16, 2003

TORRENTIAL REIGN has completed writing material and is planning to enter D.O.W. Studios in November with producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (MORBID ANGEL), to record the debut album "Torrential Reign", which is scheduled for an early 2004 release on Olympic / Century Media.

UNHOLY GHOST have returned from a very successful performance at this year’s Las Vegas Metalfest alongside such acclaimed acts as DEICIDE and SUFFOCATION. New live pics from the fest are posted on the photos page at the band’s website www.unholyghost.com

Due to pressure from German government ratings groups, Relapse Records German distribution partner SPV has been forced to withdraw EXHUMED‘s new record, "Anatomy Is Destiny" from distribution on the brink of its release and on the eve of the band’s European headlining tour. Ratings groups deemed the band photos inside "Anatomy Is Destiny" — EXHUMED’s signature ‘dead shots’ taken by acclaimed photographer Alex Solca — far too realistic and gruesome for mass consumption. EXHUMED vocalist / guitarist Matt Harvey comments: "Censorshit… here we go again. Well, censorship is nothing new to EXHUMED, especially in Germany. It never fails that someone there is hell-bent on filtering what people can see and hear. Ultimately, despite every effort on the part of both EXHUMED and Relapse to release "Anatomy Is Destiny" the way it was intended to be released, outside pressure from government ratings groups has blocked our record from being distributed in it’s current form." Harvey continues, "The criticism leveled at the artwork on "Anatomy Is Destiny" is that it was "far too realistic". The fact that we are encountering this is nothing but a sign that we’re doing something right — challenging the boundaries of morality and provoking an extreme reaction. It’s just a pity that all the Teutonic Necromaniacs won’t be able to experience it firsthand. Our aesthetic is meant to provoke a reaction, and hopefully to confront the absurdity and hypocrisy of western morality – but ultimately we are a Metal band whose primary concern is just to play Metal. It is not our intent to incite the record buying public into committing acts of violence or homicide, but hopefully to incite them to think for a moment about this disgusting planet we’re all mired in and the finite and fleeting nature of human existence. Apparently, what we are conveying is considered "a threat" to someone’s way of thinking and way of life. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have decided that the most important thing is that all the German Slaughtercultists actually get the record in their hands. Unfortunately, the album will reach all of the Necromaniacs in a butchered, truncated and amputated form, leaving the original intent of the album booklet as maimed and mutilated as the subjects of our songs. We have painstakingly created the best possible artwork and lyrixxx for our fans, only to have them consumed by petty, bureaucratic morality-mongering. This is precisely the kind of confrontation that is at the core of what we do- the ideas of the accepted "norm" meeting the grisly realities of our world- the cold, hard truth of the grave. And truth isn’t pretty, especially the way we present it. For those of you who aren’t content to see the album the way that "they" want you to, I encourage you to contact Relapse Records Europe (relapseeurope@relapse.com). See all of you in the morgue." – on behalf of EXHUMED / Matt Harvey. A new version of "Anatomy Is Destiny", devoid of band photos and lyrics, will surface in Germany-proper, in early October.

September 15, 2003

THE HAUNTED have issued the following message via their website, www.the-haunted.com: "The touring season for "One Kill Wonder" is now over. We’d like to thank all of our fans all over the world for supporting our tours – see you on the next tour. Right now, we’ve started rehearsing for our forthcoming 4th CD, so be on the lookout for some heavy The Haunted music in 2004".

Check out a teaser advertisement for SLAYER guitarist Kerry King’s new clothing line, KFK Industries, at the line’s official website, www.kfkindustries.com. The site will launch soon and more details on the line will be made available soon.

DIMMU BORGIR‘s new, relaunched website is now online at www.dimmu-borgir.com. As previously reported, Dimmu Borgir’s upcoming North American tour with CHILDREN OF BODOM, HYPOCRISY and NEVERMORE runs from November 7th at the Showplace Theater in Buffalo, NY through December 14th at Saratoga Winners in Albany, NY.

HATE FOREST‘s "Scythia" album will be reissued through Supernal Music in 2004 with enhanced layout and bonus tracks. Find out more about the band and download an mp3 from the following URL: www.supernalmusic.com/labels/supernal/hate_forest.htm

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL‘s "Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua", is set for an October release through Supernal. An mp3 is available at: www.supernalmusic.com/labels/supernal/meads_asphodel.htm

FLEURETY‘s second edition of "Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs", which will have completely new artwork, will be released later in the year.

September 11, 2003

CANNIBAL CORPSE will be heading back to the studio on September 15th, 2003 to start the recording process for the follow up to "Gore Obsessed". The band will once again record at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX with Neil Kernon. More information including the album title will be announced shortly.

September 10, 2003

ARALLU have just released their 1st DVD entitled "Visual Chaos Invasion". The DVD features 12 live songs from 2 concerts and 2 promo clips. Arallu will enter Noise studio in Israel in October for the recording of their yet untitled 3rd album. The recording line-up is Butchered – Vox, guitar & bass, Avi – guitar and Yonatan – drums.

ETERNAL GRAY will enter The Abyss studio in October to record their 2nd album with Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel) and drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Scarve). For more info see www.eternalgray.com.

CRIMINAL are all set to enter Springvale Studios in Suffolk , UK , on October 3 to record the follow up to 2001’s "Cancer". The album will be produced by the band and engineered by Mark Harwood, whose previous credits include EXTREME NOISE TERROR and CRADLE OF FILTH. "Last weekend I went over to the UK and we got to finish the songwriting", says frontman Anton Reisenegger . "I think people are in for a real surprise when they hear the new material. We’ve incorporated loads of blast beats, huge harmonies and some really interesting ideas. In this respect it has been really great to work with [new drummer] Zac [O’Neil]. He can play anything he wants and has taken the band to a whole new dimension. I know most bands say their newest album is always their fastest, heaviest, etc., but this is for real! As for the keyboards, I know a lot of people are having a hard time trying to imagine CRIMINAL with keys, but we’re just using them to make things sound bigger and heavier. The trademark CRIMINAL sound is still there in full force!" The working title "Supersonic Death" has been scrapped in favor of a new concept, which the band will announce shortly. The cover design will be handled by Claudio Bergamin, who was responsible for the artwork on the European version of the band’s previous album "Cancer". CRIMINAL’s new album will be released in South America in late November through a major label that will be revealed once all paperwork has been signed. A European release will follow through Metal Blade Records in early 2004.

September 09, 2003

Brazil’s hyperspeed Death Metal act HORNED GOD have signed with Listenable for the release of their new album "Chaos Bringer Of All Revelations". The band features ex-REBAELLIUN guitarist Fabianno De Penna. The album contains 9 songs and an intro. Some titles are ‘War Goes On’, ‘Envenomed To Survive’ and ‘Calling Upon The 4 Spirits Of Knowledge’.

Sweden’s CENTINEX have finished the recordings of their new album "Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos". The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Arrival Of The Spectrum Obscure’, ‘Misanthropic Darkzone’, ‘Hollowsphere’, ‘Target: Dimension XII’, ‘Deathstar Unmasked’, ‘A Dynasty Of Obedience’, ‘Mechanical Future’, ‘Cold Deep Supremacy’ and ‘New World Odyssey’. As previously reported ‘A Dynasty Of Obedience’ is an instrumental piece, written and performed by Peter Bjärgö (Arcana / Sophia). The album will be released in early 2004 through Candlelight Records. A preview of the artwork, soundclips etc. coming up soon at www.centinex.org. Drummer Kennet Englund has left the band, so interested individuals should get in touch with the guys as soon as possible. Furthermore there’s gonna be a 7"EP entitled "Deathlike Recollections" (with two tracks from the debut) which will be released through Sword & Sorcery Records in September.

September 08, 2003

TORTURE KILLER‘s album "For Maggots To Devour" got refused to be printed at the cd-factory. Official reason was that the artwork and the lyrical content were too shocking. But Karmageddon Media already found a new cd-factory, so the release will not be delayed any longer than necessary. Torture Killer from Finland plays groovy, old school Death Metal in the vein of bands like Massacre, Obituary and Bolt Thrower. The band started out as a side-project but has become a real band featuring members of Adramalech and Demigod. Their debut-album "For Maggots To Devour" will be released through Karmageddon Media on October 6th. The album was recorded at Popstudio in Loimaa (Finland) together with producer Mika Haapsalo. The complete track listing reads as following: ‘Flesh Breaks To Open Wounds’, ‘Sadistic Violation’, ‘Motivated To Kill’, ‘Necrophag’, ‘Fuck Them When They Bleed’, ‘No Time To Bleed’, ‘Torture Of Death’, ‘Gore Terror’ and ‘Strangulation’. For more info & lyrics check the band’s official website : www.torture-killer.cjb.net

September 07, 2003

You can now download the new DESTRUCTION video, ‘Desecrators (Of The New Age)’ at the band’s website, www.destruction.de. The track is pulled from the band’s forthcoming album, "Metal Discharge", due out through Nuclear Blast Germany on September 22nd and the first run will feature a limited bonus CD including demo material, cover tracks and an unreleased version of ‘Bestial Invasion’. The street date for North America is October 21st.

DECAPITATED have completed the recording of their new album, tentatively titled "The Negation", at Hertz Studio in Poland, with engineers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski. Although all of the recording is completed, the band will not mix the album until they have completed a mammoth September tour of their homeland as part of a double-header with VADER. Bassist Martin reports that the new material is "very very strong", with a thick guitar sound. Among the titles set for inclusion are ‘The Negation’, ‘Long Desired Dementia’, ‘Three-Dimensional Defect’, ‘The Fury’ and ‘Sensual Sickness.’ DECAPITATED ‘s new album is due out in February 2004 through Earache.

MORBID ANGEL has officially been added to The Blackest Of The Black Tour, with DANZIG, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, DEVILDRIVER, BEHEMOTH and more. Conceived by Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig, The Blackest Of The Black Tour kicks off in Fall 2003 and promises to be the biggest, most extreme metal tour of the year. Stay tuned for tour dates and more info. The Blackest Of The Black Tour marks the beginning of Morbid Angel’s extensive worldwide tour in support of their new album, "Heretic", out September 23 in the US through Earache. As previously reported, the album will be available on a 2LP set and a limited edition 2CD set. In other Morbid Angel news, the band have completed the filming of their new video, ‘Enshrined By Grace’. Shot on location in Tampa, Florida, by acclaimed UK director Pete Bridgewater, all we know about the video thus far is that there is lots and lots of pyro! Look for ‘Enshrined By Grace’ to appear around the time of the release of "Heretic".

September 05, 2003

After the VOICES staff has been provided, there are 5 new VOICES Shirts left (3 in XL and 2 in XXL). They’re black with the VOICES logo in blood red on front (no back print). Screen Stars / Fruit of the Loom. 100% cotton. Click here for a pic. If you want one: they’re 8,- Euro (10 US$) each PLUS postage (might get expensive for overseas such as USA, ASIA, etc). DON’T SEND IN YOUR MONEY BEFORE YOU HAVE CHECKED WHETHER THERE ARE ANY LEFT! Send an Email to Ramon to check back with him FIRST: doctorock@hotmail.com

September 04, 2003

Sweden’s VISCERAL BLEEDING will be releasing their second CD through Retribute. Expect an early 2004 release featuring songs like ‘Fed To The Dogs’, ‘Merely Parts Remain’, ‘Fire Took His Face’ and ‘Clenched Fist Obedience’. The band is also looking for shows at the moment, specifically in Holland, Belgium and Germany between November 06, 2003 and November 09, 2003. Check out www.visceralbleeding.com for more information.

September 03, 2003

KARMAGEDDON MEDIA (ex-Hammerheart Records; for further details see yesterdays news) will put out several albums within the next couple of months. Here’s the exact release schedule. October 06, 2003: TORTURE KILLER – "For Maggots To Devour" CD and NOCTURNUS – "The Nocturnus Demos" digi-CD. October 20, 2003: AETERNUS – "Beyond The Wandering Moon" CD, "… And So The Night Became" CD, "Shadows Of Old" CD and "Ascension Of Terror" CD (all remastered with new artwork and bonustracks). November 03, 2003: MORIFADE – "Domination" digi-CD / CD and TRIBUTE TO POSSESSED – "Seven Gates Of Horror" digi-CD. November 17, 2003: TRIBUTE TO EURONYMOUS – "Nordic Metal" CD, NILE – "In The Beginning" digi-CD, DIMMU BORGIR / OLD MAN’S CHILD – "Sons Of Satan Gather For Attack" CD and SEPTIC FLESH – "Sumerian Daemons" CD. And in early 2004 new albums of DISMEMBER, CRUACHAN, ARTHEMESIA, WITHIN Y and many more.

September 02, 2003

Holland’s HAMMERHEART RECORDS is no more! Here’s an official press statement from Guido Heijnens: "After months of thinking, talking, evaluating plans and contracts HAMMERHEART RECORDS have decided to call it a day!!! But we are not simply leaving all this behind… how could we ever??? Both owners Peter van Ool and Guido Heijnens have decided to re-start a new label under the name KARMAGEDDON MEDIA!!! Of course with the same quality and impact as Hammerheart Records used to have. Why? We simply got a bit tired of some of the things happening in the music-industry, especially the attitude of some people was too much for us, we had to change things drastically or stopping was the only option. We ran into problems and what I would call "anti-social" behaviour too often and frequently. This new label is done in very close co-operation with PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION, who will exclusively distribute KARMAGEDDON MEDIA starting October 1st 2003. We feel secure and positive that under the wings of our big independent brothers working at PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION we get more chances to develop and grow in a steady and reliable way. The artists and the catalogue of HAMMERHEART RECORDS are transferred to KARMAGEDDON MEDIA and we will soon inform everyone on our release-schedule. Be prepared for new killer albums by DISMEMBER, CRUACHAN, MORIFADE, TORTURE KILLER etc."

September 01, 2003

The band line-up of 2004’s installment of BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL gains shape rapidly. The first ten of an overall of 22 bands for that event taking place at the Messegelände of Balingen on the 25th and 26th of June are booked. The latest acts to join that lineup are GOTTHARD, 80s US Metal legend RUFFIANS (the former band of late VICIOUS RUMORS-singer Carl Albert) and British Melodic Rockers MAGNUM, who were to play at Balingen back in 2002 but had to cancel their show due to health problems of guitarist Tony Clarkin. By now, the list of artists set to perform at the BANG YOUR HEAD!!!-festival 2004 at Balingen, Germany, 25th / 26th of June, reads like this: GOTTHARD, PRIMAL FEAR, MAGNUM, LILLIAN AXE, ANGEL, BLAZE, OMEN, CAGE, MAJESTY, RUFFIANS. All further details about the BANG YOUR HEAD!!! may be found at the BYH!!! – homepage at www.bang-your-head.de. Tickets are availaible at ticket-hotline (+49-74 57-9 13 93) and pretty soon via the homepage as well. Details about ordering may be found there as well. Prices will be 55, – Euro (plus shipping) at presales. Tickets are limited to a number of 22000. By this it the organisators want to ensure that the special and relaxed atmosphere of the event won’t suffer.