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January 31, 2005

Neurotic Records recently acquired the rights of VISCERAL BLEEDING‘s debut album "Remnants Of Deprivation". It will be re-issued under the name "Remnants Revived" with three bonus audio tracks (covers of Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Stripped, Raped & Strangled’, Dismember’s "Dreaming In Red" and an alternate version of the band’s own song ‘Carved Down To The Bone’) and four video tracks (one studio clip and three live tracks recorded during their recent successful tour with Obituary). The release will be remastered by Scott Hull (Nile, Suffocation, Pig Destroyer a.o.) and issued as a digipak on April 18, 2005. www.neurotic-records.com

LOCK UP‘s live album, "Live In Japan", will be released in Japan on March 24th. The material for the album was recorded live in Japan in 2003. LOCK UP features NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury and guitarist Jesse Pintado, DIMMU BORGIR drummer Nick Barker and ex-AT THE GATES / ex – CROWN / THE GREAT DECEIVER screamer Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg.

According to a posting at the official THYRANE website (www.thyrane.org), guitarist Avather has left the band for personal reasons. Says the band, "Thanks for those eight years of drunk’n blasphemy. Cheers. Blastmor, Daemon, Hannamari and ToniX." The band have not yet announced who Avather’s replacement will be. Stay tuned.

BLOODBATH have posted the following message at their official website: "The time has finally come for BLOODBATH to invade the stage and debut as a live band. We have chosen this extraordinary moment to be fired off at the European Metal festival – Wacken Open Air (scheduled to take place August 4th – 6th, 2005 in Wacken, Germany)! However, we’re facing some changes in the band’s line-up and will confirm the actual performing members asap, so please be patient for further announcements. Also, to be taken into account is that this gig will be worldwide exclusive for 2005 (and who knows… perhaps even beyond that!?), so this is your best shot to rush that stage and bang your heads with us! Details on exact date / playing time tba."

NILE guitarist / vocalist Karl Sanders has posted the following recording update at the band’s official website: "We finished the guitar, bass, vocal and additional instrument tracking at the soundlab in Columbia, SC with Neil Kernon and Bob Moore. It was an utterly grueling session, with every single day of those 2 1/2 weeks being a 14-16 hour working frenzy. The next phase will be to start mixing on Friday at Rax Trax in Chicago. We have 10 days scheduled there with Neil Kernon mixing / producing. Based on what we have heard from the recordings so far, this is easily our strongest work yet. There are 10 songs as well as 2 reasonably short intro / instrumentals, with total album time weighing in at a pre-mix length of 65 minutes. We are seriously intense about these new songs, and can’t wait for people to hear them. Be prepared to be crushed."

US Death Metallers THE CHASM have posted the following message at their official website: "The first part of the "Spell Of Death" tour has been completed, the experience was very succesful and positive. We like to thank all those believers of the Cult Of Death and UG Death Metal who attended the shows, it was great to meet some new and old comrades on the road. Also thanks to MORTICIAN, FUNERUS, INCANTATION and ARSIS, for sharing equipment / stage and being great tour mates. Once again we couldn’t play Long Island NY – the show was cancelled due to the bad weather conditions, but we hope to be there later this year. For now we will take a small break and then start planning the 2nd part of this crusade, meanwhile we’ll also start working on new songs and ideas for the new opus attack. Honorable mention to Roberto Lizarraga for doing a killer job in the 4 string attack duties, as well as to Earache / Wicked World for the tour support. New live photos have been added here."

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt has posted the following update in the forum at the band’s official website: "We have a new singer! I’d like to take this moment to welcome to our ranks Rob Dukes as our new vocalist. He has been absolutely crushing in practice and only gets stronger every day. I know some of you will want details, i.e. what bands has he been in, etc., but I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I’ve heard some of his old demo stuff, but he is a virtual unknown. But he is going to blow people’s minds. He does incredible justice to both Paul and Zetro’s material but when you hear the new shit you won’t believe your ears. Totally crushing! To all who sent in their demos and such I’d like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time. But now our search is over. Rob just happened to end up my guitar tech for the MEGADETH tour after things didn’t work out with my first tech. Rob was refered to me by a friend at the Hollywood show and the rest is history. Divine intervention if you will! We will be recording some demos of a few new songs next week and if everything stays on track, we will be in the studio recording the next album in April."

SEVERE TORTURE have posted the following udate at their website: "We just got the news that our final Karmageddon Media release has been delayed. "Bloodletting" will be released on March 28 instead of February 7. This release is NOT our new album, which we are recording right now, but a live album with some bonus material."

January 28, 2005

VINTERRIKET‘s next album will be called "Der letzte Winter – Der Ewigkeit entgegen". It’ll be produced in a studio in Oslo and the recordings are supposed to be finished within the next days. This timeit won’t be Ambient music, but depressive, melancholic and cold Black Metal. www.vinterriket.com

EQUILIBRIUM have completed their debut "Turis Fratyr", which is a musical version of Thor’s hammer. It’ll be released on February 14, 2005. The first edition comes as limited digipak including one bonus song. www.equilibrium-metal.de

Sweden’s ANGST will finish the recordings of their album "In Hoc Signo Vinces" in the near future. It’ll be released in early spring via Black Attakk. www.angstband.cjb.net

GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN will soon enter a studio to record their new album "Schwarz gegen Weiß". The band promises a "typical" GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN album, which at the same time is not comparable to its predecessors. The release is scheduled for spring 2005. www.grabgewalt.de

MINAS MORGUL will record their follow-up to "Schwertzeit" within the next few weeks. Harris Johns will be in charge of the production. www.minasmorgul.org

MEMBARIS have finished writing material for their new record. They plan to enter a studio in the next weeks to record the successor of their debut "Poetry Of Chaos". www.darkbound.net/html/membaris.htm

The INSIGNIUM debut "In die Abgründe" will be released on February 14, 2005. The band delivers a mix of Black, Death, Heavy and Thrash Metal. Audio- and video-files featuring the song ‘Moorleiche’ can be downloaded at the bands’ homepage. www.insignium.de

Black Attack will re-release three out of print albums at the end of February: CRYPTIC WINTERMOON‘s "Age Of Cataclysm" (plus two bonus tracks from the "Franconian Frost" split-EP with LORD ASTAROTH), GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN‘s "Von Schemen und Trugbildern" (with three bonus tracks from the demos "Seelenpoker" and "Sakralästhetik") and CRYOGENIC‘s "Celephais".

ZORN‘s new album "Todesschwadron" is set for a late spring release. www.zorn.darkmetal.net

"Ernte im Herbst", FJOERGYN‘s first album, will be released in Spring 2005.

January 25, 2005

KREATOR‘s latest album, "Enemy Of God", is being issued by Steamhammer / SPV on limited edition gatefold double-vinyl on February 14th. The "Enemy Of God" CD is out now in North America and Europe.

RAZOR guitar legend Dave Carlo is scheduled for surgery on February 14th in a London, ON hospital to fix his ailing picking thumb that has severely affected his playing ability and speed. Doctors are expecting a full recovery which according to frontman Bob Reid, "Is Metal music to our ears." Reid also adds that the band will be "getting down to business" on new material, possible live appearances and the completion of their 20th Anniversary CD / DVD box set, due out later this year.

January 24, 2005

SODOM have announced that they will be issuing a new double-DVD at the end of May, with a new album to follow in September. Both will be released by SPV. About the DVD, leader Tom Angelripper (bass / vocals) says that the concert portion will contain 23 songs and there will be a lengthy retrospective.

Norwegian Black Metallers SATYRICON‘s official website (www.satyricon.no) has been updated with the following message from vocalist Satyr: "I just returned from a week long stay at a cabin far up in the mountains with my good friend Snorre from THORNS. We set up recording equipment and worked very focused with our new albums. I’m co-producing the new THORNS album and I also put a great deal of work into the new Satyricon record during our stay. The material is coming along really great and I hope to enter the studio with (drummer) Frost late summer. We will play our first London show in 2 years at the Fabric on March 3rd. More info about that later this week."

IMMOLATION‘s new album "Harnessing Ruin" will be released in the US through Olympic Recordings / Century Media on March 22nd. The US edition will include an enhanced video of the title track, as well as a "brutal" bonus sampler that will encompass the heavier acts on both the Olympic and Century Media roster. Expect a full US tour to follow around the time of the Maryland Death fest, happening May 28th and 29th. The official Immolation website (www.everlastingfire.com/immolation) currently has the band’s new video for ‘Harnessing Ruin’ available. "Harnessing Ruin" is due out through Listenable in February in Europe in a deluxe limited edition digipak, jewel case CD and limited edition hand numbered vinyl LP. Also, Immolation’s DVD, "Bringing Down The World", will be issued in North America in Spring 2005 in NTSC format. Harnessing Ruin will feature the following tracklisting: ‘Swarm Of Terror’, ‘Our Savior Sleeps’, ‘Challenge The Storm’, ‘Harnessing Ruin’, ‘Dead To Me’, ‘Son Of Iniquity’, ‘My Own Enemy’, ‘Crown The Liar’ and ‘At Mourning’s Twilight’. The album was recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios with Paul Orofino producing. Immolation were recently confirmed for the Maryland Death Fest III, taking place on May 28th and 29th, 2005 at Thunderdome in Baltimore, MD. Acts currently confirmed for the festival include: IMMOLATION, REGURGITATE, BIRFLESH, ABSCESS, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, BODIES LAY BROKEN, XXX MANIAK and KILL THE CLIENT.

SUN DESCENDS signed a combined record deal for Brazil and Puerto Rico with Marquee Records and Khaosmaster Productions. The band’s first release will be called "Tide & Law… The EPs", which is a re-release of SUN DESCENDS’ first two EPs on one CD, with never been released bonus material from Mem’s early years with EXUMER. SUN DESCENDS and both labels are planning on further releases from Mem’s other projects and the full-length SUN DESCENDS album. Check out www.sundescends.com for more details or mail Mem at: Mem@sundescends.com

January 17, 2005

MORBID ANGEL have posted a new publicity photo of the band featuring returned vocalist / bassist David Vincent, guitarist Trey Azagthoth and drummer Pete Sandoval. You can check it out here. In other news, Relapse Recording artists NECROPHAGIST has been selected as one of the opening acts on the upcoming Morbid Angel "Masters Of Chaos" Tour in Europe. Check out our tourdates section for exact dates.

According to MÖRK GRYNING‘s official website (www.mork-gryning.com) Jonas Berndt, a.k.a. Goth, is leaving Mörk Gryning. Goth: "Mörk Gryning is no more. Yesterday I called everyone in the band and told them I’m leaving. I know many people will be disappointed because of this decision I’ve made, but I’m afraid it was something I had to do. Black or Death Metal simply doesn’t attract me in the way it used to do. I’ve always loved what we have done but I have lost the spark you so dearly need when you’re in a band like this. Thanks to all old and new fans who has supported us during the years. We have decided to publish the material we have been working on the latest months, and you can download the songs below." The following tracks are available for download: ‘The Aurora’, ‘All Discarded’, ‘Disguise My Parting’ and ‘Pure’.

The following message has been posted at DESTRUCTION‘s official website (www.destruction.de): "We would like to bring the speculations and rumours about a label chance of Destruction to an end! After four terrific and successful years with Nuclear Blast, the decision to work with a new label wasn’t easy at all. We would like to thank Markus Staiger and his team for the great friendship and the fantastic work! They had a big participation of the positive progress of our reunion! AFM Records is the new partner of our trust! The contracts will get signed within the next days! The new album will be released via AFM / Soulfood here in Central Europe and through other distribution partners of the label worldwide, a little later this summer! The pre-production is running at full blast. Because of the intense worldwide touring, it feels that the band never sounded tighter and more motivated than at this present moment! Watch out for the new riff monster that will write Thrash Metal history! And that’s a fuckin’ promise!"

CENTINEX have updated their official website (www.centinex.org) with the following message: "We need your help. Get Centinex to play at the Swedish Hultsfreds Festival 2005. Click on this link, vote for three bands – one of them Centinex of course – and press "önska". Thanx a lot for your support." As previously reported, Centinex have announced that their next album will be titled "World Declension". The album, the band’s follow up to "Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos", will be recorded in March, 2005 for a June release through Cold Records. More info on the release as it becomes available.

GORGOROTH have posted the following update at their official website: "Gorgoroth’s plans to go in studio have been delayed. Anticipated plans for studio time and recording schedules conflicted with an already booked timetable at Grieghallen Studios. The band will however lay down drum tracks for Gorgoroth’s eagerly awaited and upcoming album, "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" at Lydriket Studios, on January 14th in it’s stead. Check back for further updates as the album’s development progresses forward."

January 14, 2005

German Black Metal band ZARATHUSTRA will enter Swedish Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Funeral Mist) from 26th of February until 7th of March to record their follower of "Perpetual Black Force" (CD / LP). "Contempt" will be released as a mini-album to shorten the time until their 3rd album (Winter ’05). Await "Contempt" strictly limited and hand-numbered on CD (1000) and LP (500, including one bonus track). "Contempt" should see the day of light in April / May. More news at www.zarathustra-online.net

January 10, 2005

Italy’s NECRODEATH are set to deliver a "best of" album, entitled "20 Years Of Noise (1985 – 2005)", through Scarlet Records. The CD, also to be released in a limited digipak version, will feature as bonus material a BLACK SABBATH cover and the legendary demo "The Shining Pentagram". All tracks on the release will be remastered, including the songs featured on "The Shining Pentagram". "20 Years Of Noise" will be released in late March, 2005. Necrodeath are also working on new material for their next studio album. The band’s line-up features vocalist Flegias (CADAVERIA), guitarist Claudio, guitarist Andy (ANDRASTA), bassist John (CADAVERIA, DYNABYTE, RAZA DE ODIO) and drummer Peso (RAZA DE ODIO).

ARCTURUS have posted the following message at their official website (www.adastraenter.com): "Arcturus are, yet again, without a permanent singer as Øyvind left has the band." More details as they become available. Arcturus will play the 2005 Inferno Metal Festival, scheduled to take place March 24th – 26th at the Rockefeller and John Dee venues in Oslo, Norway. The Inferno Metal Festival’s full line-up will be presented at the Inferno London event on January 27th at Underworld in Camden (London), England. Acts performing at that event include Arcturus, RED HARVEST, GRIMFIST, MADDER MORTEM and ENSLAVED.

KAAMOS have revealed through their website (www.kaamos.nu) that Candlelight / PHD will release their new album, "Lucifer Rising", on February 28th. The album artwork can be seen here. "Lucifer Rising" will include the following tracks: ‘Black Revelation’, ‘Gnosticon’, ‘Inaugurating Evil’, ‘Theriomorphic Pandaemonium’, ‘Dark Void’, ‘Lucifer Rising’, ‘Sacrament In Red’, ‘Mysterious Reversion’, ‘Khthonic’ and ‘Outro’.

Swedish Black Metallers LORD BELIAL have posted the following update at their website (www.lordbelial.com): "Lord Belial is writing new material for their next, yet untitled, album which is set to be released later this year on Regain Records. The musical direction is meant to be a natural developed continuation of "The Seal of Belial". Los Angered Recording Studios will be used for the album, though no date has been set."

Norway’s GORGOROTH are scheduled to headline the Sirkkelirock Metal Weekend on Friday, January 7th at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland. Other acts set to perform at the festival include CARPATHIAN FOREST, SOULGRIND, BEHEXEN and HORNA.

Sweden’s DISMEMBER have inked a deal with Regain Records. The label has confirmed that the band will begin recording their Regain debut sometime in 2005. More details as they become available. Dismember have been nominated in the Hard Rock / Punk category for their "Where Iron Crosses Grow" album for the 2005 Manifest Awards. Other nominees include: C.AARME for "C.Aarme", THE HAUNTED for "rEVOLVEr", KOMA for "Tsunami" and TOTALT JAVLA MORKER for "Maniskans Ringa Varde". The awards will be handed out on February 1st at Nalen in Stockholm, Sweden.

Chicago Death Metallers GORGASM have posted the following message at their official website (www.gorgasm.net): "Gorgasm is looking for a new drummer! We have festival dates lined up as early as May and more on the way. Serious responses only! If interested, please contact us gorgasmusic@yahoo.com or send a video / dvd and / or CD to: GORGASM c/o Paul Garcia, 4740 N. Lavergne # 3, Chicago, IL 60630, USA. We would like someone permanent or temporary, preferably permanent. All applicants must be ready, willing, and able to travel overseas and tour several times a year!"

Recently reformed Dutch Metallers GOREFEST are the latest act confirmed for the 2005 edition of the Wacken Open Air Festival which is scheduled to take place August 4th – 6th, 2005 in Wacken, Germany. Acts currently confirmed for the festival now include: ACCEPT, CORVUS CORAX, EDGUY, EISREGEN, ENDSTILLE, ENSIFERUM, FINNTROLL, GOREFEST, ILLDISPOSED, MARDUK, MERCENARY, NIGHTWISH, OBITUARY, OVERKILL, AXEL RUDI PELL, POTENTIA ANIMI, SAMAEL, SINNER, SUFFOCATION, TURISAS. More acts will be confirmed soon.

HADES ALMIGHTY have just signed a record deal with Dark Essence Records. They will re-release (2001’s) "The Pulse Of Decay" in mid April, and the album will include a DVD-section and some bonus material including the video for ‘Submission Equals Suicide’ and a cover of MANOWAR’s ‘Each Dawn I Die’. Also there will be new layout on the album. A tour is also planned after the release.

Swedish TERROR 2000 have joined forces once again and will record their new album in March 2005. Bjorn Speed Strid (SOILWORK), Klas Ideberg (DARKANE), Nick Sword (EL MAGO), Erik Thyselius (CONSTRUCDEAD) and Dan Svensson (HATELIGHT) are still writing new songs announced as "the most neck-breakin’, fast and aggressive recorded by the band!" No title for the new album is yet confirmed but the release date is planned for June 2005 through Scarlet Records.

January 07, 2005

Last summer NAIL WITHIN vocalist Yishai teamed up with Maor from the avantgarde Gothic Doom act SLEEPLESS to form a new band named MOONSKIN. Maor previously also used to be part of the industrial act VULTURES and some solo dark ambient / experimental projects (SCREENING and VECTORSCOPE). They were joined by drummer Matan Shmueli (from the Death Metal act ARMILOS) and guitarist Raffi Mor (of DISTORTED). In August 2004 MOONSKIN welcomed female opera singer Byana Kliyner, who has experience in classical opera singing and touring with the opera "Carmina Burana" in Europe. Keyboard guitar player Tal Glepsky from the progressive rock band RAIN completes the line-up. Musically the band’s material is supposed to be "melodic Dark Metal, full emotionally oriented, atmospheric and sad". MOONSKIN will record sketches for a debut album later this year and afterwards negotiate with several well established European producers for the production of their debut album, to be recorded this year. The band has already contributed a track (‘Raped By The Light Of Christ’) to the AT THE GATES tribute released by Drowned Scream Records / Goi Music. For more info check out www.moonskin.net