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March 31, 2007

VEDONIST have signed a new contract with Trinity Records from Hong Kong. The band has started the recordings of their second full-length album "The World Of Reversed Decalogue" at Sophiria Studio, with a release planned for August 2007. The album will contain 8 songs of technical Death Metal that lyrically deal with the German concentration camps in Poland. VEDONIST will embark on the Scorched Land Tour 2007 directly after the recordings (end of April) together with Dismember, Azarath and Iperyt. For more info check out www.trinityrecords.com.hk.

March 29, 2007

AMOK VEDAR will be playing their last show with their current line-up on the 5th of May 2007 at "Midnight Rock" in Berlin (www.midnightrock.net). A new member will be introduced there as well. www.amokvedar.de.

March 27, 2007

NYC Thrashers SUN DESCENDS added a 2nd guitarist to their roster. Bronx raised, Lou Cortez, has joined the band in December 2006, and is now a permanent member. SUN DESCENDS pushed their recording date back to late May 2007, and are in the end stages of the writing process for the new album. The new CD titled "The Entropy Formula" will be produced by TERROR OF THE TREES mastermind, His Eminence the Wicked. The recording will also feature Craig "The Reaper" Horval of NUNSLAUGTHTER / CRUCIFIED MORTALS on bass. The artwork for the album will be created by Sean Taggart, who was responsible for mid eighties cover artwork from bands such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRUMBSUCKERS and CARNIVORE. Mem Von Stein: "The new material is definitely in the vein of eighties Thrash Metal with traces of Hardcore and a lot of guitar harmonies. It captures the spirit and sound of New York City’s inspiring griminess." "The Entropy Formula" will be released via Twilight Distribution in late summer of 2007.

March 24, 2007

Norway’s TAAKE got dropped from this year’s Party.San Festival. Instead KREATOR, IMMOLATION and Germany’s F.U.C.K. will complete the billing. www.party-san.net

The new GOSPEL OF THE HORNS album "Realm Of The Damned" was recorded in Toyland studios, Melbourne in September and October 2006 and features 10 tracks, including an intro and outro. The recording line up was Howitzer (bass / vocals), Masochist (guitar / backing vocals), Hexx (guitar / backing vocals) and Hellcunt (drums). Since the recording guitarist Hexx has parted company with the band to pursue other musical interests and original guitarist Marauder has rejoined. The band will start a European tour at the Festung Open Air in Bitterfeld, Germany alongside Archgoat, Dodheimsgard, Pentacle, Adorior, Black Witchery, Skyforger and many more. The finalised dates for the tour so far are: Sunday, May 27th – UMM, Friday, June 1st – Koblenz (with OLD), Saturday, June 2nd – Eindhoven and Friday, June 15th – London. The rest of the dates are currently being filled.

SPEARHEAD will be recording the second full-length album between the 17th of June and the 5th of July at Hertz Studio, Poland. They are also confirmed for Hells Pleasure Fest in Germany (www.hells-pleasure.de) along with bands such as Ancient Rites, Necros Christos, Desaster, Secrets of the Moon and many more. They are also confirmed for the Day of Darkness fest in Ireland for July 7th.

New Zealand’s DIOCLETIAN will record a MCD during the summer with a view to recording their full length for Invictus Productions later in the year. Invictus has recently repressed the Diocletian 2005 demo on cassette and are currently awaiting its delivery. For those unfamiliar with Diocletian check out a track at www.myspace.com/invictusproductionsmusic. A 7" called "Sect Of Swords" is due out soon too.

March 23, 2007

NOMINON will unleash their third album "Terra Necrosis" in May via Konqueror Records in Europe / Asia, and Ibexmoon / Deathgasm Records in North / South America and Australia. The vinyl edition will be out worldwide via Blood Harvest Records. In support of the release the band will embark on a European tour with NUNSLAUGHTER and DEMONICAL in July. For all further info check out www.nominon.com

March 20, 2007

May 14th has been chosen as the re-release date for "City’s Gonna Burn", the first re-release of the LÄÄZ ROCKIT back catalog. "City’s Gonna Burn" was remastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering (www.imperialmastering.com). The Artwork was updated by Mark DeVito of MetalBabies (www.metalbabies.com). The CD will be released with bonus tracks. OSM Records plans to remaster and re-release the back catalog all the way up to "Annihilation Principal" over the next year.

March 19, 2007

Brazil’s old school Thrashers CHAOSFEAR have chosen May 28th as the release date for their first official release "One Step Behind Anger".

March 18, 2007

Stefano Zandarin of Terror From Hell Records (Italy) has printed a limited number of REVENANT shirts using the classic logo and designs. Anyone interested should contact him at Via Torino 12, 13040 Palazzolo (VC), Italy. The band members also have a handful of these rare shirts for sale. Anyone interested (US only) should contact the band through their website at www.revenant.ws

March 16, 2007

SATHANAS will start recording their next CD "Crowned Infernal" for Pulverised Records at Innertube Studios with engineer Nick Kucel. The artwork will be supplied by Kristian Wahlin. The tracks are: ‘Crowned Infernal’, ‘Witches Sabbat’, ‘Beyond The Blood Red Moon’, ‘At Death Command’, ‘Cast Into The Fire’, ‘Dawn Of Satans Rise’, ‘Hammer Of Demons’, ‘The Beast Of Revelation’, ‘Summoning The Ancient Hordes’, ‘Necromantic Rites’, ‘Sacrificial Kingdom’ and ‘Hymns From The Shadowland’. The band just got a promotion deal from Dragonight Promotion (www.dragonight.com). For more info, upcoming tours etc visit www.sathanas.net.

Two tracks from the upcoming debut album by DEMONICAL – the new Swedish Death Metal band featuring past and present members from CENTINEX, GRAVE, REGURGITATE, INTERMENT, AMARAN, WORLD BELOW and DELLAMORTE among others – are now available at the bands MySpace site www.myspace.com/thedemonicalhorde. The full-length, entitled "Servants Of The Unlight", will be released on April 27th through German Cyclone Empire. A licensed South-American version will come through Venezuelan Dark Productions.

After making a small stir in the Black Metal underground with their 2004 mini-CD "Le Secret", ALCEST have signed with Prophecy Productions for a long-lasting cooperation with a contract over five records. The project’s debut album, "Souvenirs d’un autre monde", will be released in summer. You can already listen to some sound samples here: www.myspace.com/alcestmusic

March 15, 2007

The forthcoming DEMONICAL album "Servants Of The Unlight" will be released in April via Cyclone Empire Records. The tracklist reads as follows: ‘Suicide Throne’, ‘Revel In Misanthropia’, ‘Burned Alive’, ‘Feeding The Armageddon’, ‘United In Torture’, ‘Slaughter Of All Hope’, ‘Unholy Desecration’, ‘Leipzig 1945’ and ‘Death Metal’ (ONSLAUGHT-cover, bonustrack on 1st pressing).

Also out in April will be the new EVOCATION album "Tales From The Tomb". Here’s the tracklist: ‘Eternal Lie’, ‘The Dead’, ‘Chronic Hell’, ‘Greed’, ‘From Menace To Mayhem’, ‘Blessed Upon The Altar’, ‘Feed The Fire’, ‘The Symbols Of Sins’, ‘Phase Of Fear’, ‘Veils Were Blown’ (guest vocals by Gustaf Jorde, ex-DEFLESHED), ‘But Life Goes On’ (ENTOMBED-cover) and ‘The More We Bleed’.

ANGELCORPSE have completed the recordings of their fourth full length album "Of Lucifer And Lightning". The tracklist reads like this: ‘Credo Decimatus’, ‘Antichrist Vanguard’, ‘Machinery Of The Cleansing’, ‘Hexensabbat’, ‘Extermination Sworn’, ‘Saints of Blasphemy’, ‘Thrall’, ‘Shining One (Rex Luciferi)’, and ‘Lustmord’. Osmose Productions will handle the release of the CD (and limited edition LP) in Europe, The End will handle things in North America and Mutilation Productions will take care of South America. The band will embark on a short US East Coast tour in May, with WATAIN and NACHTMYSTIUM in support, as well as numerous other underground acts.

DETONATION have made the opening track ‘Invoking The Impact’ from our forthcoming 3rd album "Emission Phase" available for download at www.myspace.com/detonationnl. On April 21st the band will celebrate a releaseparty in Utrecht, the Netherlands, at the Db’s rehearsal studios.

BLOODY SIGN‘s new album will be unleashed on April 14th through Ibex Moon Records. It is entitled "Explosion Of Elements" and contains 9 tracks. Bosniac label Walk Records will later release it for the Balkanic area. The band is still looking for European labels interested to licence the CD. A tour of Germany and Holland with VITAL REMAINS is planned for May. You can check out a new song at www.myspace.com/bloodysign. The band also finished the recordings of "The Third Escape", a three track-EP to be released on Swedish Blood Harvest Records.

March 13, 2007

The new ABIGOR album "Fractal Possession" will be released on May 02 (Europe) / June 05 (USA). For more info check out www.infernalhorde.com/abigor, www.myspace.com/abigorhorde

DERANGED decides to quit their cooperation with Listenable Records. The band states: "We have been there for a long time and it feels it’s about time we try something new and fresh…" The band are right now looking for a new label and a few have already shown great interest. Anyone interested in working with the band in the future, should get in touch now. www.iamderanged.com

March 09, 2007

Tampa, Florida based MONSTROSITY have just completed the recording and mixing of their 5th studio release "Spiritual Apocalypse". Recorded at Morrisound Studios the disc features vocals from the band’s newest addition Mike Hrubovcak (VILE, DIVINE RAPTURE). Joining Hrubovcak are long time MONSTROSITY mainstays Lee Harrison (drums), Mike Poggione (bass) and Mark English (guitars). The release also features guest appearances from luminaries such as Kelly Shaefer (ATHEIST), Matt LaPorte (JON OLIVA’S PAIN, CIRCLE II CIRCLE), John Zahner (SAVATAGE, CRIMSON GLORY), Jason Suecof (CAPHARNAUM) and James Malone (ARSIS). The album’s tracklist reads like this: ‘Spiritual Apocalypse’, ‘Firestorm’, ‘Apostles Of The Endless Night’, ‘Within Divisions Of Darkness’, ‘The Inhuman Race’, ‘Remnants Of Divination’, ‘Illumination’, ‘Sacred Oblivion’, ‘The Bloodline Horror’ and ‘Triumph In Black’. "Spiritual Apocalypse" will be released beginning of April. For more info head to www.monstrosity.us.

March 06, 2007

At the end of this month French Crematorium Records (www.crematoriumrecords.com) will release the debut full length form Indiana’s PURULENT INFECTION. Sound samples are available at www.myspace.com/purulentinfection.

CEPHALIC CARNAGE and LAY DOWN ROTTEN have been added to this year’s PARTY.SAN FESTIVAL bill. For all further details, check out www.party-san.de.

March 04, 2007

Newly-founded record-label Maddening Media has signed Luxemburg’s LE GRAND GUIGNOL (former VINDSVAL). The band’s forthcoming album "The Great Maddening" has been recorded at TidalWave-Studios by Patrick Damiani (FALKENBACH, SECRETS OF THE MOON) and was mastered by double Grammy-Award-winner Darcy Proper at Galaxy-Studios (MANOWAR, RAMMSTEIN). Two tracks (‘Mens Insana In Corpore Insano’ and ‘The Healing Process’) are available for download, both on the homepage of Maddening Media and on the one of LE GRAND GUIGNOL. A video-clip to the song ‘Madness And Her Thousand Young’, taken from the same album, is currently in post-production and will be revealed soon. "The Great Maddening" will be officially released in spring 2007. Furthermore, Maddening Media has announced the future cooperation with the Dutch post Black Metal band ORDO DRACONIS as well as with the Dutch symphonic Black Metal band CARACH ANGREN.

March 02, 2007

On May 8, IMMOLATION will release their seventh full length album "Shadows In The Light" via Century Media Records. The new effort was recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios with producer Paul Orofino.

March 01, 2007

Midnight Records have just released a 7" EP by Sweden’s old school Deather RIBSPREADER, entitled "Vicar Mortis". The EP is limited to 1.000 copies and features 3 songs + intro and was mixed by Dan Swanö. Each one is packaged with a pro printed full color card-stock vinyl jacket, containing a hidden bonus within for the diehards. For ordering details contact Wes at midnight666_records@yahoo.com.