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April 28, 2008

Here’s an official press statement from John of ALLFADER: "Since the release of "At Least We Will Die Together" in 2006 we had a period where our guitarist Per was very indifferent and not motivated to continue with the band. We didn’t fire him because I go back with him quite a few years and was hoping his feelings would change. They did not, at least not fast enough. So eventually I took over his guitar duties. That’s why things have been a bit slow over here. There’s no bad blood, no scandals. We’ve all moved on. At first I was apprehensive about playing guitar while singing, but it has worked out incredibly well. Also, I feel I’m more in touch with the material when we write, and the writing process itself has been smoother than ever. We also did more shows in 2007 than the years 2001-2006 combined. So what are we up to at the moment? Well, we’re currently recording our next album. The drums are done, and right now we’re focusing on guitars. We’re recording eight songs for the album with a total playing time around 50 minutes. The songs sound huge and they have a bit of a different vibe (to us, at least). We’re focusing on groove, dynamics and solid arrangements. Heavier, less technical guitars but some awesome drumming. I’m psyched to hear the songs come alive and I can’t wait for our fans to hear this! If we meet the necessary deadlines the album will be released by Osmose sometime in the fall. More info will come soon. That’s it for now, gotta go back to recording guitars…"

April 26, 2008

On June 15, Displeased Records will reissue DYING FETUS‘ "Killing On Adrenaline" (with upgraded layout, to-the-point remastering and a bonus DVD containing 100+ minutes live gig material from 2000) and Prostitute Disfigurement’s debut full length "Deeds Of Derangement" (with cleared up cover artwork and all lyrics included).

April 25, 2008

Germany’s Cyclone Empire Records will finally release "Under The Spell Of The Pentagram", a CD+DVD set featuring all known recordings from Chile’s cult Death / Thrashers PENTAGRAM in mid May. The DVD part will feature live-performances.

"Eryx", the new album by Finnish Black / Deathers GLORIA MORTI, will be released by Cyclone Empire on May 9th along with 2 exclusive bonustracks.

Sepulchral Voice Records (www.sepulchralvoice.de) repressed NECROS CHRISTOS‘s previously out of print "Triune Impurity Rites" on CD. Additionally, the LP version of the album has been finally made available including the album on dual black gold vinyl, foldout cover, 12 page booklet, silver print, a poster and stickers.

Soulseller Records is working on a compilation album called RESURRECTED IN FESTERING SLIME due to be released around August / September 2008. This collection treasure will be edited in limited edition vinyl and features songs from BOMBS OF HADES (featuring ex-members of GOD MACABRE, UTUMNO, ABHOTH and TRIBULATION), FACEBREAKER (featuring ex-members of EDGE OF SANITY, PAN.THY.MONIUM and DARKIFIED), EVISCERATED, MAIM, DARKCREED, FERAL, MR.DEATH (featuring ex-members of TREBLINKA, TIAMAT and EXPULSION), CHRONIC TORMENT, UNSPOKEN, CRUCIFYRE (featuring ex-members of AFFLICTED, CREMATORY, MORBID and CONCRETE SLEEP), STENCH, BONESAW and RAPE PILLAGE AND BURN (featuring ex-members of DISMEMBER and MURDER SQUAD and members of DIVINE EVE).

April 24, 2008

ASSASSIN have added a new bass player to their line-up. His name is Michael Hambloch and he will replace Ufo Walter. The band has already started rehearsals for their upcoming tour of South America in June. Michael was recommended by Ufo and plays for the bands HUHNERFRIEDHOF and RIOT ACT. After the tour ASSASSIN will start recording the new album. Musically they have announced a return to their 80s old school Thrash Metal roots. At this point of time it’s not sure yet whether the new CD will be self-released or a label’s release.

Angelo Espino, whose work in Thrash Metal includes Hirax, Reverend (w/ David Wayne), Dissinter, Uncle Slam, Once Dead, Vermin, LSN and many others has officially joined the ranks of ANGER AS ART. The band released the following statement: "This was a coup for us to get someone of his caliber. We knew that a change was going to happen with Javier. However the timetable was moved up very rapidly in March. It came to our attention that Angelo was available and interested, so we made him an offer. Angelo and Dave played together in what we thought was Hirax’s best lineup ­ so they have that rhythm section vibe already in place, and it really shows when we play live. We wish Javier the best, and we part as friends and family." Espino’s first shows with Anger As Art were at Seattle Metal Fest on April 5, and also in support of Testament and label mates LÄÄz Rockit in Southern California. For the Southern California dates, Anger As Art contracted Medal Media Productions to shoot a concert video ­ which should see an early summer release. More information forthcoming. Anger As Art plan to enter the studio to begin work on album # 3 (as of yet untitled) in September or October ­ after additional appearances in the USA and Europe this summer. In additional news, Anger As Art lead guitarist William Rustrum has been welcomed into the family of artists using SFARZO strings. "He loves them! Write to him, and let him explain why!" Additional band info can be found at www.myspace.com/angerasart

April 21, 2008

Germany’s Cyclone Empire Records have announced a whole bunch of new releases for the coming months. Here’s the complete release schedule: MIGHTIEST – "Bloodyssey" (all recorded tunes of this South-German band on 2 discs), WARNING – "The Strength To Dream" and "Watching From A Distance" (CD re-releases), GLORIA MORTI – "Eryx" (CD), PENTAGRAM (Chile) – "Under The Spell Of The Pentagram" (CD + DVD), CARNAGE – "Dark Recollections" (exclusive European re-issue CD), DEMONICAL – "Servants Of The Unlight" (LP), DESOLATION ANGELS – "Feels Like Thunder" (4 CD box), EVOCATION – "Tales From The Tomb" (LP), FACEBREAKER – "Dead, Rotten And Hungry" (LP), MASSACRE – "From Beyond" / "Inhuman Conditions" EP (exclusive European re-issue CD), ROTTEN SOUND – "Cycles" (LP), SOLSTICE (UK) – "Blood Fire Doom" (3 CD + DVD boxset), SUICIDAL WINDS – "Chaos Rising" (LP) and WARBRINGER – "War Without End" (Pic LP). For updates check out www.cyclone-empire.com

April 20, 2008

New York’s Goregiastic Records will soon be releasing a SINISTER compilation CD, entitled "The Blood Past" CD, featuring a complete collection of all the early, long-time out-of-print band material released during the 1990-1992 period. It will include their 2 EPs from 1990, the 1990 and 1991 demos, the split EP with MONASTERY from 1991 plus special bonus tracks. It will be packed with a comprehensive booklet including all the EPs and demo covers, tons of pics, liner notes, recordings info and more. The cover artwork will be supplied by Chris Moyen (INCANTATION, BLASPHEMY, VITAL REMAINS, MORTICIAN, SARCOFAGO, etc). www.goregiasticrecords.com

SIXONEOSIX have just released a new 3 song recording, entitled "The Price We Pay". It features the tracks ‘The Price We Pay’, ‘The Ruthless And The Reckless’ and ‘Unfair’. For more info feel free to visit www.sixoneosix.com or www.myspace.com/sixoneosix.

Sweden’s Iron Fist Records have just released the vinyl edition of the new PEST full length "Rest In Morbid Darkness". In Germany it is available through Iron Pegasus or Iron Bonehead. The next Iron Fist release will be LETHAL’s "Annihilation Agenda" CD.

April 16, 2008

DAWN OF AZAZEL have uploaded three new demo tracks on their MySpace page www.myspace.com/dawnofazazel. Commented frontman Rigel Walshe: "These three new tracks are demo versions of three new tracks that will be appearing on the forthcoming album – ‘Fornication Revelation’, ‘The Art Of Seduction’ and ‘Liquor And Lust’. We have been rehearsing intensely since (drummer) Jeremy (Suckling, ex-SCORIA) joined the fold and we feel these new tracks represent the strongest material, musically and lyrically and ideologically that we have produced since our inception. We are currently shopping around for a deal and will be returning to the studio, and hitting the road, in the Northern Hemisphere early in the second half of the year. Expect great things!!"

April 15, 2008

NYC Thrashers SUN DESCENDS have posted 4 new tracks off their new album "The Entropy Formula", on their Myspace page. The 10 track album, which is released on Khaosmaster Productions this month and via Twilight Distribution in the fall, will be the band’s last output for 2008 and 2009. Vocalist Mem V.Stein who also fronts German cult Thrash act EXUMER will return with a new SUN DESCENDS album in 2010, after the EXUMER reunion in 2009. "The Entropy Formula" will also be released on limited edition vinyl later this year and will incorporate the artwork of Sean Taggart (Crumbsuckers, Agnostic Front, Carnivore). The following tracks are streamed in their entirety at www.myspace.com/sundescends: ‘Gold Steel Form’, ‘Entropy No. 2’, ‘Strike At Will’ and ‘The God Particle’.

AVULSED have just published the following official news: "Yesterday night, our drummer Ricky suffered a loss of conscience and once in the hospital he remained in the Intensive Care Unit. It seems like he suffered a small brain stroke or something like that. this is, one of the veins was broken and some blood was spilled, so he need some surgery to take that blood out. At this point we don’t know much about it, since he liked 200 km away, and this is the information provided to us by his girlfriend, but what it’s sure is that we’ll have to cancel the AVULSED performance at the Delirium Festival that’s taking place near Paris, France) next Saturday 19th of April. Also, right now we’re not sure if we’ll be able to perform at the Underground Metal Fest in Lyon (France) next saturday 26th of April as well. We still have to see how Ricky develops from this and then we’ll see, although this really doesn’t depend on us. We’re very sorry for not being able to perform at the Delirium Festival on which AVULSED was the headliner sharing the bill with quite some cool bands like HACRIDE, NO RETURN, DEGRADEAD, EMBRYONIC CELLS, HYSTHERESY and E-VICE. We hope our fans and the organizers will understand us in this critical situation and we really hope to play at next year’s edition of the festival."

Sweden’s HEARSE are currently working on their fifth album. So far the drums have been finished. 12 songs are planned to be recorded and most likely 10 of them will end up on the album. As soon as the band gets "green light" from their record label (depending on which one it’ll be) the recording will continue. More info on the recording to follow. In the meantime check out some pics from the recording here.

April 11, 2008

Utrecht, The Netherlands-based Thrashers NUESTROS DERECHOS have issued a new release: "Struggling With The Dark". Seven new songs, with struggle and darkness as thematic thread, were recorded at the Bunt Studios in Utrecht, The Netherlands under the guidance of well-known producer Menno Bakker (Born From Pain, NRA, Malkovich, The Apers, etc). Mastering duties were handled by the critically acclaimed Alan Douches at West West Side Music, who previously offered his services to God Forbid, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed and Sepultura among others. The full track listing on "Struggling With The Dark" runs as follows: ‘Devil’s Repent’, ‘Spam’, ‘Nosferatu’, ‘Deimos’, ‘Nazgul’, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Darkest Before Dawn’. The last track features an improvised solo by Warchitect mastermind and guitarist Michael Schoemaker. Nuestros Derechos’ previous release, a split CD with fellow Thrashers De Waonzin (rip), was issued in 2005. The band’s current lineup is comprised of Jerry "Herrie" Derechos on guitar and lead vocals, Miss Janet Derechos on bass and lead vocals and Johnny Derechos on drums. Janet makes her debut on "Struggling With The Dark"; she replaced original bassist and co-lead vocalist Jan-Willem in 2006. For more info check out www.nuestrosderechos.nl.

April 10, 2008

The following news have just been posted at Blabbermouth.net: Swiss Avantgarde / Metal pioneers CELTIC FROST have released the following statement via their official web site: "CELTIC FROST singer and guitarist Tom Gabriel Fischer has left CELTIC FROST due to the irresolvable, severe erosion of the personal basis so urgently required to collaborate within a band so unique, volatile, and ambitious." It was reported earlier in the year that CELTIC FROST was putting together an album tentatively titled "Monotheist Companion" that will feature unreleased songs from 2006’s "Monotheist" sessions and rearrangements of tracks from the album. The disc is tentatively due in the summer. A video interview with a slightly agitated Tom Gabriel Fischer which originally appeared on the "Xtreme Soundscapes Vol. VI" DVD (website) has been posted on YouTube.

April 07, 2008

March 2008 will be remembered by Australian Thrashers MORTAL SIN as the most successful venture away from their home territory ever when they supported U.S. Thrash legends OVERKILL through 15 shows in Europe. In Oslo the band opened the main stage at Norway’s Inferno Festival and won over the predominantly Black Metal crowd with a blistering set which was recorded on CD and will be soon be released as an official live bootleg. MORTAL SIN will travel back to Europe in July and August to play the festival circuit, already confirmed for Headbangers Open Air Festival and JaloMetalli Festival and more to be announced soon. They have also been put forward for possible tours with OVERKILL (in America), TESTAMENT (Europe), METAL CHURCH (Europe) and HOLY MOSES (America).

April 06, 2008

80s Thrash Metal masters HALLOWS EVE have released the title for their new and upcoming album set for a July release. The album is entitled "The Never-Ending Sleep" and the track list is as follows: ‘Night Of The Never-Ending Sleep’, ‘Dominion Resurrected’, ‘Army Of One’, ‘Dance Of The Dead’, ’72 Virgins’, ‘Bed Of Nails’, ‘Interface’, ‘Doors Of Misery’, ‘Through Dark And Dawn’ and ‘The Sun Must Die’. The re-formed Thrash Metal veterans, now made up of original lead vocalist ST Andersen and bass player Tommy Stewart are joined by ex – RIGOR MORTIS guitarist and lead vocalist Doyle Bright who is producing the album, with Atlanta’s own Chris Abbomonte on guitar and Jim Gorman on drums (both from prominent Atlanta Metal acts). Stay tuned for more info on "The Never-Ending Sleep" and more HALLOWS EVE info in the coming weeks. www.myspace.com/hallowsevemusic

April 05, 2008

METAL RIP OFF COMMUNITY is a brand new internet-portal where any interested person can register and add information about a label, band or individual. You can check it out at www.metalripoff.info

SATHANAS have signed a deal with Dreamtide Booking. A European tour is already planned for September. More info will soon be posted at: www.myspace.com/dreamtidemusic.

A Thrash Metal compilation tape called DIRTY BUSINESS VOL. I will be released through Face Fate Records from Belgium at the end April. More info you may find at: www.myspace.com/thrashingjerry

SNAKEPIT MAGAZINE issue # 16 has just been released and as usual features the most in depth interviews you will ever read anywhere, this time with Metal masters such as AFTERMATH, AGGRESSION (CAN), ANGUS, APOCALYPSE (U.K.), ARCHENEMY (L.A.), CHEMIKILL, CYNIC, DEATH FORCE, DEATH STRIKE, DEVASTATION (IL), EXHORDER, FIRESTORM, HELL, JJ’S POWERHOUSE, MASTER, SARDO, SCEPTRE, SINDROME, TRANSGRESSOR, VERMIN, AGENT STEEL (with original drummer Chuck Proffus), CRUCIFIED MORTALS, FIRELAND, GAUNTLET, INFERNAL MAJESTY, HIBRIA, RAZOR (with bassist Mike Campagnolo), SEPTER, THRUSTOR, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, a label special about Rave On Records and a bunch of very critical and honest reviews. 114 pages in total, entirely written in English, pro-printed again and exclusively distributed by NWN! Productions. Each issue comes with a free DEATH DEALER two song live vinyl 7". You can order your copy here.

April 04, 2008

EXUMER will play their first reunion show at the "Keep it True-12" Festival, April 25/26 2009, in Germany. The gig will premier the band’s vocalists Mem V. Stein and Paul Arakaki (guitars / bass / vocals) performing together live on stage for the first time. The band will play a full set with songs from EXUMER’s first two albums and new material. EXUMER are currently working on their first official website where additional live dates and new demo tracks will be posted. EXUMER vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: "The reactions for the reunion had been fantastic and it appears that it was the right decision for us to reform the band. It is now up to us not to disappoint the fans who are waiting to see us live and hear the new material. We are forging ahead with the same conviction we had in the 1980s, and I can promise that the fans won’t be let down. We will not in any way jeopardize the band’s cult status and release new, sub par material that does not compare to the energy displayed on our recordings from the 80s or lacks the technical standards of today’s playing / productions."

Tommy Stewart of HALLOWS EVE just sent us the following info: "We are almost done with the next Hallows Eve album. It features original lead vocalist Stacy Andersen and is produced by Doyle Bright of Rigor Mortis. It is a conscious effort to achieve the feel and sound of "Tales Of Terror" and "Death And Insanity"."

Old Cemetery Records have just released "Conjuring Evil", the new full length album by Black Thrashing Heavy Metal act DEVASTATOR. The band is supposed to be highly influenced by VENOM, BATHORY, old CELTIC FROST / HELLHAMMER, MANILLA ROAD, RAZOR, RUNNING WILD, old DESTRUCTION, SODOM and ZEMIAL. Formore info and / or samples of the album visit www.morbidforce.com, http://morbidforce.com/devastator/creations.htm or www.myspace.com/ocr666.

April 01, 2008

After years of personal and line-up problems, Peru’s GOAT SEMEN are in preparation for their debut full length studio album for From Beyond Productions / Displeased Records. The band will enter the studio to record a promo with the newly written and rehearsed tracks later this month, with the actual studio album to be recorded right after summer 2008.

German Thrashers NOCTURNAL just returned from a small European tour to focus on their new album with new vocalist Reaper (OLD), to be recorded during late summer 2008.

After their succesful Latin America tour late last year, AGATHOCLES have been busy writing and rehearsing new material for a new full length for Displeased Records, to be recorded next month.

OFFICIUM TRISTE have just announced another line-up change through their website: "After much thought Martin has decided to quit drumming and start focusing on the synth-parts. As one of the main composers he has always had a big influence on the music and especially the synths. He’ll keep on writing music as well. His decision has a lot to do with the fact he’s living in Germany and he feels he cannot deliver what is needed for the band when talking about rehearsing and doing live gigs. This will give the band much more opportunities and we’re happy to see Martin in this setting. We are also very happy to announce that all drum duties will be taken over by Ronald Lagerwaard (ex-Imbolc, Absent Mind, Perpetual Misery). He has proven to be a great drummer and is very motivated to be part of the tight rhythm section for OFFICIUM TRISTE."