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January 30, 2009

Blabbermouth has just posted the following news: John McCarthy, the singer for ’80s Boston Punk Metal pioneers POST MORTEM, has died at age 40. The group’s guitarist John Alexander stated, "[McCarthy] was / is one of my oldest friends. An interesting character with many great stories to tell, he will be missed." Alexander added, "We had just finished recording the music for a new POST MORTEM record (John wrote most of the words for it). The vocals were not done and John was planning on doing his vocals in February. His goal of making another POST MORTEM record has ended. This band was everything to him. I think we’ll finish it up somehow and dedicate it to him." New Renaissance Records last year announced the reissue of the first album from POST MORTEM, "Coroner’s Office". The LP was re-mastered and also included the band’s second release, 1987’s "The Missing Link" EP, which was previously unavailable on CD. POST MORTEM was formed on March 22, 1982, in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts. The definitive lineup was finally settled on in early 1985 consisting of John McCarthy (vocals), John Alexander (guitar), Mark Kelley (bass) and Rick McIver (drums). Rest in peace, John!

The new ACHERON full length "Final Conflict: Last Days Of God" is now completely recorded, mixed and mastered. You can already check out three songs at the band’s myspace site www.myspace.com/acheron666

January 28, 2009

Norwegian brutal Death Metallers THE SICKENING (featuring ex-BLOOD RED THRONE’s drummer Beist) have inked a 2-album deal with Xtreem Music. Their debut album, tentatively named "Death, Devastation, Decay!", is already recorded and currently being mastered in Sweden by Dan Swäno. It contains 11 songs including a cover of CANNIBAL CORPSE’s ‘Hammer Smashed Face’. A release date hasn’t been settled on yet, but it’s expected sometime this summer 2009 while the band is hardly working on shows not only in their homeland, but also in various festivals across Europe. For more info about the band as well as listening to one unmastered song form the upcoming album, visit their official MySpace at: www.myspace.com/thesickeningdeathmetal

January 26, 2009

THUNDRA, Norwegian Viking Metal pioneers from the earliest days (featuring founding members of ENSLAVED and EINHERJER), will release their third studio album in late summer of 2009 through Einheit Produktionen. www.thundra.net

Dallas, TX based Death Metal act RAPE PILLAGE & BURN is set to release their debut EP, "Songs Of Death… Songs Of Hell" through Ibex Moon Records on January 27th. The band had this to say regarding the EP and their relationship with Ibex Moon Records: "With eternal and infernal hails we, RAPE PILLAGE & BURN, are honored to announce the release of the "Songs Of Death… Songs Of Hell" EP through Ibex Moon Records. We have known John (McEntee; owner) for many years and are proud to keep true with him the traditions of the underground extreme Metal music scene with this release! As the black fire grows larger and louder we are also pleased to declare our debut full-length record "Audible Hell" will also be available through Ibex Moon Records in 2009 – release date TBA. We rejoice as creation dies and forever we will sing the songs of darkness!"

January 25, 2009

Spanish Death Metallers AVULSED will release their fifth full length album "Nullo (The Pleasure Of Self-Mutilation)" later this year. A European headliner tour with Italy’s Death / Grinders GRIMNESS 69 and German Thrashers NECRONOMICON is currently being booked between May 29 and June 13. A total of 16 shows in 16 days. No route has been decided on yet, so if you’re interesed in organizing a show in your city, please get in touch with the band directly at info@avulsed.com.

January 24, 2009

Preparations are currently being made for the as of yet untitled second full-length album by PROFANATICA (the follow up to "Profanatitas De Domonatia"), to be released in 2009 via Hells Headbangers Records on CD, LP and Picture LP. Paul Ledney’s other band HAVOHEJ will also release their second album "Kembatinan Premaster" via Hells Headbangers Records later this year.

German Death Metallers OBSCURA have posted the title song from their forthcoming Relapse debut "Cosmogenesis" on the band’s official MySpace site www.myspace.com/realmofobscura. It features a guest appearance by Ron Jarzombek (Spastic Ink, Watchtower). The album will see its North American release on February 17th, 2009 (March 2nd internationally). Additional release information and album artwork can be found here.

January 23, 2009

EXHORDER is officially back in business. Here’s some excerpts of an official statement courtesy of Vinne LaBella: "After tossing this around for quite some time we actually just decided to do this less than a week ago so at this time we have no real direction on what we want to do as far as shows, tours, albums etc. As of right now the first step is to get a new bass player and get back to rehearsing. This will probably be a slow process and you’ve waited a long time already but your patience will be rewarded and as you already know we never disappoint."

Texas based RAPE, PILLAGE & BURN‘s first album "Audible Hell" will be released on Tuesday, 29th of January through Ibex Moon Records. The band, which features ex-members of DISMEMBER and DIVINE EVE in their line-up, is also featured on the upcoming vinyl compilation "Resurrection In Festering Slime" with the song ‘1911’. As they say, "watch out for the future, you may have napalm dropped upon your dreams!". www.myspace.com/rapepillageandburn666

January 20, 2009

To coincide with the release of their Ibex Moon Records debut, "Within One", Los Angeles-based blackened Death / Thrashers DREAMING DEAD have posted a behind the scenes look at the making of the album. The eight minute video, which features exclusive studio footage of DREAMING DEAD members Elizabeth Schall and Mike Cafffell can be viewed here.

Kam Lee has announced plans to start auditioning new members for an all new reformation of the band MASSACRE. Plans are set to do an all new MASSACRE album for the year 2010. Although Kam has stated in the past that he was never sure if doing a new MASSACRE album could ever be possible, the demand from the fans worldwide for an all new MASSACRE album could no longer be ignored. Kam also has stated that he will return MASSACRE to its roots, returning to both the lyrical content and the musical style as set forth on the album "From Beyond". Several well known and respected musicians (who also happen to be longtime MASSACRE fans themselves) have been approached to take part in this historical event. And once confirmed – they shall be revealed in time. For now – 2 new tracks that are being worked on for the album will be titled: ‘Back From Beyond’ and ‘Return Of The Corpse Grinder’.

Displeased Records will be re-releasing HELLWITCH‘s "Syzygial Miscreancy" CD this fall. The re-release will feature all lyrics, unused artwork, complete demo inlays, flyers and liner notes as well as 3 complete demos ("Transgressive Sentience", "Mordirivial Disemanation" and "Nosferatu") and a 1989 rehearsal as bonus.

DENIAL FIEND bassist Terry Butler (SIX FEET UNDER, ex-MASSACRE, ex-DEATH) and guitarist Sam Williams (DOWN BY LAW, PSEUDO HEROES) have added two new members to the line-up. D.R.I skinsman Rob Rampy has joined as a fulltime member, while Blaine Cook (THE ACCUSED, TOE TAG) will be the guest vocalist on the band’s upcoming EP. Williams had this to say about the recent roster developments, "We’re really happy to be working with Rob, as we’re huge fans of his work with D.R.I. The guy is old school, fast and tight. And although Blaine won’t be a permanent member of the band, we’re extremely pleased to have him with us on this EP. Of course THE ACCUSED has always been a major influence on DENIAL FIEND. Both of these guys fit our current direction perfectly – a little faster, a little more technical, and more thrashy all the way around." The as of yet untitled EP will be released sometime in 2009 on Ibex Moon Records, followed by a number of live dates across the US. www.myspace.com/denialfiendband

Chilean Death Metal warriors THORNAFIRE are preparing to enter the studio on February 2nd to record their sophomore album for Ibex Moon Records, "Vorax Deconstruction". Two years in the works, the follow up to "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation" is sure to be another Metal of Death tour de force. Following the release of Vorax Deconstrucción, THORNAFIRE will embark on its first ever U.S. tour in July with MONSTROSITY and Missouri’s TORN THE FUCK APART. Says guitarist Victor Mac-Namara, "We are preparing our axes and will work to annihilate the stage each night. We are very anxious to showcase our Death Metal coming from the Hell of South America!" Tour dates will be revealed as they become available. www.myspace.com/thornafire

January 19, 2009

German Death Metallers EMBEDDED have uploaded another previously unreleased song to their myspace site: www.myspace.com/embeddeddeathmetal. The band is currently looking for a label, willing to release their already recorded third full length album.

French dark Death Metallers BLOODY SIGN will begin the pre-production for their third album "Chaos Echoes" this week at Le Bonhome Studio. The album will contain 9 tracks, 3 instrumental interludes and a MORTEM (Peru) cover (also to appear on a tribute album). Recording the album will occur in spring 2009. Await "antic dark Death Metal melt with chaos psychedelism and experiments, linked by a concept about music and death, music and mysticism, elemental forces, Orphism, Metal, alcohol." www.myspace.com/bloodysign

January 16, 2009

The second studio album of Belgian TARANIS is out on Iron Pegasus. It is a mix of traditional, very old style Black Metal and Thrash in the vein of DESTROYER 666, PAGAN RITES and BATHORY, but with TARANIS’ very own character. You can check out the song ‘Metal Legacy’ on the Iron Pegasus’ myspace page: www.myspace.com/ironpegasusrecords

SADISTIC INTENT‘s "Resurrection Of The Ancient Black Earth" CD will finally be out at the end of January. It features the studio tracks of the ultra rare LP plus the "Morbid Faith" 7"EP as bonus. This re-release comes with a 16 pages booklet, that contains lyrics, cool photos, etc. Available at: www.iron-pegasus.com

A DESASTER / SABBAT (Japan) split EP will be out in the Summer on Iron Pegasus Records. It will be a special "happy birthday" release for both bands.

Polish melodic Thrashers CHAINSAW will release a brand new album entitled "Evilution" through Metal Mind Productions on February 23 in Europe and April 7 in the US (via MVD). It is a concept album written by a native Scotsman consisting of 10 rather dark and gruesome tales. Celtic legends telling stories of half-human and half-animal creatures, paranormal activities, supernatural powers and the evolution of evil and magic that took place in Scotland throughout the centuries. The first recording session took place in mid 2008 at Studio X in Olsztyn, Poland with the following guests: Tytus (vocals), best known from Acid Drinkers and Mauser (guitar), an ex-member of Vader, currently involved in his project UnSun.

Denmark’s VICTIMIZER are currently in the studio recording a new mini album entitled "Resurrected Abominations". It will be released on CD and vinyl through Hells Headbangers in April 2009 and contains the following tracks ‘Worthy Of Hell’, ‘Reap The Nuclear Whirlwind’ (re-recorded), ‘E-37101’, ‘Lucifers Domain’ (HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH cover) and ‘Resurrected Abominations’.

January 15, 2009

The long awaited "Obscuridad Eterna" 7"EP, by Mexico’s INFINITUM OBSCURE, will finally be out after a two year delay. Originally planned to be released on a different label, Blood Harvest is proud to take on this record. The EP is currently at the pressing plant and announceed for an early / mid February release. Blood Harvest will also be releasing the vinyl editions of the band’s previous works, as well as the vinyl edition of the upcoming album. Here’s what Roberto Lizárraga, the band’s frontman, has to say: "We feel honored to be working with Blood Harvest Records and we are extremly excited to finally see the "Obscuridad Eterna" EP released. It’s the band’s first release since 2006. It is also very comforting to have the support of an honest label that is loyal to the band, it will be very nice to see "Internal Dark Force" and "Ipsus Universum" on vinyl format, as well as our upcoming second full length album "Infra Ater Caela."

January 14, 2009

A new vinyl 10" from Japan’s ANATOMIA will be released through Nuclear War Now Productions soon. It contains 4 tracks of the band’s demo from 2004 as well as a REPULSION cover. For more info on the band check out www.myspace.com/anatomia

January 10, 2009

Additionally to Kam Lee, now also drummer Curtis Beeson has officially intimated that he’s no longer part of DENIAL FIEND anymore. You can read what he’s posted in his myspace blog here.

January 09, 2009

Kam Lee has just issued an official statement concerning his decision to leave DENIAL FIEND. As it is a bit too long to be included in our regular news section, just click here to read it in its entirety.

Re-united German Thrashers EXUMER have re-scheduled their North American live debut and will now headline this year’s Thrasho De Mayo Thrash Festival in Los Angeles, CA on May 1st, 2009. In addition, EXUMER announces their newest permanent member to their roster. His Eminence the Wicked (SKARHEAD, HEMLOCK, SUN DESCENDS, TERROR OF THE TREES), will be EXUMER’s new bassist and is the band’s 4th permanent member in this latest line-up. Mem V. Stein: "His Eminence and I have been friends since I arrived in New York, over 10 years ago. It was the most natural thing to include such a multi talented musician in our line-up and there is no doubt that his incredible energy will add to EXUMER’s intensity. We are also forever grateful to FUELED BY FIRE’s management who included us in this year’s Thrasho De Mayo. It will be no doubt a milestone in EXUMER’s history." For more info go to: www.myspace.com/exumerwakingthefire

January 08, 2009

Konqueror Records have just re-issued the long out-of-print EPITAPH "Seeming Salvation" CD. This jewel was originally released back in 1992 by the highly respected and sought after French label Thrash Records. The CD will feature bonus tracks taken from the classic split with EXCRUCIATE. Labels / distributors and all ancient Death worshippers contact: info@konqueror-records.com, www.myspace.com/konquerorrecords

Germany’s technical Death Metallers DISINFECT have signed a deal with Metal Age Productions for the release of their new CD "Screams Of Pleasure" (to be out soon). The tracklist reads like this: ‘Casket Born’, ‘Screams Of Pleasure’, ‘Slow Torture’, ‘Ritual Sexual Abuse’, ‘Nordic Thunder’, ‘Declared To Death’, ‘Melted By Heat’, ‘Human Scum’ and ‘Foxy Disintegration’. For all further info check out www.disinfect.de, www.myspace.com/disinfectdeathmetal

January 06, 2009

At the end of January / beginning of February 2009 a HIRAX / RESISTANCE split vinyl EP will be released in co-production between Emanes Metal Records (F), Metal Forces Festival (GER) and Under Siege Records (F). HIRAX will contribute live songs from the Metal Forces Festival in 2007, while French RESISTANCE deliver an exclusive new song called ‘Metal Forces’ and a live version of ‘Resistance’ from 2008. RESISTANCE have also found a new drummer in Marti Ilmar Uibo (BLOODY SIGN, TORMIS) now.

German Death Metallers OBSCURA (featuring ex-members of NECROPHAGIST and PESTILENCE) have posted a third preview track, ‘Universe Momentum’, from their forthcoming Relapse debut "Cosmogenesis" at the band’s official MySpace page www.myspace.com/realmofobscura. "Cosmogenesis" was recently already listed in "The Top 25 Most Anticipated Records of 2009" in Decibel Magazine. The album will see its North American release on February 17, 2009 (March 2 internationally) and features guest appearances from Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK, BLOTTED SCIENCE) and Tymon Kruidenier (CYNIC, EXIVIOUS).

January 05, 2009

Los Angeles’ DREAMING DEAD will be releasing their debut album "Within One" on Ibex Moon Records on January 20, 2009. "It’s heavier; it has more of a modern edge to it", says frontlady Elizabeth Schall when comparing her fury-laden full-length to the demo that established the band as a force to be reckoned with in the underground scene. "We just hope that the album is well-received by the Metal community and we can’t wait to get out on the road. We’re really excited about everything."

January 04, 2009

Reunited Death / Thrash legends GOREAPHOBIA have just completed the recording of "Mortal Repulsion", the debut album for Ibex Moon Records, and have sent it for mastering. The band has also re-recorded some old classics for inclusion as bonus tracks. The new album features guitarist Alex Bouks, bassist / vocalist Chris Gamble, guitarist John McEntee (Incantation) and drummer Jim Roe (ex-Incantation). Says Bouks about the album, "A lot of people had been asking when the record will be done for a long time, but we needed to do things right and not rush the album. This is the first time I have ever worked with a group of musicians I respect and that have worked together as a band. Everyone has been involved with the writing process. The only way I can describe "Mortal Repulsion" is ‘extremely dark, atmospheric, aggressive, and heavy.’ I am very happy about what we have created together. This is the record we were always meant to make – pure Death Metal in its darkest form. We look forward to playing live for all the fans in the next coming months." Track listing for the album is as follows: ‘Ordeal Of The Abyss’, ‘Amulet Of Damnation’, ‘Negative Screams’, ‘Grave Plagued Planet’, ‘Primal Nothingness’, ‘End’, ‘Despised And Ruined’, ‘Black Ash Eyes’, ‘A Grievous Curse’, ‘Ascending Into Vices’, ‘The Inevitable Punishment’ and ‘Mortal Repulsion’. For more info, check out www.myspace.com/goreaphobia

Great news for all fans of Swedish old school Death Metal. After the original plans via Threeman Recordings unfortunately fell through, Relapse Records will be releasing a CD of classic NIRVANA 2002 material later this year. Vocalist Orvar Säfström is currently compiling the material for it, together with Nicola Costantini (of the great "Encyclopedia Of Svensk Dödsmetall" book). The tracklist for the CD reads like this: ‘Mourning’ (from the "Projections Of A Stained Mind" compilation), ‘Slumber’, ‘Zombiefication’ and ‘The Awakening Of…’ (from the "Disembodied Spirits" 1990 demo), ‘Further Beyond’ and ‘Snake’ (from "Promo 91"). Additional bonus tracks will be: ‘Truth & Beauty’ / ‘Physcial Excursion’, ‘Brutality’, ‘The Awakening Of…’ (4-track version), ‘Further Beyond’ and ‘Snake’ (from Promo 91, 2nd version), ‘Disembodied Spirits’ (raw mix with less effects, but better sound) and maybe ‘Mourning’ live from the release party of Swedish Death Metal. We’ll keep you posted!