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October 26, 2010

"Where Demons Dwell", the 9th album from Kentucky’s ABOMINANT, will be released by Deathgasm Records on October 29. It was produced by the band and Scott Briggs (Velocity Studios) and features the following tracks: ‘Baptized By Steel’, ‘Bloodland’, ‘Firestorm’, ‘Rain Of Ash’, ‘After The Fallout’, ‘The Wolves Of Hate’, ‘Blackened Earth’ and ‘Where Demons Dwell’. More info at www.myspace.com/abominant

A 40-second video teaser for "Infernal Earthly Divine", the debut full length by Swedish old school Death Metallers CRUCIFYRE is now available at this location. The band’s line-up features TG (ex-MORBID) on guitars, Yasse Hillborg (ex-AFFLICTED) on drums, Urban Skytt (ex-CREMATORY) on guitars, Erik Tormentor Sahlström (GENERAL SURGERY) on vocals and Henrik Doltz Nilsson (DOBERMANN CULT) on bass. The complete tracklist for "Infernal Earthly Divine" reads like this: ‘Born Again Satanist’, ‘Kiss The Goat’, ‘Hellish Sacrifice’, ‘Majestical / Sadistical’, ‘Witch Hammer’, ‘Thessalonian Death Cult’, ‘A.W.W.S / … Of Hell’, ‘Hail Satan’ and ‘The Fetching’. An announcement on the official North American and European release dates for "Infernal Earthly Divine" will be made soon. More info at www.myspace.com/crucifyre

October 19, 2010

Contributors wanted!!!! VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE is in need of reliable underground maniacs, that are interested to contribute to our website. Your musical taste should be along the lines of what we cover here (Black, Death & old school Thrash Metal, as well as classic 80s Metal acts) and the english language shouldn’t be a problem for you either. Same goes for the necessary time and motivation to do this on a regular base. If you’re already running a zine, radio show, label, mailorder or whatever (so that you have access to a lot of new releases yourself) you may contact us as well. So, don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch! By the way: VOICES reader Steffen Gräf was so kind to scan and upload old print issues as PDF versions here. Thanks a lot for keeping the zine alive this way!

On November 19, Century Media will release a massive GRAVE boxset entitled "Death Unhallowed", that will include 12 CDs and a DVD. The box will come in a cool looking gravestone design that got specially varnished so that the surface really feels like a raw stone. All discs will come in slipcases and there’s gonna be a 64-pages booklet with lyrics, photos, album info and liner notes from Ola Lindgren. The first 2 CDs "Putrefaction Of The Corpse" and "From Obscure Infinity" will feature all demos of the band: "Sick, Disgust, Eternal", "Sexual Mutilation", "Anatomia Corporis Humani", "Promo 1989", all tracks of the split-CD with DEVIATED INSTINCT and DEVOLUTION, all tracks from the "Tremendous Pain" EP recording session, an "Into The Grave" pre-production track as well as the "Black Dawn" demo from CORPSE and "Painful Death" by PUTREFACTION. The box is strictly limited to 2000 numbered copies.

October 14, 2010

"Evighetens Dårar", the latest offering from Swedish Death Metal masters TORTURE DIVISION, is now available through Abyss Records. The digi-CD compiles material from the trio’s "Evighetens Dårar I" (2009), "Evighetens Dårar II" (2010) and "Evighetens Dårar III" (2010) demos and was mixed / mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios. In preparation for the release, TORTURE DIVISION has posted several tracks from the album, including ‘Traumatic Inhuman Severance’, ‘Total Death Punishment’ and ‘Overtorture (Bound To Be Dead)’ on their myspace page www.myspace.com/torturedivisionsweden. The band’s US label, Abyss Records is currently streaming ‘Heretics! Now!’ on their myspace page www.myspace.com/abyssrecordsofficial. "Evighetens Dårar" is the second compilation of demos from the fiercely independent band to be released through Abyss Records in the States. The label already released "With Endless Wrath We Bring Upon Thee Our Infernal Torture" in 2009, which compiled TORTURE DIVISION’s first three demos, also known as Trilogy. Abyss Records also has official TORTURE DIVISION merchandise for sale. Visit www.officialabyssrecords.com for details.

October 11, 2010

For the very first time, reunited Swedish Death Metallers DESULTORY will re-issue exclusive deluxe editions of "Into Eternity" and "Bitterness" with bonus tracks off their pre-Metal Blade era with three demos circa ’90 – ’91. Both albums have also been re-mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio, Sweden. In an unofficial statement by Dan Swanö: "I have been re-mastering their demos and their first 2 full-length albums. Pulverised will re-release the albums with all demo material as a bonus. The playing time is more than 80 minutes!!!! All the material have been restored to fit nicely together in the same playlist, and it is amazing how much a few small tweaks can change the overall sound from "demo" to "album". A funny anecdote is that I "forced" the band to go to the home of Tomas Skogsberg in the middle of nowhere and pick up the original DAT tapes of the demos. Maximum quality achieved!!!" On top of that, both album covers and booklet layouts have also been revamped for a more modern feel, re-designed and produced by Greek graphic artist Anestis Goudas of Derz Design (ROTTING CHRIST, I.C.S VORTEX, SHAGRATH, etc). Also included in the CD booklet is a detailed run-down on the entire DESULTORY history in the form of liner notes written by Terrorizer Magazine writer Olivier "Zoltar" Badin, with special assistance from DESULTORY frontman Klas Morberg. DESULTORY guitar-player / singer Klas Morberg comments: "When I write these lines in late September 2010, it is exactly 21 years since the DESULTORY journey began back in 1989. As we’re now writing a new chapter in our history by releasing the new album, we would also like to tell the complete story of the past. We are really happy that we now together with Pulverised Records are able to re-release "Into Eternity" and "Bitterness", both brilliantly re-mastered by Dan Swanö. We have also managed to hunt down the master-tapes of the 3 demos that were made before recording of "Into Eternity". All these tracks have also been re-mastered and are included on the albums together with extensive liner notes that tells the complete story of the band. So, for all of you who have been with us from the start and everyone else that wants to know how it all began… Here it is – Enjoy!" For more info go to www.myspace.com/desultoryofficial.

October 10, 2010

Florida based DRUID LORD have just finished working on their debut album "Hymns For The Wicked" which will be released through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions around Halloween. There will also be a LP version on Witches’ Tone Records, strictly limited to 500 copies. The front and back cover art was drawn by Horror / Gore artist Putrid (HOODED MENACE, NUNSLAUGHTER, CARDIAC ARREST). DRUID LORD consists of three fourths of Florida’s Black / Death Metallers EQUINOX (guitarist Pete Slate, bassist / vocalist Tony Blakk and drummer Steven Spillers) who have had a cult status in the underground since 1992. A track for an upcoming split 7" EP with the band WOODEN STAKE is currently also in the works. According to a band info, "fans of ASPHYX, AUTOPSY, MASSACRE, DREAM DEATH and HELLHAMMER" should check them out. Contact and further info at www.myspace.com/druidlordz

October 09, 2010

The third full length album "Impending Hostility" by Polish conquerors PRELUDIUM is out now on Diabolical Conquest Records. According the label the band offers a direct, fierce and deadly assault on the senses. Crushing imperial might of Death Metal is unleashed with added spitefulness of Black Metal, leading to veritable total devastation. "Impending Hostility" comes with a full colour 8-panel booklet with awe-inspiring post-World War illustrations elaborating on the theme of the bleak and horrifying cover artwork. All the CDs are made in the USA in order to achieve Diabolical Conquest’s aim of having world class quality for its releases. For further information check out www.diabolicalconquest.com and www.myspace.com/preludiumband.

October 08, 2010

Dark Descent Records has just completed a deal to release the complete CD discography from classic Swedeath Metallers TOXAEMIA. Tentatively set for a January / February 2001 release, the CD will contain everything ever released by the band, including the "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" and "Buried To Rot" demos and the "Beyond The Realm" EP (released by Seraphic Decay), as well as previously unreleased material recorded during the "Buried To Rot" sessions. In all, 17 songs spanning over 65 minutes of classic Swedish Death Metal. The material will be sourced off of the original master tapes and remixed / remastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio. The release will also contain a bonus disc which features all of the band’s recordings in their original, untouched state. For more details check out www.darkdescent.net.

October 07, 2010

The upcoming 7" EPs from Finnish Deathers KRYPTS and STENCH OF DECAY will shortly be released by Belgium’s Detest Records in co-operation with Me Saco Un Ojo Records from the UK. Already out are the EPs from VETERNUS, MORBUS CHRON and DEVOURMENT. More info at www.detestrecords.com. Within some weeks Detest Records will also release the first 7" EP of US sick Metal of Death masters BONE SICKNESS. Check them out if you’re into MASTER, REPULSION and AUTOPSY. More info at www.myspace.com/bonesickness

German Thrashers EXUMER have posted one out of two video clips taken from the "Keep It True Festival 12", DVD compilation, which was filmed in spring 2009. The band’s performance on the festival was recorded during their "5 Nights of Fire Tour", and featured former singer / guitarist Paul Arakaki alongside main frontman Mem V. Stein. The DVD also includes a bonus interview with both singers recorded at the same show. Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: "We posted the song ‘Fallen Saint’, and decided to showcase Paul. We wanted to give the fans who were not able to attend any of our last year’s shows a chance to see how we looked / sounded like with two singers. We have been missing our friend during our current tour and missed him on the first leg of the "European Ignition Tour 2010", earlier in the spring. However, we are currently rehearsing and writing the new EXUMER material from the up-coming album, to be released next year, between dates in order to sound as organic as possible. This was one of our greatest challenges with last year’s line-up, where 3 of us were located in the U.S. and two in Germany. It is a little easier now with me and our bassist residing in NYC and the rest of the band living in Germany. It makes it possible to get together and operate as a band, rather than a bunch guys in front of computers swapping files. The new album should satisfy most our old fans and we hope to gain some new ones alog the way." For more information go to www.myspace.com/exumerwakingthefire

Canadian Doom division REVENGE has signed to Nuclear War Now!! Productions for the American CD release, as well as a worldwide LP and Pic disc version of their fourth full length album "Scum.Collapse.Eradication". Osmose Productions will be releasing the European CD version as well as an alternate LP version to be available worldwide. A split 7" EP with BLACK WITCHERY is also in the works.

October 03, 2010

Greek old schoolers NECROVOROUS just posted the front cover and 2 new songs from their upcoming album "Funeral For The Sane" (due to be released through Blood Harvest Records) on their myspace page. The album recordings and the layout are finished now and the band awaits the release of this album sometime in 2010. In the meantime you can listen to these 2 new songs on www.myspace.com/necrovorous.

October 02, 2010

Europe’s biggest Death Metal festival, the NEUROTIC DEATHFEST, will once again be hosted at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Netherlands. The next edition will be held on April 29 and 30, 2011. Not only will there be over 40 bands climbing the stages of Tilburg again, but there will be even more attention for side programming to make the festival experience more than complete. There will be a full Metal Market and, contrary to earlier editions, a fully equipped fourth stage at the MIDI theatre, which is located just a few steps from the 013 venue. The first headliner will be none less than the legendary AUTOPSY. Other confirmed acts include GRAVE, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT, WORMED and CRIPPLE BASTARDS. Ticket sales will commence on Saturday October 30 on 10:00 AM CET. 2-day passes will cost € 75,00 and 1-day tickets will cost € 40,00. For more info and updates go to www.neuroticdeathfest.com

October 01, 2010

Maldives-based Thrashers SERENITY DIES have recently parted ways with bassist / vocalist Chuck and guitarist Xiao due to personal reasons. According to a statement from the band, there is no ill-will on either side and everyone remains close friends. Despite this obstacle, SERENITY DIES are fully committed to moving forward as a band and are pleased to announce that guitarist / vocalist Jared MacEachern (ex – SANCTITY) and bassist Addo (ex – FASYLIVE) have joined the fold. With this newly revamped roster, SERENITY DIES are hard at work on a follow-up to their "Hacksawcracy" EP, which was released earlier this year. For more on SERENITY DIES visit www.myspace.com/serenitydies

CALIBER 666 have been signed by Ibex Moon Records. The band’s debut full-length "Blood Fueled Chaos" will be available digitally on October 1st via MetalHit.com. Mixed and mastered by Fred Estby (ex – DISMEMBER), "Blood Fueled Chaos" features guest performances from LG Petrov of ENTOMBED (‘The Worthless’) and DISMEMBER vocalist Matti Kärki (‘Let The Blood Flow’). The band has posted four tracks from album on their official myspace page www.myspace.com/caliber666sweden. The complete tracklist of the album reads like this: ‘To The Killing Fields’, ‘Black Smoke’, ‘Let The Blood Flow’, ‘Incineration’, ‘A Part Of The Art’, ‘The Worthless’, ‘Frontline’, ‘Serpents Walk’, ‘Genocide’ and ‘Morphing’. You can check out a video clip of CALIBER 666 performing ‘Let The Blood Flow’ live at 2009’s Pretzeltown Open Air Festival in Södertalje, Sweden on the band’s official YouTube page.

New Jersey’s ABACINATE have just issued the following statement: "ABACINATE is incredibly sad to announce that on Tuesday morning, September 28th 2010, our vocalist Jason "Plunger" Sica, 25, was found dead. He died at the home of one of his friends, in his hometown of Edison, New Jersey. Jason was a dear friend and a true brother to all of us. He was an amazing talent, a loving personality, and a true gentleman with a heart of gold. The remaining members of ABACINATE are deeply, deeply saddened by his loss. Before his untimely demise, Jay was immortalized on our most recent recording. It is the first and only recording that will actually be released with Jay performing the vocal duties for ABACINATE. The album, set to be released in late 2010, is dedicated to Jay and all of his loved ones. Although Jay was only a member of the ABACINATE roster for about one year, we soared to new heights together, and experienced much success and prosperity that we had yet to achieve in the prior years of our existence as a band. Jay had the pleasure of doing two U.S. tours, many festivals, and an LP with us during his short run. We are very proud and honored that we were such a huge part of his life. As of right now, ABACINATE plans on taking a short hiatus in order to collect our thoughts and get through this terrible time in a healthy way. We will having a benefit show for Jay, somewhere in NJ in the upcoming months, in order to raise funds for his family, and to say goodbye to him with the rest of the music community in a proper way. Details for this benefit show will be provided as we solidify the plans. Jays’ family and all of us here at the ABACINATE camp would like to express our appreciation to anyone and everyone who reached out to us during this difficult time to extend their sympathy. All the friends we have made on the road, the bands, and the fans have been so kind and loving. For that, we cannot thank you enough. Our thoughts, wishes, and deepest sympathy go out to Jays’ family every moment of everyday. Rest In Peace Jay. You will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life. We love you Plunger. R.I.P. Jason Sica 3/14/85 – 9/28/10 Forever in our hearts." For more info check out www.abacinate.net or www.myspace.com/abacinatenj