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September 29, 2010

South Florida’s Black / Thrashers DEVASTATOR‘s sixth full length album "Nocturnal Slut" is out now on 12" LP and available through www.bloodynecromancer.de worldwide. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Intro / Witching Command’, ‘Sorceress’, ‘Nocturnal Slut’, ‘Taste Of Death’, ‘Rites Of Impending Souls’, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Sepulchral Screams’, ‘Black Demon’ (RUNNING WILD cover) and ‘Pussy Troll Rock N’ Roll’. For trades contact necro@bloodynecromancer.de. The CD version will be released at the end of the Fall 2010 through www.oldcemetery.org. More band info at: www.myspace.com/blackritualmetal.

September 22, 2010

‘Divinity’, the third video from Spanish extreme Metallers NOCTEM is a collaboration between Christos Antoniou (SEPTIC FLESH) in the orchestral arrangements and a team formed by more than 80 people. The video was directed by Miguel Angel Font Bisier ("Across Heracles Towards") from Ht Productions and can be watched here. NOCTEM also announces their signing with "The Flaming Arts", a well-known booking and management agency in the international Metal scene (SEPTIC FLESH, HATE, BLOOD RED THRONE, SYBREED, CATTLE DECAPITATION and more). For all further info check out www.myspace.com/noctemofficial

September 20, 2010

"… Of Death", the demo tape by Swiss Death merchants FUNERALOPOLIS, is at press now and will be released through Dark Descent Records. It features five songs and over 24 minutes of doomy Death Metal. More info at www.myspace.com/funeralopolisdeath

UNCONSECRATED‘s " Slave To The Grave" 7" EP is also at the pressing plant at the moment and should be out through Dark Descent Records soon as well (also as a limited color version). www.myspace.com/unconsecrated

ADVERSARIAL‘s "Thralls" demo will be released through Dark Descent Records on vinyl with the original demo songs and two unreleased songs plus two covers of ARCHGOAT and INCANTATION. More at www.myspace.com/adversarialmusic

GRAVE RITUAL‘s "Euphoric Hymns From The Altar Of Death" will also be released on vinyl through Dark Descent Records. It is still in its final mixing / mastering stages at the moment. www.myspace.com/graveritual

September 17, 2010

On November 22, 2010 Vic Records will release "Reinventing The Past", the debut album from ODYSSEY. On this album Dan Swanö makes an old dream of him come true, covering his all times favourite songs: Rainbow (‘Eyes Of The World’), Sandra (‘In The Heat Of The Night’), Depeche Mode (‘Shake The Disease’), Uriah Heep (‘Gypsy’), Candlemass (‘At The Gallows End’), M.S.G. (‘Lost Horizons’) and U.F.O. (‘Cherry’). All instruments are performed by Dan Swanö and of course he did the entire production at Unisound Studio, Örebro, Sweden. The album will be released with the Odyssey mini CD from 1999. More info at www.myspace.com/odysseyswano

BLOODGUT is another dirty doomy Death / Grind project of Roger ‘Rogga’ Johansson (Demiurg, Paganizer, Ribspreader, Edge of Sanity). The debut album "Nekrologikum Evangelikum Pt.1: Zombie Reign 2666" (to be released on Vic Records on November 22, 2010) is under-produced on purpose and musically in the vein of (old) Carcass, Autopsy / Abscess, Impetigo, Necrony and Rottrevore. It was recorded at Rotpit Studios (Bone Gnawer, Demiurg), mixed by Rogga and mastered by Dan Swanö. All further info at www.myspace.com/bloodgut

September 16, 2010

Before the end of the year Red Stream will be re-releasing four HIMINBJORG albums, including "Where Ravens Fly," "In The Ravens Shadow," "Haunted Shores" and "Third". For more info check out www.himinbjorg.fr

September 14, 2010

California-based Stockholm-styled Death Metallers FATALIST are pleased to announce the return of drummer Tyler Castro to their ranks. Tyler returns to a recently revamped line-up featuring Matt Drexler on lead guitar and Mike Deity (CARNAL DEITY) on vocals. Guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll made the following statement: "FATALIST is happy to have Tyler Castro back behind the drums. We would like to thank Sean Jessel for performing on our DEATH cover ‘Beyond The Unholy Grave’ and playing our 2010 shows so far. Tyler played on our album "The Depths Of Inhumanity" and our demo "Loss" and will be playing with us on our upcoming shows as well as on the November 19-21 dates with INCANTATION in Chicago, New York, and Cleveland. We are working on new songs for the next album." FATALIST’s recently recorded cover of DEATH’s ‘Beyond The Unholy Grave’ will appear on the soundtrack to the upcoming film, "After Party Massacre", directed by Kristoff Bates and INCANTATION drummer Kyle Severn. For more on the film and soundtrack, visit www.afterpartymassacre.com. As already mentioned in Neil’s statement FATALIST will be joining Ibex Moon Records labelmates INCANTATION and FUNERUS this November for INCANTATION’s "Onward To Golgotha Hall Of Fame" shows. The dates you’ll find here. More info on FATALIST at www.myspace.com/fatalist666

China’s Area Death Productions will soon release a compilation CD by New Jersey’s SAVAGE DEATH entitled "Crucified After The Genocide". SAVAGE DEATH was a cult demo band that managed to achieve a cult following and an influential place in the early Death Metal hall of fame. Their name says it all: pure old school Death / Thrash in the vein of early SLAYER ("Show No Mercy"), POSSESSED ("Seven Churches") and early MANTAS / DEATH. The band featured Tom Stevens (of NOKTURNEL) on guitars. This CD contains all their recordings that survived (both demos and their live show) and the booklet comes with photos, zines reviews, a biography written by Tom Steven and some rare flyers. For more info check out http://adp.areadeath.net. The CD is limited to 1000 copies only, a vinyl version will be released by F.O.A.D. Records (www.foadrecords.it), also in a super limited press run.

"Infected From Birth", the debut album by Swedish Thrashers GERM BOMB, will be released in October 2010 via Area Death Productions. The CD was recorded in Grand Recordings Studio (Gothenburg) in September 2009 and the mixing was done in spring 2010 in Sweden. The cover artwork was created by Halseycaust (TOXIC HOLOCAUST, EVIL ARMY) and can already be viewed on the band’s myspace page www.myspace.com/germbombsweden

September 13, 2010

Swedish Death Metallers TORTURE DIVISION will release "Evighetens Dårar" through Abyss Records on September 30, 2010. The band consists of Lord K. Philipson (THE PROJECT HATE, GOD AMONG INSECTS, ex-LEUKEMIA) on guitar, Jörgen Sandström (VICIOUS ART, THE PROJECT HATE, ex-ENTOMBED, GRAVE) on bass / vocals and Tobias "Tobben" Gustafsson (VOMITORY) on drums. The digi CD compiles material from the trio’s "Evighetens Dårar I" (2009), "Evighetens Dårar II" (2010), and "Evighetens Dårar III" (2010) demos and was mixed / mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios. "Evighetens Dårar" is the second compilation of demos from the band to see release through Abyss Records in the States. The label released "With Endless Wrath We Bring Upon Thee Our Infernal Torture" in 2009, which compiled TORTURE DIVISION’s first three demos, also known as Trilogy. Abyss Records is also the proud carrier of official TORTURE DIVISION merchandise. Visit www.officialabyssrecords.com for details. Track listing: ‘Traumatic Inhuman Severance’, ‘Heretics! Now!’, ‘Eld Och Plågor’, ‘Total Death Punishment’, ‘Overtorture (Bound to Be Dead)’, ‘Righteous Fore Ensemble’, ‘The Axe Murderer’, ‘Under Fire Command’, ‘Ravishing Rampage Sluts’ and ‘Evighetens Dårar’. For all further info check out www.myspace.com/torturedivisionsweden

Due to a much longer absence from recording than expected the new NECROS CHRISTOS album "Doom Of The Occult" shall not be released in 2010 anymore. A new and definite release date will be announced as soon as the album recordings shall be finished in November…"We were sadly forced to leave our old studio / rehearsal place and had to tear it down until the blank walls were shining mercilessly where our old studio had been. After that, we had to find a new, suitable place (which approximately took another month) until we began to re-build the room / studio, which in the end got finished just two weeks ago. Overall, the situation hold us back from going on with the recordings for nearly three months, but we’re now getting back to business and are claiming for a February / March 2011 release. Thanks to everyone who had asked for the album recently, it won’t last that much longer hopefully…"

September 12, 2010

The DEVOURMENT, MORBUS CHRON and VETERNUS 7" EPs have just been released through Detest Records in collaboration with Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Check out www.detestrecords.com for more info. All EPs will be available at the Kill-Town Death Fest next week.

September 09, 2010

Swedish Death Metallers PUTERAEON have parted ways with guitarist Hasse Sörensson (earlier Gustavsson) due to distance and lack of time. The band’s new guitarist Rune Foss was in the Swedish old school band EXEMPT and has since then played with AGGRO and RECLUSION. PUTERAEON will enter Studio Decay with producer D.K. (TAETRE) on July 26 to start the recordings for their upcoming Cyclone Empire release "The Esoteric Order". Jonas Lindblood had this to say about it: "The coverartwork is finished. We are just about getting ready to start recording the album as well. We will start recording drums in Studio Decay (with my friend D.K. from my other band TAETRE). Guitars, bass and vocals will be recorded in my home, and we’re planning on mixing and mastering the album at my friend Andy LaRoque’s (KING DIAMOND) studio Sonic Train. Date is not scheduled for SonicTrain yet. But I’ll get back to that." The band rehearsed the following songs for the album: ‘Storms Over Devil’s Reef’, ‘Coma’, ‘Whispers Of The Dead’, ‘Into The Deep’, ‘Re-Animation’, ‘Graverobber’, ‘The Plague’, ‘Castle Of Despair’, ‘The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West’, ‘Experience Zombiefication’, ‘Dead Once More’, ‘The Innsmouth Insanity’ and ‘The End Of All’. More info at www.myspace.com/puteraeon666

CONTROL DENIED‘s first album "The Fragile Art Of Existence" will get the deluxe re-issue treatment through Relapse Records this fall. It has been re-mastered, re-packaged and features liner notes from CONTROL DENIED drummer Richard Christy, never-before-seen photographs, as well as over an hour of previously unreleased demo and rehearsal tracks. Two versions of the re-issue will be available starting October 26th. The worldwide version is a two-CD set including the original album plus a bonus CD of early demo material. The second version will be limited to 1,000 copies and is a three-disc set including an extra bonus disc of demo tracks, many of which have CONTROL DENIED guitarist Chuck Schuldiner on vocals. The three-disc set will be available at Relapse.com exclusively. Pre-order options and additional release information can be found here. A range of officially-licensed CONTROL DENIED, DEATH and MANTAS merchandise has also been issued here. Many classic album art designs will follow in the coming months, making some highly sought-after designs available officially for the first time in years. Stay tuned to EmptyWords.org, the official DEATH / CONTROL DENIED / Chuck Schuldiner website, and www.relapse.com for more information.

TORNADO MAGAZINE # 6 has finally been released yesterday. On 44 well photocopied A5 sized pages it features interviews with NOCTURNAL GRAVES, GRAVE MIASMA, HOODED MENACE, MORBOSIDAD, PORTAL, UPWARDS OF ENDTIME, NECROS CHRISTOS, SHACKLES, NECROVATION, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and ANAEL plus a 3 page article about Doom Metal and lots of horror movie and music reviews. Available for 7,- € (Europe) or 7,50 € (elsewhere) from: Tornado Magazine c/o Ustumallagam, Vestergade 2, Guderup, DK-6430 Nordborg, Denmark. Paypal (and contact) is: ghoul@get2net.dk.

September 07, 2010

A 1:05-minute video trailer from Swedish Dark Metallers ALGAION‘s upcoming full-length effort entitled "Exthros" (which means "Enemy" in Greek), is now available at this location. "Exthros" is ALGAION’s first full-length album in 13 years, since the last ever effort "General Enmity" in 1997, albeit a vast change of musical direction comparing to the melancholic style clearly evident in "Exthros". Tracklisting: ‘Alpha’, ‘That Time Is Nigh’, ‘Theos Tou Aimatos’, ‘We Are The Enemy’, ‘The Last Of The Cursed Days’, ‘Nature Our Slave’, ‘Ruach Adversi’, ‘This Is Our Temple’, ‘Sign Of Evil Existence’ / ‘Era Of Satan Rising’, ‘House Of War’ and ‘Omega’. More info at www.myspace.com/algaionofficial

September 04, 2010

The long silence is finally over! SLAYER MAGAZINE # 20 ("Blood Fire Death") is coming soon! On 100 pages it will feature a lot of sadistkly exekuted artwork and personal photos as well as interviews and articles with WATAIN, MORBID, WHIPLASH (Tony Scaglione), BATHORY (several interviews and reviews in a somewhat big tribute feature), 666, SADUS, KREATOR, SAVAGE THRUST, MEDIEVAL, INVIDIOUS, DEATHRASH, OBSCURITY, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, SUNNO)), GROTESQUE, MASTER’S HAMMER, DESTROYER 666, PAGAN ALTAR, STRID, JARBOE, FUNERAL MIST and NIFELHEIM as well as other more or less familiar features. It also contains a A2 poster of Jon Nødtveidt (with the actual cover for SLAYER # 20 on the reverse side) and a mini LP by Swedish legends MORBID, entitled "Ancient Morbidity". Here’s a statement from the band concerning the tracks on this 12" (the whole interview is featured in SLAYER MAGAZINE # 20): "We wanted to offer something special to SLAYER MAGAZINE of course, so we dug deep into closets to get stuff that has never been released before – and pulled out some raw early stuff. ‘Tragic Dream’ was a weird lullaby-esque track that Dead liked a lot, I think it was one of those things that Gehenna came up with when he was drunk and Dead then bugged him remember the riffs when he was sober. ‘Tragic Dream’ was later on used as an intro to ‘Disgusting Semla’, but originally it was used as a beginning to ‘From The Dark’. The track ‘From The Dark’ went through many many different arrangements, and all four guitarists contributed to it various ways. It proved very difficult to arrange, and one member even claim it should have been divided into three songs! This is an early recording, and as such it differs quite a lot from later versions. This version of ‘Wings Of Funeral’ predates the contributions later made by Napoleon Pukes, such as the guitar intro to the track that was added on "December Moon". The live track ‘Necrodead’ is taken from the very first gig (Ultrahuset – April 26, 1987), it is an encore version that never has been released and that will never be released anywhere else but through this SLAYER MAGAZINE release… The 12" is finished off with some true words spoken by the one and only Dead. It is taken from a SCAPEGOAT recording done by Dead and Gehenna – presumably in the bed room or something, (SCAPEGOAT later turned into MORBID) and is most likely recorded in ’85. The front cover is a slightly altered version of Dead’s suggestion for cover for the reunion 7" that was planned to be recorded upon his return in ’91. The back of the cover is Dead’s poster for the cancelled reunion gig, that Dead and I tried to pull together in ’89. Both back and front have been skillfully retouched by Erik Danielsson. The insert has the original art work by Dead." Erik Danielsson not only did the the design of the MORBID 12" but also the front and back design of SLAYER # 20 as well as contributing several written pieces. There are 2000 copies made of the whole package so there are no limited releases or die hard versions. All previous issues are completely sold out. Nuclear War Now exclusively handles the distribution, so check out www.nwnprod.com for further information. No copies will be sold through Metalion directly.

September 03, 2010

The following news was just issued by Germany’s blackened Thrashers DESASTER: "Because of a disc prolapse Sataniac will not be able to play the next show in Stuttgart (Haus-11). Our good friend Samme Johansson (Orcivus) will help us out that night. He played already one show with us last year in Bamberg, where he proved to be a great substitute. It’s not yet predictable yet whether or not Sataniac will be able to play the upcoming shows at the Way of Darkness festival and Metalfestival Dresden. We are working on new songs. A release-date isn’t yet confirmed, though. See you at the next gigs! Metal!"

HEARSE are currently working on new songs for their sixth studio album that is supposed to be released sometime in early 2011. The band has a strictly limited edition (25 pieces) band logo patches (measurements 13 x 7 cm) on sale through their website www.hearse.se. In October 2010 Johan Liiva’s pre-ARCH ENEMY band FURBOWL will re-release their fantastic debut album "Those Shredded Dreams" incl. 18 bonus tracks on triple gatefold vinyl via www.darksymphonies.com.

After poor distribution and incredibly high demand, Nuclear Winter Records will re-release the "Realm Of Evoked Doom" 7" EP from GRAVE MIASMA as a MCD. Back at the original release of the 7" EP the band was still called GOAT MOLESTÖR. The CD edition features improved sound and packaging as well as one outtake and two rehearsal tracks – a total of five songs plus intro, clocking at more than 31 minutes. More information at www.nuclearwinterrecords.com

Italy’s Death Metallers THE JULIET MASSACRE have launched their first official video, which was directed by Salvatore Perrone (UNDEROATH, BURY YOUR DEAD, BRING ME THE HORIZON, EMMURE, DEVILDRIVER, EVERGREEN TERRACE). You can check it out here. At the same time they’ve also posted two new tracks (‘The Cursed Blessing’ and ‘Pray For An Afterlife’) from their self-titled debut album at their official myspace site www.myspace.com/thejulietmassacre

September 02, 2010

Serbian Black / Death Metallers BANE have posted ‘The True Insomnia’, from their forthcoming full-length debut "Chaos, Darkness, Emptiness" at their offical myspace site www.myspace.com/baneband. The album was recorded at Hellsound Studio in the Czech Republic and produced, mixed and mastered by Honza Kapak (JUDAS ISCARIOT, KRIEG, NARGAROTH). " Chaos, Darkness, Emptiness" features guest appearances from JB of SVART CROWN, Deimoz of THE REVENGE PROJECT and Nocturnal of SHADOWDREAM and will be released later this year on digi-CD, CD and MC format via Abyss Records. The cover artwork was done by Marcelo Vasco (BELPHEGOR, OBITUARY, VADER, BORKNAGAR, GORGOROTH, SATYRICON).

At the end of November Brazil’s HEADHUNTER D.C. will share the stage with VADER, GRAVE DESECRATOR, FARSCAPE, NERVO CHAOS (among other acts) at this year’s ZOOMBIE RITUAL FESTIVAL in Rio Negrinho, Santa Catarina, Brazil. HEADHUNTER D.C. will already play one brand new song from their next album, which will be recorded later this year. For the complete festival bill check out our tourdates section.

September 01, 2010

BEHEMOTH‘s 33-year-old guitarist / vocalist Adam "Nergal" Darski has been diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukemia. Adam is currently receiving treatment at the hematology division of the Gdansk Medical University Hospital, but is in urgent need of a bone-marrow transplant. The more people get tested and donate, the more of a chance for life there is for him and others in the same situation. To learn more about how you can register to donate marrow, go to www.marrow.org. Fans wanting to help out, register for the marrow program, or who have questions on running a marrow drive may contact the organization Music Saves Lives by e-mail at icare@musicsaveslives.com or by visiting Music Saves Lives online at www.musicsaveslives.org. As a result of Darski’s illness, all of the band’s previously announced shows have been cancelled.