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September 30, 2011

DESASTER have announced to enter Toxomusic Studios in Koblenz, Germany the 20th of October with Wally Walldorf behind the helm. The fourpiece has revealed "The Arts Of Destruction" as the title of their seventh studio album to be released in February of 2012. The album will feature nine new songs as well as an intro and outro. "The Arts Of Destruction" will get the final mix and mastering at Temple Of Disharmony Studio by Patrick W. Engel. Comments DESASTER: "The album will be full of Metal to bang your head to, to raise your fist at and to worship Heavy Metal music in general! Fuck off trends, hail the cult of Heavy Metal!" Stay tuned for more information on "The Arts Of Destruction" and watch out for the new album in early 2012! www.total-desaster.com

September 27, 2011

On September 30, 2011 Ireland’s Invictus Productions will release "In Glory We March Towards Our Doom", the debut full length by Californian quartet SANGUIS IMPEREM. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Nil Igitur Est Mors Ad Nos’, ‘The Scourge Of Men’, ‘Possessed By Violence’, ‘Strapped To The Crank Wheel’, ‘Inherit Decay’, ‘Praeternatural Order’, ‘Heralds Of Triumph’, ‘Pathetic Obsecrations’ and ‘The Crucifilth’. The track ‘The Scourge Of Men’ can be heard at the label’s website www.invictusproductions.net

On October 25, 2011 Iron Pegasus Records (www.iron-pegasus.com) will release MPIRE OF EVIL‘s "Creatures Of The Black" MLP on gatefold vinyl. The band consists of the three former VENOM members Jeff Mantas, Antton and Demolition Man. The MLP will feature own compositions as well as coversongs of bands that influenced the bandmembers during their career,

Pulverised Records have signed Swedish Death Metallers NECROCURSE. The band consists of members from NIFELHEIM, NECRONAUT, RUNEMAGICK, ex – DEATHWITCH and ex – SWORDMASTER to name a few. The upcoming debut full-length album is supposed to be released in 2012. Here’s an official statement from the band: "The time has come for the Death Metal rebels to rise from the grave, and forge a full album release of the Metal of Death! Necrocurse are proud to announce the collaboration with Pulverised Records for the upcoming yet untitled album. The upcoming release will be recorded during the coming winter and include at least 9 tracks of insane morbid death…" In other NECROCURSE-related news, the band recently unleashed a brand new 7" EP entitled "Insane Curse Of Morbidity" in September 2011 through Aftermath Music. Go here www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEY3ncPXvM0 to have a taster of the side A track entitled ‘Insane Curse Of Morbidity’. NECROCURSE is: Hellbutcher – vocals, Stefan Rodin – guitar, Martin "Märda" Andersson – guitar, Johan Bäckman – bass and Nicklas Rudolfsson – drums.

Hells Headbangers have announced a bunch of releases for the next couple of months. In October: VOID MEDITATION CULT – "Sulfurous Prayers" (demo cassette), HIC IACET – "Hedonist Of The Death" (12" MLP, limited to 333 copies, pressed on brown vinyl), NOCTURNAL BLOOD – "True Spirit Of Old… (their 2008 demo on 12" MLP) and CULTES DES GHOULES – "Spectres Over Transylvania" (12" MLP). On November 08, 2011 MIDNIGHT – "Satanic Royalty" (LP, Pic LP, CD w/ DVD, tape) and the US version of SANGUIS IMPEREM – "In Glory We March Towards Our Doom" (CD) will follow. And on November 22, 2011 EMBALMED (Mexico) – "Exalt The Imperial Beast" (CD, LP), SPEEDWOLF – "Ride With Death" (CD, LP) and "The Late Hours" (CD) by Horror Punk Rockers THE VLADIMIRS will see the light of day. More info at www.hellsheadbangers.com

September 24, 2011

Swedish Death Metallers MORDBRAND have signed a deal with Chaos Records for the vinyl release of "Necropsychotic". The album was originally released by Deathgasm Records in September and features GOD MACABRE vocalist P. Boder. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Eaters Of The Void’, ‘Graveyard Revisited’, ‘Skärseld (Return To The Unholy)’, ‘The Fall Of Flesh’, ‘Deathbound’ and ‘Deliverance’. More info at www.myspace.com/mordbranddeath

Century Media Records have renewed their deal with NAPALM DEATH who has wrapped up the recordings of their yet untitled 14th studio album earlier this year at Parlour Studio in Kettering, UK with longtime producer Russ Russell.

September 23, 2011

2011 will see XENOMORPH‘s 1995 out-of-print "Empyreal Regimes" resurrected, complete with the band’s 1993 "Subspecies" demo on Dark Descent Records. www.darkdescent.net

Northern California’s BLESSED CURSE (formerly DEVASTATOR) have completed recording their debut full-length. Currently artist Marc Sasso (DIO, HALFORD) is working on the cover artwork. The band is still seeking a North American licensing / label deal, while the album will be released via Cyclone Empire on the rest of the planet. In the meantime check out the brandnew track ‘Bleeding Cross’ from the upcoming, still untitled new album on www.facebook.com/blessedcurseofficial

September 22, 2011

In "celebration" of the World Peace day Morbid Metal Records will release the "No Fuckin’ World Peace" split 7" EP by Peruvian deathdealers RECRUCIFY and U.S. war mongers OBEISANCE in late November. Interested parties should contact morbidmetalrecords@hotmail.com

September 21, 2011

"Clairvoyance", the third demo of HAZAEL, was just re-released on CD by Polish Psycho Records. The material was extremely inspired by old NIHILIST, GRAVE, NIRVAVA 2002 or ENTOMBED. The founder and leader of the band – Tomek Dobrzeniecki, is responsible for the graphic design. The twelve page booklet includes full lyrics, photos and interviews with HAZAEL. The CD also contains a multimedia section with a 1992 concert (the only recorded four piece performance with Wojtek Stasiak on bass). The first 100 copies come with a band poster and pin. You can order your copy from robert@wydawnictwopsycho.com

The following statement has been issued by Norwegian Black Metallers RAGNAROK: “We confirm that RAGNAROK is ending its collaboration with Regain Records and no further albums will be released on the label. We are currently in the process of looking at various offers from labels, but no decision has yet been taken, and if any labels are interested in working with the band they are more than welcome to contact us via our management at patriciathomas@btinternet.com” RAGNAROK is currently coming to the end of a very successful 14 date tour of Brazil and Mexico, and on their return the band will continue working on what will be their seventh full-length album. Formed in 1994, the last album, “Collectors of the King”, was released in 2010 after a six-year hiatus, during which time RAGNAROK underwent an almost total line up change, with drummer and founder member Jontho being the only original member left. Aside from Jontho on drums, the line up today consists of Hans Fyrste (vocals), DezeptiCunt (bass and backing vox) and Bolverk (guitars). More information about the band can be found on their website at www.ragnarokhorde.com

ABORTED have just wrapped up all work on the band’s upcoming seventh studio album ”Global Flatline”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PESTILENCE, HATESPHERE) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark this summer. The album will contain 12 tracks for the regular jewel case edition and 14 tracks on the limited edition digipak, both to be released on Century Media Records in January 2012. Artwork has once again been handled by Justin Osbourn from Slasher Design. Century Media will release a digital single of the title track ‘Global Flatline’ on October 15, 2011. Here’s the complete tracklisting of the album: ‘Omega Mortis’, ‘Global Flatline’, ‘The Origin Of Disease’, ‘Coronary Reconstruction’, ‘Fecal Forgery’, ‘Of Scabs And Boils’, ‘Vermicular, Obscene, Obese’, ‘Expurgation Euphoria’, ‘From A Tepid Whiff’, ‘The Kallinger Theory’, ‘Our Father, Who Art Of Feces’, ‘Grime’ and ‘Endstille’. Furthermore, "Global Flatline" features several guest vocalists: Trevor Strnad from THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, Julien Truchan of BENIGHTED, Jason Netherton of MISERY INDEX and Keiijo Niinima from ROTTEN SOUND. A video for the track ‘Origin Of Disease’ has been shot in the UK this summer with director Phil Berridge (CEREBRAL BORE, etc). After playing such renowned festivals as Party San Open Air, Summer Breeze etc. this summer, ABORTED will be touring Europe this November/December with DECAPITATED, DECREPIT BIRTH, CYANIDE SERENITY, ARCHSPIRE to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band’s classic "Engineering The Dead" album.

September 19, 2011

Dead Center Productions have signed Brazil’s APOKALYPTIC RAIDS for the re-issue of all their albums through the label on CD format. The first release – "Only Death Is Real…" (+ demo rehearsal bonus tracks) will be released during this month. For more info contact dcpacz@gmail.com

Dutch Doom Death Metallers ASPHYX are currently busy with the final recordings for their newest studio effort, programmatically entitled “Deathhammer”. The band checked in with the following status report about the new album: “By now, all the guitars, drums and bass tracks for the upcoming "Deathhammer" album are recorded. Drums were recorded in the classic Harrow Studio, known from the ASPHYX classics as "The Rack" and "Last One On Earth". The guitars and bass were recorded in The Mörser Studio. In a few weeks the vocals will be recorded in the Harrow Studio as well and then Dan Swanö will do the album’s mixing and mastering, just as on “Death…The Brutal Way” and “Live Death Doom”. "Deathhammer" promises to be a darkened successor of "Death…The Brutal Way". Almost every band is praising their newest album to be heavier and more brutal than the previous one, but actually in this case it’s the harsh truth. "Deathhammer" is in every way heavier, doomier and darker. Maybe it’s because of the fact that most of the songs were written in late Autumn / Winter?! We do not know…but it’s easily our heaviest effort so far!.” “Deathhammer” is scheduled to be released via Century Media Records in early 2012. ASPHYX have chosen to perform two very special “full album setlist” concerts on October 15th at Metropool in Hengelo, The Netherlands (where the band will be playing their complete “Last One On Earth” album) and at this year’s Eindhoven Metal Meeting on December 16th at Effenaar in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (where the band will be playing their complete “The Rack” album for its 20th anniversary of release).

September 16, 2011

Japan’s ANATOMIA and Turkey’s BURIAL INVOCATION have just released a split 7" EP entitled "Decomposing Serenades" through Dark Descent Records. ANATOMIA’s contribution is entitled ‘Drawn Into The Abyss’, while BURIAL INVOCATION supply ‘Obliterated In An Ignominious Grave’. The artwork for this split EP was supplied by Dilek. The brown / black vinyl version is limited to 100 copies and available through www.darkdescentrecords.com

September 13, 2011

Louisiana blackened Death Metallers EXCOMMUNICATED is offering an EP of unreleased and demo material from the "Skeleton Key" sessions for free download. According to vocalist and Underworld Records chief Chad Kelly, "It is basically an EP of some odds and ends that didn’t get used on "Skeleton Key", as well as the band’s demo material, all wrapped together and re-mastered. I would like to just give it away to everyone and anyone who wants it, no strings attached." Get your copy here: www.sendspace.com/file/bqx92e

September 09, 2011

Century Media Records have signed U.K. Death Metallers VALLENFYRE. The band’s line-up consists of Gregor Mackintosh (PARADISE LOST) – vocals and lead guitar, Hamish Glencross (MY DYING BRIDE) – rhythm and lead guitars, Mully – rhythm guitars, Scoot (DOOM, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND) – bass and Adrian Erlandsson (AT THE GATES, PARADISE LOST) – drums. VALLENFYRE have just released the "Desecration / Iconoclast" 7" EP (limited to 500 copies) through Imperium Productions. Samples of both tracks can be found on the band’s official web site www.vallenfyre.com. "I was first introduced to more extreme music by my older brother in 1981", Gregor says. "Over the next few years in my early teens, I grew to love various early Hardcore Punk bands like DISCHARGE, ENGLISH DOGS, CONFLICT, etc. Around a similar time I was becoming aware of other more Metal music like MOTÖRHEAD and BLACK SABBATH. In ’84 / 85′ I got into bands who were fusing these styles like HELLHAMMER, ANTISECT and AMEBIX. A couple of years later I started tape-trading with people all around the world, which enabled me to hear lots of really cool, interesting, extreme music. AUTOPSY, NAPALM DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, REPULSION, NIHILIST are some of the more well-known names I started to get into, but there were many, many more which never gained the same notoriety. At the same time, I formed PARADISE LOST with my friends. Our early stuff was a bit of a mixture of all this stuff but we also had a lot of Doom influence from the likes of CANDLEMASS, TROUBLE and ST. VITUS." The tracks on the single and the upcoming album were recorded between December 2010 and April 2011. Added Gregor: "The album is called "A Fragile King", which is a reference to my father’s battle with cancer. The lyrics are predominantly about the same thing, but also include gripes with society, religion, politics and relationships as well. It’s all pretty grim." "A Fragile King" will be released on October 31, 2011 in Europe and on November 01, 2011 in North America. VALLENFYRE is not a one-off project but will continue as a band that will also play live in 2012.

F.D.A. Records have signed Stockholm’s old school Death Metal horde ENDING QUEST. The band name is a tribute to GOREMENT’s album "The Ending Quest". The band was formed by Stefan Nordström and Gustav Gunnarsson, as a way to have some good, friendly, violent fun with the HM-2 guitar sound. Later, as the line-up solidified with new musicians, they mutated into a real band and have recorded two demos – "Led To The Slaughter" (2010) and "Vlad Tepes" (2011). The demos were never officially released, but will be included as bonus tracks on the band’s upcoming first full length album.

DIABOLICAL will celebrate 15 years of existence by doing some selected European dates in September. Each date will see different local support bands and special guests. Considering the nature of the tour, the band will do more old material than usual, covering all five official records released until now. "We see this partly as a celebration of the 15 years that was, but mainly as an introduction of the 15 years that are to come. It is a great opportunity to pick up older material, and revisit some good and bad moments from the past. Looking back is only enjoyable to some…" says founding member Sverker Widgren. www.diabolical.se

September 08, 2011

KRISIUN will release their new album “The Great Execution” on October 31, 2011 in Europe and November 01, 2011 in North America. “The Great Execution” is the band’s 8th studio album and musically expands KRISIUN trademark high speed Death Metal with a heavily increased amount of diversity ranging from extreme tempo variations over distinct rhythm patterns to clean guitars and even Flamenco parts. The band only used analog gear and instruments this time to avoid the compressed sound that so many musicians produce today. “With our new record we managed to capture the sound and the vibe that we were always looking for”, adds vocalist / bassist Alex Camargo. The cover artwork was done by Japanese artist Toshihiro Egawa who has been doing designs for acts like SUICIDE SILENCE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, DEVOURMENT, DYING FETUS etc. “The Great Execution” will be available as a limited edition digipak including a re-recorded version of the classic KRISIUN song ‘Black Force Domain’ as bonus track, as 180g gatefold vinyl and as a digital download. KRISIUN’s next European live executions will take place in 2012. More info at www.krisiun.com.br, www.myspace.com/krisiun666

September 07, 2011

French old school Death Metal band TORTURE THRONE just released its debut MCD "Thy Serpent’s Cult" via Obscure Domain Productions (T-shirts with Chris Moyen art will be available, too). Fans of early 90s old school Death Metal should get in touch at: www.obscuredomain.com or www.facebook.com/obscuredomain666