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January 31, 2013

To commemorate its 20th anniversary Xtreem Music will be re-releasing "Swallow Swouming Mass", the one and only album ever released by Holland’s brutal Death Metallers DISSECT, together with the band’s 4 demos as a double CD set. It will be followed by two separate vinyl releases later on, including the album in one and demos in another. DISSECT recorded three demos in ’91 and ’92 before recording the "Swallow Swouming Mass" album for Cyber Music. In 1997 they recorded another demo in a totally different style, after which, they disbanded. The re-issue of "Swallow Swouming Mass" is expected to come out on February 01, 2013, and will contain an extensive 16-pages booklet full of band pictures, liner notes, lyrics, demo covers, flyers and remastered sound for all recordings. You can already listen to a newly remastered song here. More info at www.xtreemmusic.com

Belgium’s ENTHRONED will be playing a couple of shows in the UK and Ireland as part of their "Obsidium Campaign 2013". The tour will kick off on February 27, 2013 in Belfast (Ireland) and they will play in Dublin, Glasgow, London and Exeter. ‘Nonus Sacramentvm – Obsidium’, a track off their latest full-length album "Obsidium", which was released in March 2012 on Agonia Records, is available for streaming at this location. More ENTHRONED at www.facebook.com/frater.silurian

PAGANLAND from the Ukraine will release their debut album "Wind Of Freedom" through Svarga Music in early March. For all further info go to www.svarga.eu

January 30, 2013

French old school Death Metallers AFFLICTION GATE will release the vinyl version of "Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions" this Spring through Gospel Of Death Records as a limited 10" MLP. The band has furthermore been joined by Laurent Michalak (of French cult Death Metal veterans MERCYLESS) as the session drummer for their upcoming live shows. More at www.myspace.com/afflictiongate or www.reverbnation.com/afflictiongate

On February 11, 2013, Chaos Records will release "Necropsychotic", from Swedish old school Death Metallers MORDBRAND, on vinyl. The album was originally released by Deathgasm Records on CD in 2011. The 12" MLP will be limited to 500 copies in 180g heavy vinyl, packed in high quality semi-gloss jackets with printed inner sleeve. 100 copies will be available on white vinyl with exclusive 4.50" x 1.75" embroidered logo patch and 400 will come in classic black. For pre-orders check out the Chaos Records webstore. All further band information you will find at www.facebook.com/pages/mordbrand/121721747901195

"Grip Of The Dead", the upcoming debut album from Swedish Death Metallers NECROCURSE, will be released on March 11, 2013 in Europe and March 19, 2013 in North America. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Preludium Of Devastation’, ‘Necrocurse’, ‘Rotten In The Dark’, ‘The Devil Cobra’, ‘Ripping Darkness (The Destroyer)’, ‘Death Metal Rebels’, ‘Morbid Maniacs’, ‘Speed To The Grave’, ‘Grip Of The Dead’, ‘Coffin Breakers’ and ‘Infernal Rebellion’. A six-minute video teaser containing snippets of the album is now available at this location. More info at www.necrocurse.com or www.facebook.com/necrocurse

EXUMER will be playing a couple of European club shows in March 2013. The band will visit Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands, with some additional dates to follow. Vocalist Mem V. Stein commented: "We were initially scheduled to play a few shows in South and North America, but had some problems with shady promoters in the respective regions. So, instead of standing idle we decided to return to Europe for some shows and "warm up" for the festival season in the summer." More info and updates at www.exumer.de

Irish Death Metallers REX SHACHATH will appear at this year’s Dublin Day Of Death Festival hosted by Into The Void Records. It will take place at The Pint in Dublin City on May 18, 2013 and will be headlined by Israels SONNE ADAM. UK’s CRUCIAMENTUM and local Irish bands ATHEOS and WEEPING ULCER will complete the bill. REX SHACHATH released their debut EP "Sepulchral Torment" in September 2012 via Hostile Media and you can check out ‘Follow The Bastard Prophet’, performed live last year during REX SHACHATH’s first ever live show at this location.

The self-titled four track debut EP from Canadian Black Metallers WILT will be released on vinyl by War On Music Records in early spring 2013 as an exclusive limited run on frost-white 180g colored vinyl. It’ll be a one time pressing of 300 copies only. The artwork was created by Sam Nelson and the band’s logo was done by Christophe Szpajdel. Dan Lowndes handled mastering duties. "Wilt" was previously made available in late October 2012 as a digital download at wiltmanitoba.bandcamp.com. In other news, WILT has been added to the Torment In Fire Metalfest II, which takes place at Dicken’s Pub in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from April 04 – 06, 2013. WILT will share the stage with the likes of ANHEDONIST, BEGRIME EXEMIOUS, AUROCH and many others. More information at www.facebook.com/withmb

After the release of their free digital EP, "Between Fear And Madness", in November 2012 and before their brand new, second full-length, Kaotoxin Records will release ANTROPOFAGO‘s 2011 self-released full-length debut "Beyond Phobia". The "Between Fear And Madness" digital single, featuring the previously unreleased ‘Cannibal Way Of Life’ and a pre-production version of ‘Paranoid Visions (Part 2)’ from the forthcoming release, is now available for free at listen.kaotoxin.com. A bonus version that includes a re-worked version of ‘Bloodred Honeymoon’ – which originally appeared on one of the band’s early demos – is available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify, etc. and all major digital platforms. For all further details check out www.facebook.com/antropofago.deathmetal

January 29, 2013

On April 16, 2013 Hells Headbangers Records will release the debut album from Australia’s IMPIOUS BAPTISM, "Wrath Of The Apex Predator". Here’s the tracklist: ‘Revelation To Annihilate’, ‘The Age Of Firelords’, ‘Axis Of Lucifer’, ‘Arcane Funeral Rites’, ‘Release The Titans Pt. I’, ‘Release The Titans Pt. II’, ‘Wrath Of The Apex Predator’, ‘Rites Of Illuminated Death’ and ‘Temple Of Necromancy’. For all further info check out www.facebook.com/impiousbaptism or www.impioustemple.blogspot.com

VORUM‘s debut full length, "Poisoned Void", is available now in North America as a jewel case CD through Dark Descent Records. The digipak and gatefold vinyl edition is being handled by Woodcut Records in the rest of the world. A promo video for the track ‘Dance Of Heresy’ has been posted at this location. More info at www.vorumdeath.com or www.facebook.com/vorumdeath

"Unending Degradation", the debut album by Finnish Death Metallers KRYPTS, will be released on February 19, 2013 via Dark Descent Records. The vinyl edition will be out through Me Saco Un Ojo. The album will feature the following tracks: ‘Introeon: Perpetual Beyond’, ‘Blessed Entwinement’, ‘Open The Crypt’, ‘Dormancy Of The Ancients’, ‘Inhale…’, ‘The Black Smoke’, ‘Day Of Reckoning’ and ‘Beneath The Archaic’. The song ‘Open The Crypt’ is currently streaming at krypts.bandcamp.com and a video preview for ‘Beneath The Archaic’ is up at this location. More info at www.kryptomb.org

January 28, 2013

"Obłęd", the second album of Polish Black Metallers PRIMAL, is out now on CD through Q.E.V. Productions / T.E.O.T. Records. A preview can be checked out here. All further information at www.qevproductions.dbv.pl

January 27, 2013

Hells Headbangers Records have just released INCANTATION‘s 1998’s "Diabolical Conquest" on vinyl. It is available on black and colored vinyl in a gatefold cover with large poster of the cover artwork. The D side has a laser etching. You can order it at this location.

Selfmadegod Records have just released a limited edition GRAVEYARD / ULCER split 7" EP. GRAVEYARD from Spain delivers two tracks, including a cover of CELTIC FROST’s ‘The Usurper’, while ULCER from Poland are featured with one long track of pure Swedish Death Metal. The EP is available on marble (100 copies) and black vinyl (400 copies). More info at www.selfmadegod.com

January 26, 2013

Razorback Recordings will be releasing the 2nd full-length from FAITHXTRACTOR in late Spring 2013. Here’s the official statement from the band: "FAITHXTRACTOR was spawned by Ash Thomas with the sole intention of playing savage Death Metal as an assault on the pathetic meat puppet human race. Now, nearly 7 years later, with the "old school Death Metal" tag being consumed, shat out and spewed about repeatedly like every other tired labeling scheme, the FAITHXTRACTOR would like to tell you to "cast your assumptions aside… shut the fuck up and headbang!" This musical entity was created as an outlet to voice thoughts and feelings on this ever crumbling existence, to channel our life-philosophy and to praise the Metal essence that is inherently in our veins. Plain and simple… This new 11 song monster holds true to the vibe set forth on the previous releases while plunging ever further into heavily darkened territory. With a strong focus on real life horrors, infectious riffs and haunting arrangements, "The Great Shadow Infiltrator" will crush the weak as the FAITHXTRACTOR poisons the soul for the better. "The Great Shadow Infiltrator" will be released in 2013 through the cult Horror label Razorback Recordings." More news and updates at www.facebook.com/pages/faithxtractor/340370382698945

January 25, 2013

German Death Metallers LIFELESS have finished work on their second album "Godconstruct". The follow-up to 2008’s "Beyond The Threshold Of Death" will contain the following tracks: ‘Praeludium: Endzeit’, ‘Godconstruct’, ‘Towards Damnation’, ‘Moribund’, ‘Blood For The Gods’, ‘The Truth Concealed’, ‘Interludium: Zeitenwende’, ‘Seething With Rage’, ‘Sworn To Death’, ‘Reconquering The Soul’, ‘Blindead’ and ‘Perdition Of The Whore’. "Godconstruct" will be released on March 01, 2013 through F.D.A. Records on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl version will come in two different editions (the "Die Hard Edition", limited to 100 copies on blue vinyl with poster, inlay, sticker and an embroidered patch and the "Obscure Edition" on black vinyl with inlay). The album track ‘Moribund’ is currently streaming at this location. More info at www.facebook.com/lifelessofficial

"Unbearable Conditions", the new album from Slovenian Thrashers PANIKK, will be released on March 12, 2013 via Metal Tank Records and will contain the following tracks: ‘Panic Attack’, ‘Dismay’, ‘Messiah Of Decay’, ‘Away From Reality’, ‘The Wave Of Death’, ‘Playground Of Visions’, ‘Revelation Of Truth’, ‘Cruel World (Society To Adapt)’ and ‘Unbearable Conditions’. The single ‘Panic Attack’ has already been posted here. All further information at www.metaltankrecords.com

January 24, 2013

SATHANAS will soon be releasing a new 7", entitled "Slaying The Masses", through Doomentia Records with two exclusive tracks (‘Antichrist Metal’ and ‘Throne Of Sodom’). Doomentia Records will also be releasing a t-shirt along with the release. SATHANAS have also begun writing material for their next full length album, "Worship The Devil", which will be released mid 2013. For all further information checkout www.facebook.com/sathanasmetal or contact the band at sathanaspaul@hotmail.com

January 23, 2013

"Towards The Baphomet’s Throne", the 2012 release by California Black / Death Metallers FIENDS AT FEAST, is now streaming in its entirety at www.fiendsatfeast.stereokiller.com. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Intro’, ‘After The Gates Of Hell’, ‘With Blood And Vomit’, ‘I Am Death’, ‘Walls Of Worship’, ‘From Hell They Rise’, ‘A Despondent Theme To Thy Own Demise’, ‘Hedonistic Heresy’, ‘Profecia Negra’ and ‘Cold Grey Sky’. All further information at www.facebook.com/fiendsatfeast

On April 16, 2013 Hells Headbangers Records will release the second CULTES DES GHOULES full-length "Henbane". It features the following tracks: ‘Idylls Of The Chosen Damned’, ‘The Passion Of A Sorceress’, ‘Vintage Black Magic’, ‘Festival Of Devotion’ and ‘The Devil Intimate’. More at www.hellsheadbangers.com

On January 05, 2013 INFINITUM OBSCURE entered Audio Zombie Recordings in Tijuana, México and recorded a new single entitled "The Luminous Black" with producer Diego Soria. It features the following songs: ‘The Luminous Black (Ode To The Fallen Angel)’, ‘Path To Apocalypse’ and ‘Through Blood By Thunder’ (BATHORY cover). "The Luminous Black" will be released via Deathgasm Records during February 2013 and will be limited to a one time pressing only. INFINITUM OBSCURE will be touring the US in April 2013 as direct support for Swedish Death Metal pioneers SORCERY. A recording date for the new album has still not been set yet, but it will be recorded and produced once again by Bill Metoyer at Skull Seven Studios in Los Angeles, California and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio in Sweden. It will also feature once again artwork of Ketolahelvete. The full length will be released during 2013 in the U.S.A. via Deathgasm Records (CD format – digipak and jewelcase) and in Europe via Blood Harvest Records on 12 inch vinyl format. More at www.infinitumobscure.com or www.facebook.com/infinitumobscure

Razorback Recordings will re-issue the 2005 debut album from Mexico’s NECROCCULTUS, "Encircling The Mysterious Necrorevelation" this summer. It will include the long out of print "Supreme Occult One… The Underworld Abhorrence" 7" EP as bonus tracks, as well as a cover song of NECROPHOBIC. You can check out some songs from the band here.

Greyhaze Records has just released "To The Death", the fifth album from Brazilian Death Metallers NERVOCHAOS. It features guest performances by Ralph Santolla (DEATH, DEICIDE), Jão (RATOS DE PORÃO) and Zhema (VULCANO). The album’s cover art was created by Joe Petagno (MOTÖRHEAD). The first pressing of this CD will include a limited edition NERVOCHAOS embroidered patch as well as a sticker. The song ‘Smoking Mortal Remains’ is currently streaming at this location. More info at www.facebook.com/nervochaos

January 22, 2013

Arizona Thrashers HEMOPTYSIS have launched a campaign to help fund the band’s follow-up to 2011’s "Misanthropic Slaughter". The band has penned five new songs for the release and plans to re-record two tracks which originally appeared on the 2008 "Who Needs A Shepard" EP. Funds are being sought to help cover recording, production, layout and pressing costs, with perks such as drum heads, cymbals HEMOPTYSIS merch, private shows, jam sessions and more being offered to contributors. For more details and to contribute visit www.indiegogo.com/hemoptysis2. This campaign will run through March 31, 2013. HEMOPTYSIS has won two Phoenix Music Awards for "Metal Artist of the Year" (2009 and 2010) and were the winners of the 2012 Independent Music Award for "Best Metal Song" for the track ‘M.O.D.’ The video for can be seen at this location. All further info at www.hemoptysismetal.com or www.facebook.com/hemoptysis

Oslo’s progressive Death Metallers OKULAR will self-release their new album "Sexforce" on March 4, 2013. It features the following tracks: ‘House Full Of Colours’, ‘Not Separate’, ‘Sexforce’, ‘The Greatest Offender’, ‘Ride The Waves Of Emotion’, ‘Rest In Chaos’, ‘The King Of Life’, ‘Exposing The Good Citizens’, ‘Feast Upon The Illusory’, ‘Birth Through Loss’, ‘To Ring The Bells Of Truth’, ‘Politically Incorrect Experiences’ and ‘Educated For Enslavement’. SUSPERIA’s Athera performs half of the lead vocals on 7 of the 13 tracks, while BORKNAGAR’s Vintersorg makes a guest appearance on ‘The Greatest Offender’. The track ‘Birth Through Loss’ is currently streaming at okular.bandcamp.com. For more information visit www.okularmetal.com or www.facebook.com/okularmetal/info.

UK’s Thrash trio DECEPTOR have just released their new EP "Chains Of Delusion" via Shadow Kingdom Records. It is streaming in ist entirety at www.shadowkingdomrecords.bandcamp.com and a video for the track ‘Heatseeker’ has been posted at this location. More about DECEPTOR at www.facebook.com/deceptoruk?ref=ts&fref=ts

"Nihaihayat", the fourth full-length release from Turkish Black Metallers YAYLA, is now available through Merdumgiriz Records. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Cristobal Urbina and Emir Togrul from September to December 2012. Each CD is handmade; Emir sprays the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, and pretty much makes the whole thing from scratch. Unsurprisingly, the YAYLA shirts are hand-painted by Togrul. Direct from the hand of the creator himself, there is no limit to the number of "Nihaihayati" CDs, at least as long as the man is alive. Togrul is also co-owner of Merdumgiriz Records. The album is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. Multi-instrumentalist / composer / filmmaker Emir Togrul, the mastermind behind YAYLA, recently completed a short film entitled "Integumental Grasp Through The Sigil Of Hate; Immortalizing The Nine Disguises Of Evil In Senility", which features the album track ‘Integumental Grasp’. You can check it out here. More info at www.facebook.com/yaylaband

On March 1, 2013 Germany’s Dunkelheit Produktionen will release "Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations", the fourth full length from Philippine Death Metallers PATHOGEN. The album features the following tracks: ‘Atrocity Exhibit’, ‘Monolith’, ‘Heretical Wisdom’, ‘Abyss Of Perpetual Upheaval’, ‘Ideological Strife’, ‘Leviathan’, ‘Afterlife’ (SACRIFICE cover) and ‘Uranium Messiah’. All further information at www.facebook.com/pages/pathogen-ph/177645992334222

January 21, 2013

On April 16, 2013 Hells Headbangers will release CEREKLOTH‘s debut full length "In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death" on CD and vinyl. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Praeludium’, ‘Born Of The Void’ (currently streaming here), ‘Within The Hollow Crown’, ‘Halo Of Syringes’, ‘Nest Of Disease’, ‘Mesmerizing Holy Death’, ‘When Outcast Become Kings’ and ‘The Reapers Instant is Our Eternity’. CEREKLOTH was formed in 2008 in Denmark and has previously released two 7" EPs ("Pandemonium Prayers" in 2008 and "Halo Of Syringes" in 2011), both through Hells Headbangers as well. All further information at www.facebook.com/pages/cerekloth/119125748151907 or www.cerekloth.dk.

January 19, 2013

ACHERON founder Vincent Crowley will be booking some dates for a few very selected reunion shows with former 1992 bandmembers Mike Browning and Tony Blakk. This line-up will only be playing music from the "Satanic Victory" and "Lex Talionis" era. Joining them will be Bill Koblak, who played with ACHERON back in 1990 and appeared on one of the band’s early demos. Crowley said “These are just some limited special shows for the die-hard fans who never got to see the early ACHERON line-up play live back in the day. We’ll be playing some songs we haven’t done in almost 20 years! This should be a great time.” These shows will not interfere with any present ACHERON plans. The present day ACHERON (Vincent Crowley, Kyle Severn and Art Taylor) plans to record their new album "Kult Des Hasses" in the near future for Listenable Records and have it released in 2013. Follow ACHERON at https://twitter.com/ACHERONband

Colorado’s EXPURGATE have been signed by Comatose Music for the release of their debut full-length, "Dementia Tremens", on February 12, 2013. Selected tracks from the album, as well as free downloads of the band’s 2010 and 2011 demos can be found on EXPURGATE’s facebook page.

Razorback Recordings have signed Spanish Death Metallers ONIRICOUS. The band is currently finishing the recordings of their debut album "Ritos Diabolicos", which is going to be released later this year. It was recorded and mixed at Moontower Studios in Spain and features cover artwork from Esteban Maroto, from the classic 70s CREEPY and VAMPIRELLA horror magazines. One of the album songs, ‘El Amuleto’, can already by checked out here. More info at www.facebook.com/oniricousband

January 18, 2013

Spanish Death Metallers GRAVEYARD will release their new album, "The Sea Grave", on March 8, 2013 via War Anthem Records. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘R’lyeh I’, ‘The Visitations Of The Great Old Ones’, ‘Faces Of The Faceless’, ‘Blood Of Vengeance’, ‘In Deep Slumber’, ‘The Nurturing Of The Cadaver’, ‘…And The Gods Grant Thee Death’, ‘Who Art Thou, O Witch, That Seekest Me?’, ‘Cult Of The Shadows Pt. II: I Am The Lord Of Spirits’, ‘R’lyeh II’, ‘Of He Who Sleeps’ and ‘R’lyeh III’. An edited version of one of the new tracks,’The Visitations Of The Great Old Ones’, is available for streaming at this location. For all additional GRAVEYARD information go to www.graveyardofdoom.com or www.facebook.com/deathmetalgraveyard

South Carolina Death Metallers LECHEROUS NOCTURNE will release their third full length, "Behold Almighty Doctrine", on March 19, 2013 via Unique Leader Records. The album features the following tracks: ‘Intro’, ‘Ouroboros Chains’, ‘Bring The Void’, ‘Archeopteryx’, ‘Those Having Been Hidden Away’, ‘Prelude # 2’, ‘Judgments And Curses’, ‘Lesions From Vicious Plague’, ‘Caustic Vertigo’ and ‘Creation Continuum’. The song ‘Those Having Been Hidden Away’ can already be heard at this location. More info at www.lecherousnocturne.net or www.facebook.com/lecherousnocturne

Brisbane, Australia based Death Metallers ETERNAL REST will release their debut album, "Prophetic" on April 16, 2013 in North America via Deepsend Records. It was recorded and mixed by Joe Haley of PSYCROPTIC. The album’s title track is currently streaming here. The band has also confirmed several tour dates for 2013, including a Winter Aussie tour, a Spring New Zealand tour and have just been added to the Extreme Death Fest Vol. I Japanese tour with ORIGIN. More at www.facebook.com/eternalrestband

On February 12, 2013 Comatose Music will release "Atonement", the second album from Italian Death Metallers LOGIC OF DENIAL. It was mastered at Hertz Studios and features the following tracks: ‘Reek Of Perpetual Infamy’, ‘Weeping Upon Repugnance’, ‘Behold The Throne Of Torture’, ‘Vile Blessing Prelude’, ‘The Ravenous Patterns (Of Oblivion)’, ‘Sepsis’, ‘Catharsis Through Ungodly Annihilation’, ‘Apocrypha’, ‘Oracles Of Iniquity’, ‘Ecthra’ and ‘Despondency’. A stream of the opening track ‘Reek Of Perpetual Infamy’ can be found at www.comatosemusic.com. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/logicofdenial

January 17, 2013

Austrian Death / Thrashers DEATHSTORM will release their debut full length "As Death Awakes" on February 14, 2013 through I Hate Records. The album will be released on CD, with a vinyl edition to follow later on. The record will feature the following 8 tracks: ‘Awakening Of The Dead’, ‘Red Blood Spillage’, ‘Prepare For The Slaughter’, ‘Await The Edged Blades’, ‘Nihilistic Delusion’, ‘Visions Of Death’, ‘Nebelhexe’ and ‘Rest’. The cover was drawn by Linda Nygren. You can check out two preview tracks here and here.

January 16, 2013

German Death Metallers LIFELESS have finished work on their second album "Godconstruct", which will be released on CD, LP and as a digital download by F.D.A. Records on March 01, 2013. The vinyl release will be splitted in 2 editions: die hard LP version (limited to 100 copies, blue vinyl, plus poster, inlay, sticker and an embroidered patch) and obscure LP version (black vinyl, inlay). A promo clip for the song ‘Moribund’ already can be checked out here. For all further information go to www.facebook.com/lifelessofficial

SLAUGHTERDAY, from the East-frisian area of Germany have been signed by F.D.A. Records for 2 albums. But first of all the band’s "Cosmic Horror" demo will be published on March 01, 2013. It will be availbale on a music cassette, limited to 166 hand-numbered copies and also as digital download at Itunes, Amazon..etc. Check out the song ‘Cult Of The Dreaming Dead’ at this location. More info at www.facebook.com/slaughterdayofficial

Cyclone Empire have signed Dutch old school Death Metallers ICONS OF BRUTALITY. The band entered Fredde Kaddeth’s Dirty Bird Studio in the Winter of 2011 / 2012 to record their debut album "Between Glory And Despair", which will be released on February 22, 2013. For more information check out www.iconsofbrutality.com

The new DARKTHRONE album "The Underground Resistance" will be released via Peaceville Records on February 25, 2013. It was written and recorded from Spring 2010 to Summer 2012 at Necrohell 2 studios by the band themselves and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, Texas USA. The cover artwork was supplied by Jim Fitzpatrick.

Italy’s female-fronted Death / Doom Metal act INTO DARKNESS will release the CD version of their self-titled debut EP in February 2013 via Hellthrasher Productions. The vinyl edition was recently released through Iron Bonehead Productions, while the cassette tape edition was put out last Autumn by Unholy Domain Records. Each version features different cover artwork. The entire EP is available for streaming at this location. More information can be found here: www.facebook.com/pages/into-darkness/283913578336225?sk=info

‘I, Commander’, the title track of EVIL ARMY‘s new 7" EP, can be checked out here. The EP features the following tracks: ‘I, Commander’, ‘Ashes Of The Nuclear Fire’ and ‘I Must Destory You’.

New York City Thrashers COLDSTEEL will release their new EP "America Idle" via Stormspell Records this February. It will feature the following tracks: ‘America Idle’, ‘Blood Secrets’, ‘You Lose’, ‘Blink Of An Eye’ and ‘Ashes To Ashes’. The title track is already streaming at this location and will be released as a digital download on January 20, 2013, while the full EP will be available on February 20, 2013 through iTunes, Amazon.com, CDbaby.com and other online music retailers. The CD version and 12" vinyl LP (limited to 1000 copies) will be available through Stormspell Records, www.coldsteelny.com, and CD Baby. A 12" vinyl picture disc (limited to 200 copies) will also be available exclusively through the band’s website. The band’s first live show in 20 years will be on April 09, 2013 as direct support for UDO at Revolution & Bar Music Hall in Amityville, NY. Advance tickets can be purchased at www.coldsteelny.com/merchandise.

January 15, 2013

PENTAGRAM CHILE have almost completed work on their first ever album with the title "The Malefice", to be released sometime later this spring via Cyclone Empire. The drums for the album were tracked at Sade Studios in Santiago, Chile, while all guitars and vocals were recorded at HVR Studios in Suffolk, UK, where the album is currently being mixed by vocalist / guitarist Anton Reisenegger with long-time friend, collaborator , co-producer and studio owner Daniel Biggin. Reisenegger comments: "We weren’t sure if we should re-record the old demo songs; some people encouraged us to do so, others said we would ruin our own legacy. At first we decided to re-record just a couple, but while we were at it, we were so pleased with the results we decided to do them all. We obviously didn’t want to base our first studio album on 25-year old songs, as people have been – rightfully – accusing us of flogging that material to death already, so I think we found an elegant solution: The album’s first edition will consist of two records, one of all-new material written during the last two years, and a second one of re-recorded songs from the 80s demos. The few friends who’ve been able to listen to the re-recorded material have been amazed at how we’ve been able to capture the vibe of the old material despite using modern recording technology. Hell, even the new stuff sounds like it came from that era!" While the PENTAGRAM drum throne was recently taken over by veteran Chilean drummer Juan Pablo Donoso (SADISM, EXECRATOR, THRONAFIRE) after original member Eduardo Topelberg left the band (he is now a local politician for the Ñuñoa district of Santiago), bass duties on the album were split between various musicians. Besides the band’s touring bassists Juan Francisco Cueto and Daniel Biggin, the band also invited long-time friend Rodrigo "Pera" Cuadra of DORSO to record the bass on one song, as well as to re-do the evil laughter he originally contributed to the demo version of the track ‘The Malefice’. Another bassist to guest on the album is Mauricio Peña, brother of original PENTAGRAM bassist Alfredo "Bey" Peña, who committed suicide in 1990. "It was really emotive to have Mauricio perform on the album. He looks a lot like his brother and is just as talented. In a way, it’s like Alfredo is still with us in spirit." In addition, the track ‘La Fiura’ will feature a scream provided by MORGOTH singer Marc Grewe. "The song is about this mythological creature from the South of Chile," Reisenegger explains, "which emits this really piercing, high-pitched scream that literally melts people’s faces. When we were playing the Maryland Deathfest last year, MORGOTH were on while we were getting ready, and all of a sudden we heard this insane scream. We all looked at each other and said: ‘That’s it, that’s La Fiura!!!’ So we approached Marc and he immediately agreed." The album mix is due to be finished at the end of January, and the band are aiming for a late spring release. More info at www.facebook.com/pages/pentagram-chile/78253131363 or www.myspace.com/pentagramchileofficial

January 14, 2013

On March 26, 2013, "Exodromos", the second full length by Spain’s Death Metallers WORMED will be released through Willowtip (USA) and Hammerheart Records (EU). It was recorded at Sadman Studios in Madrid, Spain and mastered by Mika Jussila (AMORPHIS, IMPALED NAZARENE, CHILDREN OF BODOM, NIGHTWISH) at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Nucleon’, ‘The Nonlocality Trilemma’, ‘Tautochrone’, ‘Solar Neutrinos’, ‘Multivectorial Reionization’, ‘Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity’, ‘Darkflow Quadrivium’, ‘Stellar Depopulation’, ‘Techkinox Wormhole’ and ‘Xenoverse Discharger’. You can already listen to the song ‘Nucleon’ here. More info at www.wormed.net or www.facebook.com/wormed

January 12, 2013

Brazil’s HEADHUNTER D.C. will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band with their first ever European tour. It will take place in April / May and include gigs in several countries of the continent. They will be joined by Brazil’s NERVOCHAOS and Croatia’s WAR-HEAD. A promotional video for the tour can be checked out here. The exact dates will be announced soon. Roadmaster Booking invites promoters and press to get in touch through contact@roadmasterbooking.com for booking and more information. More details and updates at www.roadmasterbooking.com.

Progressive Death Metallers VEX will release their new album "Memorious" on CD format on February 05, 2013 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The album track ‘Terra Soar’ is already streaming at this location. More info at www.facebook.com/vexhomepage

January 11, 2013

On February 15, 2013 Iron Bonehead Productions will re-release VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE issue # 1 – 10 plus all columns that previously appeared in the German Horror Infernal magazine as a limited edition hardcover book (1.000 copies). The book will have 872 A4-sized pages, is printed on 115g paper and comes with a gloss lamination (approx. 3,00 kg / 6,7lb per book). For all further information, pre-orders and ordering details go to www.ironbonehead.de/shop

Obscure Abhorrence Productions have just released a limited vinyl edition (300 copies) of "Når Sirkelen Brytes", the new full length by Norwegian Black Metallers TAAKEFERD. More info and ordering details at www.obscure-abhorrence.de

‘Concentric Circles Of Disembowelment’, one of the songs on "Concatenation Of Severe Infections", the recently released third full-length from Catalonia Death Grinders INFECTED FLESH, has just been posted at this location. The album was released on December 18, 2012 by Comatose Music. All further info at www.facebook.com/fleshinfected

January 10, 2013

On March 19, 2013 Hells Headbangers will release a compilation CD / LP of Cleveland’s SATANIC THREAT, entitled "In To Hell". The band features current members of NUNSLAUGHTER as well as an ex – member of MIDNIGHT and the original 2008 7" pressing of 1000 copies sold out in no time. The compilation contains the band’s 8-song "In To Hell" 7" and an 8-song live set from the only live show they ever played in September 2008 in their hometown of Cleveland. Here’s the full tracklisting: ‘Guilty Of Hating Christ’, ‘He’s On The Cross’, ‘Small God, Big Cross’, ‘Satanic Threat’, ‘I Ain’t Gotta Worship’, ‘Being Black’, ‘Cursing At The Cross’, ‘Don’t Follow Him’, ‘He’s On The Cross’ (live), ‘Small God, Big Cross’ (live), ‘Satanic Threat’ (live), ‘I Ain’t Gotta Worship’ (live), ‘Being Black’ (live), ‘Cursing At The Cross’ (live), ‘Don’t Follow Him’ (live) and ‘Steppin’ Stone’ (live). For all further information check out http://hellsheadbangers.bandcamp.com/album/in-to-hell

Germany’s Death Metallers DEHUMAN REIGN have just signed with F.D.A. Records for the release of one mini-album and two full-length albums. The band’s first release, the "Destructive Intent" MCD will be out in spring 2013. For more visit www.facebook.com/dehumanreign

Brazil’s Death Metallers PRIMORDIUM have just released their first video for the song ‘The Curse Of Ihmotep’ at this location. The song is taken from the band’s first album, scheduled for release in the first half of 2013. More about PRIMORDIUM at www.facebook.com/primordiumbr

‘Smoking Mortal Remains’, a brand new track off "To The Death", the forthcoming fifth studio full-length from Brazil’s NERVOCHAOS, is currently streaming at this location. The album is set for a worldwide release on January 22, 2013 via Greyhaze Records. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/nervochaos

"Almighty Arcanum", the forthcoming new album from DENOUNCEMENT PYRE, is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. It will be released on January 22, 2013 through Hells Headbangers Records. More at www.facebook.com/denouncementpyre

Colombia’s Death / Black Metallers NEPENTE have been signed by Singapore based Sonic Blast Media for the worldwide release on the band’s sophomore full length, "Suffering Is The Seed". The album was mixed and mastered at Poland’s Hertz Recording Studio (VADER, HATE, BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, etc) and will be out on February 15, 2013. A vinyl edition will be released later this year through badGod Music. More on NEPENTE at www.facebook.com/nepente.manizales

January 09, 2013

Illinois-based Death Metallers TERMINATE have completed the recordings of their debut album "Ascending To Red Heavens" at The Basement studio with Tim Pearson. It will be released on February 18, 2013 via Selfmadegod Records. The cover illustration was completed by Raul Gonzalez (MASTER, MORBUS CHRON, etc.). A stream of the song ‘Rotten Dead Mass’ has already been posted at this location and the complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Answered In Lead’, ‘Demonic Instinct’, ‘Numb’, ‘Rotten Dead Mass’, ‘The Savage Silence’, ‘Chainsaw Omega’, ‘Ascending To Red Heavens’, ‘Blind Leading The Blind’ and ‘Iron Supremacy’. More information at www.facebook.com/terminatechicago

"Hubris Inc.", the upcoming fourth album from Thrashers ANGER AS ART, will be released on February 05, 2013 through Old School Metal Records. ANGER AS ART founder Steve Gaines (ABATTOIR, BLOODLUST, TACTICS, BITCH, DREAMS OF DAMNATION, PAGAN WAR MACHINE) states that the album, which is the follow-up to 2009’s "Disfigure", offers the kind of vicious, memorably penned Thrash / Speed Metal that fans have come to expect without simply retracing the steps taken on previous albums. "Hubris Inc." features special guest appearances from Jim Durkin (DARK ANGEL) on lead guitar and Timothy Gaines (STRYPER) on bass. Betsy Bitch has contributed vocals to ‘Rage And Retribution’, Steve Nelson (EVILDEAD) backing vocals to ‘The Evil You Create’ and Mark Caro (ABATTOIR) plays lead guitar on ‘Speed Kills’ (the song was written for ABATTOIR back in 1984 and is performed by all ABATTOIR members). A recently released video for the track ‘Time Devours Life’ has already been posted at this location. More info at www.angerasart.com or www.facebook.com/angerasart.

"FleshCraft", the third full-length album from Danish Death Metallers CORPUS MORTALE, has just been released through Deepsend Records. A promo video for the track ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ has been posted at this location. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/corpusmortale

January 08, 2013

On January 25, 2013 Dark Descent Records, in co-operation with Woodcut Records, will release the debut full-length from Finnish Death Metallers VORUM. Dark Descent will put out a jewel case edition in North America, while Woodcut Records will take care of the rest of the world with digipak and gatefold vinyl editions. The album is entitled "Poisoned Void" and features the following tracks: ‘Impetuous Fires’, ‘Death’s Stains’, ‘Rabid Blood’, ‘Thriving Darkness’, ‘Evil Seed’, ‘In Obscurity Revealed’, ‘Dance Of Heresy’ and ‘Poisoned Void’. A promo video for the track ‘Dance Of Heresy’ has already been posted at this location. More info at www.vorumdeath.com or www.facebook.com/vorumdeath

Italy’s ANTROPOFAGUS will start their first ever tour of Russia on February 02, 2013 at Zhara in Kharkov, Ukraine with Moscow’s GRACE DISGRACED. The tour ends on February 17, 2013 with a show on the second day of the Coyote Brutal Fest in Moscow. More at www.facebook.com/antropofagus.official

SEXCREMENT, who released their latest album "Sloppy Seconds" in May 2012 through Comatose Records, will embark on a short tour with RAMMING SPEED this week. RAMMING SPEED will be releasing their sophomore full length in 2013 on a soon to be announced label. All further details can be found at www.facebook.com/sexcrement, www.facebook.com/rammingspeed

January 07, 2013

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE have just released an exclusive teaser preview of their forthcoming second full-length "Almighty Arcanum" at this location. The album will be released on January 22, 2013 through Hells Headbangers / Hammerheart Records on both CD and LP formats. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Intro: Breath Of Tehom’, ‘An Extension Of The Void’, ‘Almighty Arcanum’, ‘He Who Conquers All’, ‘The Deceiver’, ‘Drakon: All Is One’, ‘Circle Of Serpents’, ‘Darkness Manifest’ and ‘The Redeemer’. More info at www.facebook.com/denouncementpyre

Polish Selfmadegod Records have signed Illinois based Death Metallers TERMINATE. The band was formed in late 2009 and already released a demo in 2011 and a self-financed EP entitled "Thirst For The Obscene" in 2012. Their debut full length is scheduled for an early 2013 release. For all further information visit www.facebook.com/terminatechicago

Brazil’s AXECUTER have been signed by Infernö Records for the release of their debut full length “Metal Is Invincible". The album features the following tracks: ‘Metal Is Invincible’, ‘Too Heavy To Load’, ‘The Axecuter’, ‘Bangers Prevail’, ‘Ritual Of Decibels’, ‘No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)’, ‘Destructive Blitzkrieg’, ‘Feed The Beast’, ‘Keep On Sinning’, ‘The Fires Of Krakatoa’ and ‘Heavy Metal To The World’ (MANILLA ROAD cover – CD only). You can already check out the album’s title track at this location or watch the video for ‘Too Heavy To Load’ here.

January 06, 2013

Italy’s symphonic Black Metallers RIUL DOAMNEI have released an official video for the title track of their new digital EP, "A Christmas Carol". The song is an orchestral Metal opera in eleven movements, also features the vocalist of CADAVERIA, and is lyrically based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel. You can check it out at this location. More information at www.facebook.com/pages/RIUL-DOAMNEI/59023913710

January 05, 2013

Issue # 3 of SOLEIL TRYSTE ZINE has just been released. On 72 pro-printed black / white pages (plus full color hardboard cover) you get long, deep and personal interviews with ANGUISH, CRUCIAMENTUM, GEVURAH, OMINOUS SILENCE RECORDS, THE NIHILISTIC FRONT and VULTURINE, a long tour diary of the "Doomwards Let Us Row" European tour 2012 with ESOTERIC, AHAB and OPHIS, as well as a report on the "Congregation Of The Obscure" European tour 2012 with DEAD CONGREGATION and INFINITUM OBSCURE. A preview of some of the pages as well as ordering details can be found at www.soleiltryste.org

California’s Death Metallers GRAVEHILL have been confirmed as support for DECEASED’s "March Of The Cadavers" 2013 tour. Before hitting the road, the band will be busy writing and recording their new album "Death Curse", which is the follow-up to 2011’s "When All Roads Lead To Hell". It is expected to be completed at the end of March. More info at www.facebook.com/gravehill

January 04, 2013

NECROS CHRISTOS have found a new drummer in Iban Hernandez. Unfortunately though longtime member, friend, bass player and visual master Mister Shepherd will quit his musical activities in NECROS CHRISTOS to focus on his own band DROWNED. Due to this, NECROS CHRISTOS are now looking for a new bass player or alternatively, just in case somebody suitable can be found, a new second rhythm and lead guitarist taking over Mors Dalos Ra’s part who in turn could take over bass duties. Candidates should be able to attend rehearsals in Berlin on a regular basis. Contact: mordra999@hotmail.com

AxesToGrind.com has posted an exclusive world premier of the song ‘Gruesome Stuff Relish’ from "Sempiternal Death Grind", the forthcoming third album from Gore Grinders GRUESOME STUFF RELISH. The track is now streaming at this location. The album will be released on January 25, 2013 on CD, LP (three different versions) and digital download through F.D.A. Records. The "die hard" LP version will be limited to 50 copies only (clear vinyl + poster + CD version), the "gore-hound" LP version will be limited to 150 copies (red vinyl + poster) and the third LP version, called "crypt", is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. For pre-order info, visit www.fda-records.com.

LUNA AD NOCTUM have revealed another track called ‘Abnormal Pain’ from their forthcoming new album "Hypnotic Inferno" at this location. The album will be released on February 22, 2013 by Massacre Records. More info at www.lunaadnoctum.com or www.facebook.com/lan.official