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November 28, 2014

Swedish Death Metallers ASHCLOUD (featuring former WOMBBATH vocalist Jonny Pettersson) have just been signed by Xtreem Music. The release of their debut album "Abandon All Light" is scheduled for release sometime during spring 2015. A rough-mix version of an album track can already be checked out here. Daniel Devilish will take care of the artwork for the album. More band info at www.facebook.com/ashcloud666

UK’s blackened Death Metallers LVCIFYRE have just released an official video for ‘Sun Eater’ at this location. For all further LVCIFYRE information check out www.facebook.com/lvcifyre

November 27, 2014

The entire back catalogue of US Black Metallers INQUISITION will officially be reissued via Season of Mist. The band’s 1998 debut album "Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult" will already be available on January 26, 2015 in various formats (including strictly limited leather sleeves). "Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan" will follow on February 23, 2015, "Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer" in March 2015 and "Nefarious Dismal Orations" as well as "Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm" in April 2015. All reissues will feature new artwork by Paolo Girardi, who already created the cover art for INQUISITION’s latest album "Obscure Verses For The Multiverse", but the original artwork will always be included as well. INQUISITION will be touring Europe in support of their latest album "Obscure Verses For The Multiverse" in early 2015 together with ARCHGOAT, ONDSKAPT and BLACKDEATH. More at www.facebook.com/inquisition.official

November 26, 2014

Swedish Death / Black Metallers PUTRIFIED will release an as of yet untitled 7" EP through the Unholy Prophecies in mid 2015. It will feature two exclusive original songs, two instrumental interludes and two additional cover songs. More about PUTRIFIED at www.facebook.com/pages/putrified/139314062811752

The new EP from Germany’s INEXORABLE will be postponed to January 2015 since it is taking much longer than expected to finalize the recording and artwork duties. For all additional INEXORABLE information check out www.facebook.com/pages/inexorable/513581785340017

SPV in co-operation with Threeman Recordings will re-release the three ENTOMBED albums "DCLXVI – To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak Truth", Same Difference" and "Uprising" on January 20, 2015. Each one will come in a casebound package with bonus CD, 24 pages booklet (incl. rare photos, liner notes and more). Coloured 180g vinyl editions will also be available. More info at www.spv.de

November 24, 2014

Finland’s Doom / Deathers HOODED MENACE will release a compilation CD / limited CD Box entitled "Gloom Immemorial" through Doomentia Records in December 2014. It will feature all the band’s split- and EP-tracks as well as the track ‘I, Devil Master’ (recorded for the "Live Evil Vol.1" compilation). The artwork was created by Chris from Misanthropic Art. More about HOODED MENACE at www.facebook.com/hoodedmenace

Milwaukee’s SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY have just self-released a new two-track EP entitled "Defective Overpass". It is currently streaming at this location. The band’s final full-length will be released in the coming months. More band information at www.facebook.com/shroudofdespondency

November 22, 2014

Contributors wanted! VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE is looking for reliable people again who can help us out with reviews, as we still get so much stuff that it’s difficult to keep track in this department. So, if you should have the necessary time, dedication and knowledge, get in touch with us for all further details here. If you’re running a magazine / zine on your own (or already contribute to one), you’re more than welcome as well.

TANK’s Algy Ward and WARFARE’s Evo have teamed up as EVO / ALGY for the release of an upcoming EP via High Roller Records. It will be entitled "Damned Unto Death" and features the following four tracks: ‘Anger Violence Hatred’, ‘Doomed At Dodes’, ‘Tune To The Music’ (STATUS QUO cover) and ‘Know Your Product’ (THE SAINTS cover).

Czech Doomsters ET MORIEMUR have just released their second full-length album "Ex Nihilo In Nihilum“ via Solitude Productions (www.solitude-prod.com). More information at www.facebook.com/pages/et-moriemur/382342939251

November 21, 2014

In December 2014 FOAD Records will officially release a TERRORIZER double LP / CD and double digipak CD entitled “Before The Downfall 1987-1989”. It will include an unreleased song from the “World Downfall” studio session, an alternative take of their split with NAUSEA and all existing demos and early recordings in great sound quality (mastered from the best sounding sources). 46 songs in total. The double gatefold LP comes with a silkscreened side D, a bonus CD inside, an extra slipcase and booklet, while the double CD is packaged in an 8 panel digipak. Two booklets feature extensive interviews, loads of never before seen photos, scans of old flyers, demo artworks and more. www.foadrecords.it

In early 2015 Dark Symphonies / The Crypt will officially re-release a lot of genre classics in limited CD editions (1000 copies each). Here’s a little overview of what you can expect in the next couple of months: EPIDEMIC (US) – "Decameron", EXCRUCIATE (SWE) – "Mutilation Of The Past" plus the additional 2001 demo track ‘Decepted By The Church’ (originally composed in 1992), ABSU (US) – "Origin: War And Magic(k)" (a deluxe CD edition of DOLMEN – "On The Eve Of War", including an unreleased cover of SLAYER’s ‘Black Magic’ and MAGUS – "Ruminations Of Debauchery", featuring the original unreleased mix of "Ruminations Of Debauchery" as well as the 1992 demo "Lines That Formed Hexagrams"), PAN.THY.MONIUM (SWE) – "Dawn" demo coupled with the "Dream II" EP (a limited vinyl edition of this will also be available), MORPHEUS (SWE) – "Son Of Hypnos", SACRIFICIAL (DK) – "Forever Entangled" (with the "Lords Of Torment" and "Forever Entangled" demos plus rehearsal material as bonus), MOLESTED (NOR) – "Blod Draum" and "Stormvold" (including the "Stalk The Dead" and "Unborn Woods In Doom" demos) and HYDRA VEIN (UK) – "Rather Death Than False Of Faith" (with the 1987 demo "The Reptilliad" as a bonus). For detailed additional info and pre-order details visit www.darksymphonies.com

Chaos Records will release a new MCD entitled "Hellhound On My Trail" from Swedish Speed / Black / Thrashers GRAVEYARD AFTER GRAVEYARD. The group consists of Jocke R. (ex – PAGANIZER, SINNERS BURN) on drums, Rogga J. (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER etc.) on guitar, bass and vocals and Mika L (ex – FACEBREAKER, GRAVE) on lead guitars. The cover art was created by Rob Toderico (ASPHYX, SINISTER, SOULBURN, MEFISTO etc.). More at www.facebook.com/pages/graveyard-after-graveyard/861899617168820

November 20, 2014

Swedish Death Metallers CENTINEX are currently streaming their upcoming new album "Redeeming Filth" in its entirety at this location. It will be released via Agonia Records on November 21, 2014 in Europe and December 09, 2014 in North America as digipak CD, black and brown vinyl (handnumbered and including poster; limited to 100 copies) and digitally. More about CENTINEX at www.facebook.com/centinexofficial

November 19, 2014

Indiana based Death Metallers PSYCHOMANCER have been signed by Orchestrated Misery Recordings for the release of the band’s new six-song recording "Inject The Worms" in 2015. It is their first recording since 2007’s "Butchered By Me", which was released by Rotting Corpse Records. For more info on PSYCHOMANCER check out www.facebook.com/psychomancertheband

Polish Death Metallers DEIVOS are currently in the process of finishing their fourth full length "Theodicy". It was recorded between July and November 2014 at Zed Studio with producer Tomek Zalewski. The mixing and mastering is scheduled for December this year. "Theodicy" is set for a February 15, 2015 release via Selfmadegod Records and will feature the following tracks: ‘Theodicy’, ‘El Shaddai’, ‘Ochlocracy’, ‘Mandatory Mayhem’, ‘Amor Sui’ and ‘Parasite’. The cover art was designed by Pastor Xisaq Graphics. All additional band info at www.facebook.com/deivos

US Black Metallers HUMUT TABAL will play a couple of shows in support of their latest release "The Dark Emperor Ov The Shadow Realm" on the West Coast. The tour kicks off on December 26, 2014 in Lubbock, TX and will include further dates in the band’s home state of Texas, as well as Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington during December and January 2015. More details at www.humuttabal.com or www.facebook.com/humuttabal

November 17, 2014

On December 15, 2014 Dark Symphonies will officially re-release "The Source Of Dominion", the one and only full length from Swedish Death Metallers AUTHORIZE. The re-release will be limited to 1000 copies worldwide and also features the "Darkest Age" demo (when the band was still named MORBID FEAR) and the track ‘Darkest Age’ in an alternate mix, from the Opinionate! Records split 7" with NIRVANA 2002. All tracks were re-mastered from the original DAT tape and analog sources to retain the dynamics and atmosphere of the original recording. The booklet of the re-release features lyrics, classic interviews, liner notes and exclusive band photos with the original layout elements designed after the original 1991 Putrefaction Records CD. "The Source Of Dominion" was originally only available as a collectable 2 LP set, a long out of print CD reissue from 2006 and the original CD from 1991. More info at www.darksymphonies.com

November 15, 2014

On December 08, 2014 "En Naturlig Död", the debut full length from Swedish Crust / Death Grinders DRÅP, will be re-released on CD via Xtreem Music. The album was self-released earlier this year by the band on vinyl format. The Xtreem Music CD edition of "En Naturlig Död" will additionally feature the song ‘Min Förlorade Värld’ as a bonus track. You can check out the album track ‘Nekad Till Vård’ here. More about DRÅP at www.facebook.com/pages/dråp/305747579538779

Canadian Black / Death Metallers DIRE OMEN have just released their debut album "Wresting The Revelation Of Futility" via Dark Descent Records. The album is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. For all further info check out www.facebook.com/direomen

November 14, 2014

In early 2015 Razorback Records will release a compilation album of early DETERIOROT recordings. It will include the "Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits" EP from 1993, the "Demo ’92", a few live tracks, a rare TV live performance and the 2003 demo, all digitally restored and remastered. DETERIOROT will furthermore have a brand new vinyl 7" EP out later in the year which will feature 2 brand new songs. For more info on DETERIOROT check out www.facebook.com/deteriorot

November 12, 2014

‘Supreme Wisdom Of Blasphemy In The Reign Of Ungodly Creation’, a track from DECIMATION‘s upcoming new full length "Reign Of Ungodly Creation", is currently streaming at this location. The CD will be released via Comatose Music on December 09, 2014. It includes a 16 pages booklet featuring artwork of Dan Seagrave. The album was mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun. For more information about DECIMATION check out www.facebook.com/decimationtr

Brazil’s old school Death / Thrashers NERVOCHAOS will release their sixth full-length, "The Art Of Vengeance", on December 01, 2014 in the UK and December 09, 2014 in North America via Greyhaze Records. The tracklist reads like this: ‘The Harvest’, ‘For Passion Not Fashion’, ‘The Devil’s Work’, ‘Betrayed’, ‘From Below And Not Above’, ‘Blood Ritual’, ‘Rotten Moralismo’, ‘Shadows Of Destruction’, ‘Ghost Of The Past’, ‘What Is Dead May Never Die’, ‘The Legacy Is Pain’ and ‘Lightless’. The first pressing of the album also includes a bonus DVD featuring a documentation of the band’s latest tour. More NERVOCHAOS at www.nervochaos.com.br

November 11, 2014

Drummer RG (Rob v. Gompel / ex – EXCISION) has parted ways with Dutch Death Metallers LUCIFERICON. The band has just announced Roel Sanders (INHUME, KILL DIVISION, ex – MALIGNANT, ex – GOD DETHRONED, ex – ASPHYX) as his replacement. He will play his first shows with LUCIFERICON on March 07, 2015 in Bladel (with SOULBURN) and on March 14, 2015 at the Unholy Metal Mayhem fest in Oberhausen, Germany. More band info at www.facebook.com/lucifericon

"Dominion", the third and final studio album of Swedish Black Metallers OPHTHALAMIA, will be released on vinyl for the very first time via Soulseller Records on December 14, 2014. It will be available as a double LP on 2 x 180 grams black vinyl with gatefold sleeve and double sided printed inner sleeves, limited to 500 copies. Label contact: www.soulsellerrecords.com

All classic 90s Hörnix recordings from ABIGOR will be released as a limited edition black vinyl 6 LP boxset with an extensive booklet and detailed liner notes in January / February 2015 via Soulseller Records. The boxset will include the following LPs: "Verwüstung/Invoke The Dark Age", "Orkblut (The Retaliation)" including ‘Shadowlord’, recorded in the same period, "Nachthymnen – From The Twilight Kingdom", "Opus IV", "Apokalypse" and "Supreme Immortal Art". More about ABIGOR at www.facebook.com/abigorblackmetal

November 10, 2014

Norway’s DISKORD have posted a video for ‘A Downard Spire’, the closing track from their latest mini album "Oscillations", at this location. The clip was directed, shot and edited by Jon André Fosstvedt. "Oscillations" was released on CD (August 15, 2014) and vinyl (September 02, 2014) via Hellthrasher Productions (Europe) and Australopithecus Records (USA). It is streaming in its entirety here. More about DISKORD at www.facebook.com/pages/diskord/6342268411

Czech Doom Metallers ET MORIEMUR have released a video for the song ‘Liebeslied’ from their second full-length "Ex Nihilo In Nihilum" over here.  The CD will be released on November 17, 2014 via Solitude Productions. More band info at www.facebook.com/pages/et-moriemur/382342939251

November 07, 2014

CENTINEX have premiered a track from their upcoming new album "Redeeming Filth". You can check out ‘Rotting Below’ here. "Redeeming Filth" will be released on November 21, 2014 in Europe and December 09, 2014 in North America via Agonia Records. More CENTINEX at www.facebook.com/centinexofficial

Canadian Black / Death Metallers DIRE OMEN have premiered another new song from their upcoming release "Wresting The Revelation Of Futility" at this location. The album will be released on November 13, 2014 via Dark Descent Records and features the following tracks: ‘Here And Hereafter (Overture)’, ‘Onward With Wounds Of Disillusion’, ‘Ossuary’, ‘Hemotically Possessed, Servus Sevorum Dei’, ‘Foretold Untethering From Existence’, ‘Beyond Stillness’, ‘Vacuous Altar’, ‘Inversion Of Samadhi Dire Omen’ and ‘Closing The Portal’. For all further DIRE OMEN information check out www.facebook.com/direomen

November 06, 2014

On December 15, 2014 Xtreem Music will officially re-release "Recognize No Authority", the debut album from Los Angeles’ DÉTENTE as a 2 CD edition. Disc 1 will contain two bonus tracks (re-recorded versions of two album tracks), while disc 2 features the band’s 4 demos, two unreleased songs (live & rehearsal from ’85) and the 2 CATALEPSY demos from ’87 and ’88. All songs will be remastered and the booklet will have band photos, flyers, lyrics and extensive liner notes from Steve Hochheiser on offer. There will also be a limited run of T-Shirts that will be available exclusively through the Xtreem Music webstore. More DÉTENTE info at www.facebook.com/detenterna

German old school Death Metallers REVEL IN FLESH have just released a video for ‘In The Name Of The Flesh’. The song will appear on their new album "Death Kult Legions" which will be released on December 05, 2014 via Cyclone Empire. You can check out the video here. The first preview track from the album is streaming at this location. A release show for the album will take place on December 06, 2014 at the Rock It club in Aalen, Germany. More about REVEL IN FLESH at www.facebook.com/pages/revel-in-flesh/304228902958414

November 05, 2014

"Revealed In Profane Splendour", the full-length from UK’s blackened Death Metallers SIDIOUS, is out on Kaotoxin Records now. It is streaming in its entirety at this location. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Parlour Studios by Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR) and features artwork from Giannis Nakos of Remedy Arts. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Sacrilegious Majesty’, ‘Inexorable Revelation’, ‘Revealed In Profane Splendour’, ‘Annihilation Ov Abhorrent Credence’, ‘Obscenity Ov Old’, ‘Infernal Reign’ and ‘O Paragon, Bringer Ov Light’. More SIDIOUS info at www.facebook.com/sidiousofficial

Greek Black Metallers VARATHRON have premiered a new track entitled ‘Kabalistic Invocation Of Salomon’ at this location. It is taken off their forthcoming new album "Untrodden Corridors Of Hades" which will be released on November 21, 2014 in Europe and December 09, 2014 in the rest of the world via Agonia Records in various formats including digipak CD, box CD (including a bonus CD with rare tracks, a patch and a poster; limited to 350 copies), black vinyl, coloured vinyl (hand-numbered) and digital. "Untrodden Corridors of Hades" was recorded, mixed and engineered by Kostas Kalampokas at Infinite Loop Music Studio in Greece and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio in Norway. The artwork has been created by Mark Riddick. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Kabalistic Invocation Of Solomon’, ‘Realm Of Obscure’, ‘Arcane Conjuring’, ‘Leprocious Lord’, ‘The Bright Trapezium’, ‘Death Chant’ and ‘Delve Into The Past’. All further information at www.varathron.com or www.facebook.com/varathronofficial

November 04, 2014

French Black Metallers HELL MILITIA will be playing a couple of European shows in the second half of November together with Swedish KILL and Slovenia’s ATER ERA. The tour will kick off in Germany in Erfurt on November 21, 2014 and continue in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland. The final show will take place in Saint Etienne, France on November 29, 2014. More details at www.facebook.com/hellmilitiaofficial

"Suffering", the new EP from French Goregrinders PUTRID OFFAL, has just been released via Kaotoxin Records. It is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. Kaotoxin Records will also release a special double CD, which will feature the band’s new album "Mature Necropsy" along with a compilation entitled "Premature Necropsy". It will be limited to 1.000 copies, and features all of the band’s (remastered) material from the 90s, including their 1991 "Unformed" demo, their 1991 "At The Stench Of The Foul Offal" split with AGATHOCLES, the songs from 1991’s "Premature Necropsy" split LP with EXULCERATION and their part of the 1992 "Obscurum Per Obscurius" compilation CD. More about PUTRID OFFAL at www.facebook.com/putridoffal

Philadelphia based Speed Metallers INFILTRATOR have just released their self-titled EP on cassette through Unspeakable Axe Records (black with gold metallic print, and limited to 200 copies). The complete EP can be streamed at this location. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/infiltratormetal