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May 31, 2014

Greyhaze Records have just released the vinyl reissue of SARCÓFAGO‘s second album "Rotting". It has been remastered and comes in a deluxe gatefold jacket, which will feature all the original artwork, including a full-color gatefold insert. 700 copies will be available on black vinyl and 300 on green vinyl. More info at www.greyhazerecords.com or www.facebook.com/greyhazerecords

Iceland’s SÓLSTAFIR will release their new album "Ótta" on August 29, 2014 via Season Of Mist. It is the first release of the band since 2011’s "Svartir Sandar". "Svartir Sandar", as well as the two-disc reissue of SÓLSTAFIR’s debut album "Í Blóði Og Anda", are still available via Season of Mist. More band info at www.solstafir.net or www.facebook.com/solstafirice

French brutal Death Metallers BENIGHTED have recently shot a video for ‘Spit’. The song is taken from their new album "Carnivore Sublime", which was released last February. The video features SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth and will be premiered on June 03, 2014. You can already watch a video trailer on the Season of Mist YouTube channel. More about BENIGHTED at www.brutalbenighted.com or www.facebook.com/brutalbenighted

May 30, 2014

"Necro Crust Warhead", the upcoming 12" MLP of Spain’s Death / Crust commando MUTILATED VETERANS, will feature the following tracks: ‘March Of The Mutilated’ (intro), ‘War Funeral’, ‘Blood Militia’, ‘A Tank Full Of Corpses’, ‘Triumph Of Torture’ and ‘Carnage Warfare’. It will be released via Hells Headbangers on August 05, 2014. The first 111 copies will be available on white vinyl, sold exclusively through the Hells Headbangers mailorder. You can already check out the track ‘Blood Militia’ at the band’s bandcamp site.

May 28, 2014

Danish Death Metallers DEUS OTIOSUS have uploaded another song from their upcoming third album "Rise", which will be released via Deepsend Records on June 10, 2014. ‘Don’t Fuck With The Dead’ can be checked out at this location. More band information at www.deus-otiosus.com or www.facebook.com/deusotiosus.dk

"The Dark Emperor Of The Shadow Realm", the second full length from Texas based Black Metallers HUMUT TABAL, will be released on June 21, 2014. The title track is now streaming at this location. A video preview can be found here. The complete tracklist of "The Dark Emperor Of The Shadow Realm" reads like this: ‘Across The Boundless Land Ov Death’, ‘Through The Forest And Twisting Shadow’, ‘Furious Winged Helldaemons Soar’, ‘Alone, In Purest Silence’, ‘The Misanthrope Ov The Barren Waste Becomes’, ‘Wielder Ov The Daemon Blade’, ‘In The Shade Ov Lord Satan’s Wings’ and ‘Dark Emperor Ov The Shadow Realm’. More about HUMUT TABAL at www.humuttabal.com or www.facebook.com/humuttabal

‘Through Horrible Despair’, a song off DAY OF DOOM‘s upcoming release "The Gates Of Hell", is currently streaming here. The third album from this Long Island based Death Metallers will be released on June 06, 2014 via Lavadome Productions. The cover art was created by Raul Gonzales. For all further information on DAY OF DOOM check out www.facebook.com/dayofdoom666

"Soul Recall", the debut album from Berkeley, California’s Death Metallers RUDE, is streaming in its entirety until May 30, 2014 at this location. The album, that features a cover artwork by Dan Seagrave, will be released on CD, vinyl and digital formats on May 30, 2014 via F.D.A. Records. The first pressing of the vinyl edition will be limited to 150 copies in yellow and 350 copies in black vinyl. More RUDE at www.facebook.com/pages/rude/391039200987363

US Black Metallers HELGARDH have released an official music video for ‘The Aberration Scars’. The track is the first to be released off the band’s forthcoming second album "Mallevs Maleficarvm", which will be released later this year via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The video can be watched here. On June 21, 2014 HELGARDH will embark on the "Ceremonial Silence" tour with Pennsylvania’s Black Metallers NELDORETH. For more information on HELGARDH visit www.helgardhofficial.com

On August 19, 2014 Hells Headbangers will release SACROCURSE‘s debut album "Unholier Master" on CD (worldwide) and vinyl (in North America, Iron Bonehead Productions is handling the European vinyl pressing). Here’s the full tracklist already: ‘Sepulchral Desolation’, ‘All Existence Perishes’, ‘Command Demonic Prayers’, ‘Rites Of Perverted Idolatry’, ‘Oath For Eternal Damnation’, ‘C.O.N.V.U.L.S.E.’, ‘Unholier Master’, ‘Ripping Death Solution’, ‘Sulphur Blessing’ and ‘End Of Mankind Universe’. More about SACROCURSE at www.facebook.com/sacrocurse

May 26, 2014

“Relics Of Sulphur Salvation”, the third full-length from Swedish Death Metallers VANHELGD, is now streaming in its entirety at this location. It will be released through Pulverised Records on May 27, 2014 and the full tracklist reads like this: ‘Dödens Maskätna Anlete’, ‘The Salt In My Hands’, ‘Where All Flesh Is Soil’, ‘Ett Liv I Träldom’, ‘May The Worms Have Mercy On My Flesh’, ‘Relics Of Sulphur Salvation’, ‘Sirens Of Lampedusa’ and ‘Cure Us From Life’. More info at www.mattiasfrisk.com/vanhelgd.html or www.facebook.com/vanhelgd

May 23, 2014

PENTACLE‘s "Five Candles Burning Red" MCD will be out on June 13, 2014 through Iron Pegasus Records. It includes the last studio session (songs from all the last three split vinyl releases, past and coming) in its entire length (5 songs with a total playing time of 34 minutes). On the same day Iron Pegasus Records will also re-release the band’s rare first full length album "…Rides The Moonstorm" on CD with a 24 page booklet. A limited run (100 copies) of the "Under The Black Cross" tape edition, which was released through Metal Defiance Productions and III Damnation Productions, is available directly from the band. For ordering details contact PENTACLE via www.pentacle.nl or www.facebook.com/pages/pentacle/86420806112

May 20, 2014

Brazil’s HEADHUNTER D.C. have just revealed the cover artwork for the HEADHUNTER D.C. tribute album, “Born To Punish The Skies… A Deathmetallic Brotherhood In Darkest Mourning for God – Tribute to HEADHUNTER D.C. Volume 1” at this location. It was created by Juanjo Castellano Rosado, who already created the cover of the band’s last studio album, “…In Unholy Mourning…”. It’s scheduled to be released via Mutilation Records in mid / late June. Here’s the complete tracklist: REVEL IN FLESH – ‘Deny The Light’, INNER DEMONS RISE – ‘Inner Demons Rise!’, FUNERAL WHORE – ‘The Glory’, EMINENT SHADOW – ‘Forgotten Existence’, DECOMPOSED GOD – ‘Am I Crazy?’, EMBRIONAL – ‘Celebrate The Chaos’, MALEFACTOR – ‘Conflicts Of The Dark And Light’, POISONOUS – ‘Hallucinations’, PURE NOISE – ‘Death Vomit’, BASTARD – ‘Stillborn Messiah’, QUEIRON – ‘Beyond The Deepest Lie’, DEMONIC RAGE – ‘Intense Infanticide’, HOLDER – ‘Suicidal Soldier’, INSAINTFICATION – ‘Terrible Illusion’, UNBORN – ‘Why Wars?’, DEAD CONSPIRACY – ‘Winds Of Death’ and NERVO CHAOS – ‘Lightless…’. More information at www.facebook.com/headhunterdc

"Wicca", the forthcoming vinyl 7" EP from Lima, Peru’s MORBID SLAUGHTER, is now streaming in its entirety at borisrecords.bandcamp.com. It will be released on May 31, 2014 in a limited edition of 500 copies, that include a digital download. More info at www.facebook.com/morbidslaughterofficial or www.boris-records.com.

‘Blood On Satan’s Claw’, a track off the new HORRID album "Sacrilegious Fornication" is now streaming at this location. The album was recorded at Sweden’s Sunlight Studios (KATATONIA, TIAMAT, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER) by Thomas Skogsberg and mastered at Occultum Studio in Biella, Italy. The artwork was created by Cristophe "Thorncross" Moyen. More about HORRID at www.facebook.com/pages/horrid/106220033688

May 16, 2014

Houston, Texas based Black Metallers MORBUS 666 have been signed by Moribund Records. New material will be released later this year. More info at www.facebook.com/pages/morbus-666/223381111199882

"Rise", the third album from Danish old school Death Metallers DEUS OTIOSUS, will be released via Deepsend Records on June 10, 2014. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Rising War’, ‘Iron Rule’, ‘Don’t Fuck With The Dead’, ‘Breeding Maggots’, ‘Vultures’, ‘Walk The Shadows’, ‘Stand Up And Fight’, ‘Will And Fear’ and ‘Fall Of The West’. The song ‘Iron Rule’ is already streaming at this location. More info you’ll find at www.deus-otiosus.com

Germany’s Hardcore / Thrashers SOULS FOR SALE have posted a music video for the track ‘Fromselflootingtoanassaultdrivenapproachofbreakingfree’ at this location. The song is taken from their debut album "Scavengers" that is now available as a free / name your price download from the band’s bandcamp site. More band information at www.soulsforsale.de or www.facebook.com/soulsforsale

May 15, 2014

Swedish Death / Black Metallers TRIDENT have signed a deal with WAR ANTHEM RECORDS. An as of yet untitled new mini album is planned for end of 2014 on CD and vinyl. The TRIDENT line-up features a.o. Johan Norman (ex – DISSECTION, ex – SOULREAPER), Joakim Antonsson (DEATH TYRANT) and David Lantz (WARHEIM). A promo video for the song ‘Jaws Of Satan’ (from the band’s debut album "World Destruction") can be checked out at this location. More info at www.facebook.com/pages/trident/273317446089846

Poland’s TEMPLE DESECRATION will release their debut 12" MLP "Communion Perished" on June 27, 2014 via Iron Bonehead. It features the two tracks ‘Ghoul Prayer’ and ‘Apotheosis’. More info at www.ironbonehead.de or www.facebook.com/ironboneheadproductions

May 14, 2014

The first track to be revealed from ORIGIN‘s upcoming 6th album "Omnipresent" is a song entitled ‘Manifest Desolate’. You can check it out at this location. The album will be released on July 04, 2014 in Europe via Agonia Records and on July 08, 2014 in North America via Nuclear Blast. More ORIGIN at www.facebook.com/origin

In late September Svart Records will release an 800 pages hardcover book edition of Finland’s ISTEN fanzine, entitled "Don’t Break The Ghost". In addition to careful reproductions of nearly all of ISTEN’s issues in their entirety, the book features over 60 pages of artifacts from the ISTEN archives, including unpublished interviews, handwritten letters and never before seen photos, plus personal narratives throughout the book from ISTEN founder Mikko Mattila For all additionally info check out www.svartrecords.com or www.facebook.com/svartrecords

May 12, 2014

Canadian Black Metallers RAGE NUCLÉAIRE have finished the recordings of their new full length album "Black Storm Of Violence". The follow-up to their "Unrelenting Fucking Hatred" debut will be released on July 18, 2014 via Season of Mist. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Violence Is Golden’, ‘Hunt With Murderworms, Sculpt With Flies’, ‘The Gift Of The Furnace’, ‘Fields Of The Crucified’, ‘Endziel’, ‘The Sorrow Children At Mourningside’, ’30 Seconds In The Killhouse’, ‘Unrelenting Fucking Hatred’, ‘The Gallows And The Black Coffin’ and ‘The Feeding Habits Of Homo Horriblis’. For more information check out www.facebook.com/ragenucleaire

ABORYM have released a new video for the track ‘Bleedthrough’ off their latest album "Dirty". The video, which was directed and filmed by Andrea Mazzucca and the Victorlab crew, can be viewed here. More ABORYM at www.facebook.com/aborymofficial

German Thrashers ASSASSIN have announced ex – LORD OF GIANT, SUPERSOMA, NEW DAMAGE vocalist Ingo "Crowzak" Bajonczak as the band’s new frontman. ASSASSIN are currently working on the follow-up to their "Breaking The Silence" album from 2011. More information at www.assassin-online.de

May 11, 2014

Denmark’s THE ARCANE ORDER recently entered the studio with producer Jacob Hansen to record 2 new promo tracks entitled ‘Aphelion’ and ‘The Constant Throne’. The songs are available for streaming and download at SoundCloud, Bandcamp and YouTube and within the next few days will be available via iTunes, Spotify and about 400 other streaming services around the world. More band information at www.thearcaneorder.net or www.facebook.com/thearcaneorder

May 10, 2014

"Resurrection Denied", the debut full-length from Rome’s Death Metallers DEVANGELIC, will be released on June 24, 2014 via Comatose Music. The band features members from PUTRIDITY, VULVECTOMY and COPROPHILIAC, the album was recorded at 16th Cellar Studio and the artwork created by Toshihiro Egawa. A promo video for ‘Desecrate The Crucifix’ can be seen at this location. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Eucharistic Savagery’, ‘Crown Of Entrails’, ‘Disfigured Embodiment’, ‘Unfathomed Evisceration’, ‘Entombment Of Mutilated Angels’, ‘Perished Through Atonement’, ‘Desecrate The Crucifix’, ‘Apostolic Dismembering’ and ‘Devouring The Consecrated’. More about DEVANGELIC at www.facebook.com/devangelic.official

Sweden’s ENDING QUEST have finished the recordings of their debut album "The Summoning". It will be released on June 20, 2014 through F.D.A. Records. A trailer for "The Summoning" can be found here. For all further band information check out www.facebook.com/pages/ending-quest/146404308776819

Hammerheart Records will release the vinyl edition of VILLAINY‘s "Villainy I" album. It is limited to 300 copies: 100 copies on splatter vinyl (exclusive available from the band and the label) and 200 copies on black vinyl. For more info check out www.facebook.com/villainyofficial or http://villainyofficial.bandcamp.com

May 09, 2014

"Morbid Black Oath", the new mini CD of GRAVECRUSHER, will be released on May 15, 2014 through Xtreem Music. You can already listen to it here. More about the Hungarian five-piece at www.facebook.com/gravecrusherofficial

Norwegian Black Metallers DEN SAAKALDTE have posted a new track (‘Djevelens Verk’) from the band’s upcoming full-length "Kapittel II: Faen I Helvete" at this location. The successor to "All Hail Pessimism" (2009) was recorded at Strand Studio in February 2014 and will be released on May 27, 2014 in Europe and June 10, 2014 in North America via Agonia Records. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Din Siste Dag’, ‘Forbanna Idioter’, ‘Du Selvproklamerte Misjonær’, ‘Endeløst Øde’, ‘Djevelens Verk’, ‘Som Ett Arr På Sjelen’ and ‘Ondskapens Nødvendighet’. More band info at www.facebook.com/densaakaldte

New Zealand’s Black / Death Metallers VASSAFOR premiere their cover of VARATHRON’s ‘Son Of The Moon’ at this location. The track hails from the band’s forthcoming vinyl split LP with New Zealand’s Doom / Deathers SINISTROUS DIABOLUS, which will be released on June 16, 2014 via Iron Bonehead Productions. The tracklist reads like this: VASSAFOR: ‘Ossuary In Darkness’ and ‘Son Of The Moon’ and SINISTROUS DIABOLUS: ‘Aeon Tenebris – Aeo Lacrimis’. More band information: www.facebook.com/pages/vassafor/122700671091826 or www.facebook.com/pages/sinistrous-diabolus/160094777389123

May 08, 2014

Boris Records will release a 7" EP from Peru’s MORBID SLAUGHTER on May 31, 2014. It is entitled "Wicca" and includes the two tracks ‘Wicca’ and ‘The Nightly Breath Of God’. More about MORBID SLAUGHTER at www.facebook.com/morbidslaughterofficial

May 07, 2014

ILLDISPOSED‘s 2004 album “1-800 Vindication” will be released on June 27, 2014 for the first time on vinyl through Heartburn Music, limited to 500 copies. More info and pre-order details at www.heartburn.dk

Season of Mist have signed Sweden’s suicidal Black Metallers SHINING. The band’s forthcoming ninth full-length is scheduled for early 2015. Frontman Kvarforth issued the following statement: “After a long period of negotiations and discussions that lasted almost eight years, I have now chosen to grant Season of Mist the privilege of releasing the next SHINING album. We have also once again decided to work with Andy La Roque and record at his Sonic Train facilities. The ceremony is set to begin in September, and thus my ninth child can be expected in early 2015.” More SHINING at www.facebook.com/shiningofficial

‘Demonic Worship Of The Horned Beast’, a track off "End Of Man", the upcoming vinyl 7" from Atlanta based Black Metallers HELLGOAT, can be checked out at this location. The EP will be released via Boris Records on May 31, 2014. More about HELLGOAT at www.facebook.com/pages/hellgoat/359498710801448

"Chronicles Of Oblivion", the forthcoming new album from DEEP IN HATE, is now streaming in its entirety at this location. It will be released as a limited edition digipak CD and digital through Kaotoxin Records on June 03, 2014. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Introduction’, ‘Genesis Of Void’, ‘The Cattle Procession’, ‘Altars Of Lies’, ‘New Republic’, ‘The Unheard Prayers’, ‘The Divide’, ‘Wingless Gods’ (feat. guest vocals from ABORTED’s Sven de Caluwé) and ‘Beyond’. A video for ‘New Republic’ (recorded live at Sonisphere 2013) can be seen at this location. More band info at www.deepinhate.com or www.facebook.com/deepinhate

ORIGIN will release their sixth album "Omnipresent" on July 04, 2014 in Europe via Agonia Records (in North America it will be out through Nuclear Blast Records on July 08, 2014). "Omnipresent" was recorded with long-time producer Robert Rebeck, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston and the cover artwork was created by Colin Marks (NEVERMORE, KATAKLYSM, EXODUS). The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘All Things Dead’, ‘Thrall:Fulcrum:Apex’, ‘Permanence’, ‘Manifest Desolate’, ‘Absurdity Of What I Am’, ‘Source Of Icon O’, ‘Continuum’, ‘Unattainable Zero’, ‘Redistribution Of Filth’, ‘Obsolescence’, ‘Malthusian Collapse’, ‘The Indiscriminate’ and ‘Kill Yourself’ (S.O.D. cover). "Omnipresent" features the recording debut of new vocalist Jason Keyser (ex – SKINLESS), together with drummer John Longstreth (ex – ANGELCORPSE), guitarist Paul Ryan and bassist Mike Flores. The album will be available in a variety of formats exclusively for the European territory (digipak CD, boxset, vinyl, limited edition coloured vinyl and digital). For more ORIGIN information check out www.facebook.com/origin

May 06, 2014

Swedish Death Metallers UNDER THE CHURCH have unleashed the track ‘Denial Of Death’ at this location. It is taken off the band’s upcoming self-titled EP, which will be released on June 16, 2014 via Pulverised Records on CD and digital format. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Denial Of Death’, ‘Macabre Cadaver’, ‘Digging In The Dirt’, ‘Under The Church’, ‘Burning’, ‘Haunted By Demons’ and ‘Back To The Grave’. More information at www.facebook.com/underthechurch or http://underthechurch.bandcamp.com

May 05, 2014

The new DEAD CONGREGATION album "Promulgation Of The Fall" was released through www.martyrdoomproductions.com today. It is available as a regular jewel case and an exclusive digipak CD. The LP version will be out via www.noevdia.com in about two weeks. More information at www.deadcongregation.com

Ukranian Symphonic Black Metallers QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA will release their second album "Duality" on June 20, 2014 through Schwarzdorn Production. The new song ‘The Infinite Dance Of Numbers’ can already be checked out at this location. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Prelude’, ‘The Secrets Of Victorious Decisions’, ‘The Infinite Dance Of Numbers’, ‘Sparks Of The Glorious Fire’, ‘Impulse Of Courage’, ‘Inversion Of Reality’, ‘Destruction Of Galaxies’, ‘Creep & Damage’, ‘Equations Of Daemonic Revelations’ and ‘Breathing Of Saturn Rings’. For all additional information check out www.schwarzdorn.de

May 02, 2014

Poland’s blackend Thrashers WITCHMASTER have signed a deal with Osmose Productions for the release of their new album "Antichristus Ex Utero". It was recorded during the Summer of 2013 and mixed by Malta (BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED). For more information check out www.facebook.com/witchmasterband

Norwegian Black Metallers DØDSFALL have finished 7 songs for their new album and will enter Sunlight Studio in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Tomas Skogsberg at the end of Autumn. Meanwhile they are working with a session drummer for a couple of live shows in July in Sweden and the UK. More about DØDSFALL at www.facebook.com/dodsfall

May 01, 2014

In about a month Black Vomit Records will re-release "Wicca" and "Goetia", the first two albums of MYSTIFIER, on vinyl. Both editions will be available with thick cardboard sleeves and printed innersleeves, including lyrics and band pics. The regular black vinyl editions are both limited to 400 copies, the die hard versions are limited to 100 copies each ("Wicca" on transparent blue vinyl and "Goetia" on clear vinyl). More info and pre-order details at www.blackvomitrecords.com or www.facebook.com/blackvomit.recs