One of the biggest surprises in 2010 happened when I received a package from Claudio (Rawforce Productions) including the CD “Those We Don’t Speak Of” from Chilean Death Metal band ABREKADAVER. I haven’t heard from this band before, but after the first seconds of ‘The Mass Of Flesh’ I was immediately totally blown away. The Death Metal offered on this CD is convincing from the beginning to its very end and close to perfection. The sound couldn’t be any better and you have to search for a long time to find a more brutal and tight playing three-piece outfit in this music genre. Death Metal hardly sounded better. The decision was an easy one to interview those guys in ABREKADAVER, so here we go with Sebastian (vox / guitars) and his stories about Death Metal in Chile and other tales of Metal, Muerte, Destruccion! Enjoy…

Greetings Sebastian. How’s life? Thanks for showing interest in this interview with Voices From The Darkside. Anything important to start with?
"Well, thanks to you for the interview, and for being interested in the band… Here is ABREKADAVER, in these cold lands of Southern Chile, answering your questions."

This is already my 3rd interview with a band from Chile (after the ones with UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN and GODLESS). How does this feel and what can you tell about Chile when talking about Metal in your country?
"I have noticed that in other countries there are many people and labels interested in Chilean Death Metal… Here happens the same than in other countries, lots of bands but few of them are good. You can find good Death /Thrash, Thrash / Black, Doom or Death Metal, but the best bands are always hidden in the underground."

Talking about your bandname. In the Encyclopaedia Metallum you can read the following: “The band’s name is a pun that hides the words "abre cadáver" (corpse rip opener) and "abra cadabra" (hocus pocus).” What is the meaning behind ABREKADAVER?
"We wanted to have a different moniker, and only is a pun, not a magical word, just a word that makes reference to open corpses, this is Death Metal!!!"

Please explain your logo and especially this hook in it. Is there any deeper meaning behind or just a good looking logo?
"The logo was born when the band played Gore Metal in its early phase, of bands such as: IMPETIGO, CARCASS, MORTICIAN and GENERAL SURGERY. In that moment technically we could not play the style we do now, but we never wanted to change the logo."

You came from nothing, no demo before your CD or something else. Is ABREKADAVER your first real band or did you play in other bands before? If yes, which bands were that and please tell something about them.
"We’ve all played in other bands, but now the only thing that motivates us is ABREKADAVER, we always wanted to play Death Metal. Now we are the right people to make a serious Death Metal band." (Which you already are!! – Thomas)

As I said you came from nothing, but totally convinced with your first album. Is that really the first release from ABREKADAVER or did you release something like a demo / EP before?
"Really, this is our first work published …we have other songs that never were released and only were played live a couple of times. Until we achieved the level needed to work in the Death Metal that we wanted and we play now…The old songs will never be published."

The playing time of “Those We Don’t Speak Of” is rather short with just ~28 minutes. Was this release probably planned as a demo at first or what is the reason for this short playing time?
"The only reason is to make a dynamic work and not boring, maybe are our Grind / Death influences. We do not need to demonstrate that our Death Metal is more well-developed or not than other bands… We will not use filler riffs. Nowadays many Death Metal bands make very long songs."

Your label Rawforce Productions is a quite promising one that already took care of releases from TORTURER, ATOMIC AGRESSOR, SADISM and many more. What’s your experience with them so far? Do you think they can support you the way you need it?
"Rawforce is a reliable label in Chile, this is very important for us, and Claudio Cruces is very honest. We are pleased with the support that he gives us."

What about the distribution and the possibilities of Rawforce Productions? What do you expect and how can you and they reach a bigger market (like e. g. the European one)?
"We agree with the distribution, but the door is open for any worthy label from other countries. We have some offers, but at the right time we can decide the best option."

How are the sales of your CD so far? Are you satisfied with them and what do you think about downloading CDs through the internet?
"The sales of "Those We Do Not Speak Of" have been very good, we have just a few copies left. I don’t care about internet downloads… You know the real banger will get the album sooner or later in its original format."

If I get it correct your CD isn’t distributed worldwide? Can you tell some addresses / mailorders where to get your CD from?
"We did not handle any information in other countries .. I can only say that for those who are interested in our CD only need to contact us this way: or And I assure they will have an immediate response."

Your cover was drawn by Daniel Selfdesecrator, who’s getting a better name in the worldwide scene day by day now. I think he’s an amazing artist. What do you think about him and his drawings so far and especially what do you think about his painting for your CD?
"Well, Selfdesecrator is a great artist, has done work for excellent bands, and still has a long way to shaping his blasphemous art. The artwork for our album looks killer, he had a willingness and we hope to work with Selfdesecrator in the next attack again!!!"

Who came up with the idea behind this drawing and does it stand in direct relation with the lyrics and title of your CD?
"The idea came from the band, and Selfdesecrator made his work freely based on it… The idea of the art represents the lyrics of the album, mockery against all religions, their genocides and malpractices."

In my review I said that this drawing (well, the music, too) is screaming for a vinyl-release. Are you working on that? Which label could be the one to release it? E. g. Blood Harvest Records already worked with MAGNANIMVS and GODLESS from your country. Perhaps they are an option?
"Yes, a vinyl-release would be really appropriate; we are working on this affair. We are looking for any interested label. Blood Harvest has done good work with the bands that you mention here. We have no contact with Blood Harvest so far, but it would be nice."

You recorded your album in the DM6 Studios. This studio is getting a very good name finally with releases produced with bands such as UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, MAGNANIMVS, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR, HADES ARCHER and many more. What can you say about this studio (price, possibilities, engineer, technique…)?
"DM6 studio is the best place where we could record the Death Metal that we play. We are very pleased with the work of Pablo Clares, he has much experience in this… The relationship between price and quality is ok… Well, P. Clares is our comrade, so the recording process was very good."

Pablo Clares from DM6 Studio and MAGNANIMVS seems to have an essential position in the Chilean Death Metal scene with his involvement in several bands and in his studio. How do you consider his part in the scene?
"He has been a cornerstone in the national Metal scene, participating in the best albums on the history of Metal in Chile without a doubt… when Pablo heard ABREKADAVER he said that we had the doors open wide in DM6 Studio. We’re from a very isolated location in Chile, and reach the DM6 studio is like travelling from Portugal to Germany by land, and with minimal resources… but we have great strength to break through and achieve all that we want."

The Chilean scene is amazing right now. Bands as UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, GODLESS, MAGNANIMVS among many others are all killer, but are still too far involved in the underground. In the European media only underground fanzines like Voices From The Darkside and comparable ones write about those bands. What is the reason for that?
"We must keep us in the underground…The underground keeps the true essence of the bands alive. Death Metal should not be prostituted. We do not want to see our band appearing in all zines. Sufficient reasons, we are very pleased by the interest from Voices From The Darkside!!!"

Labels as Blood Harvest or Iron Bonehead look out for bands from South America, but despite those your scene is more or less a scene of its own, right? Any explanation why except for SEPULTURA hardly any South American band got popular in the whole world?
"That’s I tried to explain before… we don’t need be as popular as a SEPULTURA… We don’t want to end up like them. The bands that all day are screaming in your ear with a lot of publicity to be listened, sucks!!!"

Sometimes I have the impression that some bands from Chile don’t want to get known worldwide or at least not for a bigger audience. Take for instance UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN. They even have no internet-appearance and MAGNANIMVS don’t do much promotion either. Is that because you and them want to stick to the label “underground” or is Chile somehow at the end of the world and it is hard for you to get a name outside of your country / continent?
"The only reason is to stay in the underground for not be like a whore to the Metal scene, just be consequent and honest. Internet is full of bands that want to make themselves known, and they get nothing… So we’re just fine in this way and confident in our music… Who wants to get in contact with us only have to search and write…" (Perfect attitude!! – Thomas)

How are the reactions ABREKADAVER got from fans and media so far? From which countries do you get the most interest and how does your myspace-appearance help in that?
"The reaction from fans has been very good especially in the shows, which is the most immediate reward… Also I know that the album has very little time since its launch… The only thing that we use for contact with the Bangers is our Myspace… And here they can contact the members of the band directly."

Which are the most important bands from Chile and which are the most promising new ones? Name some bands and tell what makes / made them special?
"ATOMIC AGGRESSOR are great… Also bands such as MAGNANIMVS – they play a very darkened Death Metal. I heard some of their new songs live – really sick!!! Well, and many others that are giving to speak…"

Talking about your influences. In my review I said you take influences from MORBID ANGEL at their “Domination”-era with riffs and solos, CANNIBAL CORPSE for some riffs and DEICIDE for the utter brutality. What do you say are the biggest influences for ABREKADAVER

Please list some of the best and most influential albums and tell what makes them so special.
"Absolutely “Effigy Of The Forgotten” from SUFFOCATION. No doubt a great album."

What about live shows. I saw on your myspace-page that you played a headliner gig together with MAGANIMVS and another band in April. Do you often play live? With which bands did you share the stage so far and how is the reaction from the crowd at your shows?
"In our city we play just about 3 times in a year, and the fact of being so isolated from the rest of the country makes it difficult to play in other places… But, some bands come to play in our town… I can tell you, the gigs here are very violent and euphoric… people turn very violent and anxious… the show that you tell me, was the launch of our album, with our friends MAGNANIMVS… And a gig with MAGNANIMVS and ABREKADAVER here is very killer, ha ha… Bangers were possessed. Many people fractured by the violence of the mosh… the feedback was great. We prefer to be rehearsing and composing till when the moment comes indicated to appear live… ABREKADAVER only rise to kill!!!"

You are 3-piece band and I can imagine that it is tough to re-create the powerful and mighty sound of your CD live on stage with just one guitar? Does this cause problems from time to time or is it no problem at all?
"Nooooooooo, at least in small stages all goes very well, we sound very powerful and if we need an additional guitar, we will get it someday."

How is the live situation in Chile at all? How does the Chilean crowd react usually and did also foreign bands play in your place?
"I don’t know, where I live foreign bands don’t come, but I think it’s like in all Latin America, the crowds are always anxious to see foreign bands and I guess the reaction must be good… I can only talk about the gigs that happen here."

I suppose that Chile is a rather christian / catholic orientated country. Your lyrics, as those of many Death Metal bands, are rather unreligious. How does your country and your surrounding think about that? How are the reactions from friends, family and colleagues?
"Yes! Chile is full of people tied with these fucking religions… we don’t give a fuck what people think about this, especially if they aren’t into the Metal… we depart from our "normal" lives to do this, this is where reactions from the crowd don’t influence us."

Do you think those anti-religious lyrics are important for a Death Metal band?
"I think it’s important… bands write about various and different topics in their lyrics. Metal is nurtured from negative things… Satan, whores, war, anti-Christianity, violence, blasphemy, history, hunger and death, these are ingredients that must always be in Metal!"

It seems that you and your drummer already have families with children. How do your wives and children think about your music, lifestyle and this time-consuming hobby? How old are you by the way?
"Of course we have women and children… but we have no problem with them, our lifestyle and beliefs are not shared with them and the relationship is very good… We have our space, and it is respected by our families. I never try to influence others, everyone should follow their own spiritual path."

In your thankslist you mention SEPULTURA. Which relation do you have to them?
"Hahhaha … Sepultura is the moniker of a friend here, no relation with the band!" (haha, ok, I got it wrong here – Thomas)

You wrote in an email that you are currently working on new stuff. What can we expect from your next release and when do you think will it be recorded and finally released?
"Well, the next attack will be recorded in March 2011… We’re next to finish all the songs from the new album. I can tell you that ABREKADAVER are in the same path, maybe a little faster and with a couple of new resources, but it will be an honest work. The new album will sound like an avalanche of repentant souls falling down to the warm underworld!!!"

OK Sebastian, I think it’s finally time to come to an end. Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed collecting those questions? The last words are as usual yours.
"Thanks for you support Thomas, it was a pleasure to talk with Voices From The Darkside. Abrekadaver is Death Metal from the highest commands. Contact here:,, Hails to all who have supported us. Stay haughty, sick and brutal!!!"

Thomas Ehrmann

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