DISGORGE is one of the most brutal acts to emerge from the USA in the last years. They are a band that knows how to play ultra fast rhythms adding to it the most insane vocals on this planet. They have two full lengths out, "She Lay Gutted" and the more recent "Consume The Forsaken" (plus their two demos released on one CD called "Cranial Impalement") and they were on tour through Europe recently together with the guys from DEEDS OF FLESH and PYAEMIA. Ricky Myers, their drummer, kindly answered my questions…

Well, first of all, how’s things going with the guys from DEEDS OF FLESH and PYAEMIA on this tour?
"It’s been great, definitely. Those guys are crazy and we’re spending a very good time together with them."

What happened after the release of "She Lay Gutted"? Were you still together after that or not?
"Well, yes. The only thing that happened was that we parted ways with Matti Way, and I know that there was a lot of confussion going around concerning this. But the fact is that we just continued writing the new album. Then we got Al (Magana, vocalist), and that’s all. But no, we haven’t been split up or something."

What can you tell us about "Consume The Forsaken", your new album? How’s it selling so far?
"We’re really satisfied on how it’s going with it. Unique Leader Records is doing a great job and I don’t know about the sellings so far. We’ve received good response to it and I think that this tour is going to help it a lot to get more people interested in the band."

I see that you’ve taken Jamie from BRODEQUIN on vocals for this tour. Is he going to sing on the new album? Has it something to do with the fact that he’s been doing CINERARY with you?
"Actually, I know Jamie since a very long time ago and he’s been doing CINERARY with me. I asked him if he was interested in singing on this tour and he agreed, so everything works really well now. I don’t really know what will happen in the future with him, time shall tell." (recent news say that Jamie has left the band and that they have got a guy called Levi Fuselier from SABBATIC FEAST – Toni)

Why do you think you’ve always had so many troubles in the past with singers?
"We’ve always looked for sick and twisted vocalists and it’s not easy to find people that have a good guttural voice. I don’t really think it has been a problem to find them, because at last, we always finish finding a good singer. It’s not like if you’re looking for a bassist or a guitarist. A vocalist for a band like ours must have a powerful and guttural voice. If he doesn’t fit, it’s not worth to stay in the band."

DISGORGE is definitely one of the most brutal underground bands from States and you are very skilled musicians as well. How important is it for you to play fast as well as technical?
"It’s absolutely important for us to keep our music as brutal as possible but without sounding noisy. If you play at such speeds, you have to have some skill, if not, you wouldn’t be able to do it. Brutal Death Metal must be technical and keep the brutality and the aggression in the music too."

What differences do you see between "She Lay Gutted" and "Consume The Forsaken"?
"Musicianship… it’s a lot better, it’s a lot faster too. More focussed lyricwise and musicwise. And the production is way better too."

When do you intend to make a new album?
"We intend on recording a new album by summer next year and release it in September 2003. It depends on how the writing process goes. After this tour, we’ll surely start to write new songs and apart of some dates we pretend to play, then we’ll start on thinking seriously on the new album."

What’s your opinion on today’s brutal scene? Don’t you think that it’s a bit over saturated of bands, labels…?
"The more bands we have, the more interest people will have in this scene and the more we’ll be able on getting tours and gigs. I don’t think it’s over saturated at all. There are good bands and not so good bands, but definitely, it’s rich enough to make everything to be interesting."

It’s the second time you come to Europe. What are the main differences between the European and the American audiences?
"People here are more interested in music. This second time we’re playing over here is being better than the first one. American people are not so devoted to the music itself. We definitely love to play Europe."

What do you think of this year’s Ohio Death Fest?
"It has been great, man. Everyone partying together under the brutal Death Metal flag. Each year it’s becoming bigger and greater. It’s a big festival, sure."

What can you tell us about the new CINERARY stuff?
"It’s going to be brutal as fuck!!! We’re waiting to see what happens and what label would be interested in releasing the new shit. But I promise that it’s going to be very brutal."

Are you satisfied with the work that Unique Leader is doing for the band?
"Definitely. They’re cool guys and they perfectly know how this underground thing goes. We are more than satisifed with the promotion they have done for the band, for this tour – that they have organized together with their own band – and with everything they’re doing for DISGORGE."

Well, thanks a lot for this short interview. If you want to add something, do it now.
"Thanks to you for the interest. Everyone hear the new DISGORGE album and write us for merchandise and stuff. Keep the brutal shit alive!"



Interview: Tony (originally published by Xtreem Music)

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