Holland’s brutal Death Metal horde INFINITED HATE has not split up as we recently published incorrectly! The band continues on without singer Rachel and Aad takes over the vocals completely now. By the time this interview was prepared we didn’t know about the fact that Aad also had reformed SINISTER, but for some strange reasons a couple of SINISTER related questions were included anyway from our side anyway ; -) Too bad that Aad obviously wasn’t really into answering more in-depth, but here’s a little bit of information for you anyway…

Before we talk about INFINITED HATE I would like to go back a couple of years in order to clear up some details about your previous band SINISTER as well… Hope you don’t mind?! After you had released three full length albums as well as the mini CD "Bastard Saints" with SINISTER you parted ways with your longtime vocalist Mike… What actually had caused this split at the time and has there never been talk to work together again in the years to follow? What is Mike up to these days?
"Hi man, I don’t mind to talk about SINISTER of course. After working with him for many years it was better that he was leaving the band, his motivation was really bad at the end so that’s also bad for a great band like SINISTER. Of course we will never work together with him again, I don’t care what he is doing, if you know what I mean?"

On 1998’s excellent "Aggressive Measures" album you introduced a new vocalist named Eric to the public, who (at least in my opinion) did a great job, but obviously didn’t work out in the long run as he was only part of that particular record… Tell us a bit more about him, like how you found out about him and why you not continued on with him…
"Fuck man, what can I say about him… he was a killer singer but didn’t fit into our band at all. That was causing problems already after a short time, so it was better to split with him also. But again he did a great job on "Aggressive Measures"."

In 2001 you returned to the scene, not only with Rachel as your new vocalist, but also with a new label (Hammerheart Records) to back you up… Tell us a bit about these changes… Why didn’t you release "Creative Killings" via Nuclear Blast anymore and what made you recruit Rachel instead of a new male vocalist?
"Yes, we came back with SINISTER on Hammerheart and with Rachel… At that time we where thinking that Hammerheart was better for SINISTER, but they weren’t!!!!!! They did the job well with bringing out the CD, but that was also the only thing they did for us. There was no support at all later on. Rachel came to the band because we where together at that time, but not anymore so she had to leave."

Did the addition of Rachel to the SINISTER line-up had any negative effect on your relationship with her former band OCCULT in any way? How did fans react to the decision to work with a female Death Metal vocalist?
"OCCULT is a really cool band, so what they really where thinking I don’t know. But when we see the guys of this band they are always really nice to us and the reaction of the fans was cool. We never had any bad reactions on it."

Your co-operation with Hammerheart Records didn’t last very long as already 2003’s follow-up "Savage Or Grace" came out on Nuclear Blast Records again… So, does that mean you weren’t completely satisfied with Hammerheart’s work or what made you re-unite with your old company again?
"Yes, what I already told you before, we were not happy with them, so we were Nuclear Blast absolutely thankful that they said to us you can come back to the label. And now we started again and they said you can still record for our label, so what can I say more about them… they fucking ruleeeee."

"Savage Or Grace" was also released as a 2 CD set, featuring a 7 song SINISTER demo… What made you re-release that particular demo instead of your classic "Perpetual Damnation" demo from 1990 and why does the CD lack all necessary info about it? Would you mind helping out with the lack of infos here and now?
"Nuclear Blast said to us that the CD is too short and that they need older stuff from us so that the people don’t pay alot of money for only 30 minutes… So of course we said no problem and then we picked out the promo tape from SINISTER with the 7 tracks on it because this one was never on the market for sale. "

By the way, are you aware of a bootleg CD entitled "Split Demos" that features the demos by SINSISTER, MONASTERY, GODLY BEINGS and HOUWITSER? What do you think of that in bootlegs in general?
"Yes man, I know and for me it’s cool so then we know that we are doing a good job ha ha ha. I am not into bootlegs… most of the time the sound is shit. I prefer regular CDs and albums."

The biggest change in your career obviously took place when "Revel In Bloodshed" hit the stores as it not only marked a new beginning for the band (which was now named INFINITED HATE), but also in terms of the label and line-up… You had once again left Nuclear Blast, this time for Displeased Records, dropped the old name completely and only yourself and Rachel were left from the old SINISTER days… Tell us all necessary details about this rather important part in your history thus far.
"At the end there was so much shit going on in the band that it was no fun anymore to play, So I said fuck it, but of course with pain in my heart because SINISTER belongs to my life. Then we started INFINITED HATE still to go on with brutal Death Metal and as you know we have now 2 CDs out on Displeased Records… there is not more to say about it…really."

I read somewhere that you recorded a promo CD, entitled "Primitive Buchery" in order to secure a new record deal… Is that true? Was that promo CD only available for labels? Tell us more about it, like which songs appeared on it and so on…
"Yes, that promo was only for trying to get a deal with INFINITED HATE. Displeased offered us a good deal for the band and we are still happy on that label. On that promo are the songs ‘Built For The Kill’ and ‘Tribute To The Dead’…"

How did you hook up with Ron v/d Polder again as your new guitarist / bass player and why did you personally stop playing drums completely, using programmed drums instead?
"Ron and me we were always in contact also outside the music, so when we finished with SINISTER I asked him to join INFINITED HATE and he said yes right away. So, that was super cool of course. I already knew that Ron was still playing guitar for himself and was making songs, so from that time on we had INFINITED HATE. After all this shit with SINISTER I lost my motivation for playing drums and one thing that’s for sure is that you have to practice alot on the drums and I was not able to do that anymore."

Ron already used to work with you in the early 90s in MONASTERY, together with Lars Rosenberg (ex – ENTOMBED, ex – CARBONIZED)… What has he been up to all those years? And are you still in touch with Lars?
"Fuck man, you know everthing ha ha ha. But that’s cool. Sorry man, I don’t know how he is doing. I never saw him again."

When did you try out to be a vocalist yourself and what is the reason for it? I mean, the band already has a vocalist in Rachel, so do you think there’s need for a second one?
"Because I always liked to sing, but was never able to do this because I was sitting behind the drums. But now I don’t play drums anymore. I was able to do it yeeesss. "

Do you think there’s a difference, musically, lyrically or concept wise between SINISTER and INFINITED HATE or is it basically the logical continuation of what you would have done as SINSTER as well?
"He man, you know the bands so than you have to hear the difference for sure. Of course you will always hear SINISTER stuff in INFINITED HATE, but not that much as everybody will think. Lyrically there is a big difference because in INFINITED HATE everything is about evil stuff and now with SINISTER we are more into war stuff, but you will hear this when the new SINISTER will come out. "

Considering the fact that INFINITED HATE still seems to have no complete line-up these days, I doubt that you have already played any live shows… So, have you seriously tried to complete the line-up or do you maybe prefer to work this way, as a studio only band?
"For now we are still a studio band but you never know what will happen in the future, because Ron and I sometimes start to talk about doing live shows, so you never know. Of course it will be killer, but then also Dirk has to be there because he is the king of all kings on drums… horns up for him."

"Revel In Bloodshed" as well as your new album "Heaven Termination" features excellent artwork by the highly talented artist Graal and both even have a quite similar overall feel to it… Was that supposed to be like that? Would you like to work with him on future releases again, turning the art into something like a trademark that you associate INFINITED HATE with right away?
"Graal is killer! He rules big time and he did a great job for us! We hope to work with him again in the future when it’s possible of course. Yes, we like the evil stuff he is doing and that is what we want with the band so for sure the next cover will be in the same vein. "

Talking about the new album… for "Heaven Termination" you’ve worked with two outside musicians this time. On one hand ABORTED’s drummer Dirk Verbeuren and on the other Matthijs van Wageningen, who contributed some guitar solos… How did you hook up with both of them and is there a chance that they will work with you on a permanent base from now on, maybe even doing shows with INFINITED HATE?
"Yes, Dirk will also play on our new CD, when he has the time of course, because he has alot of work. We didn’t know Matthijs at all… he was helping us in the studio with the recording but then he said that he was also a guitar player, so we asked him to do some solos on our record and he did a killer job! So maybe next time he will be on the new CD also."

Musically you’re obviously inspired by a lot of the brutal US bands these days… Any particular faves there, that personally impressed you a lot lately?
"There are so many great bands out there that blow you away, but I like incantation, suffocation and many many more. But check out the last NATRON, this one is sick!"

How does an UNLEASHED cover song (‘Before The Creation Of Time’) fit into all this then?
"I don’t know… we love that song, so for us it was no hard choice to pick this one. We also already know the next cover that we will do on the new CD…"

What happened to REPULSION’s "The smell Of Burning Dead"? Did you actually record that? And why didn’t you go for the originally planned INFERNÄL MÄJESTY cover?
"Maybe that one next time?? Yes, we recorded the REPULSION cover… maybe when there will be a tribute to them we can be on that one with our track. One thing I can tell you: it is super super fast!"

It seems you’re into recording cover tunes anyway, as there’s been quite a few already in SINISTER’s past as well… Would you mind telling us a bit about each one of them and why you chose that particular song at the time?
"We did all the songs because we love those tracks and we will go on with that in the future for sure with INFINITED HATE. We will record a cover from an old Metal band on every CD and what I told already before, on the new one will be a cover from a band that not everybody will know I think."

Ok Aad, that’s about it for now… if we should have missed out on something, feel free to add it now… All the best and good luck with INFINITED HATE!
"What I can tell is that we already have 5 new tracks with INFINITED HATE for the next CD that we hope to record in February 2006 and that SINISTER will start recording on the 5th till 19th of December in Stage One Studio. The new CD will be entitled "Afterburner". Hail the beast. "


Frank Stöver

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