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The Finish chameleon … AND OCEANS returns. Having started more or less as a Black Metal-band, already the second regular album showed their interest in the field of electronic music as it included a complete Industrial bonus-CD. Their third CD "Am God" then offered a raw but more or less uncommon mixture of both styles. This time the step seems to be not that large and the music has become more ordinary. On "Cypher (Insect Angels & Devil Worms)" they offer a rather melodic Electro Metal-release that leaves, except for a few hints, their Black Metal-past completely behind. The keyboard is the melody-leading instrument, while the guitars are responsible for the rhythm. I personally think that this time they might be interesting for people who consider the last PROJECT PITCHFORK (especially the 8th song) not Metal enough, the new PAIN as too polished and THE KOVENANT as too gay. Got the picture? If this is still something that our readers are interested in, I am not too judge. I personally can enjoy this – and surprisingly the album does not become boring as I had expected it because some songs are simply too catchy. But this however did not occur! If you want to check out some songs, I recommend: ‘Angelina: Chtonian Earth: Her Face Forms Worms’ (song #3) and ‘Catharsis: End Of Organisms: Absolute Purifications Of Sins’ (song #9). http://on.to/andOceans.



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