Crimson Dyed Abyss
(Sliptrick Records)

Another debut album now from Croatia. They say they play symphonic Power / Thrash. 5 clean looking guys that are fronted by a beautiful lady. Most of the time I would not touch this and look for more dirty looking members… but then again I remember the time I was almost passing on WHITE SKULL and they are one of my all time fave bands. Ok, let’s see. Of course the production is perfect, it all sounds very good, of course they have keyboards but they are actually used as a second plane. Ok, no such thing as a Thrash band, maybe some references to Speed Metal like GRAVE DIGGER, but actually closer to bands like LACUNA COIL (without the growls) and maybe a bit heavier than THE GATHERING or NIGHTWISH. They do have of course ballads, or let’s say epic interludes, and have a "dreamy" edge in their music. If you like Euro Power Metal, without doubt you will like this one. Although I am a Black / Death Metal head, I am no stranger to good Heavy / Power / Speed / Hardcore music as long as it is heavy and well done. In this case, ANGELSEED is conformed of very good musicians, they have great production values, but somehow they are not exactly as heavy as I would like them to be. It has a quite commercial edge and if managed well I can see them achieving success with the more mainstream music fans. Otherwise, the search goes on.,

Julián “Man With Black Roses” Núñez

Julián "Man With Black Roses" Núñez

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