Issue # 3
(70 pages, A4, printed, in English)

The Tibetan word ‘Bardo’ means literally “intermediate state” – also translated as “transitional state” or “in-between state” or “liminal state”. According to Tibetan tradition, “Bardo” is the state of existence between two lives on earth; after death and before one’s next birth. By nodding this tradition, BARDO METHODOLOGY started off as an online platform, that published various interviews and deep discussions; detailing occult, spirituality, religious, philosophical and idealistic matters and known for really diving in the heart of the matter where all these ideas differed from one to another. Here, wide range of artists are interviewed and encouraged to discuss their true opinions on various subjects without censorship or the routing associated with mundane questions that seem to plague metal interviews. All those interviews go deeper with various topics, some more about music and its deep rooted ideologies and their own interpretation, and some just go beyond philosophical with basic questions. Also, the selections of the interviews are fascinating to say the least, as while some of the bands are Black or Death or Heavy Metal, the others covered also are atypical peoples and beyond ordinary, bizarre and unusual breed even for metal personalities. Alongside online publications, the printed format contains extended versions of the interviews found online and printed on Munken Pure 100g/m2 paper instead of industry standard 80g/m2, which gave the paper a very comfortable feel and distances it from the cheap material found in magazines. The eggshell white of the pages makes it easier to look at especially in highly luminous areas as it does not reflect the light. Considering the color of the paper, none of the images are printed in color and the header on each page consists of runes (different sets of runes used for each interview) that enrich the experience found here and really confines the writing for readability. The first issue and the second issue featured interviews of very well known and inspirational writer Graham Hancock, and a wide range of bands like MANILLA ROAD, BÖLZER, DESTRÖYER 666, MGLA, ABIGOR, ATLANTEAN KODEX, MASTER’S HAMMER, NIGHTBRINGER, RAM, IMPALED NAZARENE, CLANDESTINE BLAZE and INQUISITION and dissident forces like ANTAEUS, Reverend Kriss Hades (SADISTIK EXEKUTION), No Fashion Records and Dr Schitz of MORBID. Alike early editions, Issue # 3, comes with posters (limited copies), with contents of various bands and artists like SVARTIDAUÐI, VOMITOR, DARKTHRONE, ALTAR OF PERVERSION, Paolo Girardi, WATAIN, Perra Karlsson, PORTAL, KING DUDE, IMPETUOUS RITUAL and Bobby BeauSoleil: Lucifer Rising. Beside never seen pictures and images (like engraved); the longer interviews and conversations make issue # 3 a 70 page zine (better say zine tome). This issue, initiated with an interview of the front man of Iceland’s SVARTIDAUÐI, who holds nothing back in oration, especially in Icelandic mythology and will invite you to explore the solar-phallic Black Metal forged in volcanic rock. Then brace for one of the most treasure-some (or craving!) pieces of interviews, with Gylve Fenris Nagell, the infamous Norwegian, legendary drummer and founder member of DARKTHRONE, where he recalls his nightmarish years and lost decades (of passing bottles and knives!), and the intuitive birthing of countless unholy crafts influenced by glory days and mother nature. And, also know, what is most challenging to him in this ‘always show off’ era of society and culture. All together, get a retrospective of his life tale and his insurmountable journalistic venture. Moving forward, appears a PORTAL interview, which depicts the uncanny stuffs of the band, eerie interior of their house and rehearsal rooms, where they living and creating music in a very atypical way. Also, later exposed to a VOMITOR interview, where the conversation with Australian Death Metal outlaw, Rob Death Dealer, will take you on a nostalgic stroll down the path of reminiscence, and we will learn – how an isolated desert suburban town would come to influence the core of infamous Australian underground bands and community! Also, get to know their beer drinking, alcohol and drugs infested, mayhem causing old school Death Metal madness and their own deeper spiritualistic essence from all the intense experiences during the 80s and 90s. While upholding all this, then you will face one the most challenging discussion sessions better say encounter with the front man of Italian Black Metal antiquity, ALTAR OF PERVERSION – where he discussed deeply about the 13 years long making of “Intra Naos”, which they mentioned recorded at 432 hertz – an alleged audio frequency of heavenly spheres and all sinister mathematical mysticism it carries. And also, get fascinated with discussion about pythagorean tuning, making of evil and what is evilness!, paganism, jungian psychology, alchemy, stellar correlations, sleep paralysis and human ego. Onwards, you will explore, one of the most valuable and in-depth interview sessions of this issue, with Italian painter and Heavy Metal gladiator, Paolo Girardi, who described how he has been fighting his entire life – from childhood domestic violence and wrestling mat warfare to confronting the most bitter adversary of them all: himself. And you will also get to know his personal insight about how to gain highest optimum for artistic creativity. Turning the pages and exploring interviews with a few other artists of individual projects, at the very end there’s a discussion with Perra Karlsson – one of the most inspirational figures of the Swedish extreme Metal underground, and delve deep into the inner world of his fascinating journey, that started as a 12 year kid and launching a mail-based distro which was even before he got himself into any band activity. This early endeavor with the legends of the most extreme form of music has greatly shaped the way of being a warrior he has been throughout his life – like, being evolved with seventeen different bands, creating some of the classics of extreme music in the process, reached to the prime of his art with DESTROYER 666. Also, as a drummer, how right from the beginning of musical prominence he was having a deadly war with disease as kidney failures, where by 2018, 18% of his kidney was damaged and became chronic when he was working as a bus driver and how he had to replace his own dead kidney with a ‘Necro Kidney’ through surgery and still never stopped his uncompromising musical journey! The total experience will summarize that the age of xeroxed “zines” surely is over; but through this zine, editor Niklas Göransson leads the way in a new format that may lack the underground charm of yesteryears but replaces it with professionalism and passion for a craft that most Metal media failed at. No doubt, after finishing the issue # 3 (or whichever issue readers decide to explore), you will wonder, how or from where Niklas get the energy, time and passion to put all the stuff here in the thick stuck of pages! And, will be expecting, what incoming in the upcoming issues or might go back to read the fascinating conversation about any interesting topics or non con temporary ides, or ground breaking thoughts and experiences again to get more clear view of the discussed matters. All together, BARDO METHODOLOGY is an inspiration on so many levels. So, order a copy of issue # 3 or any of the published issues and choose your own way to experience the journey and exploration, encapsulated into BARDO METHODOLOGY zine. Also, check out the website to find out about all available issues, past archives and future publications of your interest.

Randolph Whateley and Cult P.

Randolph Whateley and Cult P.

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