Issue # 4
(72 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Bardo is a Buddhist term for the transitional state between death and rebirth, so it really does not come as a surprise that BARDO METHODOLOGY, the zine, dwells in these dark realms. What has started as a website / blog in 2016 has turned into one of the finest print zines a year later – and I am using the term ‘zine’ very loosely here. The writing and the visual presentation are unmatched and even though BARDO METHODOLOGY covers mostly artists from the Metal end of things, there is so much more to it all than meets the eye. So, what we have here is the fourth issue (and I urge you to get your hands on every other issue if you can or at least to check out the website!) and it’s a feast for the senses as usual. While I could not care less about most bands featured here (PRIMORDIAL, SOLSTICE and KATATONIA simply never tickled my fancy, sorry), the depth and direction of the interviews are in a league of their own. The interviews with COUNTESS and BLACK FUNERAL are a continuation of this. I never cared much for either band, but a trip down memory lane when it comes to the Black Metal spirit of the 90s (in the case of COUNTESS) is a guarantee for a Pavlovian reaction by yours truly. And while Michael W Ford of BLACK FUNERAL is but a quasi-esoteric charlatan in a LaVeyan sense, his musings on Luciferianism through the lens of the Satanic Panic are highly entertaining, I’ll give him that much credit. A band like THERION could not hold my interest either since 1991, but come to think of it, it’s funny how they were on the receiving end of Norwegian death threats, while they have been (or at least have turned into) one of the most serious occult bands. Among the other interviewees are music journalists (for lack of better term) Götz Kühnemund and Louise Brown and former biologist-turned-shaman Howard Lawler, who discusses Ayahuasca and other plant-based psychedlic substances. A big part of this issue is dedicated to the subject of free speech vs censorship in general and the Stockholm Slaughter festival in particular, along with input by MARDUK and TAAKE. Oh, and Paul Ledney, the heart and soul of PROFANTICA speaks about perversion and GG Allin… how could I forget! I certainly do not agree with everything that is being said in these pages, but that’s half the charm. And charming it is, that zine… You can find a shitload of edited (aka shortened) interviews at and the zine itself can be found through the miracles of comrade Google.

Thomas Reitmayer

Thomas Reitmayer

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