Issue # 5
(68 pages, A4, printed, in English)

The newest issue of BARDO METHODOLOGY continues the tradition of amazing interviews with more or less amazing artists. Personally, I can easily do without the pompous bullshit of PHURPA and I have never given a shit about WINTERFYLLETH, W.A.I.L. or LYCHGATE, but hey, that’s just me… and if there is one thing that even the illiterate can agree on when it comes to BARDO METHODOLOGY, then it must be the fact that the writing is top notch and that even the interviews with artists that one does not care about are highly interesting and thoughtful. And then there are diamonds in the mud and pearls before swine like the 8 (!) page interview with BLASPHEMY. The number of BLASPHEMY interviews exceeds the number of songs they have written, but literally every single last one of them was more boring than the previous one. They were a fantastic band for a brief moment in time, but once their image has become larger than life, they turned into a merch company with occasional karaoke festival appearances… and let’s be honest, how exciting can an interview with belligerent Skinhead drunkards be? The answer in this case and this case only is a simple: it’s a fucking page turner that literally had me go back to my old habit of nailbiting. Hats off to the editor! And the rest of this issue is just as great… MYSTIFIER, CLANDESTINE BLAZE and MORBOSIDAD have very little in common as bands apart from riffs, riffs and more riffs, but the questions and answers here are a prime example of the power of the written word. And then there’s conversations with DAUTHA, ACRIMONIOUS, the CULT NEVER DIES publishing house and the NUCLEAR WAR NOW! record label and ROME, the – for lack of a better term – “neofolk“ artist that even the hipsters can listen to without remorse, and the methodology here (pun intended) is providing food for thought, you ignorant caveman. Stop buying Mexican bootleg shirts and spend your money on some great reading instead. Again, check out and find your own way.

Thomas Reitmayer

Thomas Reitmayer

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