Bloodridden Disease

BLOODRIDE from Finland were founded to play Thrash Metal in the vein of SLAYER, EXODUS and the likes. They’re rather old farts like you and me who can’t get accustomed to the new trends in Metal. Well, BLOODRIDE surely deliver some energy! The songwriting is solid but neither comes up with something new nor with something as impressive as the old masters. Well, I honestly didn’t expect a masterpiece anyway but there are a couple of nice details like the last solo on ‘Reckoning Day’ that make you listen up. I’m not too fond of the singer’s voice. Not only because it’s a little sloppy and sounds a little as if he was sick when recording the vocal lines – but it’s also a matter of my personal taste. I can absolutely imagine someone else liking his voice better than me. A propós sickness: BLOODRIDE consider themselves being the sickest band in the world and for proof there is a list of their diseases and broken bones and stuff on their homepage! So Thrash maniacs: check out the band’s site cause there is a track available for download. Might be something for you. And in case you run a small dedicated label: get in touch with the boys!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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