Issue # 2
(225 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Chilenean old school Death Metal fanzine COMPILATION OF DEATH strikes back with its 2nd issue, which is actually a double issue divided into volume 1 and 2. I’m being terribly late with this review, as all of the supposed buyers already bought this issue, I’m sure and aware of. So let’s write this review for the 2-3 guys remaining who still being left and haven’t ordered this issue. COMPILATION OF DEATH # 2 is as a double issue a massive piece of paper, professional printed and layouted though still offering our beloved do it yourself amateurism with small and lovely mistakes here and there. Along with these 2 issues you get a big glossy IMMOLATION poster (60 x 45 cm) from their early days. Not necessary, if you ask me – I always wonder, not only here, who needs all those posters? But this might be just my opinion, therefore skip it… Coming back to the issues, and yes, THEY are necessary. And a must-have for each dedicated Death Metal freat. Gabriel and Joseph found a few other guys to contribute and especially in the big and massive IMMOLATION feature many different persons are telling their IMMOLATION experiences. That is a fantastic idea and if I understood Gabriel correct they will go on with such a feature in issue 3 about SADISTIC INTENT. Almost half of volume 1 captures this great IMMOLATION special with tons of old interviews, new interviews both with different band members, former members, friends and supporters through the years (even a certain Frank Stöver got the opportunity to spread his words about his time as European contact of the band years ago). Besides this massive feature, you have plenty of interviews with many many bands, old recycled interviews from cult zines, but the most special thing in # 2 (my opinion) are those interviews with old fanzine-editors like with Mortem of great Trechoma fanzine, Alan Moses of Buttface zine / Glorious Times book, Sadistig of Sadistic Noise, Kluke of Metal Meltdown fanzine, Hacker of Unholy Terror and few more. Those persons are and were working active for the scene and you can’t praise them enough for what they did in the past. The list goes on with many interesting features, reviews and stuff which is really too much to mention here in this review. My advice goes out to each of the remaining persons who haven’t already bought this issue. Help the editors to make this fanzine no financial suicide. Simply as we don’t want to wait too long for issue 3. Fanzines are not dead yet and there are few fanzines which are a prove of this. COMPILATION OF DEATH is on top of the list of those. The fanzine is distributed in Europe through and in the USA through Don’t blame them for high postage rates and don’t wonder about the price. Little more than 20 € is definitely ok for such a massive release.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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