Issue # 3
(396 pages, A4, printed, in English)

This third issue of Chile’s utterly cool COMPILATION OF DEATH zine has raised the bar so high that probably no other fanzine around will ever (!) manage to top it! In all honesty, "The Third Coming" (as their editors, Gabriel and Joseph, decided to subtitle it) should not even be considered a fanzine anymore, because with 396 pages (!!!) it’s already got the size and weight of a massive book! Layout and content wise COMPILATION OF DEATH luckily still stays true to the early cut and paste type era of zines though. And the (great) selection of bands in this particular issue is another proof of the healthiness of the current worldwide underground scene. What "The Third Coming" has on offer are very detailed, partly extremely lengthy interviews with SADISTIC INTENT (the most in-depth interview with the band you’ll ever read!), BRUTAL ASSASSIN, DECOMPOSED, SINDROME, DREAM DEATH, PHLEBOTOMIZED, DRUID LORD, DR.SHRINKER, VOID OF VOMITS, EARACHE RECORDS (w/ Digby Pearson), NECROCCULTUS, HEXX, BLOODBATH (Serbia), SORCERY, AUTOPSY, NEPHRITE, DISSECT, DIABOLIC / HORROR OF HORRORS / UNHOLY GHOST, COFFIN TEXTS / ENTETY, AGRESSOR, FATAL, CIANIDE, THANATOPSIS, OBLITERATION, BLOODSPILL, DEATH THREAT, DECEASED, DEATH YELL, ETERNAL DARKNESS, NILE, ROTTREVORE, EMBRIONAL, NECROWRETCH, ETERNAL SOLSTICE, PENTACLE, MAGNUS, INVOCATOR / MACERATION, INCUBUS / NOCTURNUS (w/ Gino Marino), MUTILATED, EXCRUCIATION and INCANTATION. Additionally there’s a section which has been entitled "Some Die, Others Are Born", which is dedicated to upcoming hopefuls of the underground. The following bands are all featured with rather short interviews (unfortunately they all got the same list of questions): ATARAXY, GRAVEYARD GHOUL, PUSTULATION, SYMPTOM, BONE SICKNESS, DEUS OTIOSUS, NECROCURSE, SWALLOWED, ENSNARED, RESURGENCY, SEPULCHRAL, MALICOUS, DEGIAL, CORROSIVE CARCASS, NECROLEPSY, POISONOUS, ECTOVOID, BINAH, OCEAN OF ZERO, BACKYARD MORTUARY, RESUSCITATION, EATEN ALIVE, NECROT, EXORCISED, UTTERTOMB, SOLOTHUS, HAEMOPHAGUS, GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT, HORRENDOUS, BEYOND, PUTRID YELL, OBSCURE INFINITY, ERODED, INTO DARKNESS, DEATH VOMIT, OBSCURE BURIAL, IMPOSER, BLESSED OFFAL, LVCIFYRE, WORMRIDDEN, DEATHLY SCYTHE, SMOTHERED, PUTRIFIED, SERPENT ASCENDING, NECROVOROUS, VASTUM, NECRO, ABYSS, NECROBASTARD, HORRIFYING, DECOMPOSED, DOOM BRINGER, GOREPHILIA, ZOM, LUCIFERICON, DECREPIT, THE SEVEN GATES, DAEMONIC, HECATOMB, SONNE ADAM, KEVER, POISONED, INFERIS, ANCIENT CRYPTS, SKELETHAL, LANTERN, BLOOD URN, EXECRATION, PROFANER, MARGRAVE, NECROSIC, MASADA, PUTRID EVOCATION, HATESPAWN, GODAGAINST, INCARCERATION, RUDE, PRAISE THE FLAME, ALTARS, DEMONIC OATH, UNHOLY LUST, MANIFESTING, DEATHCULT, ONIRICOUS, BEASTIALITY, CHURCH OF DISGUST, INNUMERABLE FORMS, SULPHUR AEON, EVOKED TERROR, TEMPLE OF VOID, SEPUKU, RELLIK, ORDO INFERNUS, COFFIN LUST, SEPULCHRAL TEMPLE, MACABRA, SHEOL and SWARM OF TERROR. "Pages Of Pure Fucking Damnation: Zines In The Death Metal Unterground" is another highly interesting and very in-depth section, which features – as the title already reveals – interviews with editors of classic underground fanzines, such as BUTTFACE, CHAINSAW ABORTIONS, HAMMER OF DAMNATION, FALLEN PAGES, PURE FUCKING HELL, AAAARRGHH, GOD VOMIT, RATTLEHEAD, DECIBLES OF DEATH, BLOWING THRASH and THE BOOK OF ARMAGEDDON. A shitload of reviews (in the "Dark Awakening" section) and the very cool front cover artwork by Daniel "Self Desecrator" Corcuera (an alternative take on SADISTIC INTENT’s "Resurrection" cover) complete this monster issue. As you can imagine, this review was written long before I finished reading the whole fucker, but from past COMPILATION OF DEATH issues and the stuff that I’ve already read in this one so far, I can guarantee you top notch information. These guys are true to the bone and just love this type of music from the bottom of their black hearts! And they always do their homework, cause you won’t find any feature in COMPILATION OF DEATH that lacks the necessary background. A highly recommended, massive piece of work that will entertain you for a very very long time for sure! For all further information and individual order details / prices please check out or contact them via email: (Gabriel) or (Joseph). A cool video trailer for issue # 3 can furthermore be checked out at this location.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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