Issue # 1
(16 pages, A5, printed, in English)

The time for fanzines is over. Point! But this doesn’t stop me from trying to get and support the few remaining ones. To be honest, Germany released some outstanding fanzines the last couple of months like the newest issues of CHAOS MAG, NECROMANIAC and the brutal fight between MYSTICAL MUSIC versus CARNAGE. If the time of fanzines is really over than I wonder what’s going on right now. CRYPTS OF ETERNITY # 1 is a small newcomer-fanzine from Peru which succeeds with its dedication to Death Metal the ancient way. It’s a small fanzine with only 16 pages, 14 to be honest (subtracting the front- and backcover) but these remaining pages impress with great interviews with such killer acts as HEADHUNTER D.C., MORTEM, REPUGNANT (so-called "posthumous testimonies") and KAAMOS. Reading these names you easily recognize that Ricardo raised the bar quite high and I’m sure he already noticed that it is a pretty tough job to increase the quality with the next issue. These 4 interviews are done with a lot of dedication and knowledge about the bands and the music in general and the bands paid back good with their interesting and detailed answers. Besides that you don’t read interviews with the mentioned bands on a regular base and that’s one more reason why I can only recommend this fanzine to you, even more considering the fact that it goes for 3 USD only (p&p included, worldwide). The reviews could be a little bit longer and more detailed but this is the smallest point to improve. The layout is simple, but well-done and with its small font size there’s enough to read and hardly could be more on 14 pages. Ricardo told me that the second issue is almost on its way, including interviews with bands such as KARNARIUM, NECROCCULTUS (RIP), BLOODY SIGN, CIANIDE, SLUGATHOR, SARGATANAS and more so watch out for this one, too. Information will be printed online here as soon as it is available! It’s great to see a fanzine done with such dedication and therefore I can only say my recommendation to buy CRYPTS OF ETERNITY # 1 and support the dying fanzine-movement! CRYPTS OF ETERNITY ZINE, P.O. Box 25, Lima 41, Peru. Email Ricardo at for further details or trades.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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