Issue # 3
(48 pages, A5, printed, in English)

I follow this fanzine since issue 1 and the development Ricardo made since the beginning is very good. Again the number of pages increased, this time from 32 to 48 pages with only ~3 pages advertisement). Where the contents of issue 1 was possible to read within a short period of time you have already in issue 2, but especially in this new issue a lot more to read. It features many good interviews with GODLESS, UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, DROWNED, HATESPAWN, NECROVATION (at least Ricardo got an answer from them… I’m still waiting), GRAVEYARD, FUNEBRARUM, BLASPHERIAN, GODLESS RISING, IGNIVOMOUS, GOREAPHOBIA, IMPETUOUS RAGE, INCRUST and VOIDS OF VOMIT. The interviews are long and detailed and the answers from the bands are not the usual stuff. Besides that you can find a very interesting and in-depth live report written by Alex Rocha from IMPETUOUS RAGE (translated by Sergio from HEADHUNTER D.C.) of the POSSESSED & SADISTIC INTENT gig in Brasil last year (where great names as HEADHUNTER D.C., DECOMPOSED GOD and THE ORDHER were the supportacts), many good and objective reviews separated in the sections "Vinyl", "Demos", "CDs" and "DVDs". Now assisted by a contributor Ricardo offers even more reviews this time. The reviews itself are interesting to read and the reviewer tells his own honest opinion about the release which is always a good thing. Funny to read that someone thinks that "Trinity Impurity Rites" from NECROS CHRISTOS is "plainly a mediocre band" (quote Victor L. Miranda – the new contributor). I don’t agree here, but I appreciate an honest opinion. The layout progressed again and reminds me again of the older A5 issues from Holocaust fanzine from Poland back in the nineties, but I think I mentioned that already in my review for # 2. As already said the fanzine features 48 pages, is again professional printed and a must-have for every dedicated fan of underground Death Metal. You can purchase it directly from Ricardo Lucas ( – P.O. Box 25, Lima 41, Peru) or get it from selected mailorders all over the world (e. g. Nuclear Winter Records, Blood Harvest Records, Detest Records or The Sinister Flame). You simply have to.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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