Issue # 2
(32 pages, A5, printed, in English)

Twice as much pages as for # 1, CRYPTS OF ETERNITY is back to prove that the times for printed fanzines are still not over. Were issue 1 had the cover of AUTOPSY’s "Live From The Grave" bootleg vinyl as frontcover, issue 2 continues with that "tradition" and presents to the dear readers the cover of CARNAGE’s infamous "Live Stockholm" 7"EP released through the Mexican label Distorted Harmony Records years and years ago. Distorted Harmony Records are then also featured with an article about their history and releases and I’m kinda surprised to read the rumour that the label is active again. Time will tell if that remains a rumour!! Next to this story you can expect other stories about bands as VOIDS OF VOMIT, INVIDIOUS (formerly known as KATALYSATOR) or HATESPAWN, a bunch of demo-, vinyl- and CD-reviews but most important a few interviews with the bands DRAWN AND QUARTERED (very interesting and detailed), EMBALMED SOULS (very detailed, too), KARNARIUM, NECROCCULTUS (great to have them back), CIANIDE, SLUGATHOR, DEAD CONGREGATION, BLOODY SIGN, UNCONSECRATED and SARGATANAS. Reading these names you’ll recognize Ricardo’s goal to keep CRYPTS OF ETERNITY the "Death Metal only" – fanzine as it started and that’s what he’s clearing up with in his editorial. Next to the pretty interesting interviews this fanzine comes professionally printed and the layout reminds me for some reasons to older A5-issues of HOLOCAUST or even the older A5-issues of VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE, though they were always a little bit thicker and had more information in it. Well, I don’t mind about that as there is a huge progressions from issue 1 to issue 2 and I’m sure Ricardo will offer us more great readings in the future. For those of you who are still one of these old fashioned persons, an endangered species, interested in reading printed fanzines should spend their money on this fanzine. As paypal is not available in Peru you have to pay the old fashioned way sending 5 € to Crypts Of Eternity, P. O. Box 25, Lima 41, Peru or get in touch with Ricardo this way: Very old fashioned…

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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