Taker Of Life
(War Anthem Records)

CURSED BLOOD is a new horde hailing from the unholy Greece. The members have been involved in bands like DEAD CONGREGATION, NUCLEAR WINTER and BURIAL HORDES so no newcomers at all. Their idea was to create old school Death Metal. The finished product in form of the EP “Taker Of Life” has become a rotten bastard between ENTOMBED and AUTOPSY, enriched with some filthy notes of Crust like DISFEAR. The opener ‘The World Of Madness’ is a wrecking ball with fast drumming, crusty growls and deep guitars and a pretty groovy lead melody. Damn good stuff and absolutely enjoyable. ‘Silent Era‘ starts with blast beats and is not silent at all. Especially the rhythm guitar spreads a certain groove and destroys all. ‘Taker Of Life‘ is a slow, ugly and doomy monster and sounds like a crusty version of BLACK SABBATH while ‘Nailed‘ really nails it once again with its uptempo groove and crusty Punk attitude. Once again the drumming is pretty good and damn precise. ‘Thorns And Nails‘ returns to groovy Death Metal with some Crust attitudes and especially the vocals here really make this track a damn good bone crusher. But even when they slow down the pace a little bit, the track really crushes the listeners skull. The Greek destroyers close this enjoyable mini with ‘Backlash Rampage‘, which proves once again that the band knows how to write good songs and the lead is very fine in this track. Overall this short output is well produced, picked with good ideas and not meant to be liked by the mass but definitely too good to leave it unchecked. Hopefully we will here some more material of them in the near future. For more info, please check the following sources:,

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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