Live Retaliation
(Metal Mind Productions)

This is a live DVD from a concert obviously played together with ROTTING CHRIST in October 2002 in Krakow, Poland. Excellent camera, great sound: this DVD was shot by professionals. Quick (but not too quick) cuts and thought-through camera angles don’t give the slightest possibility to find it a bit borig although the band and especially the crowd don’t move too much. Obviously ROTTING CHRIST were headlining that night. The band doesn’t neglect their old fans and plays quite a few old tunes, especially from the "Frost" album. For old and new fans (and fans to be) this should already be enough to get interested as it’s being sold for a reasonable price (under 20,- €). The bonus material consists of 6 rare audio tracks, 4 of them from the pre-production of the "Frost" album with quite a rough but acceptable sound. Then there is the previously unreleased song ‘Sleipnr’ and a live version of ‘Viking Metal’ which has never been recorded in the studio. Apart from that there is a rather uninteresting interview, a biography, discography, photo gallery, screen savers, etc. Especially the concert is enjoyable and fans might be interested in the audio tracks (don’t run on a CD player, though). Good quality from a highly creative band.

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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