Cult Of The Horns / Goatvermin
(Satanath Records)

Split releases are few nowadays. Although it might be a good way to get to know many bands in one release, I think that split albums must have some sort of connection between the bands to create something memorable, thus making a split release something more. In this case we get a Black Metal split with CULT OF THE HORNS from France what seems to be a one man band. The style is quite raw, maybe giving reverence to old Black / Death bands like SARCOFAGO, BEHERIT or BLASPHEMY yet I can also hear a thrashy style there too. The vocals range from low death growl to some more blackened evil groans. Played mostly fast, the demo level production works for what this is, but certainly not something out of the ordinary. GOATVERMIN is also from France, their style is quite different, this sound way more noisy and chaotic not far away from bands like REVENGE, CONQUEROR or BESTIAL WARLUST. If you tell me this is Grindcore / Noise, then I would also agree that it fits the style, although it sounds more evil. Again, if you like the style of the bands and find this one at good price, it will serve you to check out the bands. Otherwise I can see this one sitting in many shelves for long time. https://goatvermin.bandcamp.com/releases, www.facebook.com/cult.of.the.horns.official, www.satanath.com

Julián “Annihilate The Fucking Mass” Núñez

Julián "Annihilate The Fucking Mass" Núñez

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