Stand Up Sexy Ladies, The Boogie Band Is Here
(Khaaranus Productions)

Besides making the best beer in the world, Czechia also has the biggest ratio of coolest Death and Grind bands per person, I’m sure of that, people there love their Metal and the more crazier it is, the better. Don’t believe me? Just go and check the "Obscene Extreme" festival and shut up forever. So here we have another product of warped up Czech minds, namely G.O.R.E., who decided to dedicate each track on the album for different kind of love. Released as a 6 panel crazy-ass digipak with lots of sexy pics and stuff it throws you into the most insane Grind’n’Roll party I’ve been to this year! Mixing fast Grind parts with catchy as fuck Rock’n’Roll, some Punk and Gore, they make it seem easy and effortless, and before you know it, the album reaches its final track – a fucked up BONEY M cover ‘Thanks Daddy For All That You Gave Me’ – and it’s so tempting to press ‘play’ again and repeat this Grind love session. Recorded in Studio Shaark the album sounds totally killer and ass kicking, with each instrument and little nuances straight in your face, so no worries here. If you like rocking Grind in the vein of BLOOD DUSTER or DEAD mixed up with dirty MOTÖRHEAD attitude and bizzare Czech humour, then G.O.R.E. is what you need! My fave track here must be ‘Your High Heels Broke My Heart But Doesn’t Hurt Me’, furious, fast and catchy as fuck! It’s a huge bomb of fresh energy among those dead serious Death Metal albums flooding the underground, so open up your beers, blast some G.O.R.E. and try to get some booty on the side, eh? All in the name of Grind’n’Roll! Very highly recommened! Band contact: www.facebook.com/pages/gore/131159466924091, the label, Khaaranus Productions, can be found here: http://bandzone.cz/fan/khaaranus

Mindaugas ‘Plix’ Lapinskas

Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas

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