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If you are a die hard fan of old school Swedish Death Metal from the 90s, you’re probably hanging at the right place with GRAVESTONE. Here we certainly are in the presence of a beast worshipping bands who made history back in those old golden days. Only a kind of revival? No, not at all! What you will hear and get is really made with heart, sweat and passion. Two highlights are absolutely to mention: ‘In The Valley Of Coffins’ (amazing refrain, perfectly made to sing under the shower to brighten your neighbour’s day) and ‘Unholy Mess’ with a fast opening stubborn riff that will only bring you the need to play it 10 times in a row. Also to mention are of course ‘Fucking Your Corpse In Hell’, with a monster break in the middle of the song, with some well found melodies. Just next ‘Murderous Intentions’ is an invitation to a savage headbanging. Beware of the nearby wall, please! This one smells like ENTOMBED, with some Death-rolling "Wolverine Blues" (without Blues) forms. ‘Behead The Bastard’ contains a typical "SOULFLY like" chorus with several repetitions of the songtitle, but pretty effective and certainly a killer one on stage and it also contains some breaks your neck will remember for weeks. ‘Rest In Piss’ welcomes you with some other nice guitar melodies (à la DESULTORY?) before ‘By The Knife’ will definitely leave you for dead. You were waiting for DISMEMBER’s comeback or the reincarnation of the old good ENTOMBED? Please forget about it and give GRAVESTONE a listen! Full of splendid riffs, breaks and a terrific throat! Nice one! To get more information, just have a look here:,

Sined-Erriep Ohr

Sined-Erriep Ohr

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