Slime / Intense Mortification
(Signature Riff / Eyes Of The Dead / Equinox Discos)

Some old fashioned Grind Death to please you? Then this split 7” could be a pretty good choice. Italy’s busy bees from HAEMOPHAGUS have released their tenth split release besides two full length albums. This time, they teamed up with the Pennsylvania based MAUSOLEUM for a joint 7” EP. On their side, HAEMOPHAGUS celebrate their love for those old fashioned Death Grind bands like REPULSION or IMPETIGO, enriching their lyrics with guts, pus and festering slime. Sometimes they’re mainly grinding fast like in the opening ‘Slime’ or ‘Teleport To Madness’, sometimes they use grooving parts like in ‘Kidnapped And Brutalized’. Luckily, HAEMOPHAGUS always play their musick authentic and with a passion for offals. The only thing I personally have to criticise here is the a little bit too clean sound. Some more dirt would fit a band like HAEMOPHAGUS perfectly. The American Death Grinders from MAUSOLEUM walk the same path like their Italian partners on this EP. Their contribution ‘Intense Mortification’ even is a cover of an old IMPETIGO classic, that is dirty enough, very well adopted and makes me grin a bit more. So, it should be no fault for lovers of the Grind to check them out at: www.facebook.com/haemophagus, www.facebook.com/thezombiecult, www.facebook.com/eqnxdiscos

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

HAEMOPHAGUS - Slaves To The Necromancer (Thomas Ehrmann)
MAUSOLEUM - Back From The Funeral (Luxi Lahtinen)
MAUSOLEUM - Cadaveric Displays Of Ghoulish... (Stefan Franke)

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