The Chills
(Dark Descent Records)

The logo of this USA band truly does justice to their name. It reminds me when I was in high school and I started drawing logos of any evil word I could think of. I am no designer and a lot less an artist with anything that creates a line, so obviously all my logos ended looking very similar, and quite frankly funny no matter how much gore and Satanism I tried to put on those. Evil knows how many times I tried to put an inverted cross, a pentagram or blood dripping signs on any letter you could think of. Still, even today, any of those logos are way better than what we have here. So, if a review was based upon a logo, then things could be easy. But no, it isn’t. We have the cover art that is very good. Reminds a lot of the time when Dan Seagrave was the king of covers for Death Metal albums… but, no matter what, even if I take in high consideration all the aspects of design of an album (which there was a time whereas the bands had nothing to do with it, but nowadays they do have a lot of input here unless they are cavemen) it all is reduced to one thing: the music. And in this case HORRENDOUS with their horrible logo, proved me that, oh, well, the demigods do things in a mysterious way we mortals cannot comprehend. They all gathered once in a while for an orgy or for a mere gathering of demons, whatever they felt, and decided to create another instrument of death and destruction. It was given humongous powers to conjure evil and deathly riffs after riffs with such an ease… they blessed (or cursed, whatever) them with a diabolical perfect production for the music style without abusing of the unholy pro-tools to make it sound more “mortal” and they decided to grace a triumvirate of death heralds to execute their chants in such a way only those touched by the gift of darkness are able to do. Their offering invokes ancient spirits like UNLEASHED, GRAVE, IMMOLATION and DEATH. The elder way, yes, but with a fresh stench of the recently departed few can conjure. And those vocals, they spit fire… they have a raspy, clear but angry tone that adds a lot more to the already deathly sound. So, in the end, the lesson is that somehow, the elder demigods saw the band was too good, that it could even turn against its creators, so they decided to put a curse on it… hence the awful logo. Everything else, damn, it is ungodly great. Truly a jewel and one of the best debut albums I have heard in long time. www.facebook.com/horrendousdeathmetal, www.darkdescentrecords.com

Julián “Fleshrot” Núñez

Julián "Fleshrot" Núñez

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