Decade Of Decadence
(Osmose Productions / SPV)

Even though I used to like a lot of stuff by these Finnish weirdo’s in their early days, I didn’t really care for IMPALED NAZARENE’s more current releases for quite some time now. Because of that ignorant attitude of mine I almost missed out on this album, which luckily ain’t a typical new studio release, but a cool compilation of lots of IMPALED NAZARENE’s vintage classics to celebrate the band’s tenth anniversary. What you exactly get here is both their demos from 1991 – their recording debut “Shemhamforash” (which already featured rather immature versions of a bunch of IMPALED’s later classics, as well as two covers by E.N.T. and DEICIDE) and their brilliant follow up “Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht” tape (which brought the band to my attention back then). Then there’s the entire and pretty hard to find 7″es “Goat Perversion” (which also featured the SARCOFAGO cover ‘The Black Vomit’) and “Sadogoat” (with IMPALED’s cool interpretation of the old classic ‘Ghost Riders’)! To make this whole disc even more interesting additional covers by SODOM and S.O.D. and some rare studio outtakes were added and the entire stuff got remastered. So, apart from another extremely stupid cover design, this is finally an IMPALED NAZARENE release that the early fans of the band can worship again!

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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