All That You Fear
(Osmose Productions)

For the very first time of my contribution to this zine, I experienced serious troubles to write something of interest about a particular album, hence the time I took to review this one. This is not that "All That You Fear" is a bad record, far from that. But listening to the 13 tracks on offer here, I had a feeling of uneasiness slowly crawling inside my mind. Simply put, I felt the painful impression that IMPALED NAZARENE, now a well-established band with eight albums and a handful of MCDs under their belt, did a clean job delivering a slick musical product, but nothing more. I mean, once "All That You Fear" is absorbed, nothing remains to urge you to give it another listen. An excellent musicianship, a crisp and clean production, some welcome traditional Heavy Metal touches, a mix between raw energy and well crafted melodies fail yet to produce a captivating album. "All That You Fear" lacks the extra-special (and intangible) factor which makes the difference between a good record and a classic one. IMPALED NAZARENE are able to deliver exceptional songs (like ‘Curse Of The Medusa’), it is just too bad they don’t hold the distance for an entire album. And mind you, what I say regarding this record could be applied to 90% of the productions of today. Myself I have lost the count of the CDs collecting dust on my shelves simply because I don’t feel the need to investigate them any further once the favourable (and often deceptive) first impression has lingered off. Sorry I can’t recommend this to you. Still a good album but… so what?

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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