El Eco De La Voz
(Lapis Lazuli)

INSURREXIÓN’s third demo "El Eco De La Voz" from 2016 somehow flew into our headquarter in Bremen, the closest place to hell on earth. The hot weather outside made me want to crawl back into my grave in the outskirts of Bremen so I did and started to listen to the mentioned INSURREXIÓN demo there. Only very little info can be found about the band from Chile on the Internet, that is active since 2003 already so I simply can only focus on what I hear and I am more than surprised as my expectations honestly were pretty low and I thought another Grindcore or brutal Death Metal release would bother me. But let’s start at the beginning: an orchestral intro appears sounding like the soundtrack of a silent film before ‘El Eco De La Voz’ offers brutal old school Death Metal more in the vein of the Scandianvian guys than the American colleagues. The song is mostly midtempo but very solid with a good sense for songwriting, melodies and the vocals vary between grunts and some desperate screams. The songwriting is really good on that one and the musical skills of the guys are even better. They deliver nothing new at all but it still sounds pretty fresh and unused, of course in a dirty rotten way. ‘Excursus’ even goes a step further and is influenced by the Scandinavian Death / Black bastard of the mid 90s with faster drumming and sharp but melodic guitars. The end is really well done again with a good lead and melodic guitars and a good doze of classis Heavy Metal. Pretty solid material which makes me curious to hear their first full-length, which was annouced for 2018 on the below mentioned website. But I really would like to get some more info about the band, so if anyone knows a bit more about them, let me know. For some more but rare information, please check or their Metal Archives page.

Michael Kujawska

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