A Pyramid Of Doom
(Caligari Records)

It seems that the underground hero label Caligari has a big crush for Doom / Death Metal. In the run of their existence, they released quite a lot of tapes that fitted to the genre, all of them on a high level. The German three piece INTO COFFIN is now out to prove if they will find their place in the line of great bands. And, that much I can already say in advance, they don’t fail. Only four songs and one intro in more than 55 minutes not only hint on loooong songs, but also on musical viscosity. Actually, the thickness of the speed and the riffing are an essential part of INTO COFFINs first album “A Pyramid Of Doom”. But the Hessian trio has more to offer than just musical slow motion. The long songs are spiced with a lot of more up tempo paced parts and even moderate Black Metal grooves and atmosphere. In addition, the complexity of the songs are in some moments even worth being labelled “progressive”, in the original meaning of the word, since such a complexity is pretty unusual for the Doom genre. As a consequence, “A Pyramid Of Doom” takes more time to really find its way into the heart and mind of the listener. But as soon as I listened to the sound of INTO COFFIN for the third time, it was hard for me to escape these monolithic compositions. From the rather short, virtually opening ‘Stargate Path’ over the title track and the heavy ‘The Deep Passage For The Infinity Of The Cosmos’ to the final ‘Black Ascension’ with its extremely viscous basic beat, INTO COFFIN hit my nerve. “A Pyramid Of Doom” is strongly recommended to those with a crush for the Doom side of Metal. Check out the band at: to find out more or visit the always dedicated label at or to get your copy of the as usual professional and worthy tape, limited to 150 copies.

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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