Into A Pyramid Of Doom
(Terror From Hell Records)

To all of you straying on these pages carefully in a more or less frequent way; you’re damn right, we already autopsied the latest audible art of INTO COFFIN not long ago, when it first had been released on tape by mighty Caligari Records. So for all of you still considering tapes as a relic from medieval times, you can rejoice; this is the CD edition, put out by Italian Terror From Hell Records. And right the sort of medium seems to be the only difference between both releases. Same tracks and same great cover artwork combining Lovecraftian and Egyptian mythology. So, honestly, there is not that much I could add to the first review. On "Into A Pyramid Of Doom" this German three piece offers great, sophisticated, blackened Death / Doom. Sometimes streaked with mesmerizing, kinda hypnotic passages, creeping like molten lava, that sure can last for several minutes. But to avoid endless boredom or even the listener to fall asleep, there are always faster parts incorporated to keep up the tension. And that’s something of a great importance, if you compose songs with a running time up to 16 minutes. I’m talking about the title track, ladies and gents, which is, together with the ending track ‘Black Ascension’, the strongest material on that release. Maybe, due to the complexity in terms of songwriting, this album needs the listener’s full attention. This is no music to be played in the background, while washing the dishes. It might take some more spins than other records to evolve and unfold its whole dark, aural beauty, but once you get the feeling of passing the stargate to another cosmic dimension, you’re hooked; you’re now entering the portal "Into A Pyramid Of Doom". So, if you can imagine something in between FUOCO FATUO, THE FOG, INTO DARKNESS and GOATLORD spiced up with speed-laden, blackened aggression, hit the following links and grab a copy. No matter if it’s analog or digital.,

Carsten Lomme

Carsten Lomme

INTO COFFIN - Unconquered Abysses (Mirco Szymyslik)
INTO COFFIN - The Majestic Supremacy Of Cosmic Chaos (Thomas Meyer)
INTO COFFIN - A Pyramid Of Doom (Thomas Meyer)

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