The Occult Mastery
(F.D.A. Records)

German Death Metal commando LIFELESS return with their third full-length album entitled "The Occult Mastery" again via F.D.A. Records and the guys show themselves in a matured best-form. Still their main topic is Swedish styled Death Metal in the vein of DISMEMBER or ENTOMBED but within their trademarks they developed their style a step further and incorporated some slight Black Metal nuances to their already killing sound like in their opener ‘The Occult Mastery’ what gives their sound a fresh and enjoyable painting and again spreads some 90s feelings without sounding too old school. The guitars are shredding everything with sharp and precise riffing. The brutal drum work covers everything from slow to fast with precise and ever pounding double-bass while the deep grunts, varied by hellish screams, delivers the brutal rest. Songs like ‘From Chaos Our Order Shall Rise’ are blasting the lister back into the good old 90s and sound more Swedish than a lot of bands coming from there. Especially the lead melodies need to be mentioned as the songs are filled with cool melodies and leads and combined with the always present and audible bass-lines this new album definitely vaults the band into Europes Top 20 of Death Metal Bands. The production once more is clear and powerful and again gets rounded off by a killer cover artwork. There is not much more to say than go and grab this applicant for this year’s top ten releases via one of the following sources:,

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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