Of Serpent And Shadow
(Blood Harvest Records)

I haven’t heard anything from this band before. When I got the package from Rodrigo / Blood Harvest Records I found a LP-cover painted in black with a goat on it, done by Daniel Desecrator, a logo done by Christophe Spzaidel and layout-wise nothing to complain about. Judging from the bandpictures and those few inverted crosses here and there I expected more Black than Death Metal. What I got is something in between: fantastic produced Death Metal with touches of Black Metal, featuring magnificent riffs, perfect structured drums varying from blasts to groovy and slow parts. Above all are the megadeep growls from Christbutcher. He’s the only one with a past in other bands according the information I found in the internet, but as this is a new band we just write about this band. I’m not sure to which scene I count MAVETH, they are from Finland, but they don’t sound Finish. This is perfectly played Death Metal, raw but not primitive, brutal but not cheesy American based Death / Grind / whatever. MAVETH are sounding old school but not comparable to the usual suspects. They know perfectly how to arrange songs with great riffs, with harmonic guitar melodies (biggest link to Black Metal here), with slow parts, with highspeed eruptions. Everything here sounds as it fits perfectly together. This MLP with 4 songs all with a playing time close or longer than 6 minutes each is the biggest surprise to me since ABREKADAVER’s "Those We Don’t Speak Of" a few weeks ago. Not sure if this album is a vinyl-only release, but if that’s the case and you don’t have a vinylplayer left, I recommend buying one. Blood Harvest Records released just the vinyl version, ask the band for a possible CD-release in case you don’t follow my recommendation, haha. Check out and

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

MAVETH - Coils Of The Black Earth (Hacker)
MAVETH - Breath Of An Abomination (Hacker)

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