Apex Profane
(Extremely Rotten Productions)

There isn’t much information floating around on the Internet about MIASMATIC NECROSIS, but from what I could gather, they come from the USA and released “Apex Profane” last year themselves, so Extremely Rotten Productions is bringing it to a wider audience. Now from the band name, cover and the songtiltes like ‘Embryonic Carnal Pulp’, ‘Gargling Smegma’, ‘Septic Expulsion Of A Collapsed Cavity’ and so on, it’s clear that MIASMATIC NECROSIS operates on the Death / Grind table and have learned their lessons from EXHUMED, REGURGITATE and DEAD INFECTION pretty bloody well! The tracks are short and to the point, usually chopping away at mid-tempo pace with psychotic fast whirlwinds thrown in to keep the variation going. The production is great, fat and meaty as it should be, low-pitched gurgling vocals sound like a sewage monster and the riffs are comming with cutting precision. Old school Death / Grind maniacs will be happy about this for sure. 21 tracks in 22 minutes don’t overstay their welcome and deliver the point to the brain with a hammering conviction! Band info: www.facebook.com/miasmaticnecrosis, label: www.facebook.com/extremelyrottenproductions

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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