From The Abyss Raised The Morbid
(Ablaze Productions)

We don’t have enough Death Metal in our world, or at least I do not in my little caged universe, so I like it, when I come across a band or two that are a little interesting and bring something listen- and headbangable on the table. This is a split release between Czech MORBIDER and Greek ABYSSUS, two bands attacking the genre quite differently, released on the Mexican label Ablaze Productions. MORBIDER is going the old classic Swedish way of Death Metal, though with a little twist here and there. It starts out with a quite quirky electronic intro that makes one wonder, if the 0s and 1s making up the music on the disc, have been tossed into a mess, though it turns into a good deal of heavy fuzzy guitar riffs quite soon, together with a deep dark reverbed growl that makes up for the tad chaotic programmed drumming, or at least I guess they are programmed. It is not the most original kind of Death Metal these days, though decent and we get some quite good guitar work along the four tracks, and some clever song developments and fills. If you like what came out of Sweden in the early nineties, you’ll find a lot you’ll like in these four tracks, and who knows what the future will bring? The Greeks have a much more thrashier approach to their Metal, often is it more Thrash than Death Metal, or what some youngsters might refer to as ‘Proto Death’, no matter what we call their music ABYSSUS is pummeling away with thick and catchy riffing, 80s sounding drums right in our face and a rasping blend of a puke and growl that’ll make legendary vocalists as Angelripper and Satanic Slaughter quite proud, and on that note, we do have a energetic cover version of ‘Outbreak Of Evil’ on this album, to end the carnage. ABYSSUS wins the battle of this split, if there ever was a battle to be won? Their straight on energetic and intense approach slays, and makes their Metal come alive with pure passion. MORBIDER do have some good moments, though needs the full momentum to make it all swing just right, though this release has turned my head towards to quite exciting bands, that I’ll have to check out some more. Don’t stop supporting the madness. For all additional information check out:,,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

MORBIDER - When Darkness Returns (Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas)
ABYSSUS - Sign Of The Covenant Of Death (Miguel Negrón)
ABYSSUS - Once Entombed... (Thomas Meyer)
ABYSSUS - Into The Abyss (Carsten Lomme)

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