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Aaron Stainthorpe doesn’t say much during their performance in Antwerp. Nor is there any interview on this DVD. The result is that the music speaks for itself. My Dying Bride’s doomladen Metal is filled with atmosphere, longing and passion. Aaron sings fine, both when he uses his clean vocal as well as the deadlier one. This has always been My Dying Bride’s trademark, and when he sings as well as he does on "Sinamorata", My Dying Bride can’t fail on stage. The crowd is pleasantly silent throughout the performance. After all, it would be kinda strange with an audience that went nuts during My Dying Bride’s lack of fastness and double bass-drums all over. The sound is excellent. But, the band’s stage appearance is somewhat boring. I mean, to see them guys standing there doing their stuff, while Aaron is moving a little bit is perhaps suiting the music, but darn boring to watch. Another matter will always be the choice of tracks. Since my personal favourite album is "Turn Loose The Swans", and as my favourite track is ‘The Crown Of Sympathy’, "Sinamorata" will always lack something. But, with a glass of red wine, a gothic girl as company and a loud sound, ‘Sear Me’ will always do something to your body and soul. The extra stuff, a few music videos and live video cuts, adds to the 90 minutes concert, making this DVD worthwhile.,

Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen

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