The Dreadful Hours
(Peaceville Records)

Sometimes it’s hard to like Metal in general and not only concentrate on one little drawer. Consequently, I stopped following MDB when they lost their violin player Martin Powell and left the musical path they had built themselves. Years passed by and news of MDB finding their way back home reached my ears and although I somehow didn’t get around checkin’ out “The Dreadful Hours”‘s predecessor, my interest was aroused once again. Now listening to this album, feelings long forgotten take away my soul on a journey through all kinds of emotion, especially sadness (of course). At the journey’s end (after only 70 minutes!) emptiness remains and there is only one way out: the repeat button! Of course the release date in autumn is just perfect and Aaron’s occasional return to extreme vocals gives this record even more depth. There is only one thing missing: a real violin! You probably know those MDB passages where you expect the violin beginning to sing and when instead there is plastic (=keyboards. Yasmin Ahmid is a great keyboard player, but that’s not really enough), the music lacks this last bit of perfection. So would you (yes, you!) please learn how to play the fiddle, join this great band and make me happy?! It’s true: “unfortunately” there is no way of saving money on MY DYING BRIDE any more. Welcome back!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

MY DYING BRIDE - Sinamorata (Roy Kristensen)
MY DYING BRIDE - Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light (Stefan Franke )

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